Having. By Uncle Monty.

Having Breakfast.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Having breakast the other morning at Covent
Garden with some visiting Yankee friends, they
couldn't help but notice that my old Big Issue
pitch stood forlorn and empty yet again. The
next day - Saturday at around mid-day – I
met up with another old friend just feet away
from that old pitch of mine that the sods Peter
and John Bird have now destroyed and put
a new vendor parked a little away up at 90
Long Acre with his street stuff of bags sat on
the sidewalk or pavement with a copy of his
Big Issue displayed atop all of his stuff
(shown above at lead picture).
Don't Buy The Big Issue,
But Give To Vendor.
The vendor at 90 came inside Cafe Nero’s
to use the loo a couple of times. An oldish and
stubby bloke was he who I’d never seen
before until yesterday morning.
What The Big Issue distributors at Covent Garden
have also now done is to totally change the friendly
environment and good feeling at where I once was
at Long Arce and to purposely obliterate any
mention or presence of me being once there to all
of my regular people and old customers I know
on the busy street. I doubt 90 Long Acre – a major
international business centre owned and operated
by the Bank of Chicago – will be happy to see the
new vendor now standing right outside its front
entrance trying to flog The Big Issue under the
noses of its rich business clientele and of
many that I also personal know.
Yesterday, one lawyer friend of mine I bumped
into with law offices inside 90 said he and his
law partners avoided anything to do with The
Big Issue and no longer buy such since I was
arbitrarily and capriciously suspended for
allegedly “bringing the Big Issue into disrepute,”
so declared little peanut Peter Bird right to my
face. He was acting like a cocky little fucker was
he that day. He is the hideous younger brother
of big honcho John Bird.
All I hope now is that I can really bring The Big Issue
into bigger disrepute for all to see and read. Certainly,
if my email is any guage, then so far so good since I am
acheiveing, it seems, my purpose more than I expected
I would. One less sale of The Big Issue, is one more
nail in its big coffin. BRAVO!!!
Don't Buy!!
Yep, the 19th Anniversary Big Issue edition appeared
on the streets with the mugshot of the big pet of The
Big Issue who is the one and only loud mouth Lesbian
and reformed female criminal Billie Bickley plastered
all over the front cover. Is that the best they can do?
Sure, because it’s cheap to do and costs the Bird
Brothers little or nothing to use her mugshot and
prop ... How unimaginative they are, those Bird
sons of a bitch ... that they truly are. And, who
really gives a damn anyway if it's the 19th or
umpteenth birthday of Bird’s rag? I for one,
sure don’t ... along with most folkz I know.
Betty, 56, Knows When Something Stinks.
I decided not to include here my street inter-
views from Cambridge, since I was there for other
purposes regarding The Big Issue’s big honcho
John Bird. He struts around there now in all
his big ego and with his big head. What I discov-
ered at Cambridge was quite revealing and such
will be useful for my future stories on Bird himself.
But otherwise, expect my full “Street Interviews”
relatively soon ... I've also added Bath to the list
of places where I have held my street interviews
to find out what folkz really think about
The Big Issue ...
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+17th Sunday after Trinity, 2010.
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:: An Awesome Message To Me ::
Hello You Uncle -
"There is no love lost between you and
Messrs. Pete and Johnny Bird, obviously. You
have a serious grievance against them. By ignoring
you they have allowed it to fester. It will not get any
better for them or you until the matter is resolved
between you. I have read your blogs regularly.
Big Issue thinks it is so "big" it can ignore the
reality of its injustice to you. The spot you had
should be returned to you by Messrs. Birds.
You have the option to take them to court. Get
a judge to issue an injunction against Big Issue
to restore your spot. The sick man in the states
who has caused all the trouble should be ignored.
Messrs. Birds are now to blame no matter what
you have done wrong. You're free to keep
exposing them. "Don't Buy The Big Issue"
should hit home for Pete and Johnny, even if
they pretend it doesn't. You are Uncle Monty
a master of communications. That's why you are
dangerous to those who cross your path. Messrs.
Birds should know by now. I back you fully. If you
need funds in the future give me a buzz. I am
there for you. I stand opposed to Big Issue".
Cordially, Stu Andrews.
(Retired paralegal) 1 Oct - 2010.
Check Out, Too:
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Soon. By Uncle Monty.

