Criminal. By Uncle Monty.

So How Did John Bird Enter The
US With A Criminal Record?
By Uncle Monty.
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By Alex Albion.
As far as I know, any foreigner with a criminal record
is barred from entering the US. Yet John Bird has
pranced around there even with his known and
self-admitted criminal record. So, how was that so?
Did the then US Immigration & Naturalization
Service (INS) in the 90’s not know or did they
make an exception for his criminal background?
Off he went to Los Angeles as free as a bird it seems
without fear of being stopped or questioned due to
his convictions and terms of imprisonment in the
UK. Then this June he was set to go to New Orleans
and again no questions were presumably asked
about his past UK court convictions by the
Homeland Security Department (HSD) that is
now in charge of immigration enforcement.

I know pre-Katrina New Orleans well after having lived there for almost 13 years. Whatever, nobody raised the question in Los Angeles of Bird’s criminal record at the time of the fight and opposition to his calculated and undesirable invasion of his magazine – The Big Issue. Had they done so, I suspect US immigration agents would have soon been knocking on the door of his LA “penthouse” no doubt. Such would also have finished off much sooner any attempt to put other local street papers out of business since Bird would have either been arrested for possible immigration offenses or ordered to appear before a US Immigratuion judge to determine if he was a deportable alien or not. Such would have been based on the question of his criminal convictions in the UK. Such never happened as far as I know when it should have happened, unless he had been granted exception by the US Embassy in London before he landed in the US to throw a big monkey wrench into the street paper industry and to try to destroy its local foundation and local readership so that he could have his "Big Issue America" all over the place. John Bird instead got his ass kicked pretty good, especially in L.A.

(Since I am meeting with legal counsel this morning, I
shall return to complete my latest story about The Big
Issue's John Bird sometime either late Sunday night or
early Monday morning since I'm also off to Ireland to
visit Dublin for much of the weekend.)
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Feria, 2010.
The Big Issue of By Gone Days. ::
On his US visa application, did John Bird state he was
a convicted British felon or not? If he didn’t, then he
violated US law. If he did declare his criminal record,
did he have to provide a bond or surety to enter the US?
If so, how much did he have to pay for such a bond?
Was it $10,000 or $50,000 or $100,000 or what? Who
paid for that? Those who donated money to The Big Issue?
Or was it The Big Issue itself or himself or his then very
liberal money benefactors like Gordon and Anita Roddick
of The Body Shop? And, who gave personal character
references for Bird to be granted a US visa? And for
him to then roll the dice inside the US and to trample
on and shove aside the local street papers so that The
Big Issue of his could corner the market and make
huge corporate profits off the backs and plight of
the American homeless.
He and his business partner Nigel Kershaw entered
the US, I suspect, under a Business Visa or H-1B status
as it was then and still is. Though since 9/11 there has
been enormous changes regarding US immigration
rules and regulations. But one thing is still certain –
any foreigner with a criminal record is still barred
from entering the US. So how did Bird do it?
I for one would like to know. Wouldn’t U?
The other day, John Bird did do his pontifically
thing at The City Hall debate on the future of London,
reports Peter Bill. Bird declared: "I am not a great
one for social housing. We need to look at the private
rent sector." So he should, being yet another one of
those UK Champagne Socialists who cares more
about money than for the plight of today's home-
less of which he is portrayed as the "grand guru"
on British homelessness. Such is absolute BS.
A one-legged homeless Congo immigrant in
London knows more about real homelessness
than all of Bird's big bunk and dreadful drivel.
And, so say all of us! Except, his little turd
brother the sod Peter Bird ... who believes
every stupid word of his big bloated brother.
Right, Pete? Yeeeeeeeeeeeep! Damn U!
If You Want To Hear A Foul-Mouth Git,
Then The Big Issue's staffer Steve Farrell
Wood is your best and cheapest bet ...

James Caan, 49, the Muslim multimillionaire and Chairman of The Big Issue Foundation and a buddy, buddy, of John Bird, "attempted to justify offering 100,000 Pakistani rupees – about £745 – for baby Sara, who was born in the aftermath of the devastating floods that engulfed the country," reports The Daily Mail. What a low scumbag is James Caan to even think of making such an offer for a baby in his native Parkistan? Last time I wrote about Caan, earlier this year, he was said to be worth around £70 million. Since then, however, the latest figure as jumped to £130 million. Some Daily Mail readers even got abit confused claiming incorrectly that James Caan, a so-called "liberal Muslim," was worth $130 Billion. He donates to Muslim Hand, Islamic Fund, Mosaic, and other charities at home and abroad. No doubt, The Big Issue Foundation also gets huddles of money from him and that's why he was first made Chairman of the Foundation by Bird. In my next story on Anita Roddick called "Damn The Dead Dame," I'll also include a photo of baby Sara with Caan standing right there offering money to buy baby Sara!! What a scumbag he really is!!

To James Cann: Life Is Full of Criminals. By Uncle Monty. http://thebiggerissueorg.blogspot.com/2010/04/to-james-caan-life-is-full-of-criminals.html

Anita Roddick: Damn The Dead Dame.
Coming Soon By Uncle Monty.


Cyberstakers Face Jail. By Fred Attewill. (Such is a parable for the evil Colorado cunt and son of the above man. Attewill's report on cyberstalking and the British Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) reveals steps to crackdown on such venom as the "anonymous" scumbag like the Loveland poisonous stalker against me that he's been criminally stalking for more than 12 years now and he's still getting away with it each and every day. He calls himself the "Most Reverend" when in fact he is the "Most Revolting" bogus cleric in America. I shall also have more to reveal in "The Falcon Connection" regarding the bogus Arthur Simmons of "InTrust Domains," - an internet scam - which uses a US post office box at Colorado Springs at where the Loveland cunt is also a familiar figure at the same city's post office. With Google Street View, it is my hope I can finally watch the cunt come and go from thousands of miles away. I also hope to get some updated images of the scumbag that he is! Your's, UM)

I am pleased the meeting with legal counsel Friday was most productive! Also, my weekend trip to Ireland at Dublin was worth it. Of course, Ireland is in big economic straits right now much like is the UK. Its been boom and bust in Eire since I was last on the West coast of Ireland writing my story about the Letterfrack Industrial School run by the then wicked and cruel Christian Brothers! The fall out from Letterfrack has impacted on the whole of the Irish Catholic Church heirarchy and its standing and credibility has been severely tarnished at the revelations of what the Irish clergy did to those boys and girls put in their demonic care for years and years. All tyrants and persecutors are sooner or later exposed for what they are, including that evil guy at Loveland, Colorado. They always think they are above the law, too, and go on doing what they do to others until the day of reckoning most surely comes. God damn such cunts!!

G'day to u, Uncle Monty. +Crispin, Martyr (BCP), 2010.

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