Words of Grace.

Words of  Grace.
By Octgenarian Grace Robertson.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Photos of Grace By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
My homeless experience was not nearly as bad as that of
most.  Before I left Zimb(abwe) in 1987 to come to UK
(Robert) Mugabe had made our departure essential and
 he'd been in power then since 1980. We couldn't just land
in UK as we were only to bring out £50 per family from
my 30 years of earning. My two elder children would also
 come. I had to find a job with accommodation for the four
 of us. My son and daughter would eventually find their own
 place to live but it would not be immediate as they had to
 find work first. I found a job with a lodge cottage (at
the gate of an estate) where I was going to handle the
 admin for this guy who was a photographer of wild life.
Landed off the boat (Achille Lauro.......it sank later) and 
my daughter and I made our way to the cottage. Had
many trunks and luggage having come by sea. Moved
into the cottage. Next morning a knock on the door.
A lady stood there. She informed me my employer
had had a stroke and was dead and would I kindly
come with her to Homeless Unit. Can you imagine.
She dumped my daughter and me at a DSS office in Peckham
one of London's deepest pits. They placed the two of us in a
 hostel..........long room with about 15 beds each side. I
thought we'd landed in hell. Drugs, booze, swearing...........
Thankfully, next day we were placed in a homeless flat in
Peckham. This was a tumbledown ground floor flat in a
three/four storey crumbling villa. My ground floor status
 meant the people in two flats above us all processed
through our flat hallway to reach their flat above.  Those
 people................I didn't know people like that existed.
Grace When She Doesn't Like What You Say.
I wrote 125 Housing Associations and only got acknow-
ledgements from I think three. By this time we had been
sorted out financially into Income Support (which we're
on to this day). My son was able to cancel his arrival or
rather postpone it. My daughter couldn't. I had been
told I was not allowed to have either of my elder children
with me in homeless accomm. She duly arrived and I man-
aged to accommodate her for two nights. She found a
 bedsit almost next door so had a rent book proving
 she did not live with us. Being an English teacher
 for A level students she found a job quite quickly.
Cutting down a long story I was housed after 10 months
 in homeless accomm. Then, I was given a two bed first
floor flat in Grove Park, right opposite a church and near
every facility I could need. I was very happy there for 12
years but then lots of things went wrong. I'll carry on
that tale at a later date.
Frustration can only ever be the normal state of mind of any
reasonably intelligent person in UK because it is run like a
dog's dinner. Pathetically low education from the age of five
 explains much. I believe we lead the world in almost every-
thing.........from the bottom......and it will never ever
change only to get worse.
Grace When She Just Sits Back At The Applause.
I met that guy who runs the Big Issue....I've forgotten his
name. He was originally homeless and he actually started
Big Issue. I wouldn't say I see it exactly like others. At the
beginning the Big Issue was sold solely to people who
were totally on the street. I don't thing it's the same now
 as I see many people selling it with their faces glued to
their mobiles and a heavy smoking culture visible. I
doubt very much anyone is responsible for their own
 homelessness as it is a pretty pitiless place to be.
I blame successive Govts totally for not building
nearly enough affordable accommodation.
 Also the brain washing, re people who do not own
property being tenth rate........that is one of UK's most
 powerful fictions and it is swallowed hook, line and
sinker by the vast majority of people.
I am in my 80's and since as far back as I can remember
 I've been aware that accommodation here is treated as
 a weapon. The sheer number of satellite organsations
created around homelessness and the same around mental
handicap which I know all about, is criminal. There are
thousands of people here whose entire careers, past
present and future, are built around homelessness (ie.
the Big Issue guy is one).  No way would they ever want
homelessness cleared up. John Bird is his name I think.
 He's wealthy now....don't know how as he was himself
 homeless (and a criminal).
Grace When She Is Skeptical of What She Hears.
Cameron I detest. His youth is no excuse. He'll be the same
 empty headed bimbo at 65 that he is now. If we had to have
 Conservative I would have favoured Kenneth Clark. I went
 along totally with what he said re rape. I do believe some
 rape is different from other kinds of rape in that I believe
many stupid stupid women pracitically invite it with their
 body displays and body language to match. I don't join
any political party either in fact I never join anything. I've
been a church attending Christian since the age of 4 and
have never become a member of any church. I believe
 in God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and awkward
enough to believe this is enough. membership, it's
just about finances nothing else.
Grace At Her Happiest When Explaining Her Position.
Grace Robertson closes for now with
one more of her caustic comments!:
Re the ghastly horrible Mrs. DAME Shirley Porter.
She and Mrs. Margaret Thatcher are a right pair......
In Part 2, Dear Grace Robertson writes more about
her personal encounter with the disgraced dame
before she was later stripped of her dameship due
to her underhanded selling off of a slew of social
 housing under her watch at Westminster Council.
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Above Caption Photo: Uncle Monty With
 Dame Gillian Pugh, DBE. Photo By Gary Day.
While The White Guy Begs, The Black Immigrant
Woman Stands All Dressed Up Probably At
The British Taxpayers Expense.
Pret gives homeless taste of new career.
By Jonathan Prynn.
Giving homeless people a chance to turn their lives around.
The Truly Greedy & Smug Pair!!
The Chairman of The Big Issue Foundation The
Hideous Multimillionaire "Liberal" Muslim James
Caan (l), Who Is Seen With Swaggering &
'Devout Ex-Catholic' Pigface Anthony John Bird.
The Big Issue's Own Editor-in-Chief Pigface Anthony John Bird.
Norway's Anders Behring Breivik.
By Alex Albion.
"Who then executes the killer's killer,
 inside the Texas execution state?"
Alex Albion.
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Mandy. said...

Dearest Grace. How refreshing it was to read your candid opinions.
Thank you. Would you please become
my new grandmother, luv? You're in
good hands with Uncle Monty. Don't
be frightened by what Big Issue
says to put him down. He's an ok guy. Luv, you're an ok lady to be with him. LOL Mandy XXX.

Pooley, Clive, Mr. said...

Dear Mrs. Robertson. I hope you've got a lovely daughter!!!
Then I remembered it was Herman's Hermits song about Mrs.
Brown and NOT Mrs. Robertson. Ah well, so why not Mrs. Robertson? I am still looking for a lovely daughter to marry. Can you help? Was a seller once with Bird's street sheet. But never again. Mrs. Robertson you don't mince what you say. Tell that Bird guy to f**k himself, if you don't mind me Mrs. Robertson. Mr. Clive Pooley.

Toni Kelley. said...

Dear, Dear Grace, I am looking forward to reading much more from you. I have relished what little
you have written this time. Do
write alot more, won't you?
I hope so. I'm an instant fan
of your's. Love you, Toni.