Coming Soon. By Uncle Monty.
Papal Photo, Photograb, & Graphic
By Alex Albion.
With the close of the Holy Father’s UK Papal Visit,
I can now shortly resume my stories regarding
The Big Issue’s truly foul Peter and John Bird.
Coming soon will be one of my next
stories called “Street Interviews," which
asks the public to state their opinions, comments,
impressions and encounters with Big Issue street
vendors selling the Bird rag and what they think
The Big Issue does or does not do for the
homeless and marginalized people around the
country. Some such street interviews have
already taken place earlier at Eastbourne,
Shrewsbury, and Cambridge. The remaining
interviews I plan will take place this week
at Central London. So early next week,
the "Street Interviews" will hopefully be
ready to be posted online for all the
world to read.
Some of the answers I got outside of London
were quite negative and rather surprising I
think for an operation that has been run by
John Bird and his minions for almost 20 years.
Nobody thus far interviewed knew who was
peanut Peter Bird and only two folkz out of 33
people interviewed thus far knew vaguely who
was John Bird, the co-founder and editor-in-
chief of the UK weekly street paper that sees
the homeless flogging his rag to the public that
makes him quite rich while his vendors
get just peanuts out of it ...
The Big Issue's Little Peanut Peter Bird.
The latest of many false allegations made
against me is that I have been bombarding
The Big Issue with obscene e-mails and threat-
ening phone calls. Such is absolutely untrue.
I have made no contact whatsoever with the
Bird Brothers – nor do I intend to unless they
first contact me – and I have called and e-
mailed nobody at their Vauxhall HQ since
the day little honcho Peter Bird suspended
me as a badged vendor on May 19th 2010,
just a day after I had returned from Moscow
and St. Peterburg inside Russia.
The Big Issue's John Bird:
Little More Than A Big Old Skunk!
While the allegation that I have attacked Peter
& John Bird and their Big Issue via the internet
is obviously true and I will continue on and on
attacking them at every turn until they decide
to treat me right, which at this point is very
doubtful I think. Nevertheless, I'm still
not going away!
But tomorrow is a new day and a new day
always brings new possibilities and new
hopes that wrong will be put right even by
such cads as The Bird Brothers toward me.
All I want back is my Big Issue pitch of 5
years standing. That’s all!! Then the process
of healing can begin, if they want to go
down that road at some point in their
own lives ... Again, I doubt they will.
Until then, the war goes on and on – period.
Yes, I know all about the vile stories they’ve
circulated all over the place against me,
but we all sin in our lives and I am least
worthy among such sinners. I cannot change
what has or has not happened in the past,
but I can try my best, like I have done,
to lead a better and less sinning life
in the past five or so years.
My past is my past, my future is my future.
That is all I can say no matter how someone
like America’s evil 60 year-old Colorado cunt
of Loveland continues to persecute me and
to try to poison my life as he also stalks my
very being each and every day of his socio-
pathic life until the day he finally dies like
his own 93-year old father recently did.
When the cunt’s death finally comes then
such will make our world a much better
place for everybody and especially for me ...
He is a living curse who is cursed by his
own hatred and pathological cunning and
twisted lies. He lives, yet he is so dead.
Please lookout then for my upcoming
"Street Interviews," which you may be
amazed at what some folkz think of
The Big Issue. I sure was!!
Now almost 1,500 signatures against Peter
& John Bird in support of my demand
to be given back my Big Issue pitch
that was wrongfully and arbitrarily taken
away from me even though I had commit-
ted no offense or misdeed either on- or off
my pitch at London's Covent Garden. Yet
foul Peter Bird, along with his dickhead
employee Martin, still ignores everybody
and still treat me like scum. But, it takes
scum to know scum, right? Yeeeeeeeep!!!
Or just ask young and morose Adam
at Vauxhall HQ ...
So, if you haven't already signed
my petition, please do so. Simply
put only your name in the subject line
and then send. Your email address will
not be disclosed. Those good folkz who
have thus far signed, I thank u so much!
I really do ...
Also my story: "The Lost Guy At
Sainsbury's" is set for mid-October.
Still seething against the Birds, Uncle Monty.
+St. Matthew The Apostle, 2010.
:: Colorado Sidebar ::
By Uncle Monty.
Speaking above of the Colorado cunt, I have for
the past few days been receiving e-mails and
spam solicitations from a “Arthur Simmons” of
Colorado Springs trying to sell me the domain -
thebiggerissue.com - to supplement my own
domain thebiggerissue.org. Oddly enough the
town of Colorado Springs is an old stumping
ground of the cunt himself and at where he
also went there for undergraduate college in
the mid-1970’s. His late dad or mom also
went to the same Colorado College
like the creep did.
Whatever, the name “Arthur Simmons” is a
rather old-fashioned name thesedays, so who
ever he is he is probably of retirement age.
Why I mention this is that “Arthur Simmons"
runs a big internet scam selling “In Trust
Domains” to which, according to the
internet, are fake marketing offers.
What is of interest to me personally, aside
from getting such unwanted e-mails or spam
from "Arthur," is that the Colorado Springs
P.O. Box 88049 looks mighty familar to me
for some reason. The cunt uses, I believe,
the same post office at least as that of one
“Arthur Simmons,” who allegedly comes
from Utah that is the next state west
of the State of Colorado. Here's what I
found out today about the phantom
"Arthur Simmons" of Colorado Springs:
Arthur Simmons – InTrust Domains – Bogus Domain Marketing
26 Jul 2010 ... Regardless of which Arthur Simmons is spamming
you today, the pitch always .... P.S.: We have been contacted
by Mr. Arthur Simons via ...blog.onlymyemail.com/
arthur-simmons-intrust- ...
Utah man accused of domain name scam
26 Jun 2010 ... This guy allegedly got almost $2 million
pulling this scam. ... Arthur Simmons InTrust Domains
PO Box 88049. Colorado Springs, CO 80908 ...
If you have any information regarding the bogus
"Arthur Simmons," feel free to contact the Colorado
Springs Police Department like I plan to do myself
and make them aware of what is going on. Also, you
can contact the U.S. Postal Service inspectors at
the post office in question that "Arthur" is appar-
ently using for illegal and criminal purposes.
Colorado Springs Police Department Contact Info
Pikes Peak Colorado Springs Pikes Peak in Colorado
Springs. Colorado Springs Police Department. Address:
705 South Nevada Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80903 ...
Show map of 705 South Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903-4027
www.colorado-springs.com/police.html -
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Also be sure to check out:
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CONDEMN. By Uncle Monty.

