Christmas Greetings From
Uncle Monty At Jerusalem.
As a sinful Anglican, Protestant, and Christain, I have now
arrived at Religious Israel at this Christmastide to witness first
 hand the holy sites of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Nazareth,
among others, and to be devoted to the spiritual and historic
presence of our Christ Child's magnificent and all-splendid
birth that humankind cannot deny no matter how hard some
of them try in this age of dark digital disrespect for
His Holy birth and all that He stood for.
I am humbled to be standing for the first time inside Israel,
despite all of its seizure mentality and Palestinian strife
and provocative threats against a future Nuclear Iran.
I am here as a Christian and Western pilgrim first and
 foremost, but my Anglican eyes and Protestant ears will
not and cannot dismiss or ignore what I see and hear inside
Israel that is armed to the teeth and living under a military
 and police state that is disconcerting to
 witness to say the least.
Of course, while here inside Israel, I shall endeavour to
visit the most ancient and most traditional religious sites
of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. From Jerusalem
to Bethlehem to Nazareth to the See of Galilee I shall
tread with great respect and no doubt much awe of
Christendom's memorials, monuments and edifices
 that mark here the glad origins of true Christianity.
After Israel, I shall also be visiting Jordan's Amman
while staying very clear of post-Hosni Mubarak's
Egypt while in the Middle East for the next three weeks.
Lebanon's Beirut is also on my New Year's travel list.
On my flight back to London, I shall make a stop-
over at Rome for a couple of days if the winter
weather of Europe doesn't suddenly turn foul.
Once I return to homebase, I shall continue my blog
stories - here at allaboutthebigissue - against The
 Rotten Big Issue and the vile Bird Brothers and
coupled with looking at the many issues and events
 impacting on the lives of the homeless inside
Broken Down Britain.
In the meantime from Jerusalem on this Christmas Day,
and after being in Bethlehem for the rise of Christmas morn,
I wish you all a very Happy Christmas & A Blessed
 New Year, 2012, which will bring with it many important
anniversaries like the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic,
 the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, the
Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's
English reign, and the somber 40th Anniversary of the
Massacre of Israeli Athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics
 that coincides with our own London Olympics.  I shall no
 doubt be hoping to write and comment on such events,
 here and there, during the year of 2012 on my Google
blogz after my heart operation has taken place!
So In closing the year 2011, I again wish one
and all a Very Happy Christmas from Israel ...
Best Wishes, Uncle Monty.
+Christmas Day At Jerusalem, 2011.
Old Christmas Carols At The Brompton Oratory.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Gary Day
& Alex Albion.
Just a day or so before heading off to Tel Aviv via
Rome, I accepted the welcome invitation for me to attend
the Traditional Catholic Carol Service at London's famed
Brompton Oratory. With over 2,500 persons present, it
was an extraordinary event by any religious standard of
which I was delighted to be a part off even though I'm
not Catholic but purely Old Anglican.
The Brompton Oratory's Marvellous Boys' & Girls' Choir.
Of the 4 or 5 Xmas events I attended over the space of
the past 7 days in London, undoubtedly the Carol Service at
the Brompton Oratory was the most traditional - thankfully.
Many of the old Christmas carols came forth with O Come,
O Come, Emmanuel; Once In Royal David's City (one of
my favourite carols along with The Holly & The Ivy
and I Wonder as I Wander  ); O Come, All Ye Faith-
ful, and Hark The Herald Angels Sing. Those carols of
old I so much love and they can basically keep all the
 rest of the jazzed-up Christmas honky-tonky tunes
and modernistic Xmas songs for they do so little for
me. I'm a traditionalist first and foremost over all the
 trashy Xmas stuff of today that leaves me mostly
 cold and decidedly unmoved.
Solemn Benediction At The Close of the Carol
Service By the Religious Fathers & Brothers of
London's famed Brompton Oratory. It was a fitting
close to the Latin Rite Catholicism I found at The
 Oratory Under The Foundership of St. Philip Neri.
Just A Stone's Throw from The Oratory, I saw this
delightful English Merry-Go-Round going round and round
and with it all lit up as winter dusk fell at Old London Town.
London Underground Busker at South Kensington
Tube Station All Dolled Up In His Santa Suit!
