More About AJ.

More About AJ.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 3.
AJ and me - your's truly Uncle Monty - would
oftentimes go off together to find breakfast at one
of the various charities providing such to the large
homeless population at Washington, D.C.
One of our favourite places was at St. Margaret's
Episcopal Parish on Connecticut Avenue. Not
only were the 6:00am breakfasts excellent, but it
was also so civilized unlike some other places that
seemed to attract the most troubled homeless folkz
with all kinds of mental and emotional problems that
would give rise to personal violence and confront-
ations, and even mini-brawls, between breakfast
staff and/or other equally off-the-wall
 homeless guyz and galz.
At St. Margaret's we weren't treated like prodded
cattle, but with dignity and respect by the wonder-
ful volunteers and clergy helpers along with the
superb food and a spacious setting to breathe
easily. The Episcopal (Anglican) Diocese of
Washington, D.C. under Bishop John Chance,
actively supported and fed the homeless with
great care and open arms. Although AJ was
himself a non-practising Southern Baptist, he,
 too, acknowledged the good work of The
Episcopal Church at the nation's capital.
On a more personal level, AJ was always
poking fun at me for using a knife and folk
instead of my fingers like so many Americans
do at meals. He also poked fun at me at the way
 I talked, which he thought was so funny and
very English despite having lived in America for
almost 38 years. However, when I finally got back
 to the UK, alot of the English folkz thought I was
so American in my twang as they twigged on to
 my Yankee words and unEnglish speech. Al-
though my great-grandfather was from Lexington,
Kentucky, and my grandfather from Alberta,
Canada, I have always considered myself
to be English first ...
Much like AJ, the falsely-convicted murderer, the
vast majority of the homeless at America's capital
were not native Washingtonians. Rather they came
from else where from across the American heart-
land of so-called "Land of Milk & Honey."
Many were also foreign born much like myself
as an Englishman in America. A similar picture of
homelessness is also found in London thesedayz
at where the vast majority are not native London-
ers but come from else where across the UK.
and like Washington, many of the homeless inside
London today are foreigners of one sort or another
 now crowding in on the local British or native home-
less. Globalization has also brought global homeless-
ness of the like that will get much worse with world
wide strife always growing and major natural
disasters hitting the world left, right, and centre.
All the money in the world will not eliminate
homelessness only stem the tide here and
there for awhile. And for many who conquered
homelessness in the past years will find them-
selves homeless and on the streets again due to
the present economic ills and growing unem-
ployment and lack of marketable skills and im-
moral and greedy landlords pricing rent out
of the reach of those least able to pay such rip-
off rents, especially in London and elsewhere
in the UK. Landlords and landowners are by
nature usually rather unreceptive to those who
 by circunstances are beholden unto them.
Back to more about AJ.  I saw the fight coming
and I knew that AJ was agitated from the start
after a new tough arrival had made repeated
dirty remarks about AJ at the night shelter, which
was a new one located across from the all-black
Howard University. To provoke AJ even more, he
called AJ "trailer park trash" and that was insulting
enough aside from saying that he, AJ, needed a good
 bath!! I braced myself for the clash as AJ told me
 that if the guy opened his dirty mouth again he was
 going to whip his ass and make him clean out
 his mouth for once and for all.
It was about 8 on the winter's evening at D.C.
that saw the two of them come violently together 
and it wasn't a pretty sight although the rest of 80
or 90 homeless seemed to be eager for a fight be-
tween  them. I was tempted to ask AJ to forget the
 insulting guy yet I knew such would be seen by him
 as interferring with his made-up mind to teach the
 guy a lesson and to settle the matter by force.
AJ slipped as he went for the guy. He rolled on
 the floor as the angry guy then kicked him in the
stomach and like a wrestler tackled him on the
concrete floor. For a moment I thought AJ was
finished and was about to lose the fight he'd
started and be degraded as a loser by those
watching him still on the floor. But none of us
had reckoned on the power of AJ's unmerciful
 grip around the throat of his sworn enemy.