Condemn The Pair, Holy Father.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion
& Press Agencies.
I'm off later to lunch and concert with friends
today, but I will be back early tomorrow
morning to complete herein my latest story
in my public condemnation of cold little
peanut Peter Bird and his giddy dickhead
brother John Bird of The Big Issue.
Plus, along with more scatheing comments of
mine against their ever evil and diobolical
friend known as "America's No. 1 Creep of
Loveland, Colorado," who also continues,
like he has for years, to send his malicious
viruses or infected files to those on his Hate
List. It appears allaboutthebigissue blogspot
is now on his mindless list in his cunning to
try to create computer damage from
America to England to satisfy his craving
for self-happiness in his warped and
sick Colorado mind. More later, then ...
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Cyprian Martyr (BCP), 2010.
Today Is A New Day. By Uncle Monty.
I'm now back today after last night's fine
English Baroque Concert with three friends
of mine. This morning I have mulled over
in my Anglican mind whether I should go
ahead with my full "Condemn" story against
the nasty Bird Brothers or just leave alone
what I have already presented from
yesterday in my own words and pictures.
I think the pictures tell the story and speak
perhaps more powerfully than just adding
more words beyond what has been stated.
So, that's what I will do for now - leave what
is now presented below and above. If for some
reason I feel compelled to change my open
mind again, then I shall be free to do so by
writing more to tell my story of condemnation
against the rabid Peter & John Bird - who are
nominal Anglo-Irish Catholics - and that truly
evil specimen called "The Colorado Cunt," who
is a deeply disgruntled and disturbing 60 year-
old American protestant, or rejecting US
Episcopalian, carrying on every day of his evil
life as a bogus cleric in his long and wicked
campaign of hate across the pond.
Beware, too, of the creep's many underhanded
e-mails calling himself a "Press Officer" from
the bogus "church" of his. I have recently re-
ceived a pile of revealing e-mails sent by him
to various others and organisations. I can now
also see the same creep landing in jail one day!
Quicker the better ... I say!
Peace Be Unto You, Uncle Monty.
+The Arrival of His Holiness At UK,
"Holy Father: Condemn Peter & John Bird of
The Big Issue," states the large banner displayed
below by Gareth Carpenter in his disgust at them.
The Wonderful JPII & Her Majesty in 1982.
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Stinks. By Uncle Monty.