While My Friend & Fellow Photographer Gary Day Spotted
This Impressive Menorah At South Ken Tube Station As 
We Headed To The Brompton Oratory.  From Our Jewish
Friends it declared "Happy Chanukah" to one and all ...
In Memory Therefo ...
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Open Mic.

Xmas Open Mic At CRISIS.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
For me, it was hard to engender the Spirit of Christmas
at the so-called Xmas Open Mic at where not a single
Christmas decoration was in sight save for some small
 mince pies for sale inside the CRISIS Skylight Cafe
at where the Open Mic was held just days before
Christmas Day. Nobody even wore anything Xmasy,
except one performer with his blue and white Santa
 hat and myself with my colourfal and noticeable
shiny green Xmas Tree hat.
Chorally, I also found poor Christmas pickings at the Xmas
Open Mic at CRISIS that saw more performers than
visiting patrons at its venue that was held at its East
 London Commercial Road HQ. I was among just an
handful of those patrons who witnessed what was
more a corny and common Tin Pan Alley* Show
than anything to do with Christmastide. 
* Meaning of Tin Pan Alley: The New York Herald referred
to it as "the sound made by many pianos all playing different
tunes being exactly like the banging of many tin pans in an
 alleyway." The term is used in a somewhat derogatory fashion.
Worse still, from the word go, I realized I'd made a bad
mistake even going to such an Open Mic whether it
was Christmas or not at CRISIS. So I was there and
since I was there I decided to stay there and see
 the whole Xmas Open Mic from beginning to end that
 lasted close to three very long hours for me. It was
my first visit and will now probably be my last!
There Was An All-Around Shabbiness and
Slothfulness - Much Like An Inertia - With The
 Performances of The Streetwise Opera Just Like 
It Was With Much of The Whole Xmas
Open Mic At CRISIS.
Of course, there were exceptions that I found with
Ken Roberts (shown below) with his classic peform-
ance from "The Phantom of the Opera." Lord Andrew
Lloyd Webber would have been very proud of Ken and
rightly so!  Ken does all of his own makeup, too, along
 with his own special white mask that sets him apart from
the other less than grand performers at the Xmas Open
 Mic at the CRISIS Skyline Cafe.
Two other performers impressed me. They were Anne
 Mary (shown with me at the above caption picture) and
her partner Peter Pereira, who brought the house down
 and they most certainly deserved that with their skillful
and delightful guitar playing.
Ken Roberts.
Guitars Galore At The Xmas Open Mic.
Goregous CRISIS Staff Member!!
This Guy Was All Guitar Playing And Good At It.
He was the only one with something Xmasy. He is also
a member of The Choir With No Name - TCWNN -  
along with The Streetwise Opera. Both, of course,
are populated almost exclusively by homeless people.
Obviously, many of the performers were non-Christian
and foreign ethnics as they bellowed out their various
 vocal offerings or their common musical gigs that showed
no sign of Christmas from beginning to end. Compared to
the sheer delight of the very Xmasy performance two
nights earlier at The Choir With No Name (TCWWN),
it was almost depressing at times for me to watch the
CRISIS so-called Xmas Open Mic Night at where even
with such loud applause I was at a loss to appreciate
the poor, mechanical, and at times, purely low level
of talent I saw.  It appeared, too, that the performers
were mostly performing for the other performers and
 not per se for the public patrons present like me.
If I had to pick the best, it would have to be Ken
Roberts and Mary Anne and Peter Pereira at
 the Xmas Open Mic, although they neither did
anything very Xmasy at the CRISIS Skylight Cafe.
Nevertheless, Ken, Mary Anne and Peter were
the best of the more than 25 other homeless
performers. Being homeless is no excuse for
not trying to be the best in whatever one can do.
Here's The Good Exception: Anne Mary Pereira.
Of course, I had expected a very Xmasy night out
at CRISIS that did not transpire for me and so that
maybe why I was so chafed and peeved as I watched
various guyz and galz doing their rather non-Christmas
gigs. CRISIS is located in the heart of the Muslim-
dominated Tower Hamlets of London and that may
 also be one of the reasons why I saw no Christmas
 decorations. What a pity, if such is true!!
And Sadly, This Is Home For Many Homeless This Christmas.
