Quick Update. By Uncle Monty

Quick Update After Baghdad & Bucharest.
By Uncle Monty.
Arrived at Wien or Vienna earlier today after
my latest capital visits to Iraq's rivetting
Baghdad, Romania's austere Bucharest, and
CZ's delightful Prague at where I will return
to attend the opening ceremony of The Antonín
Dvořák International Festival, 2010. Such has
been part of my eight-nation adventure that
will end at the close of America's Labor Day,
2010. My holiday is spread over a 35-day
period and will entail some 22,000 miles of
travel for me once I return to home base.
Not lost among all of this is still my seething
anger against Peter and John Bird of The
Big Issue and their new evil ally known as
The Colorado Creep. Due to them, I no longer
have my five-year old Big Issue pitch that
they took away from me all just out of their
own spite and vindictiveness against me.
Please sign my petition:
Put only your name in the subject line.
Your e-mail will not be disclosed.
Thus, has I have traveled on my holidays I
have encountered many homeless folkz at
the various nations I have been visiting.
Their stories I will include after my holi-
days with many images I took of them.
My purpose here is to let you all know
that I am worried that some of you may
have felt I had finally gone away for good
since taking, like I have, an extended break
from writing my blog stories during my
very enjoyable holidays. Sorry, but I am
still alive and well despite my burning
bitterness against the above three
mentioned-cruel and cold arbiters.
I must run. Have much to do while on
the road. My next story about The Big
Issue is called: "And So, Say All of Us."
It will also include a variety of photos of
those homeless folkz I have encountered
on the road from one capital after an-
other at Eastern Europe and at
the Middle East.
Proudly, Uncle Monty At Vienna.
+Richard The Lion-Heart/Coeur de Lion,
Homeless Kassi of Romania (shown with
me below) sold The Big Issue, too, when she
first briefly came to England. She has since re-
turned home and expressed no love for either
the British or the Bird rag! And, by sheer good
luck we bumped into each other at the austere
capital of Bucharest or in Romania the city is
called "Bucureşti." Kassi was astounded (and
happy) to find another one time Big Issue
vendor, all the way from England, sitting
right next to her at her local park bench.
Bravo to Kassi!!
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Jemma said...

Oh Monty, how wonderful to hear
you're kicking butt!!!

i'm also so glad to hear that you are spending your "retirement" from the Big Issue so well! And what a wonderful tour you're on - I'm insanely jealous I don't mind admitting!

Well - I've now moved on from London, and am now living in the wonderful town of Leamington Spa - and I've never been happier. I'm so glad to see the back of the hustle bustle of London....!!!

Please keep in touch, I love hearing from you and seeing all of the amazing things you get to do!!

Much love


tbigang said...

pity pity pity
the bombs
& bullets
did not get
u in bagdad
may be next
time we hope.

Loving TZ177. said...

Sewage is the comment by big issue
gang about the bombs, etc., to kill
our Monty. So disgusting that such stupid people would even think like that let alone have the nerve to post their sewage comments.
Long live Monty .......
Loving TZ177.

Jani Adams said...

Hello Uncle -
I am Jani Adams. I will like it
if you can help me invest FIFTEEN Million US Dollars in your Big Issue Company. Upon your reply I will forward all the details of the funds available to you. I can
also meet you any where in the world, even in Baghdad or Bucharest should you still
be there. Thanks Jani Adams.