And So. By Uncle Monty.

And So, Say All of US!
By Uncle Monty. Homeless Photos
By Alex Albion. Part 1 of 2.
All was prepared for the 1½ft by 3½ft long
banner of mine stating in four sharp words that
“The Big Issue STINKS.” I took such a banner
on my month-long, eight-nation, summer holi-
days thru Eastern Europe to the Middle East.
At Vienna, "The Big Issue STINKS."
Wherever the banner was unfurled, the
public looked on and wondered what it
was all about. Only homeless folkz did I
photograph unfurling the anti-Big Issue
banner that was written in plain English
with coloured felt pens and with some letters
as big as half-a-foot in size . Such stuck out
among the crowds at such cities like Vienna,
Bucharest, Prague, Nüremburg, Geneva,
Kracow, Bratislava and else where along
my long and meandering travelled road
of 22,000 miles.
I reckon over three quarters-of-million
people saw “The Big Issue STINKS”
banner that I starkly photographed with
around 85 different homeless people in 7
of the 8 countries I visited and stayed at
during the summer of 2010. And all of
that after my gross and illegal suspension
by London-based Big Issue's cocky Peter
and John Bird for "bringing The Big Issue
into disrepute." Well the more I can do
that now, all the better is what I say ...
Also At Germany's Nüremburg,
"The Big Issue STINKS."

Only at Iraq’s Baghdad was the banner not
unfurled. Why? Because it was too dangerous
in burning Baghdad to call too much attention to
oneself as a foreigner and an an avowed Christian
visiting deadly Shiite/Sunni Iraq. I was there while
the Yankees were finally downdrawing US troops
to under 50,000 from their peak of 170,000 during
the US instigated 7 -year old Iraqi War that has cost
billions of wasted dollars let alone countless lives
slaughtered by the American military, the vicious
local Iraqi militia and government army and police.
The Yanks always bring out the worst in people.
Millions of Iraqis are now homeless due to the bloody
Iraq War started by the war scum of Bush and Blair.

I had no wish, obviously, to join the war dead
while in Iraq with a possible bullet in my own head
if steps of self—protection were not heeded by me.
Unfurling “The Big Issue STINKS” banner in grim
and grimey downtown Baghdad would be akin to
like showing a red cloth to the eyes of a raging bull.
Nor did I desire in any way to endanger the life of
some homeless Iraqi by having him or her unfurl
such an English language banner right on the
crazy streets of deadly and burning Baghdad.
Hence no banner of mine was unfurled inside Iraq.
Nobody there, of course, had ever before heard of
the stinking Big Issue that’s for sure until I arrived.

I was certainly the first ever
Big Issue actor to ever step foot inside Iraq
that’s also for sure

At Poland's Kracow, "The Big Issue STINKS."
At CZ's Prague, "The Big Issue also STINKS."

Whatever at every where else outside of Iraq my anti-Big Issue banner was eagerly and openly unfurled by all kinds of homeless people on the city and town streets of Eastern and Western Europe and elsewhere. About 85 different people, all clearly homeless,
were photographed with the bold banner of mine.

Such is my continuing and personal protest against Peter and John Bird of The Big Issue that I plan to continue at wherever I go in the future until they finally decide to treat me right and stop violating my human rights like they have with succh impunity so far by still denying me my Covent Garden pitch as a Big Issue vendor of 5 years standing all because of the Colorado cunt in America telling them all he could to satisfy his godless mentality to inflict more of his personal hate on me. Like so many Americans, the cunt is vicious and vile and always will be until the day his evil life comes to an abrupt end ... despite him having become an internet sensation as “The 1996 Kook of the Year.” Now in the 21st century at age 60, the Coloradi cunt a big kook that The Big Issue seems to have now taken him under its wings. The story on the Colorado kook is yet to be fully written, but mark my words it will be! The best title for him is “A Cunt’s Cunt,” that he truly is.

What riles me so is how The Bird Brothers have allowed such a Loveland creep from Colorado to dictate their actions against me that shows how mindless and arbitrary Peter and John Bird show themselves to be at my expense, of course!!

I also have other public protest plans against them hopefully at the UK arrival of Pope Benedict in a few weeks time and more against The Big Issue before this year’s out and even more during
the 20th Anniversay of The Big Issue in 2011. With now over 1,500 signatures, both on and off line, in support of my demands for justice, I feel even more and more confident in my right to protest against little honcho Peter Bird and his big honcho brother John Bird.

Austria's Street Vendor Selling Homeless "AUGUSTIN" mag.
I had my STINKS banner translated in a number of other languages:

In German - Die große Frage STINKT.

In Czech - Člen určitý Dobrý Číslo PÁCHNĚ.

In French - La grande question PUE.

In Welsh - 'r 'n Fawr Ddeillia STINKS.

In Arabic - والقضية الكبرى شكوى

In Polish - Wielkie Wydanie (wynik) *STINKS*

In Romanian - Marea problema pute.

Yet, Another Nigerian Immigrant
Flogging Street Paper At Vienna.
Even at Prague, while I
attended The Antonín Dvořák International
Festival, 2010, the stinks banner was unfurled for
all to see. Also the same was done at Romania’s
Bucharest, at Mozart’s Vienna, at where the Third
Reich Nazis were tried at Nümenberg, too.
In the past, I would usually would take a copy of
The Big Issue with me to photograph at far away
places - but never again! I no longer take such a rag
with me only my banner declaring "The Big Issue
STINKS," which it surely does ...
At Prague, I was surprised at the number of folks who
quickly took snapshots of me with the anti-Big Issue
banner. A photographer from The National Geographic
magazine also took photos and my name. So that
will hopefully get published next year for the whole
world to see. Bravo!! If I cannot get my pitch back,
then I can at least do all I can to inflict as much
damage on Peter and John Bird as I can like they
have already done to me. Tit-for-tat? You bet!
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So The Big Issue really STINKS? Yep! And so, say all of us!!!

Very truly, Uncle Monty. +St. Giles, 2010.

On the last and final leg of my great holidays!!!

Part Two: The Big Issue STINKS. By Uncle Monty.

By Eric Talmage.
Edited By Uncle Monty.

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teddy bear said...

For what its worth I feel Big Issue does stink like you say
they took away my badge by the
git Paul Josoph
He said I had like you brough
Big Issue in to disrepute. I
hate all of them gits I saw in
I tell my mates donot sell Big
Issue most donot now
Was Liverpool St seller Teddy Bear

KAREN. said...