Good Deed.

Good Deed.
By Graham Walker.
Edited By Uncle Monty.

Graham Walker used to sell The Big Issue in various towns across

the South West.  Now he sells his own 'Bigger Issue' magazine for

 a Guinea and a smile. He is also a writer, his memoirs are published

as 'Unsettled' (Tangent Books) as well as fundraising thousands of

pounds for various charities. From his pitch Graham has

seen and heard it all, now you can benefit from his knowledge

 by asking him for some advice on any matter ...

Good, bad or indifferent?
Be it good, bad or indifferent, every interaction we make
 with others will have an effect; an effect we will often be
unaware of, an effect with the potential to leave a wake that
can snowball, and ultimately, adjust the lives of many. Do
one good deed and it has the potential to appear a miracle,
one bad deed, the potential to court unmitigated disaster.
Even indifference; a non-deed, has the potential to propagate,
 to propagate yet more indifference. On the latter I have an
example. It involves a disused letter box, a shiny red post
box, a Big Issue pitch, the general public, and me!
The Good Showman The Graham Walker Is!!
But here, I do need to interject. This is a message to all Big
Issue vendors. On occasion, stood on your pitch, you will
 meet up with the opportunity to assist a member of that
 public; help them on their way, do a good deed. Well
proceed with caution. A percentage of the population
 - from personal experience - deem we are all ne’er do
wells, miscreants, drug addicts, misfits and thieves
 (I’ve a feeling they don’t like us). To help one of
these people out can seriously mess up their heads;
 non-contributors to society? . . . contributing?
Consequently, the response to your good deed will
 often be vastly different than that you’d expected.
Selling The Stinking Big Issue!
My first memorable attempt at ‘good-deeding’ happened
when I was on my pitch in Plymouth some years ago. A
man walked past me. ‘Big Issue sir?’ He didn’t respond.
 He then walked to the cashpoint down the road and
withdrew some money. Grabbing his cash, he walked off,
inadvertently dropping a tenner on the floor behind him.
I ran down the road, grabbed the tenner and shouted
 after him. “Oy mate”. He looked back, and presuming
 I was employing a rather pro-active sales technique,
 shouted, “No”.
I tried again. “But sir you. . . .”, “No!” he repeated. I
started running after him, frantically waving his tenner
in the air.
 But when he saw me running, he started run-
ning himself! “But sir you’ve dropped a tenner” I
yelled. No response. After a couple of hundred yards
 I slowly started gaining on him. So he started sprinting,
 slicing his way through the busy shoppers with a slalom
effect. He was good, damn good.

In retrospect, I’m sure had I persisted, what with my re-
nowned staying power and deft turn of foot, I would
have undoubtedly caught him. But hey, what the hell.

Now I do apologise, but that interjection has cleaned me
 right out of column inches. So please do call by next
week when I’ll get back to the story.
He Walks & Talks Like A Stuffed Pig, He Does!
The Homeless Detest Him ... The Big Issue's
Anthony John Bird (Shown Below).
Big Gob Billie Bickley Is A Big Issue Pet!
Wishing All Big Issue Vendors The Best, Uncle Monty.
And, Happy St. David's Day ... today!!
+David, Bishop of Menevia, Patron Saint of Wales.
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Some Saints, Some Not.
By Uncle Monty in Welsh and English.
Rhyw Sant, Rhyw Mo. At Ewythr
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tnt portsmouth sellor said...

i cannot help feeling
y r story is cock
and bull
mister walker you
need to **** y r self
and some
we dont need advice
from pricks like you
keep your tenner mister
you need it more than us
tnt portsmouth sellor