Not Good.

Not Good 4 U.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Jill Ferguson
& Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Making my unannounced visit to London's disabled
 homeless charity called "GOOD 4 YOU," its man-
aging director Francois Greeff, 52, seemed nervous
and confused by my unexpected and sudden presence
right at his "charity" door to quiz him upfront about
what some have called his "bogus charity."
Bogus or not, Francois Greeff is a White Afrikaaner
from South Africa. His surname Greeff is pronounced
like the word "grief." But no pun, intended! He suffers,
so he says, from mental illness and bipolar disorder.
He was homeless on the streets of London when he
returned to the UK from South Africa's Stellenbosch
University and was without any kind of job or
 means of support. 
Now standing in front of me at his home-cum-charity,
he'd seen me taking photos outside and he swiftly came
 to his already wide open door to find out what was
 going on. As soon as he stepped in the doorway, I
fired three or four photoshots of him before he could
even blink an eye. One of those shots is seen in the
above caption image of him with his smiling face that
soon turned grim. Along with him quickly becoming
 nervious and confused has I said, when he found out
why I had come to his SW London Aston Road door.
Francois Greeff, who was a Big Issue vendor himself
like me, and who was still homeless back then, soon
became very disgruntled with John Bird's rotten rag.
Then at some point later Greeff took steps to start
his own "GOOD 4 YOU" homeless disabled charity
 that he started a number of years ago and seems
incapable now of establishing any public credentials
as a legitimate spokesperson for the UK diabled 
homeless. His "charity" at best is merely minuscule
and at worst a meaningless bunch of
 bullshit to excuse my French.
Crude, Handwritten Sign About Front Door
At Good 4 You:  Please come and volunteer ...
It fiitted well with the overall dilapidated condition
of Greeff's cheap property at Merton's Aston Road.
I was not invited inside to see what his charity was all
about, but I soon had the glass door slammed in my
open Anglican face without any further ado by Greeff.
He said that whatever information he might give me
would probably be used by me against him. However,
he said that if I showed him letters, etc., complaining
about him and his charity - GOOD 4 YOU - he'd
be willing to give me details to explain all about 
what his charity was doing. Suffice say, that Francois
 Greeff soon slammed the door in my face out of fear,
I do believe, of me digging beyond the surface of his
probable calculating and evasive responses to my
queries and questions of him. What I saw of him
was not good 4 u or for me. If you ask me,
Greeff is just a crock of bullshit!!
When I told him I was from thebiggerissue.org  he
 kept insisting I was from The Big Issue. I keep tell-
ing him that I was NOT. I'd prefer to be seen dead
before I'd be seen as any kind of representative of
 the rotten Big Issue - period.
As I observed, I didn't see a single disabled person or
 even a homeless person of any kind there during my brief
visit with the so-called managing director of GOOD 4
YOU. Indeed, I didn't see or hear a single soul there!
Greeff seemed to be all alone sitting in his front room
tinkering on his PC when I first saw him before
he'd even seen me.
"GOOD 4 YOU" Charity's SW London HQ.
And odd as it seems, there wasn't even a disabled ramp
 or any railings for the disabled homeless to be helped to
get inside the front door with their manual wheel chairs
 or electronic mobility shoppers unless they just had plain
 old crutches to support them. I found it odd and curious
 that a so-called disabled homeless charity didn't even have
 a ramp or railing for its disabled clients, even though such
 is required and mandated by UK disability laws requiring
disabled access at GOOD 4 YOU. Such is obviously not
good for the disabled and is not good 4 u or me. And aside
 from such possible illegality for failing to provide disabled
 access, GOOD 4 YOU is located in a SW London
 residential neighbourhood at where the disabled
could hardly find it to be conveniently or easily
 located.  It seemed to me that Francois Greeff's
 "charity" was almost deliberately housed to
 discourage the disabled from visiting it
or to find him in the first place ...
 He proudly states he has no paid staff.  It also
appears he has no payroll of any sort nor any
qualified disablity personnel to help the disabled
 homeless in any practical or meaningful way.
He relies entirely on volunteers, who in part 2 of
 this report will highlight some known grievances
 from at least one of them about Greeff and his
close to specious GOOD 4 YOU.
At Where GOOD 4 YOU Disabled Charity Is Located.
