Words of Grace.

Words of  Grace.
By Octgenarian Grace Robertson.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Photos of Grace By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
My homeless experience was not nearly as bad as that of
most.  Before I left Zimb(abwe) in 1987 to come to UK
(Robert) Mugabe had made our departure essential and
 he'd been in power then since 1980. We couldn't just land
in UK as we were only to bring out £50 per family from
my 30 years of earning. My two elder children would also
 come. I had to find a job with accommodation for the four
 of us. My son and daughter would eventually find their own
 place to live but it would not be immediate as they had to
 find work first. I found a job with a lodge cottage (at
the gate of an estate) where I was going to handle the
 admin for this guy who was a photographer of wild life.
Landed off the boat (Achille Lauro.......it sank later) and 
my daughter and I made our way to the cottage. Had
many trunks and luggage having come by sea. Moved
into the cottage. Next morning a knock on the door.
A lady stood there. She informed me my employer
had had a stroke and was dead and would I kindly
come with her to Homeless Unit. Can you imagine.
She dumped my daughter and me at a DSS office in Peckham
one of London's deepest pits. They placed the two of us in a
 hostel..........long room with about 15 beds each side. I
thought we'd landed in hell. Drugs, booze, swearing...........
Thankfully, next day we were placed in a homeless flat in
Peckham. This was a tumbledown ground floor flat in a
three/four storey crumbling villa. My ground floor status
 meant the people in two flats above us all processed
through our flat hallway to reach their flat above.  Those
 people................I didn't know people like that existed.
Grace When She Doesn't Like What You Say.
I wrote 125 Housing Associations and only got acknow-
ledgements from I think three. By this time we had been
sorted out financially into Income Support (which we're
on to this day). My son was able to cancel his arrival or
rather postpone it. My daughter couldn't. I had been
told I was not allowed to have either of my elder children
with me in homeless accomm. She duly arrived and I man-
aged to accommodate her for two nights. She found a
 bedsit almost next door so had a rent book proving
 she did not live with us. Being an English teacher
 for A level students she found a job quite quickly.
Cutting down a long story I was housed after 10 months
 in homeless accomm. Then, I was given a two bed first
floor flat in Grove Park, right opposite a church and near
every facility I could need. I was very happy there for 12
years but then lots of things went wrong. I'll carry on
that tale at a later date.
Frustration can only ever be the normal state of mind of any
reasonably intelligent person in UK because it is run like a
dog's dinner. Pathetically low education from the age of five
 explains much. I believe we lead the world in almost every-
thing.........from the bottom......and it will never ever
change only to get worse.
Grace When She Just Sits Back At The Applause.
I met that guy who runs the Big Issue....I've forgotten his
name. He was originally homeless and he actually started
Big Issue. I wouldn't say I see it exactly like others. At the
beginning the Big Issue was sold solely to people who
were totally on the street. I don't thing it's the same now
 as I see many people selling it with their faces glued to
their mobiles and a heavy smoking culture visible. I
doubt very much anyone is responsible for their own
 homelessness as it is a pretty pitiless place to be.
I blame successive Govts totally for not building
nearly enough affordable accommodation.
 Also the brain washing, re people who do not own
property being tenth rate........that is one of UK's most
 powerful fictions and it is swallowed hook, line and
sinker by the vast majority of people.
I am in my 80's and since as far back as I can remember
 I've been aware that accommodation here is treated as
 a weapon. The sheer number of satellite organsations
created around homelessness and the same around mental
handicap which I know all about, is criminal. There are
thousands of people here whose entire careers, past
present and future, are built around homelessness (ie.
the Big Issue guy is one).  No way would they ever want
homelessness cleared up. John Bird is his name I think.
 He's wealthy now....don't know how as he was himself
 homeless (and a criminal).
Grace When She Is Skeptical of What She Hears.