I have now thus attended two homeless Xmas events in
the past week. Both are a far cry from what The Big Issue
fails to do for the homeless at Christmastide. It begs
Christmas donations from the gullible public to "help
the Big Issue vendors," but provides little or nothing for
them except a rather poor Vendors' Party that isn't worth
 the time or energy for most vendors to attend. If they do,
they're lucky to get a small bottle of spring water and an
even smaller bar of Divine Chocolate to which old Gordon
 Roddick, co-founder of The Big Issue, has a vested and
 business interest in. The vendors might also get a plate
of food cooked at Union Chapel when Paul Joseph
 and Bad Ass John Duffy did the cooking there. Both of
them have since quit The Big Issue like so many other
staffers have over the past few years under the gruff and
tyrannical and greedy management of the vile Bird Brothers.
Pigface John Bird retired this year and his scum brother
Peter Bird is probably next, if he's not already been
booted out for good from The Big Issue HQ at
London's Vauxhall. Perhaps they'll send him off to
Scotland again to help the new editor Paul McNamee?
Peter Bird was almost useless when he was last at
Glasgow, so I'm told. 
At one time, vendors would get a nice wind-
breaker jacket and a new pair of Camper sneakers or
trainers at Christmas, but The Big issue seems to have
cutback even on such corporate handouts to vendors
to save their own big profits and fat bank accounts
for their own fat catz. "To hell with the vendors,"
they could easily say amd do.
 Thingz have changed alot at Bird's once
flourishing pigsty that functioned for years at the
 expense of the homeless as always. With Christmas
here again, the vendors will be for the most part in
the usual situation of trying to make heads or tails on
 the streets. While, of course, the vile Bird Brothers
and their rich gang like Trudie Styler, James Cann
and Nigal Kershaw, always come out best!!
God damn the godless sods!!
Upon leaving the Xmas Open Mic Night at CRISIS
Skylight Cafe, I saw a chilly, cold and wet late night as
 I got No. 40 bus back to homebase. While on the bus
a black bitch and a hostile middle-aged white guy got 
 into a verbal row that saw all the blacks on the bus
 gang up on the white guy who stuck out his tongue
at them and the nasty black bitch then made obscene
gesticulations and comments about white folkz. It
could have turned even more ugly had the white guy not
gotten off two stops later. The black bitch demanded
 the bus driver to stop and call the police so that she
could report him!! The driver just ignored her as she
then got off at the next stop with her screaming baby
 carried on her back like she was still living in far
away Zimbabwe or Zululand instead of at England's
capital city of London. The incident just closed a
rather all around depressing evening for me with no
 Christmas cheer at all as I arrived back at homebase
to start to scribble my blog notes on my Dell laptop
for this my last story of the year 2011 called
 "Xmas Open Mic At CRISIS."

Fraternally with the homeless, Uncle Monty
+It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, 2011.
'So many homeless are working' - "we're paying tax
 and sleeping on the street'".  By Rosamund Urwin.
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No "Dear Leader" Anymore.
By Uncle Monty.
Friend Jillian w/Uncle Monty At Royal Corporation Xmas Lunch.
Above Xmas Photo By Gary Day.
Tonight, Thursday, I have been invited to the Brompton
 Oratory Carol Service that I am looking forward to very
much as a confirmed Anglican attending what is the
 most outstanding traditional Catholic and high ecumenical
Christmas Service in London. I feel so delighted to have been
invited. And, the latest secular news media rubbish about
Benedict XVI's "iffy" health is refuted by the Catholic World
News Service (CWNS):  "Pope plans full liturgical schedule
 for Christmas season. That's not something a sick man can
do," stated CWNS.  Also see: Calendario delle
 Celebrazioni del Tempo di Natale at The Holy See
Now for a couple of images from last night's Traditional
Carol Service Held At London's Famed Brompton Oratory.
The Brompton Oratory Christmas Choirs, 2011.
London's Famed Brompton Oratory At Early Nightfall.

The Vile Bird Brothers of The Big Issue. They're The
 Same This Xmas As They Were The Last ... And
Will No Doubt Be The Same Next Xmas, Too.

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Xmas Songs.

Christmas Songs of the Homeless. By Uncle Monty.
TCWNN Photos By Alex Albion.
Caption Photo By Gary Day.
Part 1 of 2.
It is true that for many of the homeless there is little or
no Christmas songs or yuletide joy for them. Yet, there
 are some homeless folkz who do rejoice at Christmastide
and that I saw such folkz just days ago at the big gig of
Christmas songs of the homeless. The Choir With No
Name (TCWNN) proved that Christmas isn't just
doom and gloom for those homeless with Christmas
songs and melodies in their hearts.
