Rough Sleepers.

Images of Rough Sleepers.
Photo Essay By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Over the course of the past six years, I have photographed
 hundreds of homeless folkz in perhaps 25 or so countries
 and capitals of the world. Out of those hundreds, rough
 sleepers have become an inevitable part of the global
homeless landscape that transcends language, nationality,
 culture, education, creed, social and political views.
On A Street Near Where You Live!!
Rough sleepers are rough to reach on the whole since
many have gone beyond the usual level of homelessness
to a more distorted environment in which they have either
deliberately chosen or by circumstances in which they
have found themselves in. Rough sleepers are often
times stubborn and proud and resist any interference
 of their lifestyles by those in authority or
by do gooders of homeless charities.
Rough sleepers aren't looking for sympathy like
 many homeless folkz do. Rather, they see in rough
sleeping an opening to be oddly free of the usual
responsibilities of paying rent, holding down some
kind of job, and/or living with a roof over their heads.
They reject such norms until the day they either
die on the streets or finally relent to find shelter
away from rough sleeping.
Two Polish Rough Sleepers at Krakow That I Met.
There are basically three types of rough sleepers:

the hardcore or professional one; the circumstantial one
in which circumstances - especially dire economic ones -
force the person to temporarily rough sleep; and the
third kind is the day rough sleeper who sleeps primarily
in the daytime and sleeps openly for all to see on the
street corner or wherever there is a dry place to
 lay down and literally take forty winks.
Charlie Easy was once at Parker House and then
moved to a hostel in Camden. But before that, he
was a rough sleeper and a British Amy veteran in
Northern Ireland during "The Troubles." He would
frequently visit me at my then Big Issue pitch until
the sod Peter Bird unjustly and callously took my
pitch away some 10 months ago. What a bastard!!
A new breed of rough sleepers has energed in the

past decade in London, especially. They tend to be
 black immigrants, Eastern Europeans and an
assortment of foreigners and many tend to be under
30 years of age. They tend to withdraw more and
more from society and any work ethic seems also
to disappear down the drain as they end up
completely homeless due oftentimes to their
own stupid faults. In the meantime, we're told
we must feel sorry for the such buggers when
in fact we should be angry at them due to them
causing all sort of problems that we never had
before they came to our British shores and
before New Labour signed away our country
to the bloody and monster EU.
The European
Union has been at the forefront of creating
greater numbers of homeless with its desire to
 grants every Tom, Dick and Harry the right to invade
England whether they have skills or not or the means
to support themselves after they've arrived. Many fall
flat on their hideous face and then demand to be taken
 care off. When they cannot get the care or a job they
want they land up rough sleeping all over the place.
The Big Issue contributes to the problem by offering
 such derelicts "easy employment" that ultimately
doesn't benefit any body but the exploiters called
John and Peter Bird ...
Classic Rough Sleeper Is He. Also A One
Time Big Issue Vendor, Who Got Little More
Than Scraps From Such ... While pigface John
Bird and his little peewee brother Peter Bird clean
up on the backs off the homeless, every single day.
Labour (Party) Blamed Over Rough Sleepers.
The number of people sleeping rough in England is
 four times higher than reported under (New) Labour,
the Communities and and Local Government Secretary
said. Eric Pickles claimed that some Labour councils
refused to release figures when the party was in
power. Numbers published last week, using a new
system that requires council estimates, suggested
 that 1,768 were sleeping rough on any (given) night,
higher than the 440 figure claimed under the
 previous (Labour) system.
The Times, Mar. 1, 2011, p.18.
In The Shadows of The Night He Tries To Sleep ...
She's No Rough Sleeper! Nor Is He, Any Longer!
Afro-American Rough Sleeper Olson Wright, 44, at
Washington's Dupont Circle at where many American rough
 sleepers sleep! It's just 3 blocks from The White House!!
Do soup runs harm rough sleepers? By Emer Martin.
A Dickensian Assault on the Homeless. By Johnann Hari.
So, what has The Big Issue and its Big Issue Foundation,
and its self-proclaimed "Homeless Guru" pigface Anthony
John Bird, done to actually reduce rough sleeping? Virtuely
nothing in terms of any real concrete results. In fact, the
numbers of rough sleepers has increased as The Big Issue
 Foundation has taken in millions of dollars over the years
 in the name of "helping" the UK homeless! And, many UK
homeless charities are now bitching about Coalition cuts
after they wasted millions of dollars on pet projects
that help the charity first and not the homeless!! The
only folkz to blame for such cuts is the vile henchmen
of New Labour that has drained the economy for
years on Blairite projects that included ID cards,
and the criminalization of the people, let alone the
$13 BILLION per year to deal with the almost
criminal mass immigration of millions of god damn
immigrant trash now inflicted on our country,
Ironically, being homeless may be the best at
this time since there is little further to lose than
for those who have become imprisoned by their
greedy lifestyle of spend, spend, and spend
and waste, waste, and waste, and credit
card, credit card, and credit card, followed
by booze, booze, and booze, in their lives
as they fade away until they have nothing left
and not even their own self-respect
and honest dignity ...
Next Part Two: 
By Uncle Monty.
 The Supreme Rough Sleeper
 at London's Parliament Square.
Uncle Monty With Sian Turner.
"I Have No Stake Whatsoever In The Future
of The Big Issue Since The Bird Brothers,
Who Run It, Have Killed My Big Issue
Pitch And Deliberately Thrown Away
 All of My Customers of 5 Years."
Dear Sian Turner Was Not To Live To See
What The Bastard Bird Brothers Did To Me.
Had She Lived, She'd Have Been Livid At
Them Like I And My Friends Are Still Today.
Bless You My Dear Sian, Always!! Thankz
for being one of my early Big Issue customers.
You were born a customer of mine and then
died as a true friend, indeed. All My Loving,
Monty. +Eve of Ash Wednesday, 2011.
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Pancake
Day, Fat Tuesday, 201l.
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