Cameron I detest. His youth is no excuse. He'll be the same
 empty headed bimbo at 65 that he is now. If we had to have
 Conservative I would have favoured Kenneth Clark. I went
 along totally with what he said re rape. I do believe some
 rape is different from other kinds of rape in that I believe
many stupid stupid women pracitically invite it with their
 body displays and body language to match. I don't join
any political party either in fact I never join anything. I've
been a church attending Christian since the age of 4 and
have never become a member of any church. I believe
 in God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and awkward
enough to believe this is enough. membership, it's
just about finances nothing else.
Grace At Her Happiest When Explaining Her Position.
Grace Robertson closes for now with
one more of her caustic comments!:
Re the ghastly horrible Mrs. DAME Shirley Porter.
She and Mrs. Margaret Thatcher are a right pair......
In Part 2, Dear Grace Robertson writes more about
her personal encounter with the disgraced dame
before she was later stripped of her dameship due
to her underhanded selling off of a slew of social
 housing under her watch at Westminster Council.
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Above Caption Photo: Uncle Monty With
 Dame Gillian Pugh, DBE. Photo By Gary Day.
While The White Guy Begs, The Black Immigrant
Woman Stands All Dressed Up Probably At
The British Taxpayers Expense.
Pret gives homeless taste of new career.
By Jonathan Prynn.
Giving homeless people a chance to turn their lives around.
The Truly Greedy & Smug Pair!!
The Chairman of The Big Issue Foundation The
Hideous Multimillionaire "Liberal" Muslim James
Caan (l), Who Is Seen With Swaggering &
'Devout Ex-Catholic' Pigface Anthony John Bird.
The Big Issue's Own Editor-in-Chief Pigface Anthony John Bird.
Norway's Anders Behring Breivik.
By Alex Albion.
"Who then executes the killer's killer,
 inside the Texas execution state?"
Alex Albion.
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Home From Home.

Home From Home.
By Caughey Gauntlett.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
A Look At Historic Homelessness.
Graphics By Alex Albion.
Story Images From the Web.
Part 2 of 2.
"A lad lying on a parapet immediately above the surface
of the Thames, a few yards from Cleopatra's Neddle,
was shivering. He was in a sleeping bag, but would be
grateful for a blanket as well. 'Anything wrong, son?'
'Yeah, I've just come out of hospital.
Have you got a blanket?'
"One of his neighbours volunteered the information that
he had been in a knife fight with another lad a few nights
previously. This chap was badly cut, but had quickly
discharged himself from hospital after being stitched up.
 He was afraid the police would get him for 'causing
an affray' -- perhaps even GBH (grievous badly harm).
Any thought of going to the nearby (homeless) hostel
was rejected out of hand. But he was feverish; how
would he fare? 'I'll be all right. Just leave me ALONE'.
Home From Home, Mate?
"Under the bridge at Charing Cross were quite a number
of folk, though not as many as there used to be, apparently.
A large area has been fenced off; yet another office
 building is being constructed. The Victoria Embankment
Gardens are locked at night now. They have to be kept
tidy for tourists. Some who formerly made their home here
have moved to the South Bank, especially in the so-called
Bull Ring under the south end of Waterloo Bridge.
We later found some 200 men and women there.
"Lincoln's Inn Fields is one of the few parks in this
area not locked up at night. Even with good street light-
ing around the parameter, it was not easy to locate the
forms of yet more who had no roof over their heads that
 night. One chap was stretched out on a park bench.
Would he like some soup? 'No thanks, mate;
thanks all the same'.
"As we moved on, there was a courting couple 'necking'
on a bench just south of Regents Park. Funny what
 people will do at 2 am on a winter's morning. Many
 (homeless women) seem to find accommodation
simply by moving in with a man they meet. This is at
least a temporary form of shelter and security. And
 it's warmer tucked up in bad that way. When marriages
break up - so often the beginning of homelessness -
women are usually left with the children, and generally
 manage better than men to keep a home together.
