Big Slob.

Big Slob & Others At The Big Issue.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
As I waited for the bus just yards from The Big
Issue London HQ front door, a short, burly guy
came rushing over to me to demand to see my
camera. I outright refused him! He claimed he'd
seen my photoflash go off, which was a big dirty
lie from the big slob. Then he said he'd call the
police, if I didn't show him my camera. "Go
right ahead," I told him. He soon seemed per-
plexed and unsure of himself since I had no
intention of being imtimidated by such a
big slob and thug-like bully.
The Big Slob with Big Issue female staffer and
another vendor facing back to my bus-based camera.
Despite that, I tried to engage the slob. But with little
success since it was like talking to a brick wall, mainly.
"Have you seen that bugger and redneck John Bird,
lately?," I asked the slob being that he was a cold Big
Issue vendor. "He's never here any more," came his
curt answer to me. "So where's your pitch?, I asked
him. "None of your business," came the English slob's
cold reply.. "Have you seen (Peewee) Peter Bird?,"
I then asked by ignoring his previous rude answer.
The slob didn't seemed to know who hideous
Peter Bird was as he then got cold feet and scurried
off back to The Big Issue front door to stand there
like he had for the previous 30 minutes. He was
waiting there, like the other street vendors next
to him, for someone to open the front door for him
to be served with copies of the latest street rag.
And it should be noted that the HQ was already
at least 90 minutes late opening for business.
It's always ok for TBI to be late, but not their
vendors! One law for Big Issue, another law
for their exploited vendors.
Contrast the female Romanian gypsy vendor
standing at the Big Issue front door as an obvious
English woman hurriedly steps on by as she
presumably heads to work. They're worlds
apart, much like the reality of The Big Issue
and the duped public ...

So on the bus I got and I then quickly took five rapid
shots of the big slob and obvious bully from the bus
window has it stopped right outside the HQ front door.
I thought well if you think I'd taken some shots of
you earlier when I had not, then I'll just go ahead any-
any and record your slob face as a bad vendor with a
bad attitude toward me and presumably to others. I
was so glad I got to photograph him after all and to share
his public mugshot with you all. If you know the bloke,
let me know. Also, tell him he's now on the internet!
He'll learn now not to mess with your's truly, right?

Photo below shows yet another vendor still waiting for the bloody Big Issue door to open.

The Big Issue Dead At Night At The UK. ...
Remember NOT to give a dime to TBI, Uncle Monty.

+Tuesday of Septuagesima, 2011.


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Image caught of Redneck Anthony John Bird
from live TV interview last week.
Above: Redneck Bird, The Big Issue's so-called "Homeless Guru," has been running scared of the very homeless he claims he helps. While at the same time he runs to the bank with money earned off the backs of the homeless. Now a Brit "media pet," he earns loads of dough by pontificating on homelessness and poverty ...
Forum Faces At The Great Hall.
By Uncle Monty.
Women's Night Shelter at Shoreditch
Church. Tuesdays from 7:00pm.
Warm Bed - Hot Food - Breakfast.
Phone: 078 564 72578.
No Alcohol - No Drugs - No Violence.

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