The Big Issue Stinks.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Unlike Part 1 of this anti-Big Issue story,
no foreigners or immigrants or homeless
are seen in this final Part 2 of my latest
online story.
Only British and/or Anglo-Irish born and
non-homeless folkz are featured in my
latest story against The Big Issue. Also,
the majority of such folkz shown are retirees
that I personally know either at my sheltered
housing unit - being an old-age pensioner that
I am - or those I know from elsewhere like
Therse, 74, and Shaun, 70, (shown above at
story caption picture) and who are truly a
good Anglo-Irish couple who are the salt of
the earth. Every time I see them I feel joy!
I count them among my many neighbour-
hood friends ... In any event, many of the
old folkz agree in one way or another
that The Big Issue STINKS!!
Carl, 28, Who Is Training To Work In A Homeless Hostel.
What a dear is Cathy at age 92 and who always
brought me her homemade Christmas mince
pies to me pitch before the sod called Peanut
Peter Bird callously and coldly suspended me
for "bringing The Big Issue into disrepute! To
see dear Cathy cry when I told her what he'd
done to me was such a shame. But bastards
like Peter and John Bird don't give a damn
since they are so full of themselves and
their bullshit ways ...
Cathy At Age 92. Bess Her, Good Lord!!
Big Punk, 17, asked not to be identified. So
the photo of him was made into a colourful
graphic as shown below. He was sitting on
a small wall right next to the soon-to-be
demolished real foul and rough Heygate
Council Estate that has been the backdrop
to a number of major movies that has also
included Clint Eastwood. If by chance I see
him, I will ask him to display the STINKS
banner. Other than that, on the very edge or
far right of the graphic, you can see a little bit
of the Heygate Estate that is mostly boarded-
up now with only a few tenants left before the
whole estate is blown up this fall or autumn
by controlled dynamite. I shall be there to
hopefully photograph such when it occurs.
Big Punk, 17, At Heygate Estate.
Anglo-Irish Joe, 88.
Joe is one of my favourite people. When he
learned what The Big Issue had done to me,
he was right angry. He said they should be
"tarred and feathered." Right on, Joe!! At 88,
he goes every few days to his local gym to
workout with guyz and galz 60 years younger
than him! Anglo-Irish thru and thru, every-
body knows kind and respected Joe in the
community. I believe he has 12 grand children
and 4 great grand children, who dearly love
him. When he was photographed with the
banner "The Big Issue STINKS," Joe
said he was so happy to do so ...
Hated was John Duffy (shown below) for one
reason or another by many a Big Issue vendor.
He also wrote a number of bullshit stories for
his then buddies big honcho John Bird and
little peanut Peter Bird. He always claimed
The Big Issue was there for him, but since he
left the Bird outfit his story isn't the same.
Whatever, most vendors were glad to see his
big arse out of there and to say "good riddance"
to Duffy, who has been through a number of
jobs that he seemed unable to hold down in
the past except the one he had with The Big
Issue. They even sent him upto grim Glasgow
to work with Scotland Big Issue that was
founded by Edinburgh's Mel Young and who
now heads the Homeless World Cup as founder
and president. When Duffy fails again, which
he probably will in his latest service job
outside the stinking Big Issue, he will not
be welcome back at the Vauxhall HQ
from what I'm told! So all his past bullshit
about how The Big Issue has always been
there for him will just stink like Duffy's big
arse! In other words, he can gladly swim
and drown in his own big bowl of home-
made shit ... I feel so glad all over for
him, I really do! Don't U?
Ex-Homeless, Ex-Big Issue Vendor, Ex-BI Staffer,
and Ex-BI Franchiser, John Duffy, who is Anglican.
Sweet Little Peanut Peter! How Are U?
Bumper Sticker In Window at Big Issue HQ.
Truly your's, Uncle Monty.
+St. Peter Claver, 2010.
What A FREAK!!!

