They're Like Two  Bloody Love Lovebirds.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics
By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Ruhal Verma's gushing feature story last week
about Pigface John Bird and his vile pet Big Gob
Billie Bickley -- they're like two lovebirds, they
are -- almost made me want to spew all over the
place as I read all the public bullshit by Bickley
and Bird in "Why they're thinking Big" on pp. 18
& 19 of the London freesheet UK Metro,
edited by In Focus editor Vicki-Marie Cossar.
The Pigface In All His Vain Glory.
In the Verma article, Bickley declared "The Big Issue
 saved my life!" Woooooooooow, what bullshit again
 from Billie. Next, they'll ask The Holy Father to bless
the pigface and big gob with an invitation to The Vatican
to declare a lifesaving miracle at The Big Issue! Bickley,
a self-outed lesbian Big Issue vendor, has been for
 years an heroin addict with then 72 abscesses from 
injecting herself. So what? Are we to feel
so sorry for her? Hell NO, we don't!
She then added her futher comments: "The Big Issue
 is for vunerably housed people and if you go there,
you know you will always get help." Really? The Big
 Issue never did that for me! So it's more blatant bullshit
by Billie Bickley. What she said sounds alot like
 that old prickhead John Duffy's bullshit when he was
at The Big Issue pruning himself as its so-called
"International Business rep." He declared: "The Big
Issue has always been there when I needed it ..."
Sure, that's why he no longer works there. So
all the Duffy bullshit he gave then is now splat-
tered all over the loo at Big Issue's Vauxhall HQ.
Oh, and if The Big Issue "saved" Billie Bickley's
cocaine-infected and weird life, then it did the opposite
 for me when it just threw away my life last year thankz
 to the nasty sods Peter and Anthony John Bird, who
are born of lowly Irish Catholic immigrant stock.
BIG GOB: Big Issue's Billie Bickley.
I seriously cannot believe a word anymore from

the big gobs or foul mouths of The Big Issue.
For years it has played smoke and mirrors and
mind games with the British public let alone its own
vendors, who in the end get nothing from it save
whatever profit is gained by The Big Issue at
their expense and street experience.
Every day, however, brings the end closer for
the wretched Birds. They've had a good run, but
soon all will fade for them as The Big Issue fades
with them for good. I really do expect to pick up
the newspaper one of these days and read The
Big Issue has finally been cutdown and is now
dead and buried for good. BRAVO!!
All I can say is a loud good riddance to their
menace and arrogance over the past 20 years.
All things come to end and so will the godless
Birds. They'll see no miracle at their final dead
end. Their lives mean nothing that is good, even
though some will hail them as a good omen for
the homeless. But the homeless I know universally
detest redneck John Bird and his little peewee bother
Peter Bird. The exception is, of course, Big Gob
Billie Bickley's self-serving and idiotic claim - "The
Big Issue saved me life." Oh, really? Give us break
 from your crap, BB. In America such is called
 "Brown Nosing" and it always stinks like high
 hell ... along with her usual bullshit ... She's
as glib as her big gob ... Beware then of the
strange lovebirds - big gob and pigface.
The pair are like little lovebirds at best and
at worst they're like a pair of bloody big bull-
shiters - period. They make me sick, they do!!
And, don't be taken in by either of them.
NEVER BUY The Big Issue.
I promptly wrote to Rahul Verma as
soon as I'd read the complete gushing
freelance article of his:
hello ruhal:
it looks like you've also fallen for the big issue's
 clever "bs" in your gushing story yesterday - "why
 they're thinking big" - about hideous billie bickley
and redneck john bird.
as i read your freelance story, i almost
thought you were an employee or spokesperson
for the big issue itself. the ukmetro needs to be
 more impartial and objective when reporting on
such oddball characters as bickley and bird.
bickley just makes up stories as she goes along,
i think. i have known her for about four years.
and like john bird, she revels in her notoriety and
 her big criminal past ...  as for redneck bird,
 i have known him longer.
Again, Big Issue's Pigface Anthony John Bird.
Carry on reading the full text of my
electronic message to freelance writer Verma:
the upcoming 20th anniversary of the big issue
will certainly add more coffers to the millions of
quids it has gained by its exploitation of the homeless
under the vile bird brothers and their paid cronies.
it is off the backs of the poor and the marginalized
that benefits primarily the movers and shakers
behind today's big issue and not the homeless per
 se.  indeed the homeless make peanuts selling the
godforsaken big issue, while anthony john bird and
his peewee brother peter bird continue to rake
 in huge sums of money in the name of
so-called "helping the homeless." They shaft
the homeless every day ... believe me, they do.

the only thing the big issue does is to help the bird
brothers' big bank accounts above anything else.
i could go on and on, rahul, but i won't least i  bore
 u! i have two small blogz to my wretched name
 as a suspended big issue vendor of five years
 standing and someone who is also a sheltered-
housed old age pensioner now deliberately
deprived by the bird brothers of earning extra
 income in my old age and enjoying the social
 melee at then my covent garden pitch. what
 they did was to throw away all of my customers
 without even giving me a chance to appeal their
arbitrary and capricious decision ...
my little blogz are:
take care, monty.
+second day of lent, 2011....
ps. as for the big issue's "summer of love," there is
 NO love at the big issue. it is incapable of love, except
 for its love of big profits from the little guyz and galz
 off the cold and mean streets of the british isles.
"Home Is Where U Find It," Uncle Monty, 2011.
One last comment for now on Billie Bickley. Like
the Bird Brothers, she comes from a lower blue collar
class. Indeed, the majority of homeless folkz I know
are little more than white trash and/or black trash
socially, educationally and economically. Across the
board, the homeless class in general fit such a
sociological and demographic description. Such
is not intended to sound unkind or snobby, but
rather to honestly state what is unsaid by the
bleeding hearts and puffy-face liberals about
the homeless. I think, however, the T-shirt I saw
at San Francisco says it all about the ilk of Billie
 Bickley and the Bird Brothers - "Trash Walks,
Skills Talk." Now read: Then Came Billie.
"A hand up, not a hand out - The Big Issue celebrates 20 years.

The Big Issue celebrates 20 years of helping out the homeless
 in Britain. With over 3,000 vendors the publication offers
a hand up not a hand out."  By Rahul Verma.
I've been homeless, that's why I want to save the soup runs,
says chef Aldo Zilli.  By Emer Martin.
Truthfully, Uncle Monty.
+8th Day of Lent, 2011,
Feedback & Comments
David Davies, 21, Is The Alleged Yankee Scissor Slashers.
Yet Another Criminal Black ...
... whatever kind of society they want at. post-Muammar Gaddafi.
 Down With Gaddafi, Blair & Bush, Uncle Monty.
+2nd Sunday of Lent, 2011.
Gaucho International Polo, 2011.
By Uncle Monty.
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Saab13. said...

No, Monty, I am NOT WHITE TRASH because I am homeless. It takes white trash to know white trash take that from me. Stop picking
on lesbians. Billie may be no
good in your prejudiced numbskull.
She gets my vote in any case.

Tony Burton. said...

Uncle Monty, sir. The Big Issue has always been like white trash
as far as I can see. If I was them,
I would have restored by now your former pitch. They're too stupid or proud to do that for you. Keep on writing your stuff. Perhaps one day they'll reckon it would be better to accommodate you instead of stonewalling you all this time.
My estimation of Mr. Bird continues
to go down the drain every time I
read another of your exposures of
The Big Issue. I don't know the woman called Billy. What she sounds like is another freak on
the streets selling the Big Issue
that does nothing for me. Please
publish my email! Thank you.
Tony Burton.