The Gospel of (Homeless) James.
By Martin Wroe.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Graphics By Alex Albion.
It can be deadly living rough. You’re not safe anywhere.
Anyone can come and kick you or stab you. People can
be on drink or drugs, they can be out of control.
No-one is safe. That’s my opinion.
The Churches Nightshelter is very helpful, in fact churches
are generally good if you’re homeless. If I wasn’t in the Shelter
tonight I’d probably be sleeping out in some church grounds
or somewhere where it’s a bit warm, an underground
car park or a squat in a house if I could get into one.
It’s hard sleeping out, the winter cold is the worst of it.
Even in my sleeping bag I might sleep four hours at the most.
Worst of all is getting your head down in a nice sleep,
then being woken up by the police and told to move on.
I look back on me life sometimes and think it went wrong
somewhere. If I could turn the clock back, I wouldn’t be in
the situation I am. I’m from the North East originally, born
in Bishop Auckland. I didn’t know me mam really, she died
young. She was 34. I was 7, me brother 10. Me dad raised
us, he was a miner and a gravedigger but he gave up work
 to look after us.
At school I was good at athletics, beating boys who were older
than me. I was a medium-distance runner, 10,000 metres, 15,000
metres but I couldn’t get into PE college because I didn’t pass 
me history. I wrote a letter off to Dennis Smith Stables in Bishop
 Auckland to try and become a jockey and I was apprenticed for
 two years. I’d be getting up at five, mucking the stables out, get-
ting ready for riding out, going to race meetings. It was hard work
 for £19 a week. I gave me Dad £9 or £10 and spent a lot of
what was left on alcohol. You could get four pints for a
 pound in those days.
I didn’t make the grade as a jockey and I came to London
looking for work. Me first job was in a Gentlemans Club,
Boodles, on St James’ Street, near the Ritz, it’s still there
 today. The chef said, ‘You’re a pretty good worker there
James.’‘I said, ‘I try me hardest chef.’ He offered me a job
and I was there about five years: kitchen porter, helping
the chefs prepare the food, doing the wash-up, mopping
the floor, stock-taking. It was hard work, nine in the morning
 till nine at night, so no socialising till the weekend but I loved it.
I was taking home £200 a week, living in a hostel in Dean Street.
The eighties was brilliant, I’d turn back the clock to them anytime.
Later I was a security guard in Fitzroy Square, then at Liverpool
Street Station. But, as I say, the alcohol got to us. Vodka,
Southern Comfort, vodka, lager as well, strong lager. I don’t know
 how much I drank, too much. It was getting out of control. After
 work I would head to an off-license for some cans and go back
to the hostel. I started missing shifts at the security place,
 they started getting cross. I lost the job.
In 1992, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I’ve not been able
 to work since. I had a flat in Waterloo, but it was on the ninth
 floor so when the lifts weren’t working it was a bit hectic. I
couldn’t manage the climb and I left.  I lived with a girlfriend
for some years but when we split up she kicked me out. I’ve
been sofa-surfing ever since. Then something happened.
It was about eight year ago.
I was feeling really hopeless one night, really down, I felt like
 I was going to kill meself, felt really washed up, thought it was
time to go… but something happened which has changed
 me life. I was actually drunk, out of my head. It was some-
where in Camden, a car park – to this day I’m not sure
where – and I just went on me hands and knees and asked
God for help. I said, ‘Please help me, I need help
 desperately, get me out of this mess I’m in. Please.’
There was no booming voices, no opening of the heavens, no
choirs of angels but something happened to me. I had a feeling,
 something inside me was trying to get out and tell me something.
It was like me soul was trying to get out and say, ‘You’re a
naughty boy James – help yourself ‘cus people will not help
you, you’ve got to help yourself.’ I believe that was God.
That experience made me really believe I was going to
change my life around and it has changed me life. I’ve
 not done drugs or had a drink since, I’m teetotal now.
The paranoia, the drugs and beer that was poison to my
 body have all gone. I used to have rages, shouting, punching
 the wall, whatever, I stopped all that. I’ll never forget that
 night. I went home, got the Bible out and read Psalm 13.