Soon: By Uncle Monty.
"Street Interviews: What The Public
Really Thinks About The Big Issue."
Feedback & Comments
Sign the petition against the vile Bird Brothers.
(Type in the subject line your name only.
Then send. Your e-mail address will not
be disclosed.) Some 1,200 have already
signed my petition either on- or offline.
Thankz, guyz and galz ...
:: So Lovely To Hear From Jean!! ::
Dear, dear Monty
How lovely to hear from you - I lost your contact
details a while back but I have often thought about
you. I was in Covent Garden early one morning a
few weeks back and looked for you outside Cafe
Nero but of course you weren't there. So you're
still travelling with the Countess I take it?
I'm just back from two weeks in wonderful
fantastic Venice - have she taken you there yet?
If not, she must! It's like another world, I just
adore it and would love to be able to live there
but of course its just a dream!
I'm still following my countertenors and was at the
RAH last night for a late night Prom with my beaut-
iful Philippe Jaroussky singing Vivaldi - bliss!
Enjoy the rest of your travels and hope to
perhaps see you when you eventually return.
With love, Jean McCarthy. - 09082010.
PS I've signed your petition, they'd better give
it back to you - you're an institution!
(Jean, this is Monty. I expect nothing from such
bastards like Peter & John Bird. NOTHING -
BID TO JAIL NICK. By Uncle Monty.
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And So. By Uncle Monty.

And So, Say All of US!
By Uncle Monty. Homeless Photos
By Alex Albion. Part 1 of 2.
All was prepared for the 1½ft by 3½ft long
banner of mine stating in four sharp words that
“The Big Issue STINKS.” I took such a banner
on my month-long, eight-nation, summer holi-
days thru Eastern Europe to the Middle East.
At Vienna, "The Big Issue STINKS."
Wherever the banner was unfurled, the
public looked on and wondered what it
was all about. Only homeless folkz did I
photograph unfurling the anti-Big Issue
banner that was written in plain English
with coloured felt pens and with some letters
as big as half-a-foot in size . Such stuck out
among the crowds at such cities like Vienna,
Bucharest, Prague, Nüremburg, Geneva,
Kracow, Bratislava and else where along
my long and meandering travelled road
of 22,000 miles.
I reckon over three quarters-of-million
people saw “The Big Issue STINKS”
banner that I starkly photographed with
around 85 different homeless people in 7
of the 8 countries I visited and stayed at
during the summer of 2010. And all of
that after my gross and illegal suspension
by London-based Big Issue's cocky Peter
and John Bird for "bringing The Big Issue
into disrepute." Well the more I can do
that now, all the better is what I say ...
Also At Germany's Nüremburg,
"The Big Issue STINKS."

Only at Iraq’s Baghdad was the banner not
unfurled. Why? Because it was too dangerous
in burning Baghdad to call too much attention to
oneself as a foreigner and an an avowed Christian
visiting deadly Shiite/Sunni Iraq. I was there while
the Yankees were finally downdrawing US troops
to under 50,000 from their peak of 170,000 during
the US instigated 7 -year old Iraqi War that has cost
billions of wasted dollars let alone countless lives
slaughtered by the American military, the vicious
local Iraqi militia and government army and police.
The Yanks always bring out the worst in people.
Millions of Iraqis are now homeless due to the bloody
Iraq War started by the war scum of Bush and Blair.

I had no wish, obviously, to join the war dead
while in Iraq with a possible bullet in my own head
if steps of self—protection were not heeded by me.
Unfurling “The Big Issue STINKS” banner in grim
and grimey downtown Baghdad would be akin to
like showing a red cloth to the eyes of a raging bull.
Nor did I desire in any way to endanger the life of
some homeless Iraqi by having him or her unfurl
such an English language banner right on the
crazy streets of deadly and burning Baghdad.
Hence no banner of mine was unfurled inside Iraq.
Nobody there, of course, had ever before heard of
the stinking Big Issue that’s for sure until I arrived.