Although two days later, I didn't see much of the Spirit
of Xmas when I also covered the "Xmas Open Mic at
 CRISIS" to see what the homeless had there for their
 Christmas songs. I left rather peeved. In part 2, I will
tell you what happened at The CRISIS Skylight Cafe.
In the meantime, Christmas is what you make it (or
 don't make it) despite being pennyless and homeless
 and marginalized at our all too secularized and
commercialized Christmastide that is so oftentimes
coupled with utter antipathy for Christendom's
Birth of the Holy Child.
At Union Chapel, though not a religious gathering,
some 850 folkz and 330 choir members came to
celebrate Christmas in their own good way and to
 hear the joyous Christmas songs of the homeless as
presented by The Choir With No Name (TCWNN),
under the vibrant and lively direction of its inimitable
choir director Marie Benton. She is the soul and
glue that makes TCWNN what it is ...
But this night, Marie plays abit of a second fiddle as a
black stout lady (shown below) opened the TCWNN
Xmas Show with her resounding voice and her great guitar
 playing as over a 1,000 people then looked on in their
sheer anticipation of what was to come next  from the
Xmasy atmosphere inside Union Chapel.  Everybody
just joyfully jingled along with Christmas songs reverb-
erating from on high, if not with outright chapel carols
coming from the mouths of the other 13 various choirs
also present to vocally help everything to go along!
She Opened The Xmas Homeless Show.
The Brum homeless & nameless lad (shown be-
low) did his momentary salute at the end of his onstage
 singing. I regreted not recording what he did, since it
 would have been a kind of iconic image of the spirit he so
 positively displayed.  I tried later to find him back stage
 to ask him to do what he did onstage for one of my
 cameras. But alas he had already headed back to
 Brum  before I could find him. Such a simple salute
 by him helped to sum it all up for me at the
Christmas Songs of the Homeless.
He was among the many other TCWWN members
 who gave the homeless a very good name by their
personal presence and their outgoing talents that they
freely shared with those folkz more fortunate than
them at this English Christmastide.
A Perfect Match For TCWNN!
 Only the stone-hearted would have rejected them out
of hand as the happy stage become one and them -
almost inseparable they became as the night of the
 Christmas songs of the homeless rejoiced, clapped,
 danced, cheered and whistled to everybody's support
 and delight. It was almost intoxicating and exhilarating
 to me and I am sure it was for many others folkz at
Union Chapel - both for the homeless themselves and
 those who paid good money for the privilege of
spending an evening with them singing and rejoyicing.
Only She Had A Black Shaggy Coat With A
Great Song In Her Heart of Empty Homelessness.
TCWNN Choir Director Marie Benton Kneeling
 On Stage Before One of Her Homeless Singers.
This Guy Gave No Hint He Was Homeless
Smart & Talented
He Not Only Has A Good Stage Persona,
But He's Also Remarkably Photogenic.
Here she is once again at the closing moments
of the Christmas Songs of the Homeless with 
a showy bouquet from her audience admirers.
Of the 13 other choirs present at the Christmas Songs
 of the Homeless by TCWNN at Union Chapel, the list 
included Singingworks, ESKA, The Goldsmith's Vocal
Ensemble (GVE), Sol Singers, Soul Sanctuary Gospel
Choir, The Key Changes Singers, Vocality City, and
The Norton Rose Choir with their "variety of repertoire
 from Mozart to Kaiser Chiefs," stated the program notes.
"The Choir With A Name," That I Did Not Get!
These guyz & galz (shown above) belonged to
 "A Choir With A Name," but I never got its name!
Yet they were a joy, soundwise and photographically,
 for me. They were mainly college kidz from what I
could see and a far cry from those TCWNN homeless
persons. Their commonality, however, was evident
by their God-given gift of singing that transcends
national borders, creed, race, political ideology,
social status, and/or economic ladder.
Singing is a good future and not a bad dead end
 for many homeless. While others can kick a foot-
ball at the Homeless World Cup (HWC) to rightly 
enhance their self-worth and wellbeing, there are
 those who use their vocal cords to set the world
on fire!! And then, step out of homeless to a brave
New World just waiting for them.  Bravo to one and
all at The Choir With No Name. You're all true stars
 that shined so brightly at the Christmas Songs of the
Homeless. Bravo, to you all once again!!
