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The Big Issue Even More
By Uncle Monty.
 With Web Photograbs.
Part 2 of 2.
As The Big Issue becomes more of a dead end publication
with its ever declining circulation, poor ad sales, plummet-
ing donor list, and greater public disrepute, such only helps
 to drag down its street vendors while its co-founder and
pigface Anthony John Bird gives yet another newspaper
interview with all his usual crassness, bigheadedness and
cavalier bad attitude. This is made even more evident
by his recent interview with Rachel Williams 
of The Guardian.
News Archive.
"I am known as irascible, rude," he says. He talks, self-
importantly and at length, about a plethora of schemes and
theories. Sentences are frequently left unfinished as he spins on
 to the next thought. The impression given is that there's no time
 to stop with so many problems to solve and projects to be
devised," writes Rachel Williams. If only good news reporters
like Rachel Williams would stop giving him any credence and
 legitimacy by keep interviewing him as a useless "homeless
guru" that he is, then John Bird would no longer have a free
 platform to promote himself along with free advertising in
 the British national press for his self-serving rag called
"The Big Issue."
Rachel Williams is a reporter for the Guardian. Before
 joining the paper she was ... US Correspondent for the
Press Association, Britain's national news agency.
Homeless, Broke & Hungry, He Openly Declares.
So he's married for the third time, is Bird, which is all news
 to many of you but not to me. His latest lovebird is an Indian
woman called Parveen Sodhi, an Asian Sikh TV producer,
 who is about 25 years younger than him.  He boasts how
he always marries his pregnant girlfriends. For a guy in his
 60's getting women pregnant isn't exactly good for such
 mixed race kidz he's now produced and who when they
become age 20 or so he'll be getting on for his old age of
80's as an Anglo-Irish white duffer if he should then still live.
 He's now fathered at least five kidz through three marriages.
Uncle Monty at The Big Issue HQ last month protesting
against the hideous Bird Brothers on his 1st Anniversary
of being unjustly and unfairly "suspended" as a Big Issue
vendor of 5 years standing by the prickhead Peter Bird.
God damn him!!
Here's more bad stuff about Bird's attitude and life-
style from 7 years ago that was repoted with the
"NEVER in a million years did anyone think that, at 58, John
Bird would be beginning a third marriage with a bride 24 years
 his junior and looking forward to the birth of their baby, due in
March (2004). As the founder of the Big Issue magazine, holder
of the MBE, outspoken social engineer and self-proclaimed cham-
pion of Britain's homeless, the reformed convict and ex-burglar
 was, by his own admission, too busy doing what he did best.
"Namely, working too hard, drinking too heavily, smoking too
much, picking fights and 'wenching', not to mention indulging
in the odd line of cocaine or cannabis joint.
"His behaviour had reached the point where his two adult children
 from his second 20-year marriage - which collapsed ten years
 ago - threatened never to speak to him again unless he stopped.
"So surprise greeted the news that he was marrying Asian
TV producer Parveen Sodhi, 34, already pregnant
with his child six months after their first date.
"'Even I am amazed at how my life has turned out. I never
 thought  I'd get married again, let alone have another child,'
says John, who will marry Parveen at Fulham register office
on August 20, 2004. 'Before I met Parveen I was on self-
destruct, and if I hadn't stopped the … "
I guess my reaction is what a pitiful creature is pigface John
 Anthony Bird, who revels is his pathetic self-conceitness. 
Re-Enactors Support Thames Homeless Project.
The more I learn about John Bird, the more I think he's a
 true weirdo and oddball to say the least. He also sounds
 now like he's some kind of obsolete "Flower Child" from
the 1960's who followed Beatles John Lennon's spiritual
 guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Best telling is Bird's claim
to Kim Greenhouse that he was homeless at age five!
What five year old child knows they're homeless? He
was born January 30, 1946. So he was age 5 in 1951
at the UK post-second world war. Being homeless
was then very common in London due to the earlier
 Blitz and by all the Nazis bombing. So Bird was no
exception really as a homeless child of that time.
Pity they didn't ship him off to Oz, isn't it?
Pigface Anthony John Bird also calls himself a "devout
 ex-Catholic." He is after all an hideous secular humanist
coupled with always being a big greedy "Caviar Socialist."
