Dickie Birds.

What Happened At 1st Anniversary
Protest Against The Big Issue.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Gary Day & Alex Albion.
Part Two of Three.
There is something so provincial and so parochial about
prickhead Peter Bird one would almost expect to find
cattle instead of people at The Big Issue London HQ.
With his shirt all hanging out and his rough working
pants and his cheap rucksack in his hand, one might
 almost think he was a farm hand rather than a manager-
 in-charge of the £4.8 million Big Issue edifice that was
bought, no doubt, off the backs of the UK homeless
 years ago by his pigface brother Anthony John
 Bird, 65, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The
Big Issue, which is sold weekly in the British Isles
 by homeless street people for peanut pay while the
hideous and greedy Bird Brothers clean up with
their non-stop cash flow off the backs of such
exploited Big Issue vendors.
While doing my 1st Anniversary Protest (1AP) at
the HQ last week to mark the hateful and spiteful
suspension of me by prickhead Peter Bird, I saw 
him repeatedly commit dalliance as he stood, or
repeatedly came in and out, at the HQ main door.
 He first arrived at 9:00am with a PCSO cop in tow.
The prickhead himself had an air of conceitedness
and a smirk on his ugly face that only a prickhead
 like Peter Bird, who is fiftysomething, could muster
without a trace of shame along with his diabolical
 and callous name.
And if that wasn't enough, Peter Bird also talks and
walks like some country bumpkin despite his urban
 London Paddington-rearing as a post-war child of
poor immigrant Irish Catholic stock. With his cava-
lier and cocky attitude thesedays, the prickhead
ignorantly deigned neither to acknowledge me nor
 to speak to me in any civil way as he repeatedly
walked right by me with one or two of his dickhead
 employees. Not that I expected any love, grace
 or respect from such a shallow and selfish prick-
head, who has always been overshadowed by his
 pigface brother Anthony John Bird, the so-called
 "UK Homeless Guru" who knows no more about
real homelessness today than a real homeless
monkey having escaped from some zoo!!
No sign did I see of the pigface himself as I
 sat for 8 hours at The Big Issue London HQ
 to undergo my 1AP.  Nor did I see any of
the Covent Garden vicious distribution staff
like Samantha Woodlock, and her "pretty face" 
hubby Tom, Big Gob Billie Bickley and that
hack poet of their's called Steve Farrell Wood!
Nor did I see The Big Issue's super Oli Brown,
 Calvin Driver, ex-tuffy John Duffy, nor what's his
name the guy who manned the vendors wanting 
Big Issue stock at HQ and nor that young punk
Adam with a big chip on his shoulders. But
I saw several new faces there and a number
of regulars like stiff and cold and granny-type
 Linda Driver (shown below) as she arrived at
 her usual time of 8:00am to open up the HQ.
 I suspect she'll soon be retiring with that
snowhite mop of granny hair on the top
of her frozen head.
Linda Driver After Finishing Her
Daily Stint at The Big Issue HQ.