And it should be noted, they now have two choirs with one
based at London's King's Cross and the other at Birmingham
in The Midlands. Thus, we now have The Choir(s) With No
 Name(s) to happliy contend with and they performed together
 for the "very first time" at Union Chapel, so noted Marie
 Benton. So that deserves another Bravo, and, of course,
 a very Happy Xmas to each one and all of them ...
Have Yourself A Traditional Merry Xmas
& A Blessed New Year, Uncle Monty.
+O Root of Jesus, 2011.
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Inside CRISIS Skylight Cafe.
Xmas Open Mic At CRISIS.
Coming Next By Uncle Monty.
Part 2 of 2.
My Best 11 Images of 2011.
By Alex Albion.
The Bastard Bird Brothers of The Big Issue.
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Bumpy Edition. By Uncle Monty.
Xmas Photos By Gary Day.
Story Graphic By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Journalistically, Trudie Styler's guest editing of last week's
 Bumper Edition (No. 978) was at best totally anti-climatic
 and at worst an almost non-event after the earlier all
 round criticism of her ill-fitted and useless role as guest
editor of The Big Issue England. Indeed, her role only
 underscored the depressing disparity between her wealth
and her high-ended properties against the poverty and
plight of the UK homeless on the streets of today's
Broken Down Britain.
Looking inside her Bumper Edition was artistically,
aesthetically, and graphically a disaster that was just
waiting to happen under her guest editorship. Page after
page is unseemly crammed and cluttered more often
 than not to the point of there being no breathing space
 for the reader to enjoy.
There was also no symmetry, no rhythm, and no rationale
 in the bumper edition's overall presentation, but instead a
 rather disjointed series of articles, images, and begging ads,
 that plagued the senses from "Letter to my younger self" by
the retired Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Desmond
 Tutu to Zac Goldsmith's "We Are What We Eat" to Trudie
Styler's own Gary McKinnon extradition feature "Will He
 Ever Be Free" and then to the so-called rock-legend-turned-
photographer Bryan Adams' exclusive b+w photoshots
of some Big Issue vendors. Without being unkind in my
critical impression, all I can frankly say is the Bumper
Edition to me was tantamount to it being a bumpy one
or more specifically a 56-page "Bumpy Edition."
Whether or not we see future bumpy editions of
The Big Issue England under its new and regular
Glasgow-based editor Paul McNamee (shown in
the above caption picture) remains to be seen.
With that said, let's look abit deeper at some of the
articles and images presented in Trudie Styler's 2011
 "Bumpy Edition." Let's start with the Archbishop-
Emeritus. While the overthrow of Afrikaner Apartheid
maybe all well and good, but what we have now in its
place inside Tutu's and Mandela's South Africa is a brutal
daily dose of black savage street murders and open may-
hem and bloody violent crime that includes the killing in the
past decade of 600 South African Police Service (SAPS)
copz. As I read Desmond Tutu's "Letter" in the Bumpy
Edition, the more I was convinced he came over more
as a black politician rather than as an Anglican priest.
Of course, the cancer of socialism and liberalism inside
 the English Anglican Church has almost destroyed it
theologically and spiritually it seems to me from Tutu
to Rowan Douglas Williams, the present Archbishop
of Canterbury, along with the ultraliberal Episcopal
(Anglican) Church of the United States (ECUSA) under
its presiding bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.  I must say,
too, that Archbishop Tutu's contribution to the Bumpy
Edition was as near to any mention of Christianity and/
or Anglicanism at this Christmastide in the secularist
and humanist magazine of The Big Issue England.
That and aside from Styler's impertinent reference
 to Desmond Tutu as "The Arch." No doubt she
 thought it was so cool ... But as an avowed Ang-
 lican, I did not! One other point, what has emerged
 in Petoria is a black politcal elite under the hideous Zud
Africa president Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma and at where
the black poor are being screwed by their own black
political leadership while the same poor produce more
and more unwanted babies with massive HIV/AIDS.
I have been to SA three times and each time I
feared being street robbed like I was in Joberg!! It's
called black-on-white crime!! So welcome to ZA.