I was certainly the first ever
Big Issue actor to ever step foot inside Iraq
that’s also for sure

At Poland's Kracow, "The Big Issue STINKS."
At CZ's Prague, "The Big Issue also STINKS."

Whatever at every where else outside of Iraq my anti-Big Issue banner was eagerly and openly unfurled by all kinds of homeless people on the city and town streets of Eastern and Western Europe and elsewhere. About 85 different people, all clearly homeless,
were photographed with the bold banner of mine.

Such is my continuing and personal protest against Peter and John Bird of The Big Issue that I plan to continue at wherever I go in the future until they finally decide to treat me right and stop violating my human rights like they have with succh impunity so far by still denying me my Covent Garden pitch as a Big Issue vendor of 5 years standing all because of the Colorado cunt in America telling them all he could to satisfy his godless mentality to inflict more of his personal hate on me. Like so many Americans, the cunt is vicious and vile and always will be until the day his evil life comes to an abrupt end ... despite him having become an internet sensation as “The 1996 Kook of the Year.” Now in the 21st century at age 60, the Coloradi cunt a big kook that The Big Issue seems to have now taken him under its wings. The story on the Colorado kook is yet to be fully written, but mark my words it will be! The best title for him is “A Cunt’s Cunt,” that he truly is.

What riles me so is how The Bird Brothers have allowed such a Loveland creep from Colorado to dictate their actions against me that shows how mindless and arbitrary Peter and John Bird show themselves to be at my expense, of course!!

I also have other public protest plans against them hopefully at the UK arrival of Pope Benedict in a few weeks time and more against The Big Issue before this year’s out and even more during
the 20th Anniversay of The Big Issue in 2011. With now over 1,500 signatures, both on and off line, in support of my demands for justice, I feel even more and more confident in my right to protest against little honcho Peter Bird and his big honcho brother John Bird.

Austria's Street Vendor Selling Homeless "AUGUSTIN" mag.
I had my STINKS banner translated in a number of other languages:

In German - Die große Frage STINKT.

In Czech - Člen určitý Dobrý Číslo PÁCHNĚ.

In French - La grande question PUE.

In Welsh - 'r 'n Fawr Ddeillia STINKS.

In Arabic - والقضية الكبرى شكوى

In Polish - Wielkie Wydanie (wynik) *STINKS*

In Romanian - Marea problema pute.

Yet, Another Nigerian Immigrant
Flogging Street Paper At Vienna.
Even at Prague, while I
attended The Antonín Dvořák International
Festival, 2010, the stinks banner was unfurled for
all to see. Also the same was done at Romania’s
Bucharest, at Mozart’s Vienna, at where the Third
Reich Nazis were tried at Nümenberg, too.
In the past, I would usually would take a copy of
The Big Issue with me to photograph at far away
places - but never again! I no longer take such a rag
with me only my banner declaring "The Big Issue
STINKS," which it surely does ...
At Prague, I was surprised at the number of folks who
quickly took snapshots of me with the anti-Big Issue
banner. A photographer from The National Geographic
magazine also took photos and my name. So that
will hopefully get published next year for the whole
world to see. Bravo!! If I cannot get my pitch back,
then I can at least do all I can to inflict as much
damage on Peter and John Bird as I can like they
have already done to me. Tit-for-tat? You bet!
Feedback & Comments

Sign My Online Petition, Against The Big Issue's Peter & John Bird, If You Haven't Already! Now Over 1,200 Good Folkz Already Have. Go to onlinepetitionformonty@gmx.co.uk. Simply put your name in the subject line. Then send. Your e-mail address will not be disclosed. Cheerz!!

Search: allaboutthebigissue - http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=allaboutthebigissue&btnG=Search&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=

So The Big Issue really STINKS? Yep! And so, say all of us!!!

Very truly, Uncle Monty. +St. Giles, 2010.

On the last and final leg of my great holidays!!!

Part Two: The Big Issue STINKS. By Uncle Monty.

By Eric Talmage.
Edited By Uncle Monty.

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