He got his MBE medal due solely to his socialist connec-
tions with the wicked Blairite/Brownite Governments and
so did his Jewish business buddy Nigel Kershaw, who
heads Big Issue Invest - The Team when he was later
granted an OBE.  So don't believe for one moment they
earned such honours, because they really didn't ... It was
all political from beginning to end and nothing more.
 I even wonder if they gave money to the leftist New
Labour and/or The British Labour Party, too?
In the meantime, John Bird's little prickhead brother Peter
 Bird is looking more and more like a country yokel as he
 mans The Big Issue HQ at London's Vauxhall. Together,
The Bird Brothers are absolute sods - period! They're full
of themselves and their own hate and spite against me, 
they really are.  So no wonder The Big Issue is at even
more of a DEAD END at its upcoming 20th birthday
 at this year's September. Who gives a shit anyway!!
The London Homeless, St. James' Park at Mid-Day.
Black & White Lithograph, September 17th, 1887.
"Sleep that sometimes shuts up sorrow's eye" -
As for declining Big Issue sales, Bird says such has been
stemmed now, at least in London, with him creating re-
gional editions. But if my talks with Big Issue vendors is
any true indicator, then all I hear is how bad sales are
still bad for most of them. I still stand by my prediction
that The Big Issue will plummet to 100,000 copies or
under per week by its 21st year come next year 2012
against its once peak circulation of 166,675 of
a few years ago.
As a  Big Issue vendor, I sold about
 5,800 copies per year to  my customers and Covent
Garden friends. That has now all been lost both to me
and, of course, to the Big Issue circulation since the
vile cad Peter Bird "suspended" me for "bringing The
Big Issue into disrepute."  He's so stupid and asinine
 anyway, "He Doesn't know shit from Shinola," as the
Yankees say.  Whatever, that's at least 5,800 copies
 less per year in circulation and sales for The Big
Issue to sell thru me.  So it's really all downhill
 for the callous Bird Brothers and their crummy
 Big Issue, if the truth be known as they still delude
themselves in this its 20th year of their troubled
 and ignoble history at The Big Issue. Anthony John
Bird himself has squandered 100s of 1000's of quids
 in profits and charity donations over the years in
 his fly-by-night projects, by just two examples only,
 in America and India. He came home with his tail
between his legs, yet still insisted he was a success!
 Classic Bird bullshit!! So has I've said before, John
 Bird should have been sacked years ago along
with his putrid little brother Peter Bird.  They
 make me sick, they do!
The Big Issue's Pigface Anthony John Bird.
All of this leads to today's DEAD END even more for
The Big Issue. There is a constant state of denial at The
 Big Issue. Its movers and shakers are so smug. And so
hell bent on its useless existence, they cannot see the end
of their clogged-up nose. But alas, reality will eventually
set in and by that time it will be too late for the stinking
and sinking Bird Brothers and their entourage of brown
 nosers and their paid minions of "Yes Men & Wo-
men." The end of the reign for pigface Anthony John
Bird is nearer than he thinks. Mark my words for his
 Big Issue dayz are ever increasingly numbered and
 the end of The Big Issue will quickly follow suit
once he's out of the way. The quicker the better,
 I say. Bravo!!
But one word of caution for now: Old Bird might just
have one or two of his adult kidz from his second
marriage already set to step into the worn out shoes
 of their divorced daddy. If that happens, God knows
what The Big Issue will then become leading upto its
ultimate demise as a publication that is sold off the
backs of the homeless, the vunerable, the unem-
ployed, and the marginalized. I can also see the day
when The Big Issue is legally ban for failing to pay
 such people on the streets and to ensure they are
insured and given pensions under the need and
laws of corporate responsibility by The Big Issue
toward its presently outrageous and legal exploit-
ation of its thousands of street vendors all across
the United Kingdom. They're free labour for
The Bird Brothers at no two ways about it!!
As always, Uncle Monty.
+The Apostles Sts. Peter & Paul, 2011.
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British Armed Forces Day
At The Royal Artillery Barracks.
By Uncle Monty.

Coming soon at allaboutthebigissue:
Caughey Gauntlett's "No Place Like Home."
Edited By Uncle Monty.
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Brian Haw.

Brian Haw: Perpetual Protestor.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Jeff Moore & Alex Albion
 And, Added Web Photograbs.