Taking a look now at the "Exclusive photo shoots" of the
 portraits of Big Issue vendors by Bryan Adams, the so-called
rock-legend-turned-photographer, I cannot resist comment-
ing on his b+w images as an independent photographer my-
self of more than 35 years. His photoshots of Hazel
Howard, Peter Le Page, Simon Dennis and Chris Stanion,
 are so sterile and utterly clinical to say the least. It looks
 like he was photographing stone statues rather than living
people. He also photographed them bare-chested that makes
 the images look alot like police mugshots of the vendors, if
not otherwise looking like statues. And to designate one full
magazine page for each of the four vendors photographed,
along with an additional two-page spread, was a waste
of pages and space if you ask me. One last note, having
a camera or cameras, not matter how expensive, doesn't
make you a great or rare photographer. Please, note
that Byran Adams!!
As for Gary McKinnon, his frightful situation of possible
extradition to the USA boils down to odious Tony Blair
and his New Labour socialist gangsters who passed the
extradition treaty in favour of America over the legal
and civil  rights of the British citizen. No wonder
America recently conferred the Liberty Medal on Blair,
 who has helped to criminalize the white working class of
England with utter impunity and immunity for 13 terrible
years of Labour's tyrannical stranglehold over the UK.
Undoing what they've done will be almost nigh imposs-
ible after all their other radical rubbish of multicultura-
lism and multiracialism that has turned the UK upside-
down while the loony lefties go jumping for joy.
Extradition to the US is just a milder and less violent
form of the vicious rendition programs against citizens of
the world by America's own various secret and strong
arm government agencies led by the CIA and the
Department of Homeland Security.
As for Zac Goldsmith's article in the Bumpy Edition, I
read nothing new from him. So what's the news there?
Again, nothing!
As for Rachel Johnson offering to be a regular columnist
for the New Big Issue, that certainly is a needed boost and
asset for it. Although, I doubt her contribution will change
 what is looking more like a dying and driedout tabloid at
its every new weekly edition. As the recent ex-editor of the
rather anarchronistic and frozen publication of The Lady,
Rachel Johnson, as the sister of Boris Johnson the Mayor of
London, will provide a useful London contact for the new
shakers and the not-so-posh pushers behind the now
 Glasgow-based Big Issue England. Such is something akin
to having a Moscow publication based at far away Siberia.
London to Glasgow or Glasgow to London is almost equi-
valent, if not so geographically extreme as Mother Russia.
Then we come back to Paul McNamee, who was
named Scotland's Street Papers Editor of the
Year.  His name is not well-known to the wider public,
except among guild members of street newspapers like
International Network of Street Papers (INSP), which
happens to also be based in Glasgow and just a block
 or so away, I believe, from Paul McNamee. Online
there is a dreath of details about him and I cannot even
 find out his age or whether he is married or divorced or
 single or gay or whether he's ever been homeless himself
or if he's a native Scot or not. There's a Paul McNamee
 listed as a former Australian tennis great, but I assume he's
 not the same McNamee at the Big Issue editorial helm. All
I know is that as the new editor he will tow something of
the usual socialist or leftist line of old pigface Anthony John
Bird at least for now. Pity to be a copycat or "compass" of
the ilk of John Bird, who is now a has been, so hopefully Paul
McNamee will assign him to the dump as quickly as he can.
Oh and don't forget to quickly dump his scurvy brother
Peter-Bird-The-Prick, too!!
Some of My 2011 Xmas Giftz ...
And while mentioning the godless and greedy Bird
Brothers, they are the same vile pair who have now
purposely deprived me of two Big Issue Xmases
- last year's and this year's - at my 5-year London
pitch that was located at Cafe Nero on Long Acre
at the world famous Covent Garden. I will never for-
give or forget what scum Peter Bird and his pigface
brother John Bird have unjustly done to me.
As promised in last week's article "The Sting of the
Bad Star," I now list below at least 100 of my good
Big Issue customers that I can no longer receive their
 love and support at my pitch because of the Bastard
 Bird Brothers, who have been allowed for years to
be a law unto themselves. They're shysters - period:
Bronwyn Curry - Franco Beninni - Laurie Edmans, CBE.
