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The Big Issue Even More
By Uncle Monty.
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Part 2 of 2.
As The Big Issue becomes more of a dead end publication
with its ever declining circulation, poor ad sales, plummet-
ing donor list, and greater public disrepute, such only helps
 to drag down its street vendors while its co-founder and
pigface Anthony John Bird gives yet another newspaper
interview with all his usual crassness, bigheadedness and
cavalier bad attitude. This is made even more evident
by his recent interview with Rachel Williams 
of The Guardian.
News Archive.
"I am known as irascible, rude," he says. He talks, self-
importantly and at length, about a plethora of schemes and
theories. Sentences are frequently left unfinished as he spins on
 to the next thought. The impression given is that there's no time
 to stop with so many problems to solve and projects to be
devised," writes Rachel Williams. If only good news reporters
like Rachel Williams would stop giving him any credence and
 legitimacy by keep interviewing him as a useless "homeless
guru" that he is, then John Bird would no longer have a free
 platform to promote himself along with free advertising in
 the British national press for his self-serving rag called
"The Big Issue."
Rachel Williams is a reporter for the Guardian. Before
 joining the paper she was ... US Correspondent for the
Press Association, Britain's national news agency.
Homeless, Broke & Hungry, He Openly Declares.
So he's married for the third time, is Bird, which is all news
 to many of you but not to me. His latest lovebird is an Indian
woman called Parveen Sodhi, an Asian Sikh TV producer,
 who is about 25 years younger than him.  He boasts how
he always marries his pregnant girlfriends. For a guy in his
 60's getting women pregnant isn't exactly good for such
 mixed race kidz he's now produced and who when they
become age 20 or so he'll be getting on for his old age of
80's as an Anglo-Irish white duffer if he should then still live.
 He's now fathered at least five kidz through three marriages.
Uncle Monty at The Big Issue HQ last month protesting
against the hideous Bird Brothers on his 1st Anniversary
of being unjustly and unfairly "suspended" as a Big Issue
vendor of 5 years standing by the prickhead Peter Bird.
God damn him!!
Here's more bad stuff about Bird's attitude and life-
style from 7 years ago that was repoted with the
"NEVER in a million years did anyone think that, at 58, John
Bird would be beginning a third marriage with a bride 24 years
 his junior and looking forward to the birth of their baby, due in
March (2004). As the founder of the Big Issue magazine, holder
of the MBE, outspoken social engineer and self-proclaimed cham-
pion of Britain's homeless, the reformed convict and ex-burglar
 was, by his own admission, too busy doing what he did best.
"Namely, working too hard, drinking too heavily, smoking too
much, picking fights and 'wenching', not to mention indulging
in the odd line of cocaine or cannabis joint.
"His behaviour had reached the point where his two adult children
 from his second 20-year marriage - which collapsed ten years
 ago - threatened never to speak to him again unless he stopped.
"So surprise greeted the news that he was marrying Asian
TV producer Parveen Sodhi, 34, already pregnant
with his child six months after their first date.
"'Even I am amazed at how my life has turned out. I never
 thought  I'd get married again, let alone have another child,'
says John, who will marry Parveen at Fulham register office
on August 20, 2004. 'Before I met Parveen I was on self-
destruct, and if I hadn't stopped the … "
I guess my reaction is what a pitiful creature is pigface John
 Anthony Bird, who revels is his pathetic self-conceitness. 
Re-Enactors Support Thames Homeless Project.
The more I learn about John Bird, the more I think he's a
 true weirdo and oddball to say the least. He also sounds
 now like he's some kind of obsolete "Flower Child" from
the 1960's who followed Beatles John Lennon's spiritual
 guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Best telling is Bird's claim
to Kim Greenhouse that he was homeless at age five!
What five year old child knows they're homeless? He
was born January 30, 1946. So he was age 5 in 1951
at the UK post-second world war. Being homeless
was then very common in London due to the earlier
 Blitz and by all the Nazis bombing. So Bird was no
exception really as a homeless child of that time.
Pity they didn't ship him off to Oz, isn't it?
Pigface Anthony John Bird also calls himself a "devout
 ex-Catholic." He is after all an hideous secular humanist
coupled with always being a big greedy "Caviar Socialist."
He got his MBE medal due solely to his socialist connec-
tions with the wicked Blairite/Brownite Governments and
so did his Jewish business buddy Nigel Kershaw, who
heads Big Issue Invest - The Team when he was later
granted an OBE.  So don't believe for one moment they