Soon screaming like a wounded animal, the 
come-twenty-something guy tried to loosen
AJ's almighty grip and he started to gasp for
breath and soon turned pale white and struggl-
ing to plead with AJ to stop. "I warned you, you
 mother fucker that I'd whip ya assssss," said
AJ, who now smelt victory within his grip. And,
 that he sure did!! Shelter staff  and security guards
 finally arrived, but too late. AJ and the provoking
guy were promptly thrown out into the cold bitter
night. I remonstrated with the man in charge and
told him why the two of them had come to blows.
 Much to my surprise the man in charge then ran
 after AJ outside and found him still standing nearby
 there and then let him back inside to the cheerz
 of all the other homeless at the night shelter ...
 I never told AJ what I had done, but I was glad
he was let back in by the shelter manager, who
 told me his own late mom and dad had come
from, I think, Aberystwyth in North Wales and
 that he had spent summer holidayz there
during his parents visit back home to see
old family members.  Bravo!!!
When I left Washington to return to the UK, AJ
had already suddenly disappeared about 10 dayz
before I finally left the country. I have no idea what
had happened to him and I missed him and our
open friendship between us. He never told me he
was leaving and I'm not sure why but anything
could have happened to him. I pray he is alright
at wherever and however he is. Thankz AJ for
standing by me and doing all you could to ensure
I didn't become a cropper among the violent and
vuglar scenes of homelessness at America's
 national capital ... God Bless U, AJ!! And, no
matter what others folkz might think or say
of you, I will always remember you well and
always with kind and glad words about you
from me! Peace be unto you, my friend!!
What I discovered was that almost all homeless
friendships and relationships are tenuous and
ephemeral at best, be they either at Washington
or at London or at anywhere else among the
rootless that are the homeless of today. Even
The Big Issue is a perfect example of the dub-
ious and shallow relationship it has with most
of its own homeless street vendors under
 the vile and greedy Bird Brothers.
In Part Three, I will tell you more about what it 
was like being homeless inside capitalist and ever-
violent and, even at times, simply deadly America.
Truly, Uncle Monty. +St. John, 2011.
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Coming Soon By Uncle Monty:
"Those Were The Dayz At The Big Issue."
But, lo and behold, they are now made to be all
dead dayz due to the ilk of Prickhead Peter Bird
and his brother Pigface Anthony John Bird.  They
have little or no sentimentality or care for others.
Compared to AJ, the Bird Brothers are darkness
itself to me and to many others who have had the
 misfortune to be treated so badly by them. Their
coldness and soullessness never melts away ...
Prickhead Peter Bird of The Big Issue.
Pigface Anthony John Bird of The Big Issue.
Those Were The Dayz At The Big Issue.
Black Night Stalker:
The Immigrant Sex Monster Delroy Grant.
By Uncle Monty.
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No Murderer Was He.
By Uncle Monty.
US Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 3.
After being falsely accused and convicted of murdering
a 17 year old girl, AJ sat for 11 long years inside the
West Virginia New Correctional Institute at Mt. Olive,
and other penal outlets, for the murder he did not
commit as a result of persecutorial
and police misconduct against him.
I first met AJ (shown above) at the winter emergency
homeless shelter at Washington's Franklin School off
K. St., N.W. when he had been recently released from
penal custody and then thrown out to cope on the
 bitter cold winter streets of America's capital.
Age 49, and divorced with three kidz of his own,
AJ had been into petty crime since before he was 14.
He ran away from home at Ohio and landed inside
 a state training school (much like the old Approved
Schools in the UK) for five years as a runaway and
tearaway who skipped school whenever he could.
His dad had been a prize figher and street thug dur-
ing the reign of the notorious Mayor Frank Rizzo
at Philadelphia during the 1970's. AJ's mother died
when he was about 12 and he hated his stepmother
so badly he wanted "kill her," he told me
forthrightly. He didn't, of course!
Inside The Franklin School Emergency Winter Shelter
At Washington, D.C. for the Homeless & Penniless!
AJ soon befriended me because "I love the English,"
 he told me, and it wasn't long before he became my
"bodyguard and protector," if you will, inside the
emergency shelter at where violence and robbery
were common day to day elements in being homeless
 at America's national capital.  When I was threatened
to give away my food to some homeless tyrant, AJ
was right there telling the guy he'd kick his ass if
he dared to take my food. The thug soon backed
down for AJ wasn't the kind of man you'd mess
with and if you did you did it at your own peril.