Brian Haw, the perpetual anti-war protestor at
 London's Parliament Square, was age 12 when my
own beloved father died 50 years ago to the very day
 of Brian's own death last Saturday, June 18th, 2011.
Brain William Haw
(7 Jan. 1949 – 18 Jun. 2011)
Although, I didn't know Brian Haw well other than
to visit with him from time to time during his public
protests or to see him standing outside at then Bow
Street Magistrates Court, I always wondered how he
cared for his family and seven children that needed his
care. Especially during the 10 years he squatted at the
square across from the British House of Commons in
his around the clock 24/7 protest against the Labourite
 Blair & Brown Governments' support and open
 involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.
Otherwise,  he certainly didn't seem to be an activist
 father although his kidz I suspect were grown up by the
time he started his perpetual public protest at age 52.
I first met him as a badged Big Issue vendor in 2005,
although Brain Haw showed little interest in the issue
of homelessness or The Iffy Big Issue. He nevertheless,
mildly expressed his solidarity with the plight of the street
 homeless and Big Issue vendors like me. When I told
Brian last time that I had been ousted from my Covent 
Garden pitch of five years standing by The Big Issue's
hideous and ignorant Peter Bird, Brian shrugged his
 shoulders and said, "So what else is new, mate?"
While I certainly agreed with his stand against war, I
did noticed over the six years that I knew him that he
had became more moody and even more aloof - dare
I say even churlish, too -- at where he castigated me
last time for approaching him from behind him as he
sat on his white plastic chair with the air of a warlord
himself with his clutter of homemade posters and
protest signs along with his well worn English hat that
was crammed with various cap badges of every kind.
3 Brit Copz To 1 Haw. Shame On London Met Police.
Having been police handcuffed and yanked out of the
 square in past incidents with them, I could understand
to some degree his mental and physical apprehension
 of someone approaching him from the back. The only
 way I could get to him at that time was from his back to
me since the front was almost impassible to reconnoitre.
 It was, however, his curt warning that distrubed me
when he gruffly said I was lucky he didn't react by
attacking me in his own defense. I said to Brian: "I
come unarmed and I am disarmed as best as I can
be!" But it didn't ease his self-apprehension of hostile
 intent by some others against him like the Brit police.
Perhaps Brian Haw had other reasons to be abit
paranoid, but I was so disappionted that he'd gone
 from being so open to basically a closed individual
 who saw the world around him as threatening and
unfriendly toward him.
When the so-called "Democracy Village" sprang up
 and encamped all around him at Parliament Square
 last year, Brian complained bitterly to me that they
were a nuisance and the quicker they were closed
 down the better. I thought it strange that a man like
him should be the first to complain about others
protesting since he was a perpetual protester him-
self!! What hypocracy, he showed!  I think he
was really upset because all the attention was
then focussed on them, instead of him. Not that I
was impressed with the awful people running the
"dirty village." They were a crazy and strange
bunch of oddballs and weirdos to say the least.
Democrary Village. By Uncle Monty.
Perpetual Protestor. By Uncle Monty.
I must say that I have been quite surprised at the level
 of laudatory comments on Brian Haw's perpetual protest
 at Parliament Square since his cancer death last Saturday.
Personal tributes from Sir Peter Bottomley, M.P. to
Professor Bill Bowring has graced the newspapers in
memory of Brian William Haw. Some of the tributes to
him have been very giddy is all I can say compared
 to my own impression of him as the lone man sitting
opposite the House of Commons. I also do think that
Brain relished his self-appointed role at embassrass-
ing and laying bare the UK parliamentary and govern-
mental mighty and powerful that was at a loss to close
 him down and/or to shut him up. It was a political and
 legal stalemate in the end between him and them as
 the curtain finally came down on Brian Haw's
public anti-war showmanship!!
As for his Brian Haw's "peace camp" at Parliament
Square, I think the days there are now numbered after
his death at Germany where he'd gone for urgent med-
ical treatment. It was too late to save him, I'm afraid.
He was already a goner it seemed. He was an addicted
smoker, too. That certainly didn't help him in his final
battle to save his own life. Sad, but true! Personally,
I cannot stand smoking around me of any kind. Nor
 those into heavy booze and loadz of illicit drugz.
