Dame. By Uncle Monty.


Anita Roddick: Damn The Dead Dame.
By Uncle Monty.
Graphics & Writeovers
By Alex Albion.
From reading the newspaper obituaries you’d think
she was some sort of true goddess, but Dame Anita
Roddick was little more than a hard-nosed money
worshipper who rarely, if ever, prayed to God while
she was yet alive because she really thought she was
a “real” goddess. A three-legged female rat could
have come closer to that than Anita any day.
She was all politically correct in her public persona
and so she was adored for all the wrong reasons
as she made piles of money of which she gave some
to John Bird to start The Big Issue with her hubby
Gordon Roddick at the very start of the English
Then suddenly a couple of years ago, Anita Roddick
unexpectedly dropped dead from some sort of brain
hemorrhage. Pooooooooor thing!! Before her death,
she’d disposed of some £51 million (or almost 100
million US dollars) to reduce what ever death tax
that might have been due on her greedy estate.
"But I Can Be So Nice When I Want To Be," So
The Big Issue's Hatchet Woman Sam Woolock
(Shown Below) Could Well Say. She Was Cer-
tainly Nice To Dame Anita Roddick as the dame
played "homelessness" outside of London's Covent
Garden Tube Station at the behest, I suspect,
of always Big Headed John Bird .