Like AJ, Another Good Guy Was Mike Taylor
at Washington's Catholic McKeena House.
In the meantime, AJ would from time to time reveal
 more of his life story to me and especially his false
 conviction for murder of the girl he'd been illicitly
dating for about six months.
Suddenly, he found himself being charged and de-
tained not for underage sex but with second degree
 murder even though he was miles away at the time
 the girl was found dead in a garbage dump just
on the outskirts of the city limits.
After pleading not guilty and with a jury at a five
 day trial, he was found guilty and so off to the
 penitentitary he was sent without any chance of
him getting out for at least 30 years! He said he
was lucky not to be sentenced to the electric
 chair and placed on death row at that time.
 Uncle Monty With Homeless Friends At St. Columbia
Episcopal Center, Washington, D.C. In 2oo5.
Then, AJ told me, he got a surprise visit some 11 year
 later from the same prosecutor's office indicating that
they would no object to a court request to bail him
since the person who did commit the murder now
admitted he was the real culprit and thus he was
 about to set AJ free by his admission of guilt.
So it indeed turned out that "No Murderer
Was He," at last for poor and victimized AJ.
Thrust from out of jail, he then headed to the 
relatively nearby D.C. has then a homeless person
thinking he could get more help there than at West
Virginia, which he eagerly wanted to put behind him.
Like me, he landed up at the Franklin School
Emergency Winter Shelter for the Homeless on 
the same day at downtown Washington, D.C.
The Spring of 2oo5 at Washington, D.C. -
with all its bright and lovely splendour of the
 annual pink cherry bloosom - couldn't hide
the reality of the stark homelessness that me
and AJ found ourselves in along with
thousands of others thickly scattered
 all over the American capital.
Typical Homeless Scene at Spring 2oo5 At D.C.
 AJ had dabled in selling the local street paper -
Street Sense - just blocks from the White House, 
but was soon disappointed with little or not
revenue coming to him from selling what was a
rather amateurish paper that was housed and
edited at the local Episcopal Church's Christ
Epiphany. Hopefully, Street Sense has
 substantially improved since I last saw it!
At that time I'd never heard of The Big Issue or
the dreadful UK characters of Peewee
Peter Bird and Pigface Anthony John Bird.
They wouldn't last a minute inside America!
AJ once ruefully said that those helping the
homeless were there for the money they
got from government programs to help the
 homeless. He must have been thinking of the
cold sods like the Bird Brothers, who threw me
out of my Big Issue pitch for allegedly "bring-
ing the Big Issue into disrepute." The more that
 I can now do that the better, I say. But for now,
I'll have more next time to tell you all about AJ.
Part 2: More on Washington's Homeless AJ.
Part 3: Looking Back 6-Years Later on
My Homelessness Inside America.
Uncle Monty Worshipping at a
Washington Episcopal Parish.
Subway Washington D.C. In 2oo5.
I will have more of AJ's life story in part two, and
in part three, some observations of the homeless
 reality I found inside America.
So for now, Uncle Monty.
+Vigil of Oscar Romero, 2011.
:: Disclaimer ::
While I believe what AJ recited to me over
the course of several weeks, I have no way
of independently confirming the details of his
horrendous story. The last time I saw AJ
was now well over 6 years ago and at that
time he was still waiting for some substantial
monetary damages and compensation, so he
 told me, for false imprisonment, etc. He
assumed he would receive about $350,000-
 in compensation less the amount taken by
 his lawyers for legal representation and
 costly court fees. At no time did he tell me
 his full name and so AJ is the name I have
come to remember him by. I hope he got
 his compensation and is now free from
being homeless ever again or stuck inside
some Yankee prison cell for some crime
he didn't commit. UM.
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By Uncle Monty.  Down With Gaddafi, Blair & Bush.
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They're Like Two  Bloody Love Lovebirds.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics
By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Ruhal Verma's gushing feature story last week
about Pigface John Bird and his vile pet Big Gob
Billie Bickley -- they're like two lovebirds, they
are -- almost made me want to spew all over the
place as I read all the public bullshit by Bickley
and Bird in "Why they're thinking Big" on pp. 18
& 19 of the London freesheet UK Metro,
edited by In Focus editor Vicki-Marie Cossar.
