America. By Jennafer Yellowhorse.

How America Kicked Ass of Smart Ass John Bird.
By Jennafer Yellowhorse at Santa Monica, California.
Edited & Comments By Uncle Monty at Brussels, EU.
Part One of Two.
They came in and set up shop. Got an office right down
the street from us and everything. Ignored my calls, till
I started showing up on radio shows talking about them,
and physically at events. By "scars" I mean, (bad)
experiences with The Big Issue at Los Angeles.
The entire episode was quite destructive to any sense
of stability I had at the time. It really hurt our (street)
paper in the long run just expending the energy to get
them (John Bird and his sidekick and "yes man" Nigel
Kershaw) out of LA. There was really no one on our
side, except a handful of others. I liked Nigel, his
(business) partner. But they weren't interested
in being friends, lets say.
The Big Issue typically funds their start up papers quite
well. They refuse to fund homeless organized papers. They
might hire homeless as "face" staff. Like answering phones
for $5 an hour etc. But they have no intention of empowering
the homeless. I smacked INSP up the head a few days ago,
for using an idea I presented at a past NASNA conference -
http://www.nasna.org/ - which they eviscerated the part
of the idea that included assisting street
papers with grants or ads, etc.
(TBI would have) moved in if I didn't fight them. And
all it took was standing up. And I quickly saw how fickle
people are when the "big cheese" was around. I felt alone
in Los Angeles, if you can believe that. I would like to
think it was my words, or the concepts that I was promo-
ting that won over the LA/TBI battle. But I think it was
a picture of John Bird in the LA Weekly that made him
pull out. He didn't like how he was being portrayed.
The Big Issue: Jobs, Not Begging
December 30, 1998. By Beverly Beyette, LA Times.
The Big Issue's "Hatchet Woman"
= Icy Cold Samantha Woolock.
“The Big Issue did itself attempt some expansion into inter-
national markets, but with mixed success, and its attempt
to move into the US was perhaps the most controversial.
According to some critics, when the magazine first attempted
to establish itself in New York, it was perceived as competing
directly with the existing street paper, Street News, which
ironically, was the original inspiration for The Big Issue in the
UK. There was also a move to set up in San Francisco, which
again was unsuccessful, partly due to strong competition from
The San Francisco Street Sheet edited by Paul Boden, and
Street Spirit edited by Terry Messman. A final attempt to
establish The Big Issue in Los Angeles also failed. Some critics
have argued that these efforts went against the mission of the
International Network of Street Papers, which states that no
paper should set itself against another member in direct
competition.” Title: The Big Issue. Case Study by
G. Mulgan, R. Ali, R. Halkett & B. Sanders.
The Big Issue's Biggest Gob
= Vile Billie Bickley.
Former staff lay the blame firmly with
Bird's own role in The Big Issue:
“John Bird, although providing the original drive behind
The Big Issue, was also seen as the magazine’s biggest
liability. Financial woes and consequent restructuring of
the organisation have been blamed on his reckless approach
and his tendency to spend substantial resources on schemes
for which he rapidly loses enthusiasm. His combative manage-
ment style often alienated staff. As a former staff journalist
stated, “John could be a complete nightmare - he would walk
in ten minutes before press time and demand that the cover be
changed. He can also be a bit of a bully, though he is immensely
charismatic. He preferred us to be in a state of crisis, as he
thought we'd be more cutting edge.”
“It's founder's syndrome. He set it up and couldn't let go,
and really resented not being a good enough editor to run
the magazine. As a result, he made his editors' lives
absolute hell.”
The Big Issue's Ist Edition, 1991.
"Big Issue Is SHIT," Says Cliff, age 60.
:: Feedback & Comments ::
Ever So Glittering ~ By Uncle Monty.
Sunday Comments From Brussels.
By Uncle Monty.
I have embargoed for now Part 2 of my "Street
Interviews" due to Jennafer Yellowhorse having
unexpectedly contacted me about her nasty ex-
periences with The Big Issue trying to then invade
on other existing street papers inside America at
the start of the new 2000. The bitterness in
America against Bird himself and his Big Issue
dirty tactics are still palpable after 10 years.
John Bird engenders either love or hate, but I
see and hear more amd more hate against him
and his little honcho brother Peter Bird. I
must have at least 100 e-mails in the past six
months alone castigating the Bird Brothers.
John Bird is a classic rule breaker, but who is
quick to throw out those who break his rules
along with his peanut brother Peter Bird who
even arbitrarily removes vendors like me who
haven't broken any of their rules except on
the basis of their catch-all trap: "Bringing
The Big Issue into disrepute." Peter and
John Bird are basically nasty buggers.
Much like Sir Terry Leahy's attempt to in-
vade the American grocey industry with his
Tesco billions of dollars to form "Fresh &
Easy" in America, The Big Issue likewise
soon failed to secure a lasting foothold in the
U.S. street papers network. All too often
British business folkz misunderstand the
psychology and mindset of the American con-
sumer to their own peril and huge financial loss
in America. Leahy and Bird thought America
was an easy place to conquer, but what they
don't realise is the antipathy of many
Americans towards the British intruding on
their terrority is firm and steadfast and grow-
ing more pronounced by each passing year.
Many Americans also resent today's ill-man-
nered and rude Brits. And, rightly so, I say ...
Fresh & Easy: How Tesco's great American disaster has unfolded ...
Fresh & Easy: Tesco's great American disaster. Tesco in America ...
What Tesco offers is quick, fresh and easy meals for those who do not ...
Jennafer Yellowhorse also wrote to me saying:
"I'm sorry to hear about your experience as a vendor.
Especially when it comes to tearing down someone
who has a complaint. Mediation and Grievance process
is something that all agencies should have, and there
should be places where people are allowed to express
themselves as their experiences with any organization."
Not so, Jenneafer, at The Big Issue under the tyranny
of Peter and John Bird, who don't give a damn about
anybody but themselves and their greedy attitude.
No wonder Brit Cliff, age 60, instantly stated to me -
"Big Issue is SHIT." I didn't even ask him what he
thought, he just spoke out against the Vauxhall gang
at The Big Issue HQ at London, UK. What he other-
wise said about The Big Issue is unprintable here!
Jennafer Yellowhorse also said to me: "(Having)
dealt with the big issue when they tried to invade
los angeles, (I) wanted to say hello and solidarity
(to you) ..." I then promptly wrote back to her
and told Jennafer that "john bird frankly is a big
conceited bastard between u and me. he has
exploited the homeless for years and is seen as
the country's leading "guru" on homelessness.
it's largely crap and bs, i think."
The Big Issue will stoop to almost any level to
get its filthy hands on more godless money at
the expense of its street vendors and the ideals
it allegedly stands for. Such is the latest case of
having its street vendors wear red jackets advert-
ising a wine company when The Big Issue knows darn
well that one of the major health and social problems
of vendors is drink and alcoholism. The flawed rationale
to use such jackets is part of the long irrationale fetish
by The Big Issue to have the vendors wear street jackets
advertising something or other while selling on the cold
streets of the UK. They want to turn every vendor into
a walking advertising billboard and yet not pay them for
doing so as The Big Issue’s Bird Brothers rake in more
and more dough under the guise
of “helping the homeless.”
Perhaps its time to ask the UK Charity Commission
to formally investigate the charitiable status of The
Big Issue Foundation based on the latest money
gimmick of its parent company The Big Issue using
vendors for purposes that don’t help the homeless
but perhaps helps hinder them instead? I'm care-
fully considering submitting a formal complaint to
the commission and requesting it either suspend
or remove The Big Issue’s charitable status at the
earliest time possible. While sods John and Peter
Bird may consider my option an empty threat,
they may well be in for a big and nasty surprise
should the commission uphold my formal
complaint or any other member of the public
who might also write a complaint about
TBI to them.
The Big Issue is an active member of the
the independent news agency of the International
Network of Street Papers (INSP) and is the corner-
stone of their work to foster a strong and united
street front at www.street-papers.org/. From
what I hear, there are also some bad rumblings
against John Bird and The Big Issue at INSP, too.
The problem is clearly The Big Issue has now lost
its social and ethical compass in its constant greed
for big money while trampling on the rights and
concerns of its street vendors who have become
unpaid slaves to them over especially the past 5 or
6 years it seems to me. And so, like America that
once kicked ass of smart ass John Bird and his money
buddy Nigel Kershaw, perhaps its finally time for the
UK Charity Commission to kick ass against The
Big Issue, too!! I hope so ....
"Boycott Big Issue street newspaper," says
Street Spirit editor Tom Boland. Such
speaks the American loudest against the ilk of
John Bird and his money buddy Nigel Kershaw,
who I am told is a secular Jew. That aside,
Jennafer Yellowhorse, who is presumably a
worthy Native American, was a bright light
for me after what The Big Issue has illegal-
ly and unjustly done to me like so many of
its past street vendors. My advantage is I
am now freer than ever to take The Big
Issue to task and expose it for what it
really is - Greedy & Heartless.
Honestly, Uncle Monty at Brussels, EU.
On this day of 10.10.10 @ 10.10 am.
+World Homeless Day, 2010.
The big issue is the modern day victorian workhouse,
people are paid a pittance to sell this mag while John
Bird rakes in a fortune. Bird's a Thatcherite.
End of story. imonthebox
I mean - what's so "inspiring" and "ethical"
about supporting a ban on soup kitchens?
Anyone who describes themselves as an
"entrepeneur" should substitute the
word "bastard.”
Concerned Citizen.
Who's Exploiting Whom?
The Big Issue 19-02-1992
By Christopher Long.
:: Google Images By Uncle Monty ::
Nigel Kershaw, John Duffy, Tom Woolock,
The Beatles Forever. By Alex Albion.
Now after "The Passage" Super Concert,
my next big concert date and invitation is The
Beatles 50th Anniversay Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra Tribute that is set for October 28th,
2010, at London's Royal Albert Hall. Bravo! I
am going with three friends who are mad about
the songs and records of The Beatles. Then on
Armistice Day, I'll attend The Order of St.
Larazus of Jerusalem Concert at Cadogan Hall.
Earlier on the same day, I shall be present at
the Annual Commemoration Service to the
Homeless Dead at St. Martin-in-the-Fields.
Hopefully, The Big Issue will not send staff
distributor and hack poet Steve Farrell ever
again after he fell asleep on the front pew for
all to see at the last commemoration service
I attended. I actually woke him up due to
the severe embarrassment he caused at St.
Martin-in-the-Fields. So much then for the
homeless dead from The Big Issue!! It was
pathetic to then see disrespectful Steve
Farrell representing the Bird outfit in the
name of the homeless dead that included
the names of some dead ex-Big Issue ven-
dors. I also presented a batch of names from
the podium and to the packed members
present at the annual service that I was
so proud to stand before. So for godsake,
no more Steve Farrell ...
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~ Mark Hollingsworth ~ said...