How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long
 will you hide your face from me? How long must I bear pain
in my soul, and have sorrow in my heart all day long…. But
I trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your
salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt
 bountifully with me.’  I prayed for help in that car park
that night and I got help. It has given me strength and a
sense of purpose.
I’ve made some good friends on the Churches Nightshelter.
 We’re all in the same boat, everyone has a problem but every-
one has a different problem. I’m 51 now so I’ve a lot more
experience of being homeless than others living rough and I
 say to people, ‘You have to help yourself, no one else can.’
I do wonder why I’m still living rough, living in hostels, on the
 streets. It’s because of relationship breakdown isn’t it? And
 finance and drink. There’s a few things… I’m still asking for
 help, I’m still homeless. Sometimes it’s tiring, exhausting, and
sometimes I get cross with God, I say: ‘It hasn’t gone my
way today, why don’t you help me?’
But I believe I will get my own place and start again. That
slowly my life is getting back on track, and things are changing
 for the better. I read my Bible and say my prayers and I feel
asthough God is helping me, that it’s like he’s speaking to
 me and he’s got a twinkle in his little eye…’
More like this in "The Gospel According to Everyone."
By Martin Wroe.
In his Diocesan role, Martin Wroe is an Anglican Curate.
He is the author of "The Gospel According To Everyone."
He is licensed under the ecclesiastic authority of the Lord
Bishop of London, the Rt. Rev'd Richard Chartes,
who is also a close friend of Prince Charles.
Uncle Monty, who 10 days ago underwent a very successful
heart op, is an old age pensioner, an avid Anglican blogger,
and an unjustly "debadged" Big Issue vendor by the vile sod
Peter Bird, who is the little creepy-crawlie brother of  the od-
ious and ever greedy and god-jeering Anthony John Bird, 66,
who with his now much estranged business partner Gordon
Roddick, 72, co-founded The Rotten Big Issue.  John Bird
is so estranged from so many people it's pitiful!
Yet, they still put his pigface on TV.
London's homeless could be forced to move as far as Hull.
By Jamie Doward & Sam Brodbeck.
Stephen Farrow, 47, WANTED For Questioning
 In Terrible Murder of Rev'd John Suddards, 59.
~ News Update ~
IN FOLKESTONE, Reports The Guardian.
Vicar murder suspect (shown above) seen in Sussex. 
The nationwide manhunt for a man wanted over the murder
of a clergyman in his vicarage has switched to Sussex.
Rev'd John Suddards: Murdered At His Anglican
 Vicarage While Helping The UK Homeless.
'I know I'm taking risks by letting vulnerable strangers in
to my home', said vicar found stabbed to death. Rev'd John
Suddards was found with multiple stab wounds. His body
was discovered by builders who were carrying out work
at his vicarage.  By Luke Salkeld & Nichola Jones.
Good Man Maurice John Young.
Church's £60,000 legacy from 'broke' recluse Maurice
Young, who lived in a shed. By Luke Salkeld.
Hideous Trevor Phillips, 59, of EHRC. He's cost the UK
millions of quids with his assinine court litigations. He's just
 an immigrant troublemaker and foreign transplant who was
politically-hired by then foul New Labour! His professional
reputation is almost nil as equalities chief.  He's a rabid and
seething socialist and a nominal Methodist, too.  The EHRC
should have been shut down by now without any further
ado and Phillips dumped on the garbage heap of the evil
and anti-Christian and anti-White New Labour outfit.
Trevor Phillips is "The Black Version" of
despised and detested Tony Blair.
Christians 'aren't above the law', says equalities chief Trevor
 Phillips. Christians who want to be exempt from equality legis-
lation are like Muslims trying to impose sharia on Britain,
Trevor Phillips, the human rights watchdog, has declared.
As funds for nonprofits wane, charities find ways to raise
their own. By Katie Johnston, International Herald Tribune.
Oh, Happy Pancake Day This Shrove Tuesday
or Mardi Gras to you all, Uncle Monty.
+Quinquagesima (bcp), 2012.
Feedback & Comments
Since Feeding The Birds. By Uncle Monty.
Homo Anglican Cleric & His "Pretty" Black Boyfriend!