The Big Issue's "Hatchet Women” Sam Woolock
spent a few nights rough sleeping with Anita
at Covent Garden. Never at a loss to boost her
squeaky clean business image, the dame got her-
self a big sleeping bag and well-wrapped clothes
to bed down with some real street folks like
Sam, who once told me abit about her stay on
the street with Anita in toe. It was all a put up
job, if you will, for the public image of The Big
Issue and of The Body Shop! It also gave a
needed PR boost for The Roddick’s so-called
“philanthropy credentials” for sure and pro-
socialist crap that she, Gordon, and Bird so
much believe in. Such was done not for the
homeless per se, but for the self-promotion
and public glory of The Roddicks and, of
course, always for Bird himself. Such only
helps him bank more dough for himself and
The Big Issue. Sam Woolock was completely
out of her depth among such parasites, I am
sure. Whatever, the women bed down for
the night and it seems Anita was there more
to call attention to her "good" deed than con-
structively helping the homeless on the
streets at a real practical and meaningful
level. It's called "grand standing" or more
bluntly "BS" and Anita Roddick and her
pally pal John Bird, an ex-Trotskyite of
sorts, were conniving masters at that and
at the expense of the homeless, always.
As Promised, Here Below Is The Picture of Muslim
James Caan, Chairman of The Big Issue Foundation,
Offering To Buy Baby Sara During His Recent Visit
To His Native Pakistan. He's Excused Himself By
Saying He Reacted To Emotion, Not To His Offer
To Purchase Baby Sara. Sorry, Mate, You're A
Low-Life Scumbag To Even Think of Making Such
An Offer For A Baby In The First Place. Emotion
or Not! We Don't Go Around Offering To Buy
Babies, Even If YOU DO ... Damn You!!
Please let me now return to Dame Anita Roddick.
All the obits in the British press at her death was
uncritically praiseworthy for the dead dame.
Except one John Entine of The Daily Mail.
Even before they had entombed the dame
at her Jewish burial spot, John Entine blew
away all the praise of all those other nice
obits about Anita. He didn't hesitate to tell
us about the real Lady Roddick and her long
history of being first and foremost a natural
liar during her multimillionaire business life.
She was the only knighted dame of The Big
Issue was she. Her fame or infamy rests upon
her business craftiness called The Body Shop with
her hubby Gordon Roddick, who is still alive as the
co-founder of The Big Issue in 1991 with the
now big nobody and big ass John Bird.
The Roddicks were in fact the “sugar babies”
behind John Bird who soon reduced his Commie
revolutionary rhetoric from his prison days to
gobble up the freebie money given him from
them. Such money also soon corrupted him into
becoming a greedy corporate animal and not the
political Commie that he once aspired to be. He
became, instead, a pinstriped-suit Champagne
Socialist that he is today. Yes sir, John Bird soon
figured on what side his bread was buttered on.
And The Roddicks for years kept dishing out plenty
of good Irish–made butter for him to go along with
Bird's working class Anglo-Irish background
and rough London Paddington upbringing.
Paul O'Grady Says: "F**K THE "PIG" ISSUE.
The Daily Mail's John Entine went for Anita's jugular
vein like she was still alive, though now dead, and told
everybody that the dame was a little lady who started
out in the 1970's at Brighton, a seaside town of many
gays on the coast of the English Channel by selling body
lotions she'd found by good chance at San Francisco
and then shipped such to England after re-
branding the stock as her own lotions, which they
were not! Ethical business practices aside, Anita
Roddick ruled the roost at gay Brighton with her
first copycat store called The Body Shop that
would eventually span the globe and make
her a multimillionaress and business icon
within a couple of decades with her branded
posh lotions and all that she’d originally found at
San Francisco’s "Body Shop" which she copied
without the consent, knowledge and/or business
agreement of the Californian sisters who had created
such body lotions and scented soaps in the first place.
All Anita Rodderick did was to re-label their invention
and then claim it as her own by using their American
business name called "The Body Shop" in the UK. The
name "Body Shop" was a play on the name that in Am-
erica means a place where damaged or wreaked cars
can be taken to have car body repairs undertaken.
According to Entine, "Anita went on a buying binge
at The Body Shop store on Union Square in San Francisco.
She walked out with armfuls of hand-cut soaps, lotions and
cosmetics - and a fist full of brochures. Roddick's copycat
shop, opened six years later in UK, knocked off everything
from the (American) business name to the green colour
scheme to the cosmetic lines."
The original US Body Shop brochure noted: "All of our
products are Biodegradable & made to our specifications
(Bottles 20 cents or bring your own)." Anita's version read:
"All our products are biologically soft and made to our
specifications (Bottles 12p, or bring your own)." The original
offered Four O'clock. Astringent Lotion; Anita sold Five
O'clock Astringent Lotion. A particularly telling knock-off
was a still popular facial scrub made from ground adzuki
beans that the UK Body Shop called Japanese Washing
Grains. Anita bragged that she came up with the
idea for it during a sojourn in Asia. Entine didn't
mince his words much like I myself always do, too.
"Natural liar: Anita's products rarely lived up to the image
she promoted Charitable giving? While The Body Shop was
issuing "fact sheets" claiming it "donates an inordinately high
percentage of pre-tax profits to often controversial charitable
campaigns", I contacted the English Charity Commission.
What I discovered made me almost fall off my chair. Over
the first 11 years of its business, The Body Shop made zero
So where does The Big Issue's John Bird fit
into all of this Anita Roddick dirty saga? That's
another story I'm working on right now.
What is certain, however, is that Bird himself
would not be the egoistical and bloated bloke
that he is today had Anita and Gordon
Roddick not hooked up with him when they
did. Or the other way around. For all we know,
John Bird would still be in prison scrubbing cell
block floors or sleeping rough under the bridges
of London without The Roddicks. While his little
asinine brother Pete Bird would probably be work-
ing in a steel factory rallying the labour troops
to strike against today's coalition government
instead of waltzing about every day at The Big
Issue HQ as the little honcho that he really is ...
Yes, the little peanut brother Peter Bird -
who callously and cruelly took away my
five year Big Issue pitch back in May -
is included in the story as one that was seen
but not heard by Dame Anita, who I am told
didn't care much about slimey Pete. Nor did
her hubby Gordon Roddick. When I next see
Peter Bird, I'd like to ask him if it true what I
was told about him and The Roddicks. Doubt
the sod will tell me for fear I'll report what he
says on my megablog ... He's really another
skunk just like is his big brother John!
One thing I've learned by writing this
storyline of mine called "Anita Roddick:
Damn The Dead Dame" is more about the
pathology and psyche of John Bird himself
and his relationship with Anita and Gordon.
Also telling was Bird's overkill in his obit
about Anita's death on the front cover and
the inside spread of The Big Issue. It was
written as if he'd expected she'd remembered
him in her own will and thus more Roddick
money for him and the infernal Big Issue of
his. I hope she didn't leave him one red cent!
I am, by the way, also writing an
unauthorized bio about John Bird
himself and the troubled history of The Big
Issue to conincide with its 20th Anniversay
next year. If you have known him during
the past 2o years or before that, please con-
tact me so that I can interview you either
on or off the record. I seek those who have
worked for him and The Big Issue, those
who know him as a friend or neighbour
or business ally or foe; those who have
been subjected to his bullying and high-
handedness; and those who know his
peanut brother Peter Bird at any point.
Please contact me confidentially at
thebiggerissue@k.st. Thank you!!
Anita Roddick, who I suspect has soon been
forgotten by many after her 2007 death. The location
of her grave site is now a secret, too, and is not listed at
The Dame’s Website.
Anita Roddick: How I became a target for America's zealots.
It's as though these people are desperate to find an enemy
Loved telling you about Anita, Uncle Monty.
+ Eve of Commemoration of All Souls Day, 2010.
I have accepted the invitation to attend tomorrow's
All Souls' Service at Oxford's Pusey House and today
is also All Saints Day - Nov. 1st - and the start of the
new 2011 Church Year and Liturgical Calendar
at Advent Sunday will soon be here ...
"Shut Your Mouth" Was Once Rightly Told Her!
It's your funeral.
White Funeral Day. By Uncle Monty.
The Beatles 50th Anniversay Concert
At The Royal Albert Hall. By Uncle Monty.
Ask The Little Peanut Sod Peter
Bird For The Big Issue Answer!

