More Strays.

 More Strays Than Homeless.
By Uncle Monty at Sofia.
Sofia Photos By Alex Albion.
There seems to be alot more stray
 and poor dogz on the streetz than
homeless folkz here at the Bulgarian 
capital of Sofia from what I see. That 
isn't to say there aren't the usual city
homeless has found in most capitals
of the world.
What is also striking to me is to find
no public begging or beggars to speak
of. I suspect such is suppressed by the
copz or the culture here. If the home-
less exist - which they surely do - they 
are not seen or heard of, except for an 
occasional sighting of them at say the
busy street corner of Patriarch Evtimiy 
& Vitosha at downtown Sofia.
There's no street paper, obviously
here for the homeless to sell nor any
homeless charities to help such folkz
get off the streetz. Nor any soup runs.
Nor homeless hostels. Nor Day Centres.
 The Bulgarian Orthodox Church
appears to have no involvement with
the issue of homelessness and marginal-
ization of the local people since such
"doesn't exist" officially in Sofia! 
 When I asked at the Salt Palace 
Hotel, where I'm staying, if there
was a problem of homelessness, the
young desk clerk said "nobody talks
about those people," so she remarked
with a finality on the subject
matter to me!
The New Bulgaria has emerged in trying 
hard to catch up with the social and eco-
nomic model of Western Europe to replace
the Old Soviet and Dictatorial Communist
Bulgaria. But no matter which way the 
country now turns, the problem of home-
lessness will no doubt be seen more in the
open and less hidden than it seems to be
now. And while that problem grows,
perhaps the problem of stray dogz is
much easier to resolve in the future than
more folkz landing on the streetz of
Sofia, which is a city of 1.4 million
residents in a country of 7.3 million.
I shall resume my regular blog reports
here at allaboutthebigissue at around
May 15th, 2011 - such closely marks the
day of the first anniversary of my forced
removal from selling The Big Issue by
Britain's ever vile and greedy street paper
owners known as prickhead Peter Bird
& pigface Anthony John Bird or simply
The Bird Brothers - when I am due back 
at homebase at the conclusion of my
"double holidayz." I am aware, too, that 
several responses from my readers to 
my previous stories - most notably on 
the issue of soup runs and the dreadful
Bird Brothers - have yet to be cleared
for posting. I hope to do that fairly
soon, so do be patient!
Cheerz for now, Uncle Monty.
First of May, 2011.
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Strays Being Fed By Homeless
 Person at Bulgaria's Capital of Sofia.
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