Gay White Anglican Cleric plans to "Marry" his "Pretty"
Black Boyfriend.  Next, they'll demand to adopt some
 UK mixed-race kid, if they have indeed since "married" ...
(Scroll down at madnewsuk to read the caustic and disapproving
 comments against such crazy "Christians."  Christian Voice
founder Stephen Green described oddball cleric Colin Coward
as "mentally ill."  As a traditional Anglican myself, I think such
an oddball like Coward should have been defrocked or un-
frocked  on the spot. He also represents all that is wrong
with the English Anglican Church of today. UM.)
Did Archbishop Rowan Douglas Williams Betray Gay Cleric?
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Tell Me, Graham, It Isn't So!
The Sad Downfall of One of My Most
Generous Big Issue Friends.
By Uncle Monty.
Story Graphics & Photos By Alex Albion.
Bagpipe Photo By Gary Day.
It saddens me no end to read of the downfall of solicitor Richard
Graham Simkin, 59, and his wife as the law firm's solicitor clerk
Zakia Sharif, 49. They had secretly married with Graham
as an Anglican and Zakia as a Shia Muslim.
Zakia Sharif earned £160,000 per annum, while Graham
Simkin no doubt earned alot more. I was once told he
actually earned around half a million quid each year at the
distinguished American international law firm of Fulbright
& Jaworski at where he was as senior law partner and
 a much respected British international lawyer at the time
 of his retirement in 2008.
The law firm in question is named after late long-serving
US Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas and late US
Federal Judge and US Solicitor General Judge Leon Jaworski,
 who was appointed as the Special Prosecutor at the infamous
1970's Watergate Scandal that also engulfed Richard Nixon,
who I had personally met, becoming the first US President to
 ever be forced to resign from the Oval Office in August, 1974.
I first met Graham in 2005 at my Big Issue pitch at
London's Long Acre and we hit it off from the word
go. Zakia I met alittle bit later. I soon considered
them to be good friends of mine. I held both of them
in so much esteem and always enjoyed their company
whenever we got to chat at my pitch outside of Cafe
Nero, which was a stone's throw from the imposing
business building at 90 Long Acre where both
Graham and Zakia then worked, has I mentioned
 before, at the international law firm of  Fulbright &
 Jaworski. I was already familiar with its name from
 my homeless American days at Washington, D.C.
What is more Graham Simkin was always so generous
to me and he never failed to help me whenever he saw
 me. Zakia Sharif always gave me a kind and thoughtful
gift at each Ramadan, too. When Fulbright &
Jaworski moved out of 90 Long Acre to be just yards
 away from The Royal Courts of Appeal at Fleet Street,
I was so much disheartened not to see Graham and
Zakia like I once did.
Graham was always professionally groomed and a
man of worldly erudition and with top-notch English
social manners and persona. He never bought The Big
 Issue, but he predicted that it would find some excuse
to close down my pitch and to which happened some
five years later after the vile Big Issue sods Peter and
 John Bird rudely and unjustly "debadged" me for
"bringing The Big Issue into disrepute." They then
destroyed everything that I had worked for at my pop-
ular pitch with their hatchet woman Samantha Woodlock
 and her hubby known as "Mother Fucker" Tom Wood-
lock working hand in hand with the hideous bastard
 Bird Brothers. And, of course, with ex-criminal 
crackhead known contemptuously as "Big Gob" Billie
Bickley. Openly lesbian, Billie Bickley is so vulgar and
 so common she makes others less vulgar and less common
than her look somehow like real royalty compared to her
underclass crude manners and her ever open Big Gob.
Someone once told me: "Billie is as common as shit."
How true such is!! And so, they're all doomed when
 The Big Issue finally sinks in its own stinking shit - please,
 pardon my French!! And with Big Gob comes rude
and ignorant Big Issue staffer Steve Farrell, who still
 lingers on at Covent Garden as a low-class hack
 poet of the worst sort. With him was once the long-
time loser fat Bully Boy John Duffy, who has long
since left The Big Issue and his close vile buddies
 John & Peter Bird. Duffy was notorious for
"brown-nosing" them until he headed for greener
Surrey pastures with little prospects for a real job. 