Is This Not Home From Home?
(As of 1988) "There were virtually no Black or Asian
people either - at least, not in that part of London. I
was told that their (UK immigrant) communities tend
to look after their own people in difficulty. If that
is so - and later experience in other kinds of social
relief has persuaded me it is - we ought perhaps to
feel ashamed. Have we, as a norminally Christian
nation, at least, so far lost sight of bibical principles
and teachings to the extent we no longer care for
each other? Am I not still my brother's keeper?
"A variety of men live in Blackfriars Hostel. Some
 thirty have mental problems, while a similar number
are frail , elderly pensioners. Quite a high percentage
are homeless and unemployed. Even some of the
 older residents are eventually rehoused in coop-
eration with the local authority.
He's Taking The Mickey Out of The
Other Guy's Home From Home, Isn't He?
During the eighteen months to the end of 1988,
no fewer than forty-two men were about to begin a
new life this way. A little more than half that number
were able to set up homes of their own, while the
rest went to 'group homes' or places of more per-
manent residence for otherwise homeless people.
The Young Single Homeless Section of Southwark
Borough's Housing Department has proved very
 helpful, though their resources are limited.
"Booth House includes hostel accommodation for
 170, many of whom must be defined as homeless.
Most of the residents receive income support of over
 $80 per week while at the (Hopetown) Centre.
Of this, $70 will be paid for full board. If preferred,
(they can get) the bed-and-breakfast rate (which)
is $49 weekly. There are no limits on the age or
length of stay. There is rarely a vacancy, and
applications always exceed the number of
available rooms.
"Among the care staff is Mark (or Marc) - he is in
 fact the Marquis St. Leger***, of the well-known
 French-Irish family. His own tragic experience in life
(after he lost his wife and two daughters in a car
accident) helps him to identify with others in deep
emotional distress. Mark (or Marc)  gave his opinion
 to the effect that poor family background and long-
term unemployment are major contributory factors
(regarding homeless persons).
"They quite often engage in anti-social behaviour as
a form of protest against their lack of independence.
Some display strong anti-authoritarian attitudes.
Occasionally Mark or one of his colleagues may
be threatened by a psychopath. Certainly this is no
 easy task, nor are there any simple solutions to the
 plight of the very many who pass through the
 centre -- which is nevertheless home
(from home) to them.
"The many difficulties of homelessness cannot be
 resolved quickly. That is true of other forms of social
and moral blight in a present-day society; such as un-
employment, the breakdown of family life, and poverty.
Even if the necessary number of dwellings could some
how be produced by waving a magic wand, there
would still be homeless people.
Home - and Dry? "Throughout history people have re-
sorted to the use of alcohol or other drugs to achieve
certain moods. In some instances they aimed to create
some oblivion, particularly if their lives were harsh. For
 others, the resultant state of euphoria meant temporary
 liberation from taboos and conventions. This some-
time led to anti-social behaviour, often involving wild
forms of promiscuous sexual activity. The name of
Bacchus (or Dionysius), the Greek god of wine, has
given us the word 'bacchanalian' to describe
such behaviour.
"In one chapter in his book 'In  Darkest England' in
 1890), William Booth wrote a chapter on homeless-
ness consisting broadly of three concentric circles.
They were (he stated)) inhabited respectively by 'the
 starving and homeless, but honest poor', 'those who
 live by vice' and 'those who exist by crime'. He
(Booth) then commented that all three circles
were 'sodden with drink'.
Caughey Gauntlett's chapters 'Home From Home'
 and 'Home - and Dry?' from 1989, have been tran-
scribed, abridged and edited by Uncle Monty.
***Court told of fake peer's life of lies.
From the archives - 4 Apr. 2000.
Enjoy mid-summer, Uncle Monty.
+Bartolom√© de las Casas,
Apostle to the Indies, 2011.