He was given special legal immunity for his protest site,
but his Haw followers and his anti-war supporters will
have no such luck in the future when it comes to the
 public laws of icy-cold Westminster Council, which
has for years sought to remove the camp for one
reason or another. London Mayor Boris Johnson,
who turned 47 the day after Haw's death, is deter-
mined, he says, to free up Parliament Square for the
use of the general public and visiting tourists and is
against any would-be or future perpetual protestor(s)
that come in the name of the late Brian Haw. The
square should be open to all, not just for a chosen
 few no matter how worthy their cause or message ...
Brain Haw Utterly Detested Tony Blair
Like Me & So Many Others In The UK.

In looking back at Brian Haw, I think his legacy is
 in the quantity and not in the quality per se of his
perpetual anti-war protest. He was after all an
armchair protestor first and foremost that will, I
suspect, be quickly forgotten like so many passing
deaths in a huge city the size of London. People
come and go with only a few indelibly marked in
the collective mind like the vile and vulgar war-
monger, and now British war criminal, Tony Blair.
Brian utterly detested Blair like me along with so
 many others in England who hate his guts for what
he, Blair, has been allowed to do to England under
his truly evil New Labour and his socialist gangsters.
His patholoigcal and infantile war support of America's
George Bush by means of the illegal and immoral
invasion of Iraq and the countless loss of lives and
the concerted lies and coverups by Blair then, and
since the war, makes him now a moral and political
 outcast in his own country. Blair should be arrested
and shipped off like war cargo to The Hague with-
out any further ado to stand accused and tried for
war crimes. If he should be found guilty, then he  
should be locked up for life along with his
 Dixie war buddy George W. Bush.
Brian Haw, aside from anything else, certainly stands
skycraper tall against such an odious and war shyster
and no-good character like TB.  Better for
England, had Tony Blair never been born.
My Last Photo of Brian William Haw.
In closing my blog piece "Perpetual Protestor"
- which is not intended to be an obit - I say above
all now for Brain Haw: "Simply Go Rest In Peace."
 The new journey for our once Parliament Square
fixture is to enter The Pearly Gate at where no
further public protests will ever be needed ...
Peace then at last for Brian, the 
UK perpetual protestor.
Peace at last.
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+St. Alban. England's Protomartyr, 2011.
Death Postscript. By Uncle Monty.
In the past 18 months or so, I have now received the
sad news of at least five people that I once knew from
 London's pre-eminent Town Crier Peter Moore to the
 English eccentric and controversial author Sebastian
Horsley to one of my first dear Big Issue customers Sian
Turner to the one time Prince Charles' Hindu tailor
Pravin Mandalia, and now to the perpetual anti-war
 protester Brian Haw. I met each one of them first as
then a Big Issue vendor. But like them, my Big Issue
 pitch now lies dead after being deliberately killed by
the vile sods Peter and Anthony John Bird out of their
own hatred and spite that has needlessly destroyed
 what was so good for all concerned at London's
 Long Acre. I am now waiting to receive the welcome
news at some point in the future of their own deaths
and I shall then paint the ugliest picture I can of both of
them, if the greedy money monguls of The Big Issue's
nasty Bird Brothers should go before I do.
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My Part Two: DEAD END for The Big Issue,
will appear next that was set for this week at
 allaboutthebigissue, but due to the breaking
news of Brian's passing, I have embargoed the
Dead End story, Part 2, for now until next week.
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DEAD END for The Big Issue.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Under the ever greedy and bigheaded Anthony John
Bird, The Big Issue average weekly circulation for the
 last three years has fallen from 166,675 in 2007 to
124,196 last year, writes The Guardian's news
reporter Rachel Williams.
That's almost 43,000 copies in lost circulation or an average
of 14,000 copies lost per year for the last three years. In
other words, The Big Issue has lost perhaps at least 40,000+
 buyers or regular customers in such a short period of time
that impacts the most negatively on the ability of its street
vendors to make even less of what little money they
already make at the hard hands of John Bird
and his vile brother Peter Bird.
This year's figures for 2011 will undoubtedly be worse
 than last year's. I predict the weekly circulation of The
Big Issue will now fall and tumble below 100,000 weekly
copies before the beginning of its 21st Anniversary in
September of next year, 2012. In the meantime, it's set
this September, 2011, to mark its rotten 20th Anniversary
that was co-founded by pigface John Bird, with the now
bumbling Gordon Roddick, in 1991.
