Bloggers Restored.

Bloggers Restored.
By Uncle Monty.
Graphics By Alex Albion.
For some of you, it is common knowledge 
that blogger.com has been down for some 
dayz due to a major human error at google.
The huge blogger outage and outrage
caused consternation around the globe.
Now layer by layer the blog system is
being fully restored, but some bloggers
are still yelling out loud since their blogz
 are still technically disabled and thus
 they can still neither post nor edit at the
moment. Luckily for me, my blogz were
one of the first to be completely re-
stored in the past 24 hours or so due to
being on the American cycle and layer
 restoration. BRAVO!!
I think the IT folkz at blogger.com should
be thanked and praised for their bold
effortz to restore such a complicated and
technical outage that must have been one
 hellish nightmare from being to end consid-
ering the millions of bloggers at stake. 
 BRAVO, I say, to such IT folkz!
However, during the huge outage many of the
world's bloggers, just like me, were prevented
 from being able to post new stories or images
 or make any online updates. And so because
of that, and such then being beyond my own
control, I am now planning to begin to post a
belated and/or delayed new story or two here
at allaboutthebigissue come May 19th, 2011.
 So thankfully, blogger.com is now slowly but 
surely being fully restored around the globe. 
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+4th Sunday after Easter, 2011.
Feedback & Comments
Please note that any readers' e-messages sent to any
 of my blogz while such was down, has now been
permanently lost despite the ongoing blog restoration.
Do feel free to re-send or re-post whatever e-mails
u may have sent. My apologies to u, too! UM.

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