Most of the Big Issue gang are unable to get or hold
on to any other kind of regular job and that's why
they stay where they are as useless nicanpoops
that they are.
The day I picked up the newspaper I was taken
aback when I realised who I was reading about -
my good friends Richard Graham Simkin and his
secretly-married wife Zakia Nessem Sharif and their
 shocking downfall after pleading guilty at The Old
 Bailey to fiddling some £100,000 from Fulbright
 & Jaworski.
 My first reaction was: "Tell Me, Graham, It Isn't
So! I cannot understand why they would even need
to fiddle such money considering the kinds of money
 they both earned as professional legalists. So it's still
 beyond me aside from knowing how greed corrupts
and that it seems to me is what happened to Graham
and Zakia. I would have trusted them with my own
life savings without any kind of second thoughts.
I have since written to Graham offering to help him
and Zakia in any way that I can. I have not heard
back from either him or her.  They come up for
 court sentencing in March, 2012, and custodial
sentences will most likely be imposed on them. No
matter what, I still consider them my friends and any
 friend of mine I stand by thru thick and thin and no
matter what they may or may not have done. My loyalty
is boundless to friends much like is my boundless rancour
against my foes and enemies of which I consider The
Bird Brothers to be right up there. In any event, I intend
 to go to The Old Bailey to witness what the judge deter-
mines against Graham & Zakia. I pray he will not be
 too harsh against them unlike that Mississippi judge who
 last week imposed a mind-boggling and savage 40 years
sentence of imprisonment on a 38 year-old man for some-
thing to do with kiddie porn. He just threw the man's life
 away that is all too common in the courts of Mississippi
today.  American judges are in many cases cruel savages
compared to the humane sentences passed by
most British judges.
And so, still thinking of Graham Simkin, I still kept
asking myself: "Tell Me, Graham, It Isn't So!" Of all
the people I know, Graham and Zakia would have
been the very last people I would have ever thought of
seeing at the Old Bailey. What a terrible shame it is ...
Solicitor and wife faked £100,000 expenses to
pay for lavish holidays. By Paul Cheston.
When I got street robbed by a gang of five criminal blacks
that specifically target defenseless tourists at South Africa's
horrible Johannesburg, I lost everything I had - including all
my money, my passport, my watch and my gold rings.  I
then desparately e-mailed a number of my friends in London
 to come to my aid. Graham Simkin, Esq., was the very first
 to reply and offered me immediate funds to get me safely back
to the UK. He also, if I remember correctly, promptly con-
tacted consul Tony Brown of the British High Commission at
 Pretoria to vouch for me and to verify that I was indeed a British
Citizen since he'd earlier signed the papers for me to obtain my
 new UK Passport. I shall always be grateful for Graham's innate
 kindness toward me. Although I was also then a Big Issue
vendor in good standing of 2½ years, I knew it would be use-
less and a waste of time for me to contact tight-fisted John
Bird or any of his Big Issue gang to come to my help.  Hence,
I didn't even bother. Graham Simkin was there for me and
now I am there for him during his downfall from grace and
prosperity. All I want to do now is to help him in any
way that I can - period! And, also for Zakia!
Zakia Nessem Sharif.
My Big Issue pitch was a mêlée of so many successful
and very interesting people of which many became my
friends and despite what the Bastard Bird Boyz have
 done to me, and so far they've gotten away with it,
while many of those same people are still my friends
and still give generously to me. Some of them have
received royal honours since knowing them; while
others have died or have encountered bad things in
their lives or have become redundant or have gained
 job promotions or moved abroad to get out of
Broken Down Britain, and still others like Richard
 Graham Simkin and Zakia Nessem Sharif may land
up in prison for what they have done.  Always remem-
ber, however, that only by the Grace of God do each
 and every one of us go, even if we deny such like
does that godless and truly vile Big Issue retired co-
founder John Bird, who became age 66 last month.
With sadness, Uncle Monty.
+Sexagesima, 2012.
"The person who we thought was good turned out to
 be a scoundel, while the person who we thought was
 a scoundel turns out to be good."
Alex Albion.