After being so rudely treated by Francois Greeff, I
stopped a couple of his nearby neighbours randomly
on Aston Road to ask them if they had seen any
 disabled folkz at GOOD 4 YOU. The lady almost
 opposite No. 36, at where Greeff permanently
resides, said she really knew nothing about the
charity and couldn't recall seeing the diabled there.
Next I stopped a retired bloke and he apologized to
 me saying he too knew nothing about GOOD 4 YOU
after living for years on the same Aston Road and
was sorry he couldn't help me further. Another lady
blankly refused to comment one way or another when
I asked her the same questions. What was amazing to
me was that it seemed clear the local neighbours didn't
 even know the existence of GOOD 4 YOU and/or
Francois Greef himself right on their own doorstep. I
 find that rather puzzling for a charity to say the least ...
At best it would appear that GOOD 4 YOU is
 hopeless and amateurish and incapable and a kind
of duping entity hiding behind its UK charity status
or at worst a one-man-band with Francois Greeff
as its sole charity clown.
In part 2 of Not Good 4 U, we'll take a peek at the board
of directors along with an ex-volunteer complaining bitterly
about Francois Greeff and further enqueries at the UK
Charity Commission regarding GOOD 4 YOU.
It should be quite a dandy part 2, I think.
Do Good Works, Uncle Monty.
+Vigil of Apostles Simon & Jude, 2011.
Feedback & Comments
PS. I first met Francois Greeff three years ago
at the CRISIS Conference with London Mayor
 Boris Johnson presenting his "Zero Rough Sleeping
 Plan," at London's Westminster Central Hall. There
he gave me his business card with the letters ACIS 
and an MA degree after his name. It was the first
time that I'd heard of his UK registered charity 
called "GOOD 4 YOU" for disabled people
who are homeless.
According to the public records of The
 Charity Commission for England &
 Wales, GOOD 4 YOU carries the
charity registration number:
~ End Part 1 ~
My dear friend Jill Ferguson's great caption picture of
me, proudly shown at the top of the page, was taken
 by her last Saturday of me at the European Union
Congress. Jill and I had a good time listening to all
the pros and cons of demanding a EU Referendum
without any further ado for the British People. Sadly,
 Tory PM David Cameron tried to pull a fast one,
but even then more than 80 of his own MPs told
him more or less to go to hell!! Good 4 Them!!
Jill, by the way, is an excellent photographer in
her own right. The pictures she took inside Cuba,
for instance, were superb and quite professional.
I was abit jealous, I must say ... especially since
I am an avid photographer who has taken some
5,000 images alone this year of all kinds
of people and events and things!
Homeless Commemoration Service Is To Be Held
At St. Martin-in-the-Fields at London's Trafalger
Square, November 10th, 2011 at 11.00AM. All
Are Most Welcome. Refreshments Offered
After Annual Service.
Totally Oblivious To The "Occupy London"
Protests Just Yards Away From His Big Issue
 Pitch, Long-Time Vendor Terry (Shown Below)
Stands & Carries on Regardless ...
The Big Issue Foundation:
EU Congress w/Zac Goldsmith.
By Uncle Monty.
"Will Blog 4 Food!"
Surely This Is A New One For The Homeless?


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Stuck With Stinking Rich Wench Trudie Styler.
By Uncle Monty.
Graphics & Writeovers
By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
As The Big Issue prepares for Sting's wife Trudie
Styler to be guest editor next month, there is no sign
yet that she will step down due to the media uproar 
behind her to be shamelessly editing John Bird's rotten 
rag for the homeless. So there she is so stinking rich,
while she panders to the UK homeless and the
poorest of the poor. She's pitiful like pigface Bird.
In this part 2 of my STING story, we'll now take
a closer look from where I left off at last week's
 part 1. So here we go ...
Of the media critics against The Big Issue's bad selection
of Trudie Styler to be guest editor, I could only find one
who supports her and that was Sarah Sands of the
London Evening News (ES) in her short piece
 entitled "Let Trudie help the homeless."
"Trudie Styler is berated in the press for accepting an invitation
to guest-edit The Big Issue. Her offence is to own six homes.
The premise of The Big Issue is that it competes as a jour-
nalistic enterprise. I am often torn by the etiquette of this,
whether it is cheating to buy more than one or just handing
over money without taking the magazine. Why on earth
should Styler be homeless to edit it? The presenters
of Crimewatch are not required to be murderers. The
 sneering at the altruistic rich is hopelessly self-defeating."