If she and Peter Bird were a cold sight to
see again at my last Thursday morning 1AP,
 then it wasn't helped by the sheer filthy mess
around the front doors of The Big Issue HQ
that looked like something out of New York's
Black Harlem with trash, fag butts, thrown away
coffee cups, soda cans, and unswept sidewalk.
The black marble slabs and the office windows
 were also filthy and full of grime as if for
weeks nobody has bothered to keep things
 looking nice and clean. There was no pride. It
was a dirty mess for any Big Issue visitor to see.
Hopefully, Prince William and Kate, now the
 new Duchess of Cambridge, didn't happen to
visit. Such was as filthy as the hate and spite of
 the Dickie Birds Peter and John that I now call
 "prickhead and pigface" with my utter and
lasting contempt for them. Whatever, clean
 up your filthy mess you dirty buggers!!
Vile & Sly Peter Bird:
Let Me Show Him To You Yet Again.
If Peter Bird and Linda Driver represent some of
 the coldest and hostile characters at The Big Issue,
 then Helena Drakakis was like warm sunlight to-
 ward me when she stopped out of curiosity at my
protest spot as she was heading to work at her
 journalist job as one of two Associate Editors
 of The Big Issue. Helena came over all bright and
bubbly and so warm and I was delighted to meet
 her for the first time, especially after reading many
 of her well-written articles. She said she'd visit
 my blogz, but I have heard nothing back from
 her and not that I expected such after the sod
Peter Bird and stiff Linda Driver no doubt
 helped to bad mouth me to the gifted Helena
Drakakis. And, not that I have any desire to
 be interviewed by or for The Big Issue while
the vile Bird Brothers still prance around and
 sit all pretty at HQ. The day they're gone, is
 the day I shall jump for joy, I really will ...
They may be gone much sooner than most
 folkz think, however! In any event, I wish 
Helena all the very best!
And take care, my dear!
Helena Drakakis, Associate Editor, The Big Issue.
He lost his Big Issue vendor's badge, he told me.
From nearby Surrey, the vendor was told that he could
 not have a replacement or new badge - now listen to
for his missing badge!! I tell you, it's outrageous that
any vendor should be forced by The Big Issue to go
to the police to obtain a police report for such a
petty thing. And to waste the time of the police
on such a useless matter is just further proof of
how mindless and mean The Big Issue continues
to be against its subjugated street vendors. It
also degrades and belittles the vendor to have
to go to a police station all because of The
Big Issue's mindset to criminalize their vendors.
Now Dead:  The Colonic Jerk John Branagan. He
Was Big Issue Badge No. 296, in 2oo8. Nasty Cad!
Then another vendor told me that his friend had
been suspended for two whole weeks by the same
ugly Peter Bird for having used another vendor's
pitch while the vendor was himself away!!
 It sounds like what that old dead turkey John
Branagan (shown above) did to me by reporting
me for having allegedly used his National Portrait
Gallery pitch, which I didn't since I had just finished
visiting the gallery with Contessa Maria, while he
was away. I was forced to waste one whole morn-
ing going to The Big Issue Vauxhall office - with
masses of vendor files like a British cop station -
to see Paul Joseph, then in charge of vendors, all
because of such a colonic jerk like the now late
 John Branagan. The Big Issue loved him and so
did stiff Linda Driver, but not me. I hated his
 gutz like so many of the vendors did and still
do despite him having hopefully gone to hell
where he belongs ... Upon his alcoholic death,
at age 60, they printed a gushing obit to the
colonic jerk that made me sick to read
 in No. 864 of TBI, Sept 14-20, 2oo9.
The latest vendor stories came to me as I sat at
The Big Issue HQ doing my 1AP and not even
asking such vendors to tell me such. Perhaps
18 or so vendors stopped to read my protest
sign and/or came over and freely chatted with
me.  Some of them knew me from years ago
and were surprised and disgusted to know that
I had been unjustly suspended and vilely
treated by the nasty Bird Brothers, who
have become bigger than their boots and a
law unto themselves ... They suck, they do.
London's Vauxhall at 5:55am with my protest
sign before Starbucks, or The Big Issue next
door, had even opened for business.
It was so good to see my old pal and fellow
vendor Francis Ngwenya of Durban, Zud Africa,
 which I visited last year while staying at Elizabeth
Middleton's Durban home during The World Cup.
 I had been told earlier that Francis had died, but
such was obviously untrue like so many tales one
 hears from around The Big Issue. There is always
 an ongoing and malicious rumour mill, too. Most of
which is a put down of usually somebody or other.
Then Dean Scott Porter, a long-time Big Issue
vendor, came over to my protest site and chatted
for awhile. We had met once before at HQ.  Fabio
 Bana, a new vendor from Italy, also stopped to
 nicely chat with me. Then came Neil Hallam,
vendor No. 1005, to visit with me. Neil is a
great guy who has served in the British Royal
 Marines out at Afghanistan. There he was badly
 wounded and he showed me the huge scar left
on his body as he took his trousers down to
show me the whole bloody thing. He also let
me photograph the terrible scar as he began
 to cry about his horrible war experience out-
side of the capital of Kabul. Now staying at a
 furnished apartment kindly provided to him by
 the good Peabody Trust, Neil seemed quite
content with his lot despite having so little of
anything in material life. I told him that he must
 never let anybody say he is no good!! To me,
he is the salt of the earth after fighting for
England as a fellow countryman of mine.
BRAVO to Neil Hallam. You're a good
 mate, mate!! Take care of him Blighty!!
 Like Helena Drakakis earlier, I was so de-
lighted to meet Neil and to spend alittle time
together simply as man-to-man. And what
 a difference between those two individuals
compared to hideous Peter Bird and cold
 granny Linda Driver. My 1st Anniversary
Protest against The Big Issue was, after
all, well worth it just to have had the
chance to encounter Neil and Helena.
Again, BRAVO!
I guess about 40 folkz either stopped or ghawked
 or stood nearby my protest spot against The Big
 Issue with a sense of righteous indignation in my
English heart and Anglican mind against  the stinking
 and godless Bird Brothers. I was also quite surprised
 how many folkz volunteered to sign my already 1,615
signed petition to be re-instated as a badged vendor
of five years until the cold sod Peter Bird did his dirty
 deed against me last May. Which ironically occurred
on the very same day - May 19th, 2010 - that saw 
Mr. Justice Aiden Marron, Q.C. of The Blackfriars
Crown Court, rightly impose sentences of imprison-
ment and deportation against the criminal African
 immigrants who robbed me two and half years
earlier as I was about to attend Christian Unity 
Week at St. Andrew's in the presence of the 
good Catholic Bishop (now Archbishop of Bir-
mingham) Bernard Longley; Anglican Bishop
 Christopher Chessun of Woolwich (and now
 translated to Southwark); and Orthodox Bishop
Grieg of the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate. I
was treated very well by The Honourable Mr.
 Justice Marron, while being treated rottenly by
 the Bird scumbagz ... Am I bitter toward
such scumbagz, you bet!!
Yes, This Blog Is All About The Big Issue.
Although my 1st Anniversary Protest (1AP)
  - and the others protests before it - have been
 dismissed and ignored by the Bird Brothers and
 many of their paid minions, I will continue to hold
public protests from time to time in the future
 until the day I should either die or be too old or
too ill as an old age pensioner to protest or better
 still until the end of The Bird Brothers is nigh!!
 Bring it on, Good Lord!
Windon Reflection of The Big Issue.
About 1:00pm Peter Bird then slipped out of
 the HQ and walked up Bondway and then
headed right onto Parry Street, SW8, where he
then disappeared out of sight. Shortly afterwards,
 aloof granny Linda Driver also left with another
woman as they headed to the close by Vauxhall
Station. It was good to see the back of
Bird and Driver, I must say.
I have so much more to say about my 1AP.
So in Part Three I will next tell you alot more
of what happened at The Big Issue HQ.  I also
 got one hell of a surprise, too, that I'll relate
 next time in this three part series for you. And
 again, I will tell you all about those Dickie
Birds, known as prickhead Peter Bird and 
pigface Anthony John Bird, and what they
 did to me and to many other vendors over
 the past 20 years as they seek to celebrate a
20th birthday this year as if nothing untoward
ever happened at such a vile outfit at its London
 Vauxhall HQ.  If the walls could speak, The
 Big Issue would be completely finished and
condemned forever and ever ... Amen!!
Take care for now, Uncle Monty.
+St. Augustine, The 1st Archbishop
of Canterbury, 2011.
'Sleep rough? I don't sleep, I walk the streets
all night to keep warm.'  By David Cohen.
Bullshit Sleep Out. By Alex Albion.
"As for the sleep out organised by The Big Issue Foundation
last week, it was essentially to benefit the foundation and
not the rough sleepers per se. It was also for The Big
Issue to blow their own 20th Anniversary trumpet. But
as the old saying goes: self-praise is no recommendation
that the operators at the Big Issue always seem to do
whenever is seeks to grab more donations from those
who are unaware of the meaningless behind their bull-
shit and catch-all slogan of "helping the homeless."
The only people it helps is the greasy operators
John and Peter Bird in my candid opinion."
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Graham Sargeant. said...