earned such honours, because they really didn't ... It was
all political from beginning to end and nothing more.
 I even wonder if they gave money to the leftist New
Labour and/or The British Labour Party, too?
In the meantime, John Bird's little prickhead brother Peter
 Bird is looking more and more like a country yokel as he
 mans The Big Issue HQ at London's Vauxhall. Together,
The Bird Brothers are absolute sods - period! They're full
of themselves and their own hate and spite against me, 
they really are.  So no wonder The Big Issue is at even
more of a DEAD END at its upcoming 20th birthday
 at this year's September. Who gives a shit anyway!!
The London Homeless, St. James' Park at Mid-Day.
Black & White Lithograph, September 17th, 1887.
"Sleep that sometimes shuts up sorrow's eye" -
As for declining Big Issue sales, Bird says such has been
stemmed now, at least in London, with him creating re-
gional editions. But if my talks with Big Issue vendors is
any true indicator, then all I hear is how bad sales are
still bad for most of them. I still stand by my prediction
that The Big Issue will plummet to 100,000 copies or
under per week by its 21st year come next year 2012
against its once peak circulation of 166,675 of
a few years ago.
As a  Big Issue vendor, I sold about
 5,800 copies per year to  my customers and Covent
Garden friends. That has now all been lost both to me
and, of course, to the Big Issue circulation since the
vile cad Peter Bird "suspended" me for "bringing The
Big Issue into disrepute."  He's so stupid and asinine
 anyway, "He Doesn't know shit from Shinola," as the
Yankees say.  Whatever, that's at least 5,800 copies
 less per year in circulation and sales for The Big
Issue to sell thru me.  So it's really all downhill
 for the callous Bird Brothers and their crummy
 Big Issue, if the truth be known as they still delude
themselves in this its 20th year of their troubled
 and ignoble history at The Big Issue. Anthony John
Bird himself has squandered 100s of 1000's of quids
 in profits and charity donations over the years in
 his fly-by-night projects, by just two examples only,
 in America and India. He came home with his tail
between his legs, yet still insisted he was a success!
 Classic Bird bullshit!! So has I've said before, John
 Bird should have been sacked years ago along
with his putrid little brother Peter Bird.  They
 make me sick, they do!
The Big Issue's Pigface Anthony John Bird.
All of this leads to today's DEAD END even more for
The Big Issue. There is a constant state of denial at The
 Big Issue. Its movers and shakers are so smug. And so
hell bent on its useless existence, they cannot see the end
of their clogged-up nose. But alas, reality will eventually
set in and by that time it will be too late for the stinking
and sinking Bird Brothers and their entourage of brown
 nosers and their paid minions of "Yes Men & Wo-
men." The end of the reign for pigface Anthony John
Bird is nearer than he thinks. Mark my words for his
 Big Issue dayz are ever increasingly numbered and
 the end of The Big Issue will quickly follow suit
once he's out of the way. The quicker the better,
 I say. Bravo!!
But one word of caution for now: Old Bird might just
have one or two of his adult kidz from his second
marriage already set to step into the worn out shoes
 of their divorced daddy. If that happens, God knows
what The Big Issue will then become leading upto its
ultimate demise as a publication that is sold off the
backs of the homeless, the vunerable, the unem-
ployed, and the marginalized. I can also see the day
when The Big Issue is legally ban for failing to pay
 such people on the streets and to ensure they are
insured and given pensions under the need and
laws of corporate responsibility by The Big Issue
toward its presently outrageous and legal exploit-
ation of its thousands of street vendors all across
the United Kingdom. They're free labour for
The Bird Brothers at no two ways about it!!
As always, Uncle Monty.
+The Apostles Sts. Peter & Paul, 2011.
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British Armed Forces Day
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Anonymous said...

Listen up Bird
you aint nothing more

mickey r. said...

each to his or her own opinion. anonymous must know the fellow john bird well to make such a sucker punch comment. even uncle monty in his real anger against john and peter bird would never
go so far as to call them "mother f**kers". i think such comments lower the tone of an otherwise provocative and controversial blog against big issue and the birds. i emailed monty asking him to remove anonymous's comments. he refused. he said it was all part of free speech even if it was very
course in tone. i disagree with him and anonymous although i have a negative impression of those chaps the bird pair. please monty, filter out course people like anonymous in the future otherwise i may stop reading your outspoken blog. mickey r. 2 july, 11.