Lady M - Agnes Bonnet - Fiona Sloss -  Brian Dunnigan
Shelia Aarons - Jackie McDowell - Anne Morrison
 Sylvia Champion Paul Martin Davies - Stephan Schultes,
Ph. D. - Tina Virdee - Peter Wyart - John Dykes
Steve & Christine Fox - Fiona & Archie Ballard
Phil Alfrey - Andy Howard - Edward Coates
Yvonne Wilkens - Nigel Millinson - Chris &
Dick Morgan - Joan Barker - Sophie McElligott
James Bradbury - Jan Mol - Madeline Hale - Tony Lewis
Steve Foley - Rev'd Roy Hensley - Jeremy Ford, IV.
Christine Baker - Ruth Anne Davies - Richard Offer
George Pennock - Jamie Gunning - Carine Smith
Cliff Barber - James & Angelia Higgins - Carole
Cable - Juliet & Megan Strachen -  Sharon &
Bill Till - Jean McCarthy - Andrew & Vivien Stern
Lisa Dearing - Jean Allen - Beattie Barfield - Beverly
 Brittan - Jemma Toynbee-Smith - Delores Santana
Jeannie McQuillian  - Nuno Sarmento - Alvin & Angel
Merrifield -  Aoife Kilkenny - Jonathan Stolerman
Phillippe Tannenbaum - Karen Diamond - Shaun McArdle
Brain & Veronica Molloy - Henry & Dawn Lawson
John Stroughair - Tony & Nancy Koeppel
Karen McQuind - Massimo Valeri - Russ Robertson - Sham
 Jagpal- Reg  Loom - Eleanor Heine - Anne Fergusson
David Rooney - Annabel Hartley - Colin Campbell
Derry Mullins - Ida Negri - Sister Mary Michael
Isabelle Wojcik - Amy Thornton - Andrew Rogers
Clive Davenport, OBE - Marie Caston - Josh Mason
Brandon & Lynda Monroe - The Bormann Sisters
Kevin Potterton - Beresford Archer, LL.D.
St. John Nicholson, MBE - David M. Shirley - Vincent
Morley - Don & Sara Freeman - "Jock" MacGregor
 Sam Holly - Rev'd T. T. Walker, D.D. - Peter Roberts,
Ph.D. - Calvin Young - George Olds.
Many of the above also signed my online petiton to
 be re-instated as a Big Issue vendor of 5 years standing,
but the callous ignoramuses Peter & John Bird just
ignored the 1,600+ signature demanding the return of my
 Long Acre pitch. "Lawless are they who make their will
 their law," so goes the Bird Brothers of The Rotten
Big Issue. Shakespeare's dictum fits their lawlesness
and arrogrance to a T.  But the day on high will
catch up with them, rest assured ...
My satisfaction is knowing that many of my customers
(indeed, many who have became friends) no longer buy
The Big Issue or donate to The Big Issue Foundation.
Not that the Bird Brothers give a damn, they don't since
they have plenty of other suckers giving to them and
 via their Vauxhall phone banks. This Xmas I am pleased
that I am receiving gifts, one way or another, from some
 of my old customers who insist on still supporting me in
 their own special way toward me. God bless them and
 I thank them so much while I curse the Bird Brothers
every day and will do so until my life's end and as I
undergo needed heart surgery in the New Year, 2012. 
Dear Contessa Maria will arrange for my aftercare
should I survive my heart operation, if the Good Lord
be willing! In my grave I shall then also curse The
 Bad, Nasty & Evil John & Peter Bird ...
So at the conclusion of this two-part series on Trudie
Styler, her guest editorship, her Bumpy Edition, etc.,
 and the vile Bird Brothers of The Big Issue, I will
shortly be taking a much needed Christmas and New
Year break from my online activities and growing
blogz. In the meantime, remember DON'T BUY
Get ready for a Blessed Xmas, Uncle Monty.
+John of the Cross, 2011.
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Christmas Songs of the Homeless.
Coming Next By Uncle Monty.
Muslim woman's body found in hospital morgue
covered with bacon.  By Lyndsay Moss.
("The £5,000 reward has been offered by Scotland Yard and the hospital.
The family is being represented by human rights solicitor Imran Khan."
But a 5,000 quid award for what? Only in crazy and diabolical PC
Britain would the copz even offer such money!! It's absolutely
crazy!! Talk about "the religion police" in places like Iran and
Saudi Arabia, well we in the UK seem now to have our very
 own, too!! And, could one of the Muslima's own family mem-
bers have planted the bacon rashes at the morgue? Wherever
there are Muslims there is always trouble brewing!! Truly, UM)
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