Here's The Real Styler, Not Trudie ...
Other than Sarah Sands, the only other Trudie supporter was
 the pigface himself - Anthony John Bird, who could hardly be
objective since he was the bugger who asked her to guest-edit.
Here's partially what the son of bitch wrote on his wordpress
 blog:  "(The) Daily Mail has a story about Trudie Styler
 becoming guest editor of The Big Issue. It seems to have
rattled this particular journalists cage, causing some sourness.
The 6 times homed Trudie, with her husband Sting seem to
be worth going on for nearly £200 million. We asked Trudie
 to be guest editor because we know she is well connected
and will bring some big names to The Big Issue. Bringing
 big names means bigger sales, so therefore more income
 for homeless people."
Pigface goes on to tell us how The Roddicks gave him piles
of money to co-found The Big Issue with now estranged
Gordon Roddick. And, how the media made no fuss about
super rich Prince William and Tory PM David Cameron
being past guest editors. Also, how he'd lunched with
 Lord Rothermere in his exclusive dining room to help
 pigface try to become the mayor of London.  Who cares
who he had lunch with? By the way, Bird's London 
mayoral bid was an absolute and unadulterated flop
 from beginning to end and much like many of his other
failed personal projects that has seen him waste hundreds
of thousands of dollars from the charity coffers and
generous donors of the specious Big Issue Foundation. 
His mayoral gimmick was yet another publicity stunt 
of his like his latest one with Trudie Styler. He is so
conceited and bloated is John Bird he'd "outpester
any pest. Drive a hornet from its nest," as noted
 in the Maria lyrics in The Sound of Music.  He's
welcomed, however, at Anchor House at where
 he's a pitiful patron for the East London charity
 for single homeless people.
"I Forget My Styler ..." She Says. "I Am
Trudie. Didn't U Guess?" Get Her That Hair
Styler ... Fast! "I aM yOUR bIG iSSUE
Let me now line up one or two more media critics
against The Big Issue's selection of Styler:
Trudie, the big issue is that you have six homes.
"Trudie Styler is to guest-edit the Big Issue. Bad choice.
The tragedy is that it would have been so easy to avoid
this Marie Antoinette-level farce. Just a modicum of self-
awareness from Styler, enough grace to accept that, given
 her circumstances, she was probably not the greatest of
fits for this particular endeavour; perhaps more suited to
canap├ęs and generous donations? Now that would have
been truly giving." By Barbara Ellen.
The Complete Antithesis of Homelessness.
With 800 Acres & 7M Quid Home Among 6 Other
Homes Owned By Trudie Styler & Her Hubby STING!
Now Try This On For Size, Trudie Styler ...
The Real Reality of UK Homelessness, 2011.
Six-home Trudie to guest edit Big Issue (Yes,
that's the magazine that helps the homeless). "It is
 a magazine sold by the homeless and which champions
the homeless. "So some may feel that choosing an editor
with six homes –  and lavish ones at that – would be
something of a cruel irony. Yet the Mail has learnt that
 the Big Issue is to be guest-edited by Trudie Styler, wife
of Sting, who is renowned for her extravagant tastes.
(The) magazine faced criticism over its decision."
By Ben Todd.
Some Caustic Comments From
The Daily Mail Readership:
I've bought my last Big Issue!
- Kate, Yorkshire, 6/10/2011 23:03.
SHe is so gross.
- Hersher, hampshire, 06/10/2011 23:44.
Last time I checked, was'nt the Big Issue sold in BULK
 (to those that could pay more like slave traders) and then
 RE-SOLD from these gangs to certain people. Not really
 helping the British homeless anymore which is a real
shame. - Gigi, London, 07/10/2011 00:01.
I hate rich socialists.
- Scabbard, Wellington, New Zealand, 7/10/2011 1:15.
A woman of exquisite taste, is she going to publish details
on how to decorate their (homeless) park bench or artist-
ically arrange their cardboard boxes down the subway.
- crunchie rocks,, grand canyon., 6/10/2011 23:34.