Caption Image:  Showns Uncle Monty at
 The Stables. Puzzle Photo By Gary Day.
Words of Grace.
By Dear Grace Robertson.
Coming Next at allaboutthebigissue.
An octogenarian with a great mind and great writing
 skills, Grace Robertson writes intensely about the
issue of homelessness to which she and her daughter
 suffered under Robert Mugabe and on their return to
the UK; she writes about the Dame Shirley Porter
 scandal that robbed homeless people of a chance to
 have a home and her personal encounter with the
 dame himself; her intense political disliking of Mar-
garet Thatcher and David Cameron comes from
her sharp pen; the "War on Want" is also some-
thing Grace writes about; and other questions
about the homeless. Grace Robertson's "Words
of Grace" are personal messages between her as 
the vunerable and venerable Scottish lady and The
 Big Issue's victimized vendor Uncle Monty, who has
edited the lengthy written exchanges between them for
posting next week at allaboutaboutthebigissue.
They also lunch together each month, they do.
Upcoming soon is a revealing feature about Francois
Greeff and his so-called homeless disabled charity
called "GOOD4YOU." One of his ex-volunteers
 spills the latest beans about Greeff in "Good Greeff."
 Greeff's surname is pronounced like the word "grief."
Three years ago, Uncle Monty wrote about his
suspicions regarding "GOOD4YOU" after first
meeting Greeff at the Boris Johnson keynote
speech on rough sleeping at Westminster
 Central Hall in 2oo8.
Anthony John Bird - As Cold As Ice!
Read All About The Big Issue's
Own Pigface Anthony John Bird Himself.
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Zoo or Show?
By Uncle Monty.
The Big Issue's
 Own Prickhead Peter Bird.
In light of the ongoing UK's scandalous scandal of
"Hacking Gate" and the top Met police resignations
of Sir Paul Stephenson and John Yates,
the question has simply become this:
Alex Albion.
And, do we need any more concrete evidence that
"Bloody Broken Britain" is now truly bloody broken?
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No Place.

No Place Like Home.
By Caughey Guantlett.
A Look At Historic Homelessness.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Part 1 of 2.
Images from the Web.
"The subject of homelessness has attracted enormous
public attention in recent years. The media has revealed
horrifying details. So much has been written and said that
 there is a good deal of uncertainty as to the true facts.
"One reason for this confusion is that 'homelessness' can
be defined in various ways. For many, the word conjures
up a certain mental image: people who sleep out in the
 streets, mainly tramps, vagrants and alcoholics. For others,
more closely aware of the problem, these are simply the
visible homeless, a small minority of the real army of the
 homeless. Not all of these inhabit 'cardboard cities'. It is
also true that some of the homeless in our midst are to
some extent responsible for their own plight.
Author Caughey Gauntlett.
"It has to be acknowledged that in some respects at least
little has changed since the Victorian day of (William)
 Booth's 'Darkest Engand.' For instance, the following
report by a Salvation Army officer in 1890 has a
strangely contemporary ring about it::
There are still a large number of Londoners and a con-
siderable percentage of wanderers from the country in
search of work, who find themselves at nightfall destitute.
 These now betake themselves to seat under the plane
trees on the Embankment. Formerly they endeavoured
to occupy all seats, but the lynx-eyed Metropolitan
Police declined to allow such proceedings.
Horrible Near Death For The Rough Woman Sleeper ...
"(Such led to) the first Salvation Army shelters being
established. The dossers (soon learned) where to lay
 themselves down at night without being moved on by the
 police.  A similar form of astuteness is still discernable
today among those who sleep rough:

Here I found the poor wretches by the score [today on
the South Bank it would be hundreds!], some men, some
 women, reclining in various postures, and nearly all fast
asleep ... the moon ... brings into relief a pitiable spect-
acle. Here on the stone abutments, which afford a slight
protections from the biting wind, are scores of men ly-
ing side by side, huddled together for warmth ... some
have laid down a few pieces of wastepaper, by way
of taking the chill off the stones.