27 Aug 1995. John Bird, 49, is editor of the Big Issue.
 Before launching the magazine four years ago, ...
It's all of Bird's usual bullshit, ah?
Always with a ready smart ass answer, Bird says it's
 sharp fall in weekly numbers is because The Big Issue
 is no longer the new kid on the block. What rubbish!
 It's to do with, among other factors, disenchanted buyer
of a magazine that has exploited the homeless and the
 public for years on end. Finally, folkz have cottoned on
 to Bird's "homeless game" that has made him stinking
 rich while his vendors stay even poorer or get fewer
 peanuts for selling the Bird street  publication. It looks
 like pigface Anthony John Bird is now coming finally
 to his own DEAD END. Not that he cares a bugger,
 since he's already got his fat cat bank accounts and
 champagne socialist gated-community home all nicely
 done up along with his company and state pensions now
he's at the retirement age 65 that will enable him to
be buried, sooner or later, in his gold-plated and be-
velled glass coffin with his fat remains embalmed for
 all the English homeless to finally see and cheer so
gladly of the fact he's gone for bloody good. I'll be
 among those many who cheer the loudest  ...
Get out of our lives and stay away for good!
NEVER BUY - But Give To Vendor.
As for the continuing decline in circulation, pigface
John Bird doesn't give a damn, of course, since he's
all so comfy now with his nice and warm and happy
and Cambridge-gated abode as he revels in his third
rate media status and no good image as the UK's
so-called "Homeless Guru." A three-legged rat is
kinder to the homeless that such a false guru like
 the co-founder of The Big Issue. To hell with Bird.
Rare 1989 Photo of UK Homeless.
The decline in weekly circulation numbers is also due,
I believe, to the fact that John Bird has used his street
 publication to promote his own "soapbox" at where
 his useless comments and shallow opinions are regur-
gitated like some old washer woman that has become
 completely tiresome and boring to the point that most
folkz no longer pay any attention to what he says or
want to read or pay for his churned bullshit. Why should 
we pay him for his conceited expressions that don't
 amount to anything of real substance or importance?
When you buy The Big Issue you're in fact paying
Bird himself to spew all his stuff all over you! I don't
give a tiddly-wink about his empty pontifications
on the UK homeless and burning social issues.
After all, who should give a damn about what an ex-
door-to-door brush salesman and minicab driver
thinks or says like AJB?  Give us a break!!
DEAD END for Anthony John Bird, Too. Bravo!

Among other factors attributed to the sharp decline of
The Big Issue, as a phoney front for the homeless, is much
to do with what is called "charity fatigue" or "burned out
donors" in which kind folkz have become sick and tired
of giving to such outfits like Bird's or the other innumer-
able number of self-serving and fake charities in the UK. 
Along with the crying out load situation of the Big Issue
paid minions at Vauxhall,  it is also to do with the
rapid rise of "buyer fatigue" that has resulted in folkz
refusing anymore to buy yet another god-damn Big 
Issue off yet another poor and down-todden vendor
 on the British streets flogging the same old poor
 read and worthless shine that enhances only the
 blight of the vile Bird Brothers to glitter like fake
gold with their once catchy homeless slogans.
Thus, it's the DEAD END now for The Big Issue.
And, how so right!
Then, of course, there is the belt tightening of many
consumers due to the present UK economic doldrums
coupled with the very negative public impression of Big
Issue street vendors and Bird's own irritating persona
 that has increasingly put people off against him and
 his tired old rag. As I said earlier, I predict the
circulation figures for The Big Issue will fall and tumble
below 100,000 copies per week within the next year
or so.  The explanation for that is explained by all
of the above.
While Visiting UK's Stevenage, Saw Both Homeless Guyz.
Now that non-homeless can also sell The Big Issue.
What we're seeing out of that is an extention of free labour
 that The Big Issue doesn't pay for by getting more and more
people buying the rag wholesale as the recently unemployed
in desparate need of making some money even if it's peanuts
 as a street vendor. The arrogance and self-promotion of
pigface John Bird is publicly sickening and blatant to the
point  that few people like what they see of him. But he
doesn't care two hoots for he has already made pots of
money so he can tell folkz to f**k off whether they
like it or not ...