So we're now "stuck with stinking rich wench Trudie
 Styler" to guest edit John Bird's rag that helps more the
 rich over the UK poor and homeless like never before
due to Pigface John Bird and his Fat Cat Gang that
 now rule the roost at the rotten 20 year-old Big Issue.
There is, however, still time for Trudie to do some-
thing really big and really good and that is to step
 down from her upcoming role that has caused so
much disgust among the public and media elite and
 no doubt among the homeless who are aware that
once again they're being used so that rich parasites
 like Styler and the hideous Bird Brothers can continue
to live in their lifestyles of shafting the poor and the
economic underclass just for the hell of it. What
we're also seeing is the shameless and utter moral
 and ethical bankruptcy among the movers and
shakers of The Big Issue. The rot becomes even
more rotten while the vile Bird Brothers sing their
crude birdsongs of greed and self-centredness
for all it's worth to them. God damn them is
what I say ... they're rotten to the core from the
 top of their big heads to the bottom of their
 godless and stinking feet. That goes much the
 same for Trudie Styler and her hubby
STING, if you dare to ask me!
Do Good Works, Uncle Monty.
+St. Irene, 2011..
Feedback & Comments
~ Caption Image By Gary Day of Uncle Monty
Posing In Front of Classic Lamborghini  parked on
London's Famous Drury Lane and just a block or so
from where he once had his Big Issue pitch that was
rudely snatched and thrown away from him by the 
spiteful scum Peter-Bird-The-Big Issue-Prick ~
The Somewhat Specious Big Issue Foundation:
"A Hand Up, Then A Kick Down."
Email of the Year From VOX:
Hello! I'm a new follower (No. 9). Just
read the STING story. So let me share
 the national scoreboard with you --
>TRUDIE STYLER 3 out of 10.
>THE BIG ISSUE 2 out of 10.
>JOHN BIRD 1 out of 10.
>UNCLE MONTY 9 out of 10.
0 out of 10.
That's just how I also feel. VOX.
Annual Commemoration Service To The
 Homeless Dead At St. Martin-in-the-Fields,
Trafalger Square, London, Nov. 10th, 2011 at
11:00AM. If you are aware of any homeless
 person who has passed away this year, please
contact Sally Leigh at info@housingjustice.org.uk
with the name of  the person (s) in question.
Thank you! UM.
Skills Talk, Trash Walks.
By Uncle Monty.
Images By Gary Day
 & Alex Albion.
Thank The Good Lord For Finally
Getting Rid of The Dale Farm Scum ...
But 91% Said In The Daily Mail Poll That It Was
 WRONG To Forcibly Remove The Dale Farm Scum!
 How Come? After millions of quids spent and 10 years
of  their litigation tactics, it was time to enforce the law
against them for, among other things, their illegality against
local planning laws. Would you want those same hideous
 travellors and glaring gypies living right next door to you
with all their personal filth and obvious criminality
making your life like hell because of them? I certainly
wouldn't. Ship them back to wherever they came from
and never allow another situation like Dale Farm to
ever develop again inside the UK. Truly, UM.
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Sting The Homeless To Make More Money Off Them.
By Uncle Monty ~ Blog Photos By Gary Day.
Graphics By Alex Albion ~ Photograbs from the Web.
Part 1 of 2.
STING's stinking rich wife Trudie Styler, 57, is set next
month to guest edit The Big Issue for all the bloody wrong
reasons!! She knows no more about the homeless than a
one-legged pop star. With around 180 million quid to
 her and her hubby's name and around six expensive
 homes around the world, The Big Issue has the deliberate 
affront and audacity to have Trudie Styler sit in the editor's
 chair and edit a publication that supposedly champions
 the homeless above all and not such super rich
buggers like Trudie & Sting.
Some of the wrong reasons are: 1. It's yet another publicity
stunt or crank gimmick to try to boost the declining circulation
figures of John Bird's rotten rag; 2. It's a replay of Victorian
 philanthropy in which the rich play a condesending and pat-
ronizing role toward the poor and become benevolent or
paternalistic tyrants over the 'ignorant' underclass; 3, The
 incessant need of bombastic Bird and his Fat Cat Gang to
surround themselves with the use of the B-rated rich and
famous is confirmed yet again by the selection of Trudie
Styler to be guest editor; 4. If The Big Issue cares so much
 about the homeless - which it really doesn't - why doesn't
it have a real homeless person, or one of its 5,000 badged
vendors, guest edit for a change instead of some stinking
rich little celeb? With a little bit of helping hand from say
 The Big Issue's full-time associate editor Helena Drakakis
or its publisher Lisa Woodman, the homeless guest editor
could give The Big Issue a real and genuine boost; 5.
