Homeless Soccer.

Please, Help Homeless World Cup Soccer Players.
By Cédric Bégoc.
 Edited & Notes By Uncle Monty.
HWC Photo By Kelsey Tyson & Alex Albion.
As the Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup approaches
some of our teams still need some help to make it to the
tournament. http://ulule.com/ is supporting the Homeless
World Cup to raise the money needed to help five nations
 to cover the cost of travelling and other logistics.
Please help us to make the dreams of these players a reality
 by making a donation and spreading the word!
Thank you very much!
The Homeless World Cup (HWC) Ulule.com have joined forces
 to help five teams live a dream to reach the Paris Homeless
World Cup. This is your opportunity to support the homeless
players and even receive exclusive rewards ...
The Homeless Goalie.
Founded in 2003, the Homeless World Cup is a unique, pioneer-
ing social enterprise using football to energise homeless people to
change their own lives for the better. An annual first class inter-
national football tournament is staged as a celebration of the
yearly achieveents of  the HWC a network of more
 than 70 national partners.
Ulule.com is supporting the Homeless World Cup by collect-
ing funds to enable players from five economically poorer
nations to reach this year’s tournament held at Champs de
Mars, Paris, France from 21-28 August 2011. For the players
 this represents an unlikely chance to realise a dream shared by
millions: to wear their national colours with pride, enjoy
the adulation of the crowd and represent their country.
Wouldn't This Guy Be Better Off Playing For
His Country's Homeless Football Team?
Of Course, He Damn Would!
The 5 Counties Seeking Your Help Are:
Cambodia, Kenya, Malawi, Palestine, Paraguay.
They aim to raise €2,500 for each of these teams in order
to finance the documentation, travel and accommodation
 costs required to compete at this life changing tournament.
Supporters are offered signed photos and videos of the teams,
as well as event T-shirts. Anyone can help. All the projects
can be found and supported at their web address:
Aussie Kidz Play At Federation Square Stadium Be-
 fore Official Opening of Melbourne Homeless World Cup.
President and co-founder of the HWC, Mel Young, is
confident of the profound impact this tournament will have
 on the lives of homeless people worldwide: “The Paris
 2011 Homeless World Cup is an opportunity for homeless
people to move from being invisible to stand proud on a
global stage, and be the true ambassadors for their
country that they are.”
At Copenhagen, National Homeless
Players Proud & Happy To Be At HWC.
The Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup supporters include
UEFA, Fundacion Telmex, United Nations, Nike; Global
Ambassador Eric Cantona; international footballers as
Didier Drogba, Rio Ferdinand; and Arsène Wenger, this
year’s President of the Local Organising Committee,
with Emmanuel Petit and Liliam Thuram as the
 Paris Tournament Ambassadors.
Anonymous Homeless Sketches.
Notes for Editors:
Ulule.com is a crowdfunding service which facilitates
the organisation of online fundraising. Project owners
create a page detailing the idea they hope to materialise,
adding videos, photos, music etc. They specify the mini-
mum sum required to finance the project, its deadline
and the rewards they offer according to the
level of support.
For more information, please contact Ulule:
Alexandre Boucherot, Founder.
Tel: + 33 (0) 1 83 62 90 68
Homeless World Cup:
To Support the Homeless World Cup projects:
At South Africa, "Floss" of Cape Town Shouted
Excitedly - "LET ME PLAY!!" And, Indeed He Did!
From Melbourne To Milan. By Uncle Monty.
If you yourself cannot help financially, please tell some-
one or your company or your group that you know who
 may or can help with some kind of donation toward one
of the five teams struggling to make ends meet to under-
write the cost of playing as homeless players at  the
Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup. I have managed
 to have two of my friends already send donations for
 the Palestine and Cambodia homeless teams to play
 at Paris. They are, by the way, the two same friends
 of mine who refuse to buy The Big Issue under
 any circumstances!!
Beyond that, the need to support  HWC is that it truly
helps the homeless unlike some other organizations that
you and I know who are more interested in feathering their
 own nests at the expense of homeless folkz for all, too,
many years. Under Mel Young's superb direction, The
World Homeless Cup that he founded is not in the business
of feathering its own nest off the backs of the homeless.
No sir! The WHC truly cares about helping the homeless
 to achieve their best in life and to aim their aspirations
off the streets!  Kicking a football works miracles for
the dignity and human worth of many a homeless
person at WHC.While, selling The Bill Issue
 doesn't bring any miracles!!
Having attended four HWC gatherings from Melbourne
 to Milan, I truly urge everybody to give their full support
 to such a worth while organization like the Homeless
World Cup, which will see some 55+ countries repre-
sented exclusively by homeless players at the
Paris 2011 WHC.
Also, if you can, but sure to pop over to Paris in
August to watch and see upfront the marvellous
football playing and the team comradie and national
pride and the uplifting spirit of the games that will
 cost you absolutely nothing to watch and see and
to attend the 7 days of matches that will thrill the
 life of you!!  - it's totally FREE!! Bravo, again!!
But before that, please be sure to donate whatever
you can to ensure as many homeless players
can play at Paris 2011. Thankz alot ...
In Fraternity, Uncle Monty.
+Sixth Anniversary of London's 7/7, 2011.
By Uncle Monty.
Highlander Scott McLaren, 20, Slaughtered Last Week
By The Vile Taliban. They Even Dragged His Body 
Thru The Streets As A Trophy of Their Kill.  Please,
Pray For His Soul & His Dear Bereaved Family.
Inside The 7th Homeless World Cup.
By Uncle Monty. HWC Photos By Alex Albion.
Mamma Mia, Milano!! By Uncle Monty At Milano Homeless
World Cup. Greetings again from Italy's Milano.
+Eighth Anniversary of America's 9/11.
Feedback & Comments
The Big Issue's Pigface Anthony John Bird w/Sons of Bird
As They Quiz A Pokémon Character Sitting At Office Desk.
Uncle Monty & Pigface Anthony John Bird.
Photos of Pigface John & Prickhead Peter Bird.
Rise in rough sleepers as skilled workers lose jobs and homes.
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Homelessness builds into a social crisis for coalition.
Spending cuts and benefit reform are likely to lead to a
dramatic increase in the number of homeless people.
By Patrick Butler.
Dutch want to throw out migrant Poles who can't find a job.
Migrants out of work for three months 'should be kicked out of
 the country.'  Tenfold increase in Poles in four years in Holland.

NY Inmate Gerard Domond, 49.
The NY Family of Inmate Gerard Domond Is Suing For
$50 Million Because They Say That By Calling Him An
"Inmate" Implies He's "Mating With Men" and the label
"Inmate" Not Only Stigmatizes Him But It Also Hurts
His Feelings. Oh, Boy! What Next? The 49 year-old
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Costs of War.
By Daniel Trotta.
"Who Reforms The Reformed?"
Alex Albion.
Hyvää syntymäpäivää Huli!
Get Us Out Of Stinking EU Now!
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