The Pigface In All His Vain Glory.
In the Verma article, Bickley declared "The Big Issue
 saved my life!" Woooooooooow, what bullshit again
 from Billie. Next, they'll ask The Holy Father to bless
the pigface and big gob with an invitation to The Vatican
to declare a lifesaving miracle at The Big Issue! Bickley,
a self-outed lesbian Big Issue vendor, has been for
 years an heroin addict with then 72 abscesses from 
injecting herself. So what? Are we to feel
so sorry for her? Hell NO, we don't!
She then added her futher comments: "The Big Issue
 is for vunerably housed people and if you go there,
you know you will always get help." Really? The Big
 Issue never did that for me! So it's more blatant bullshit
by Billie Bickley. What she said sounds alot like
 that old prickhead John Duffy's bullshit when he was
at The Big Issue pruning himself as its so-called
"International Business rep." He declared: "The Big
Issue has always been there when I needed it ..."
Sure, that's why he no longer works there. So
all the Duffy bullshit he gave then is now splat-
tered all over the loo at Big Issue's Vauxhall HQ.
Oh, and if The Big Issue "saved" Billie Bickley's
cocaine-infected and weird life, then it did the opposite
 for me when it just threw away my life last year thankz
 to the nasty sods Peter and Anthony John Bird, who
are born of lowly Irish Catholic immigrant stock.
BIG GOB: Big Issue's Billie Bickley.
I seriously cannot believe a word anymore from

the big gobs or foul mouths of The Big Issue.
For years it has played smoke and mirrors and
mind games with the British public let alone its own
vendors, who in the end get nothing from it save
whatever profit is gained by The Big Issue at
their expense and street experience.
Every day, however, brings the end closer for
the wretched Birds. They've had a good run, but
soon all will fade for them as The Big Issue fades
with them for good. I really do expect to pick up
the newspaper one of these days and read The
Big Issue has finally been cutdown and is now
dead and buried for good. BRAVO!!
All I can say is a loud good riddance to their
menace and arrogance over the past 20 years.
All things come to end and so will the godless
Birds. They'll see no miracle at their final dead
end. Their lives mean nothing that is good, even
though some will hail them as a good omen for
the homeless. But the homeless I know universally
detest redneck John Bird and his little peewee bother
Peter Bird. The exception is, of course, Big Gob
Billie Bickley's self-serving and idiotic claim - "The
Big Issue saved me life." Oh, really? Give us break
 from your crap, BB. In America such is called
 "Brown Nosing" and it always stinks like high
 hell ... along with her usual bullshit ... She's
as glib as her big gob ... Beware then of the
strange lovebirds - big gob and pigface.
The pair are like little lovebirds at best and
at worst they're like a pair of bloody big bull-
shiters - period. They make me sick, they do!!
And, don't be taken in by either of them.
NEVER BUY The Big Issue.
I promptly wrote to Rahul Verma as
soon as I'd read the complete gushing
freelance article of his:
hello ruhal:
it looks like you've also fallen for the big issue's
 clever "bs" in your gushing story yesterday - "why
 they're thinking big" - about hideous billie bickley
and redneck john bird.
as i read your freelance story, i almost
thought you were an employee or spokesperson
for the big issue itself. the ukmetro needs to be
 more impartial and objective when reporting on
such oddball characters as bickley and bird.
bickley just makes up stories as she goes along,
i think. i have known her for about four years.
and like john bird, she revels in her notoriety and
 her big criminal past ...  as for redneck bird,
 i have known him longer.
Again, Big Issue's Pigface Anthony John Bird.
Carry on reading the full text of my
electronic message to freelance writer Verma:
the upcoming 20th anniversary of the big issue
will certainly add more coffers to the millions of
quids it has gained by its exploitation of the homeless
under the vile bird brothers and their paid cronies.
it is off the backs of the poor and the marginalized
that benefits primarily the movers and shakers
behind today's big issue and not the homeless per
 se.  indeed the homeless make peanuts selling the
godforsaken big issue, while anthony john bird and
his peewee brother peter bird continue to rake
 in huge sums of money in the name of
so-called "helping the homeless." They shaft
the homeless every day ... believe me, they do.