Trudie Styler isn't helping the homelesss per se  by
editing Bird's rotten and rotting rag, but rather she's
helping The Big Issue fat catz to profit off her name!
With her, pigface Anthony John Bird, and his scum
brother Peter Bird, stand to make even more money
off the backs of the homeless; 6, Trudie Styler
 brings with her a distortion and glossing over, too,
of the raw reality and truth behind the real everyday
scourge of homelessness and poverty in the UK; and
7, She should immediately step down as guest editor
of The Big Issue to prove once and for all that she
really does care about the plight of the homeless.
But as always with The Big Issue, its only concern and
motive is always to make more money off the backs
of the homeless by generating mass publicity for itself
by having such useless celebrities like Trudie Styler
edit John Bird's 20 year-old rotten rag. They knew
that by having her it would do the trick of gen-
erating media attention on the ilk behind The Big
Issue. "Bad publicity is better than none," goes the
old saying and that is precisely what has happened.
And, yet they love it!! It means more money rolls
into the fat pockets of the Big Issue greedy fat catz
 with Trudie Styler doing her thing. In the meantime,
 the street vendors still forage for peanuts.
While presumably, Sting himself, like his missus
 Trudie, has already given very generiously to the
somewhat specious Big Issue Foundation that is
 headed by yet another multimillionaire in the Muslim
form of chairman James Caan. The Big Issue has
become more like a Millionaires Club than a beacon
 for the UK homeless, socially downtrodden, and
 economically marginalized. Most millionaires hate
the sight and sound of street folkz ... It seems The
Big Issue is increasingly acting in the same way to-
ward the homeless and their own street vendors!!
Trudie Styler & Her Hubby Sting.
Trudie Styler
 Born 6 Jan. '54, is an English actress & producer.
She is the second wife of the musician STING.
 Born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner on 2 Oct. '51.
CBE, is an English musician, singer-songwriter, activist,
 actor and philanthropist ...

From Eire's Ian O'Doherty to the swanky magazine
called "The Lady," comments on Trudie Styler being
 set to guest edit The Big issue has rightly sent howls
and derision among many of the media elite:
Eire's Ian O'Doherty.
Well, she's the perfect person for the job ...
The scourge of homelessness is one of the great signs of
a weak society. So it should come as no surprise that a
magazine like Big Issue is particularly busy at the moment.
After all, when you're dealing in human misery, business is
 booming at the moment. As you know, the magazine has
 a history of attracting celebrity guest editors and the latest
one to join those august ranks is Trudie Styler, Sting's
missus and a woman who seems famous for being ...
well, Sting's missus, basically.
Styler makes no secret of the fact that she is not averse to a
 spell in the spotlight and editing Big Issue will further enhance
 her impeccably right-on liberal credentials. And no doubt, we
 will be treated to lectures from Styler on the need to be frugal
yet charitable, while she will also undoubtedly make reference
 to the environment as well.
But will she make reference to the fact that herself and her
 husband actually own six homes? I know the Left doesn't
 do irony but come on guys -- someone with six gaffs
editing a magazine for the homeless?
Why doesn't she just let a few of them move into one
 of her spare properties if she cares that much?
Ian O'Doherty, The Irish Independent.
 Oct 10, 2011.
An Unlikely Editor...
It is fair to say that Trudie Styler (pictured here with her
 husband, Sting, and actor Morgan Freeman at last month's
Clinton Global Citizen Awards), seems an unlikely candidate
 to guest-edit The Big Issue. The magazine, which promotes
 helping the homeless, has enlisted the help of Ms Styler
to edit an issue of the magazine next month.
The choice has been met with raised eyebrows, as Ms Styler
is known for her decadent tastes and owns no fewer than six
 homes across the globe. Sharing a fortune of around £180
million with her husband, she may not appear to have much
 in common with those whom the magazine aims to help.
However, Trudie is famed for her charity work, with a
source close to her commenting: 'She greatly admires the
work of the Big Issue and will no doubt bring some big
names to the pages of this particular issue.'