I don't know of any other business in the world in
which the labour is free and the labourer - ie. the Big
Issue vendor - must pay the boss for the privilege of
selling the product on the street with no guarantee of
hourly payment or insurance or pension from the com-
 pany producing the product. The Big Issue practises
should already be outlawed or made illegal forthwith.
It's legal exploitation and subjugation of homeless
people by the vile Bird Brothers and their gang of
charity backers that is tantamount to a moral and out-
rageous scandal. It's what is otherwise called "ugly
capitalism without a human face" and that's what
The Big Issue has done for years and is still getting
 away with  it at its stinking 20th Anniversary of 2011.
But always give to the vendor whenever you
wish. Gooooooood for u and for them!!!
The Death Rate for Rough Sleepers Is High and also
for the General Homeless Population. Rough Sleepers 
can reduce their life expectancy by 22 years and
 women by 17 years. The Coffin I saw for sale in the
 funeral shop window was fancy that few homeless
folkz would ever get to be buried in ...
Travelling around Hertfordshire last week, I counted
Big Issue vendors at Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City,
Stevenage, Potters Bar, and Hertford. Most were
Romanians and Gypies. Such, I believe, has also
contributed to the decline of Big Issue sales in the
UK. As one woman said to me: "I'm sorry. I want
to help the homeless from England, not some
Roman gypsy that should never be here to started
with ..." She said she will only buy a copy "when
someone is English, speaks English, and is English
homeless ..." Bravo, I say!! She added that there was
a local lad selling The Big Issue and she believed he
was "overran by Eastern Europeans pickpockets-
cum-sellors because The Big Issue was letting them
 get away with running local vendors out of town."
The bottom line is she, too, will not buy the weekly
any longer after being a regular buyer for the past
10 years, so she told me. Every customer lost, is
another nail in the coffin of the Bird Brothers. But
worst still, it hurts those many homeless vendors now
overrun by foreigners and non-homeless taking over
 the pitches here and there.  And it's set to get even
worse for the homeless vendor thankz the pigface's
"swell" idea to now include non-homeless applicants
to his free labour monopoly in the UK.
Anonymous Homeless Artist At Knight's Hill.
So nice it was to see on the hostel door.
Coming back late at night from one of my out
of town trips, I spotted the homeless urban
fox about a mile from where I live in Central
London, UK. I used the night vision feature on
 my digital camera to capture the image of him.
I've finished this part 1 of my 2 part piece "DEAD
END for The Big Issue,"  Please be sure to also
 read the heartwarming story of local friends and
good neighbours helping their first homeless man
by their sheer kindness and care!!
Residents of Britain's kindest town rally to 
help homeless man. By Ross McGuinness.
Then there's that tennis guy - now seeded 4th - called
 Andy Murray giving abit of his winnings to a couple
 of Big Issue vendors the other day. Watch out, though,
for those money grabbing operators at The Big Issue
that may try to lay their filthy hands on getting Andy to
also give them some of his tennis "dough."  They did it to
that young tennis lady Annabel Croft a few years ago.
Andy Murray be sure to say "NO" to The Big Issue.
Tennis star Andy Murray the £89,000 Queen's Club
winner shares his success with the Big Issue sellers.
So for now, Uncle Monty.
+Thursday of Whitsuntide, 2011.
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:: UPDATE ::
'We're going to shoot film about your homeless for Afghan TV'
By Alistair Foster, Showbusiness Correspondent.
Who gives a jot what a greasey bunch of ant-like Afghan
 Muslims say or film about the London homeless? Perhaps
they can go to visit The Big Issue's Muslim Chairman 
James Caan for film insight on recording homelessness.
Yep and old Bird will also want to put his two penny
worth in, but only if he's paid to give his stupid spiel 
about the homeless from his idiotic point of view.
Go back to Kubul is best for those Afghans, I
say, by leaving the London homeless alone ...
Such Scumbagz, Like Them.
All that Peter & John Bird have done, along with th-
eir evil henchman Joseph Colin James, III (known as the
vile and old internet troll "CJ3") of Loveland, Colorado,
 in their concerted efforts to degrade and dishonour me,
has, in fact, done nothing but to degrade and dishonour
 themselves along with sheer scorn and open contempt
now being openly poured on them by many others who
 know the dirty truth about such scumbagz like them.
Truly, Uncle Monty.
Broken Ascot, Like Broken Britain. By Uncle Monty.
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