"In his his critique of Booth's scheme, (Lord William) Beveridge
comments (in 1942) that the number of people sleeping rough
in London was 'probably greater than ever before.' A census
taken by the London County Council (LCC) in January 1904
 showed 1,797 such persons; a later count in February 1905,
showed 2,181. In one night, in November 1988, a Salvation
Army sponsored preliminary survey within a very limited dis-
 trict in Central London showed 531 such (homeless) persons.
Pictorial Posters Publicly Displayed of All The
Known Homeless People in one single US Town.
"Further research (in July, 1989) has shown that about
75,000 people are homeless in London. They comprise
more than 18,000 in hostels of various kind, a 'guest-
imate' of 30,000 in squats and about 25,000 in bed-
and-breakfast hotels. The total for London as a whole
 is obviously much greater than it was even in the
'bad old days' (of) a hundred years ago.
"Beveridge commented sharply on 'the gratuitous distri-
bution of meals at midnight on the Embankment and
elsewhere.' He went on: 'The Vagrancy Committe in
 1906 came unhesitatingly to the conclusion that both
 free food and free shelter were 'demoralising to the
recipients and a source of danger to the community.'
"It is an open question whether 'soup runs' are morally
justifiable. They were revived some years ago (in the mid-
1980's) during very cold winters. (On) The Strand, dossers
can regularly be found huddled in the doorways of prestigious
employment or travel agents and other businesses. They
include parts of theatreland, Lincoln's Inn Fields and
certain small parks in the West End.
Soup Runs.
Soup Runs: Good or Bad For The Homeless? By Uncle Monty.
Anti-soup runs advocate Maff Potts and pro-soup.
 runs supporter Alastair Murray.
Is This What Life Is Meant To Be?
"The bitterly cold winter of January 1987, (saw) media
reports of dozens of homeless people dying of hypothermia.
What happens in London is repeated in other large cities
in Britain (like) Glasgow, central Birmingham, Edinburgh.
 (And also) even in such seemingly quiet and respectable
 places as Norwich and Bath. (And) similarly in
 Wrexham, North Wales.
Drugz Are NOT a many-splendid thing ...
"(Of about 4,000 people that the Salvation Army can
accommodate) most of whom have to be considered as
homeless, (comprises of) both men and women whose
 marriages and homes have broken up. There are the job-
hunters who leave their families in areas of high unemploy-
ment. (While others) have been released into the comm-
unity from mental institutions of one kind ot another, and
they have no home. An increasing number of adolescents,
sixteen and seventeen years old, are being turned out of
 their homes by parents, or step-parents, while others of
similar age and with the same degree of vulnerability, can
 no longer live with the tensions and conflicts of their family
 life. They too are now part of the floodtide of rootless,
 homeless, and often hopeless people who constitute
 the flotsam and jetsam of our (British) nation.
1. Unemployment. 2. Homelessness.
3. Starvation. 4. Lonelyness.
5. Death. Thanks For Caring!
RIP for all the homeless dead.
"The invisible homeless are those who may have a roof
over their heads, but who have no real home. They are
 far more numerous than  those who sleep rough, and
 they represent a wide cross-section of society. We have
seen that family conflict and marriage breakdown are
 major causes of homelessness. Alcohol or drug abuse,
 associated with many homeless people, is much more
 likely to be the consequence of one or other of those
main factors, than the direct cause. The shadowy
world of squatters is a relatively uncharted area of
 homelessness. The great majority seem to be men,
 who live in abondoned or derelict buildings.They
 are actually an extenton of the community of street
sleepers. They are often withdrawn, and do not
usually want to relate to other people in the comm-
unity. They represent a subculture, many have
virtually dropped out of society.
"(Of the overall hidden homeless population there are those)
who spend a night or two (in a range of hostels) while others
 find an institutationalised form of security over periods of
several years (inside an hostel.) For them, such a place
 represents home from home.
