Tsunami of Homeless People.
By Alex Albion.
"so john bird of the big issue declares we're in for a
possible "tsunami of homeless." the problem with
bird is that his big issue profits from the homeless.
the more homeless, the more money he makes off
their backs by selling the big issue that brings them
peanuts while bird and his vauxhall gang continue
to make money hand over fist.
"many rough sleepers in london are eu and/or immigrant
people who have brought the problem of homelessness to
even a greater degree than it was a decade ago. big issue
vendors are now more likely to be foreigners today than
home grown. thus any so-called "tsunami of homeless"
stems directly from the impact of mass immigration
and unskilled foreigners clamouring to our shores.
"what john bird says is self-serving, of course. the big
issue has done absolutely nothing to stem the grow-
ing tide of homelessness for the past 20 years of its
commercial existence at the expense of the homeless.
"what needs to be done is to round up those homeless
who are not british citizens and shipped back to
where they originally come from - asap. such then
would see a dramatic decline in foreign and immigrant
rough sleepers and make way for helping those home-
less that come from our own shores!! BRAVO.
"p.s: i'm an ex-big issue street vendor who was sus-
pended last year by the ilk of the bird brothers ...
alex albion.
London threatened by tsunami of homeless,
says Big Issue founder. By Mark Blunden.
He represents many African immigrants, like
him as shown below, in the UK today who have
become a big burden and have aggravated the
problem of homelessness and rough sleeping in
London over the past decade while British homeless
charities have cleaned up with millions of quids
in free government money to so-call "combat
rough sleeping and homelessness." Now those
same charities are crying like spoiled bratz due
to the tough and needed cutbacks by the
Coalition Government to amend the deliberate
waste and irrational spending by the previous
vile Labour governments under then hideous
and false prophet Tony Blair and then followed
by the nation's biggest and worst Labour moron
and clown - Gordon Brown.
Under both of them, New Labour spent £15
BILLION per annum to support their wicked
socialist and class war agenda to flood Britain with
their mass African immigration of millions to out-
right swamp and curse the UK with them. Hence,
the dramatic increases of immigrant rough
sleeping and piles more of homelessness.
Not to mention, of course, our prisons and
mental wards are now full of these immigrants,
too! Along with menacing Muslims all over the
place that New Labour also purposely let in.
We're now stuck with the ravages of sick
multiculturalism, even if folkz like Angela
Merkel and David Cameron now declare
such an "ism" is broke. The fallout, among
other negative things inside Broken Britain
is more homelessness and rough sleeping
all over the place by useless immigrants
and unwanted EU foreigners in the UK.
Visit Lambeth's Archbishop's Park to
see such folkz there every day ...
"The Big Issue (under the Bird Brothers)
have done absolutely nothing to help stem the
growing tide of homelessness in the 20 years
of its existence." Says Uncle Monty ...
Big Issue Scotland Poses With Peewee Peter
Bird and Cold-Face John Duffy, Who Is Now
An Unemployed Ex-Big Issue Staffer. His Once
Quaint Quote Declared: "Big Issue Has Always Been
There For Me." But Not So This Time, Ah, Pal? ...
The Roddicks In Their Glory Days:
Anita & Gordon.
SORRY! I'M NOW DEAD ... Anita.
Damn The Dead Dame. By Uncle Monty.
What's the big idea? By Gordon Roddick.
Will She Growup To Be Homeless?
Good Question, Sir!
Will He Be Homeless When He Growsup?
Good Question, Mate!
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Q: What Was The White Truck KX57 ZBO
doing outside the Vauxhall Big Issue HQ at
5:45am while the vile Bird Brothers them-
selves tossed and turned in their sleep at
their alleged fancy domiciles?
A: Coming Soon ...
Read Uncle Monty's
story now ready ...
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1 comment:

Tomahawk '55 said...

Uncle Monty, I've been reading your hard hitting stuff about the Big Issue. So I did searches on google, yahoo, and bing to find out more about its bad stuff. As
I searched, I found some disburbing opinions to do with
Mr. Bird. He sounds like a real niggardly guy. To think he has received ££££ millions in charity over the years in the name of the Big Issue tells me the system is broke. All the corporate money
he's gotten, too, seems to me like
his only interest is to feather his
own nest. Where are the homeless in all of this? Well, they're being used by Mr. Bird,
big time. And worse, he's gotten away with it big time, too. I'm sorry the Big Issue has treated you so badly. But I think you've now successfully turned the tables on them. They can run from you, but they cannot hide from you. The power of your stories after stories
against the Birds will not go away. I have come to admire what you write. As for old Gordon Roddick, it seems he's another tap dancing John Bird with his hand in the charity bucket. Is Peter Bird really called "Peewee" by name? It fits him, nevertheless. I will keep touch with your blogs. And, with you of course. Tomahawk '55.