Needless to say, we look forward to seeing
the completed issue...
The Lady.
Oct. 6, 2011.
 The Big Issue's Greedy & Rotten Pigface Anthony
John Bird:  He Pigs Off The Homeless. So, He Does!
So yet again more bullshit goes into the making of such
 a crass and tight-fisted bloke (shown above) that he
and his scum brother Peter Bird always represent no
matter what the liberal UK media otherwise say about
them. And the more media uproar over Styler, the more
The Bird Gang will go running to their banks to deposit
even more thick wads of cash as they laugh out loud
 thankz to Trudie, who I assume has perhaps al-
ready bought her guest editorship with some kind
 of nice big donation coupled with adding more
credence to her "liberal leanings" and her pulsating
bleeding heart along with her plush hubby STING
standing by happily with her for all the wrong
reasons, yet again.
In part 2, I'll have the other reactions of The Daily Mail's
 Ben Todd, The Evening Standard's Sarah Sands, and pig-
face John Bird's own rant on his wordpress blog to the
critical media uproar over Trudie Styler that, of course,
delights The Big Issue no end and especially pigface
Bird himself, who lives and feeds off his big ego by
surrounding himself with the B-rated rich and famous
while now almost ignoring the UK homeless to which
 he is said to represent as the so-called "True Guru of
Homelessness." Stop all your bullshit, you pigface!
But for now the real Big Issue scenario is simply to sting
the homeless to make more money off them ... period!
That why they've harnessed STING's missus to guest
edit John Bird's rotten and rotting 20 year
old homeless flogged mag ...
So lets go at it again next time, Uncle Monty.
+British Heroine Nurse Edith Cavell, 2011.
~ Above Caption Picture By Gary Day Was Taken At
The 2011 World SkillsUncle Monty with staff member
 Antonella Frsolone of the Queen's Royal Household ~
Feedback & Comments
All About Trudie Styler & Sting in The Mail:
Can't stand these two! What has she done to her face for
heaven's sake, looks like she's storing something in her
cheeks, very much like a hamster would do. Apologies to
 hamsters everywhere.- Gloria, Bromley, Kent., 7/10/2011
11:31////// Ha ha our poor hamster is traumatised!!!!!!!
Why doesn't the Big Issue provide training to at least some
of the vendors so that THEY can write, edit and help pub-
lish the magazine, which would also give them the essential
experience needed to get journalism/editorial/publishing jobs
elsewhere? Or is it better to treat them as hopeless charity
 cases for multimillonaires like Mrs Sting to patronise?
- Ruth , Glasgow, Scotland , 08/10/2011 02:11.
Hypocrit. Typical liberal, look at all the charity work I do,
 must make me a nice person or something. Some things
 can't be bought. - carrie, nyc, ny, 08/10/2011 01:42.
Maybe she (Trudie Styler) could offer her 800 acre estate in
Wiltshire as a hostel to help take some homeless off the streets.
 I am sick of the "rich and famous" championing causes of the
poor and homeless. Talk is cheap. Its easy to sit in the lap of
 luxury and tell everyone else they should be doing something
 to help, while they live a champagne lifestyle and throw in a
 few coins here and there to keep their conscious clear. I
 work 7 days a week to pay any bills we have and try to
 make a decent life for our kids. In this financial climate all
of us are struggling, so to have some champagne socialist
preach to me about how hard things are makes me want to
wretch. The phrase "let them eat cake " springs to mind.
- Benny, Glasgow, 06/10/2011 23:40

Damian Whyte:
Knifed To Death!
'Alan Levey told his friend that he wanted to kill a
man by the name of Alan Matey who sold the Big Issue
from his wheelchair and slept rough outside the central
 library.'  Instead, Levey knifed homeless football fan
Damian Whyte (shown above) to death when he
couldn't conveniently find Matey to kill!! 
Levey, you're a criminal cunt!!
By Emily Allen.
Yet Another Ex-Big Issue Vendor?
"Poverty Is Political" Declares War on Want.
Some Images of The Big Issue's Rotten Bird Brothers:
Gross Sam & Tom Woodlock of The Big Issue:
Thankz Peggy Wilson For Sending Me The Lousey
 Facebook Photo of Them. I had it already among
 my image file of them, but thankz again Peggy!!
No War.
By Uncle Monty.
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