Anonymous Response From A Former Solicitor:
"Sorry Uncle. Your's is a misplaced loyalty for a crook.
Mr Simkin has brought disgrace upon himself and his
 law firm. I hope the judge puts him away in the slammer
for 5 to 10 years for breaking the public trust. His wife is
no better than him. It takes two to tango like they did. He
 may have been generous to you but he could well afford
 to be with his crookedness. I have no sympathy for him
 and Mrs Simkin. I myself was a solicitor for many years.
Simkin and Company do a great deal of harm to the
legal profession. Sorry Uncle you'll need to find
someone else who is equally generous but who is
also honest and above board unlike your friends
The Simkins."
Posted Feb. 13, 2012.
Nice Words of Support:
"Dear Monty - Old fashion loyalty is in short supply. That's why
you're criticised for your loyalty to your fallen friends. True loyalty
means standing by a friend at the best and worst of times. It also
means you're a true friend not just a "good times" friend when all
 is rosy. I am impressed by your stand in support of Graham &
 Zakia Simkin.  I would be happy to have a friend like you, if for
some reason I should get into some right bovver. Stay loyal
until the end. That speaks louder than all the other words of
 criticism against you. Dismiss it."  Sincerely, Marion Ashley.
Posted Feb. 15, 2012.
Online Articles By Uncle Monty.
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My Heart Op. By Uncle Monty.
As heart operations go, the procedures for Cardiac
Catheter and Coronary Angioplasty for such an heart
patient like me was relatively pain-free and quite
quick that I successfully underwent just three days ago
at England's world renowned Guy's & St. Thomas'
Hospital that proudly stands right across from the
River Thames at where The Houses of Parliament
can easily and freely be seen.   Read more ...
Selwyn's Sax At London's Old Kent Road.
He Was Homeless In His Native Poland, Now He's
Homeless In England, Too. The EU Has Created A
Growing Crisis of So Many Homeless Foreigners in UK.
Send Them All Back To Where In The Hell They Come From!
Polak w potrzebie. By Cezary Niewadzisz.
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The Economist Report on The Big Issue.
All Downhill All The Way.
Edited By Uncle Monty at Tatsfield.
Graphics By Alex Albion.
Burns Night Photo By Gary Day.
"DANIEL CROITORU did not find London’s streets to be paved
 with gold when he arrived from Romania in 2007. Neither did he
 find well-paid work. Within weeks he was sleeping rough in a park.
A stranger drove him to a day centre where staff gave him a hot
meal and a change of clothes, and allowed him to wash. There he
 learned about the Big Issue, a weekly magazine that he could
 buy cheaply and sell for profit. Three and a half years later,
Mr. Croitoru lives on the income he generates from
selling the magazine.
"Billed as “a hand up, not a handout”, the Big Issue was founded
in 1991 with the aim of helping the homeless to work. The people
who sell it must show that they are sleeping rough or living in
accommodation that they have no right to remain in, such as
 a friend’s flat. They buy copies of the magazine for half the
cover price and sell them, pocketing the difference.
"Alas for its vendors, the Big Issue is struggling along with many
other magazines and newspapers. A lacklustre economy has
compounded the woes of an industry battling to compete with
 the internet for advertisers and readers. The launch of free
 newspapers has further hobbled the paid-for variety. Since
2007 the circulation of the Big Issue has fallen from
167,000 to less than 125,000.
"Meanwhile the rise of internet shopping has lured potential
 magazine-buyers away from the high street. Slick “chuggers”
bounce people who do venture out into donating to charity,
and make them less sympathetic to dishevelled rough sleepers,
 reckons John Bird, who co-founded the Big Issue. There is
also growing competition between vendors, partly because
more people are homeless. Local authorities deemed 46,550
households to lack a roof of their own in the year to September
2011, up 14% on the previous year. Broadway, a charity,
reports increasing numbers sleeping on the streets in
London: more than 2,000 at the last count.
"Sellers from eastern Europe—who account for 30% of rough
sleepers in the capital, according to Broadway—hawk the Big
 Issue in fair weather and foul. In winter, when shoppers tend
 to be at their most generous towards the homeless, they are
joined by British and Irish vendors who sell the magazine only
 for a few months of the year. That raises tensions: Mr Croitoru
says he was threatened by another man who sells
on the same street.