Oh boy Monty you're written even a more hard hitting story this time than you usually do. Congratulations for telling us all
about The Big Issue, again. I am at
a loss to find any good words to say about those Bird kids and their self-made "empire" by using the homeless to make themselves rich. Monty, be sure to read the report in The Guardian that Bird gave recently to promote himself,
of course. Here it is: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/may/17/john-bird-homeless-big-issue-20-years
It's typical Bird stuff that I
know you detest like me and others
that have never met him. The fall
in the circulation numbers of Bird's publication is something you
should write about. His proclamation that the unemployed
and not just the homeless can now sell the street publication of his is another publicity gimmick by this awful man. I have stopped buying it as a friend and customer of your's since your patch was taken away by him and brother. Sorry I couldn't stop by to visit with you at your protest last week. But reading your story of what happened has been most interesting. It will probably be the same for many of your blog readers. Keep writing hard hitting reports. Don't let up on the Birds.
It should help to keep them in line
at least for awhile, Monty. Best as always - Graham Sargeant.

Anonymous said...

What I was told about you is you should never have been a big issue sellor to start with. You know Sam, who knows you, said you was a criminal in the states. Is that true? You have expressed no gratitude to big issue for helping
you. Instead you do nothing but to find fault with John and Peter. You
say the baddest things about them.
Any time you can say some thing
bad about other big issue people
you do so without a thought for them. You even put down someone
who is a dead sellor. You call yourself a Christian. How dare you
do that when you hurt people to
get even with them. You say John and Peter are hateful and spiteful.
You must be joking? Just look at yourself for you are so hateful and spiteful it makes me angry
everytime I read your stupid words.
God help you, you little pitiful
creature. I dare not leave my name
knowing that you will turn on me
once you know who I am like you do
on other people. Your blog is trash, let me tell you. ah, ah, ah ..

Sally Mitchell. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sally Mitchell. said...

My Answer To Anonymous = Re-Post
I bet you're a paid mouthpiece?
I don't agree with alot that Monty
writes. Nevertheless, I think he
is very good at getting his message across in his blog attacks against Messrs John and Peter Bird. They have handled their suspension of Monty so badly
they are now paying the price for their blunders. Yes, I was told the same thing more or less that Monty was a "criminal" overseas. But what does that have to do with taking his pitch away even though he has committed no crimes there or anywhere in Britain? John Bird is a self-professed ex-criminal himself so why does he treat Monty much worse? Why, I asked him?
= I think the real reason why they
got rid of him was because of his
anti-leftist views that John Bird
was a known adherent and card carrying radical socialist member from his days at the Heinz Soup factory where he worked before he guessed he could make plenty of money by using the homeless.
= Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous you need
to watch what you say about Monty.
He is the best that Big Issue ever
had. They were also jealous of him!
Whatever damage has been done to
the Birds is of their own making.
All that Monty has done is to show
their true colours to the wider public. = My view is the problem is
not Monty it is John and Peter Bird
who have brought their own disrepute on their own con game. Sally Mitchell, a good long and loyal friend of old dearest Monty.