the only thing the big issue does is to help the bird
brothers' big bank accounts above anything else.
i could go on and on, rahul, but i won't least i  bore
 u! i have two small blogz to my wretched name
 as a suspended big issue vendor of five years
 standing and someone who is also a sheltered-
housed old age pensioner now deliberately
deprived by the bird brothers of earning extra
 income in my old age and enjoying the social
 melee at then my covent garden pitch. what
 they did was to throw away all of my customers
 without even giving me a chance to appeal their
arbitrary and capricious decision ...
my little blogz are:
take care, monty.
+second day of lent, 2011....
ps. as for the big issue's "summer of love," there is
 NO love at the big issue. it is incapable of love, except
 for its love of big profits from the little guyz and galz
 off the cold and mean streets of the british isles.
"Home Is Where U Find It," Uncle Monty, 2011.
One last comment for now on Billie Bickley. Like
the Bird Brothers, she comes from a lower blue collar
class. Indeed, the majority of homeless folkz I know
are little more than white trash and/or black trash
socially, educationally and economically. Across the
board, the homeless class in general fit such a
sociological and demographic description. Such
is not intended to sound unkind or snobby, but
rather to honestly state what is unsaid by the
bleeding hearts and puffy-face liberals about
the homeless. I think, however, the T-shirt I saw
at San Francisco says it all about the ilk of Billie
 Bickley and the Bird Brothers - "Trash Walks,
Skills Talk." Now read: Then Came Billie.
"A hand up, not a hand out - The Big Issue celebrates 20 years.

The Big Issue celebrates 20 years of helping out the homeless
 in Britain. With over 3,000 vendors the publication offers
a hand up not a hand out."  By Rahul Verma.
I've been homeless, that's why I want to save the soup runs,
says chef Aldo Zilli.  By Emer Martin.
Truthfully, Uncle Monty.
+8th Day of Lent, 2011,
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David Davies, 21, Is The Alleged Yankee Scissor Slashers.
Yet Another Criminal Black ...
... whatever kind of society they want at. post-Muammar Gaddafi.
 Down With Gaddafi, Blair & Bush, Uncle Monty.
+2nd Sunday of Lent, 2011.
Gaucho International Polo, 2011.
By Uncle Monty.
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Rough Sleepers.

Images of Rough Sleepers.
Photo Essay By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Over the course of the past six years, I have photographed
 hundreds of homeless folkz in perhaps 25 or so countries
 and capitals of the world. Out of those hundreds, rough
 sleepers have become an inevitable part of the global
homeless landscape that transcends language, nationality,
 culture, education, creed, social and political views.
On A Street Near Where You Live!!
Rough sleepers are rough to reach on the whole since
many have gone beyond the usual level of homelessness
to a more distorted environment in which they have either
deliberately chosen or by circumstances in which they
have found themselves in. Rough sleepers are often
times stubborn and proud and resist any interference
 of their lifestyles by those in authority or
by do gooders of homeless charities.
Rough sleepers aren't looking for sympathy like
 many homeless folkz do. Rather, they see in rough
sleeping an opening to be oddly free of the usual
responsibilities of paying rent, holding down some
kind of job, and/or living with a roof over their heads.
They reject such norms until the day they either
die on the streets or finally relent to find shelter
away from rough sleeping.
Two Polish Rough Sleepers at Krakow That I Met.
There are basically three types of rough sleepers:

the hardcore or professional one; the circumstantial one
in which circumstances - especially dire economic ones -
force the person to temporarily rough sleep; and the
third kind is the day rough sleeper who sleeps primarily
in the daytime and sleeps openly for all to see on the
street corner or wherever there is a dry place to
 lay down and literally take forty winks.
Charlie Easy was once at Parker House and then
moved to a hostel in Camden. But before that, he
was a rough sleeper and a British Amy veteran in
Northern Ireland during "The Troubles." He would
frequently visit me at my then Big Issue pitch until
the sod Peter Bird unjustly and callously took my
pitch away some 10 months ago. What a bastard!!