My Home.
Story & Photos by Uncle Monty.
She was an American madame was Polly Adler
when she said, “A house ain't necessarily a home.”
How right she was!!
Where Does He Go From Here? To His Deathbed?
Always Remember: NeVeR BUY The Big Issue.
But, Always Give To Vendor!! All that The Big Issue
does is to rake in more and more money off the backs of
 the homeless, unemployed, vulnerable, and marginalized in
the UK. Marking its upcoming 20th anniversary in Septem-
ber, vile and greedy John & Peter Bird, who own and
control the weekly magazine and their 5,000+ street vendors,
are set for another money kill at the expense and exploitation
 of the homeless who get peanuts while the Bird Brothers
always run to fatten their ever fat bank accounts yet again ...
The only celebration for many a vendor, and also for many
an ex-vendor like me, will be the day The Big Issue goes
bust just like The News of the World did last Sunday!!
Good riddance to NOW and next to TBI and the ever foul 
Bird Brothers and their venomous Vauxhall HQ gang  ...
Then we have The Big Issue's Prickhead Peter Bird
 (shown below) who is the younger brother of Pigface
Anthony John Bird. The pair are vile and as brothers they
have treated me rotten, yet they don't give a bugger!! After
 5 years as a street vendor for them, they just got rid of
me based on the evil stories given to them by the odious
 and fake US  'bishop" Joseph Colin James, III, of Love-
land, the well-known Colorado cunt and old Internet troll
who has for years sought to destroy and abuse me and
many others with his malicious leaks. The Bird Brothers
never gave me a chance to defend myself against such
a callous cunt who contacted them and they then just
arbitrarily and capriciously did CJ3's dirty work. As a
result, the UK pigface and UK prickhead just deliber-
ately killed off my Covent Garden pitch - and also killed
off all of my many good and loyal customers - that was
 a success by any yardstick. All the Bird Brothers'
 talk of "helping the homeless" is hollow and is tanta-
mount to a con game of their's! I have the proof of that
 by how they have treated me like a piece of  shit, but
the true shit is them! John & Peter Bird will live
forever in my mind and I will do whatever I can to
show everybody what kind of shit they really are ...
Peter Bird is so base and banal, I will never trust
 him as far as I can see him nor his big mouth and
big greedy asinine brother John Bird. I pray the
Good Lord will strike them down in poetic justice
 against them and their ilk. I have no doubt He will!!
Here's the un-holy brother of the prickhead -
Pigface Anthony John Bird, 65, is shown below.
He's as phoney as they come, he really is at The Big
 Issue. I'm told they have dismissed my blog. So what!
I don't give a bugger what they think. All I care about
 is how they have treated me and so many other ven-
dors over the years and gotten away with it like they
 are a law unto themselves. Shakespeare said it all:
"Lawless are they that make their will their law."
 Look no further than the vile Bird Brothers for such
a perfect example of such Bird lawlessness ...  They
stink like The Big Issue, that's how I feel like so
many others who have contacted me since start-
ing my blog - allaboutthebigissue.blogspot.com. 
Continuing next week in Part Two, Caughey Gauntlett makes
further astute observations on UK homelessness in his 1989,
 256-page, book entitled  - "Today In Darkest Britain." I
have transcribed, abridged, and edited Gauntlett's chapter
 "No Place Like Home." I will do the same for his next
 chapters "Home From Home" and "Home - and Dry?"
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Common of the Saints (BCP), 2011.
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Ah, Yes! Welcome To The American Dream.
Alex Albion.
O Canada. By Uncle Monty.
When William & Kate Took Canada By Royal Storm.
No Wonder Her Majesty Was So Pleased With Them!
Of the few people today who make me proud to be
English, William & Kate most certainly do.
Big Bravo, O Canada & O Blighty!!!
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