"The Big Issue plans to raise its game. A re-aunch scheduled
 for January 16th will see a return to a campaigning style of
journalism, which the magazine shed—along with many of
its journalists—a decade ago in an effort to trim costs. It has
recruited new columnists and will add political analysis and
comment to its existing staple of arts and culture. Celebrity
 stories will be less prominent. Vendors have complained
that such fluff attracts only opportunistic buyers and, in
some cases, have refused to buy editions that they thought
 they would struggle to sell. The magazine will also try to
 build an online community, with more space for reporting
 by its sellers. The cover price will rise, too.
"It is not clear whether this will be enough to revive the strug-
gling title. Publications prosper when they occupy a niche in
which they excel. For the Big Issue, that opening is to appeal
 to those who are interested in the plight of rough sleepers
and the poorly-housed. And their number does not nec-
essarily increase in step with the homeless population.
 End of The Economist Report.
How Can Big Issue Vendors Become 'Reporters'
When Many Cannot Even Read & Write?
Homeless Teach Homeless To Read.
A homeless man who teaches other rough sleepers how
to read said society should be ashamed at the number
of people with literacy problems. Matt Holgate, 41,
 has taught nine people under a new scheme run by 
Westminster Council which pairs up illiterate people
 in hostels with a reading coach - either a fellow
 resident, a hostel worker or a volunteer. The
council, which wants to roll out the project across
 London, said 40 per cent of rough sleepers have
literacy problems, making it harder for them to access
 benefits, housing, employment and training services.
Holgate, who stays at the Salvation Army's Edward Alsop
 Court hostel in Westminster, said: "We are one of the top
 five developed countries in the world and it's pretty damn
sad we are in this situation." The council today urged
more homeless people to take advantage of the reading
scheme and called for more volunteers to join up, as
Mayor Boris Johnson encouraged other London
 local authorities to adopt the programme".
Vile Big Issue Sod Peter Bird.
Big Bad John Bird, The Big Issue's 666.
Next Gong To Be Stripped Should Be A.J. Bird's.
By Uncle Monty.
After RBS bonzo and ex-banker Fred Goodwin was justly
stripped of his gong and unknighted last week with the
consent of Her Majesty, isn't it time to also strip The Big
 Issue's Pigface John Bird of his politically-influenced MBE?
His gong or medal was given about 12 years ago, I guess,
 for his so-called "services to the homeless," but since then
he hasn't done a damn thing for the homeless other than to
 make loads of dirty money off the sweat and tears of
 them for all too many years.
There are at least 10 strong reasons why he should be
 stripped, which I'll discuss in detail in a later article
calling for his MBE to be annulled. For once, Bird will
find what it is like to be truly "debadged" once the
shoe is on the other foot. My story title may be some-
thing  like ... "Give Him Some of His Own Medicine:
Debadge Bird of His Undeserved MBE."
Such would be yet another pointer to seeing The
Big Issue continuing to go "all downhill all the
way ..."  Yes, BRAVO!!
No, The News Doesn't Make Us
Sick, But The Big Issue Does!!
Very Sincerely, Uncle Monty At Snowy Tatsfield.
+Septuagesima, 2012.
+Eve of Queen Elizabeth II's
Diamond Anniversary Accession
To The British Throne, 1952.
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Today's Vile Third World Gang Subculture Inside UK.
And, It's Getting Worse By The Day With Black Youth
Gangz Sprouting Up Everywhere As They Freely Kill & Rob.
And, More Menacing Muslims Inside The UK.
Islamist Terror Gang Plotted To Bomb London Stock Exchange.
L-R: Mohammed Chowdhury (from London), Shah Raham
(from London), Omar Latif (from Cardiff), Gurukanth
Desai (from Cardiff), Abdul Miah (from Cardiff).
He's Shaved Off His Cornrows ... Did The Black Ant!
He's Just A Smart Ass or Bad Arse.
Put The Black Ant In The Dock:
Black Anton Ferdinand vs. White John Terry.
By Uncle Monty.
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