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Wilfred. said...

Dear Monty,
As I suggested before, why not
go to John Bird and request a meeting with him to sort things out. They didn't specify how
long the suspension was for
and nothing
was put in writing.
Continuing to hold a grudge against the Bird brothers will
not hurt them in the slightest,
it will only really hurt you.
best wishes, Wilfred.

John Lenhart. said...

You're wrong Mr. Wilfred for you are blaming the victim. Monty has been treated like s**t by the Bird brothers. The grudge against Monty
is by the Bird brothers. Aided and abetted by their staff members in
the Big Issue. They cannot hurt Monty any more than they have already done to him. No hurt for the Bird brothers you say. Well damn it they're not singing are they? What they have done to Monty I think is criminal. They have no right to treat anybody like they have to Monty even if he's done some bad things like John Bird in the past. I have known Monty for over 5 years. He is a gentleman. He says what he honestly thinks. He does not bend over for any body. The Bird brothers thought Monty would go away; never to be seen or heard from again. They were wrong again. Mr. Wilfred you are a barrister by training. Why not help Monty to file a lawsuit for damages against Big Issue? Why not? The Bird brothers need to be taught a lesson they'll not forget soon. Sincerely, John Lenhart.

Sincerely, Wilfred said...

Dear John,
You obviously don't know that I've already written to John Bird on Monty's behalf (with no reply from him) and I've already advised Monty that those people are very unlikely to give him his job back and the only realistic option appears to be for Monty to negotiate a compromise with them.

In my view Monty is in a weak position legally especially since he is not recognised by law as an employee of the Big Issue, whatever you or I personally think about Monty's character and his situation. If Monty disagrees with this view then he can always go and hire a lawyer to give him official, paid advice on this matter. In fact as a general rule of thumb he should take the legal advice he pays for much more seriously than the advice he gets for free.

Monty is always free to try and engage a lawyer if he wishes and take the matter to court but if he loses he will have to pay both his and the Bird brothers' legal costs.

If you're really keen for Monty to engage in a lengthy, acrimonious court battle with the Bird brothers then you can of course seriously consider paying for Monty's legal fees yourself.

I for one see no point in wasting time and money on suicidal legal conflicts.