~ Dear Ms. Yellowhorse ~
The Big Issue deserves to get your
valid opposition ~ The latest story confirms Monty's position that The Big Isssue is a good for nothing company ~ Mr. Bird needs to have his wings clipped in the U.K.like they were in the U.S.A. ~ More power to you and Monty ~ I can see the day when The Big Issue collapses because of Mr. Bird's highhandedness and arrogance ~ His mismanagement is well-known ~ Don't be taken in by his propaganda against Monty either, who has been crudely character-assassinated it seems by him and his brother. I have followed the saga of what they have done to their sellors and
particularly to Monty ~ I remain loyal him no matter the allegations
repeatedly made against him by the
vemom in The Big Issue Company ~ To you Ms. Yellowhorse all my best ~ I'm another one of Monty's trusted friends ~ My name is Mark D. Hollingsworth, T.L.O., LL.B., Gladstone Mews, nr. Marlow,
Bucks ~

Anonymous said...


Robin Wiltshire said...

Thanks are due to Jennifer Yellowhorse and Uncle Monty for telling us like it is. I'm becoming more sure that as the sign stated "The Big Issue Stinks"
is true as true. The story from
America is devastating. It's the best so far that I have read on Uncle Monty's blogs. John Bird is revealed to be a law unto himself.
The Big Issue efforts to kill the
messengers and their message with one stone only shows the truth of what it is all about behind its public face. It is looking more ugly than ever behind the scenes. Their public veneer is cracking because of John's cultish character. I think, moreover, that Uncle Monty has already "killed" two birds - John and his sibling - with just one stone of his. How stupid it was of them to throw Monty out of his Big Issue pitch? What they have now got for their trouble is a stream of revelations that Big Issue could have prevented by
handling him much better than they
have. I will not buy the magazine again until Big Issue changes its
ways for the better. Nor until they
give Monty a chance to have back his popular pitch.
That said, we should thank Jennifer
and Monty again for their latest story that has told us more about the true purpose than we ever knew before re: Bird and his magazine.
It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth to read what I have so far.
I give my one hundred percent support for Jennifer and Monty. LOL. Robin Wiltshire.
How about those two yellow birds,

Charlie Guest. said...

Dear Blogger Monty - Reading all the negative things behind Big Issue I wonder why the public
still wastes money on it. Those
people without a shelter or a job
are used to make money for Big Issue. I cringe every time I see
it on the streets. I vow to you I will not buy it. The money I give
to charity through my Church is
the best bet to help the street
people I see. I am sorry for them,
of course. I have no such feelings
for Big Issue taking advantage of
the least members of our society
to get money by corporate begging
like it does. The blog you run is
something I learn from. Good you
say what you say. Bring us more
about the negatives hidden from
us by Big Issue. One more thing. Jennafer is a credit to the homeless for her bitter stand
against Big Issue trying to
muscle their way in to the US
over the small guys and girls.
Giving my best to her and you,
blogger. Charlie Guest.