A new breed of rough sleepers has energed in the

past decade in London, especially. They tend to be
 black immigrants, Eastern Europeans and an
assortment of foreigners and many tend to be under
30 years of age. They tend to withdraw more and
more from society and any work ethic seems also
to disappear down the drain as they end up
completely homeless due oftentimes to their
own stupid faults. In the meantime, we're told
we must feel sorry for the such buggers when
in fact we should be angry at them due to them
causing all sort of problems that we never had
before they came to our British shores and
before New Labour signed away our country
to the bloody and monster EU.
The European
Union has been at the forefront of creating
greater numbers of homeless with its desire to
 grants every Tom, Dick and Harry the right to invade
England whether they have skills or not or the means
to support themselves after they've arrived. Many fall
flat on their hideous face and then demand to be taken
 care off. When they cannot get the care or a job they
want they land up rough sleeping all over the place.
The Big Issue contributes to the problem by offering
 such derelicts "easy employment" that ultimately
doesn't benefit any body but the exploiters called
John and Peter Bird ...
Classic Rough Sleeper Is He. Also A One
Time Big Issue Vendor, Who Got Little More
Than Scraps From Such ... While pigface John
Bird and his little peewee brother Peter Bird clean
up on the backs off the homeless, every single day.
Labour (Party) Blamed Over Rough Sleepers.
The number of people sleeping rough in England is
 four times higher than reported under (New) Labour,
the Communities and and Local Government Secretary
said. Eric Pickles claimed that some Labour councils
refused to release figures when the party was in
power. Numbers published last week, using a new
system that requires council estimates, suggested
 that 1,768 were sleeping rough on any (given) night,
higher than the 440 figure claimed under the
 previous (Labour) system.
The Times, Mar. 1, 2011, p.18.
In The Shadows of The Night He Tries To Sleep ...
She's No Rough Sleeper! Nor Is He, Any Longer!
Afro-American Rough Sleeper Olson Wright, 44, at
Washington's Dupont Circle at where many American rough
 sleepers sleep! It's just 3 blocks from The White House!!
Do soup runs harm rough sleepers? By Emer Martin.
A Dickensian Assault on the Homeless. By Johnann Hari.
So, what has The Big Issue and its Big Issue Foundation,
and its self-proclaimed "Homeless Guru" pigface Anthony
John Bird, done to actually reduce rough sleeping? Virtuely
nothing in terms of any real concrete results. In fact, the
numbers of rough sleepers has increased as The Big Issue
 Foundation has taken in millions of dollars over the years
 in the name of "helping" the UK homeless! And, many UK
homeless charities are now bitching about Coalition cuts
after they wasted millions of dollars on pet projects
that help the charity first and not the homeless!! The
only folkz to blame for such cuts is the vile henchmen
of New Labour that has drained the economy for
years on Blairite projects that included ID cards,
and the criminalization of the people, let alone the
$13 BILLION per year to deal with the almost
criminal mass immigration of millions of god damn
immigrant trash now inflicted on our country,
Ironically, being homeless may be the best at
this time since there is little further to lose than
for those who have become imprisoned by their
greedy lifestyle of spend, spend, and spend
and waste, waste, and waste, and credit
card, credit card, and credit card, followed
by booze, booze, and booze, in their lives
as they fade away until they have nothing left
and not even their own self-respect
and honest dignity ...
Next Part Two: 
By Uncle Monty.
 The Supreme Rough Sleeper
 at London's Parliament Square.
Uncle Monty With Sian Turner.
"I Have No Stake Whatsoever In The Future
of The Big Issue Since The Bird Brothers,
Who Run It, Have Killed My Big Issue
Pitch And Deliberately Thrown Away
 All of My Customers of 5 Years."
Dear Sian Turner Was Not To Live To See
What The Bastard Bird Brothers Did To Me.
Had She Lived, She'd Have Been Livid At
Them Like I And My Friends Are Still Today.
Bless You My Dear Sian, Always!! Thankz
for being one of my early Big Issue customers.
You were born a customer of mine and then
died as a true friend, indeed. All My Loving,
Monty. +Eve of Ash Wednesday, 2011.
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Pancake
Day, Fat Tuesday, 201l.
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Pancake Day:
The British Parliamentary Pancake Race.
By Uncle Monty.
BBC Radio 4's "Four Thought."
By Uncle Monty.
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