Came Then.

Came Then Tim Hethrington.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Gary Day & Alex Albion.
Part 3 of 3.
Tim Hethrington, not his real name, is the kind of
high-powered attorney who flies to New York for
early morning breakfast and then flies back home to
London for late evening supper! Tim is something
like what the old British broadcaster David Frost
(now Sir David) use to do via The Concorde when he
would fly to New York to do his series of television
interviews with Richard Nixon after the fall of "Ticky
Dicky" as the disgraced president of the United
States that resulted from the 1974 Watergate
 Scandal. I lived in America during the infamous
scandal that rocked the nation and also met Nixon
twice in 1969 and 1971. And strange as it may
seem, Tim Hethrington reminds me of
David Frost very much.
And so there I surprisingly saw Tim Hethrington out
of the corner of my eye has he was leaving Starbucks
- next door to The Big Issue HQ - while I sat there to
mark my 1st Anniversary Protest (1AP) of the unjust
 and arbitrary suspension last year by the hideous
and shallow Peter and Anthony John Bird as a vun-
erable vendor of theirs. They accused me of "bringing
The Big Issue into disrepute." So they callously got rid
of me without any due process of law or any appeal
 process against their malicious decision. They are,
after all, a complete law unto themselves as the vile
Bird Brothers of The Big Issue, which is the UK's
weekly rag sold by the exploited homeless folkz to
 make the brothers rich and spoiled and mean.
At first Tim was puzzled at my call, but then he soon
 realized it was me and we quickly came together to
shake hands heartily. "How are you Monty?," was the
 first thing he asked with me with his usual kindness
and caring and humanity.
"I thought you'd returned to the States, Monty, since
 I hadn't seen you anymore in Long Arce," declared
Tim. "What happened then?," he asked of me. I
told him of what prickhead Peter Bird and pigface
Anthony John Bird had done to me and Tim was
 none too pleased. A law partner once based
 at No. 90 Long Acre - within yards of where my
 Big Issue pitch stood for 5 great years until it was
 then callously destroyed by the heartless and
greedy Bird Boyz a year ago. I shall never forgive
or forget what the bastard Bird Boyz did to me.
 Tim Hethrington listened attentively to what I
told him. He also wanted to know how my anti-
Big Issue protest was going. I told him so far,
so good! "Since you disappeared, I don't buy
 The Big Issue like I did from you," so stated
the good Anglo-American lawyer.
He also asked after my dear and generous friend
Contessa Maria, who Tim himself has met a couple
 of times at my pitch when she would also visit me
there. I told him she is getting frail now - after her
 recent second fall - and I fear for her survival
 not far from where the disgraced ex-IMF boss
Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) is now resid-
ing near her under his forced house arrest after
 being accused by some New York black African
 immigrant and Muslim women and HIVer of sex
crimes against her. I am confident he will walk
free after the hideous black wench is accordingly
 proved an hysterical liar and false accuser against
DSK. And so he should then be free, especially
after what happeened rudely to him also happened
quite similiar to me in America some 12 years ago.
I wish DSK the very best!
Tim Hethrington, the only son of a native New
 Englander from Vermont and a true Scottish
mum, graduated from Harvard Law School and
 now specializes in Admiralty Law, and also odddly,
 in intellectual property law, too. About in his late
40's, Tim is married with three kidz who he adores
 like his misses. They're as Anglican as could be
like me! "Would you like to come and visit us at
Marlow sometime during the summer, Monty?,"
 broached Tom Hethrington in his friendly in-
vitation to me. "Most certainly, I would," I 
happily replied to him. So Marlow here I
come! That's how kind this fine lawyer is and
 I was so glad by chance to see him again at
of all places at my 1AP spot at The Big Issue 
HQ.  Bravo, Tim!!! And, down forever
with the low life and vile Bird Boyz ...
He apologized to me that he needed to go for
an appointment with one of his clients and we
 exchanged e-mails again and then just as he
was about to leave Tim Hethrington gently put
a welcomed 50 quid note in my OAP's hand
 and said he hoped it would help me. Tim, like
Contessa Maria, has always been a generous
person to me and to others who they seems
 to hold much empathy toward people on the
streets. I thanked him so very much. So off
Tim went only to suddenly turn around and
come right back to me. Without saying another
word, he then gave me yet another £50.00.
Grand total: 100 quid from Tim Hethrington.
 I said to myself, gleefully!!
Ex-Homeless Sam Woodlock:
The Big Issue's Nasty "Hatchet Woman."
Just moments after Tim had gone, a young lady
stopped at my protest spot and gave me a nice
packed lunch even though I did know the kind
lady nor had I ever seen her before. "Take this,
daring," she ordered as I was surprised to get
such a lovely lunch from a perfect stranger.
Such kindness proved yet again to me how
tight and unkind The Big Issue HQ folkz are
when they never even offered me a small
plastic cup of tap water let alone a hot cuppa
tea as I sat for some 8 hours at their head-
quarters. Not one of them offered me a
thing! They claim they care, they do!
But they're full of bullshit, I think!!
They're much like Sam Woodlock - who I have
mistakenly described previously as Woollock
 instead of Woodlock - that is, I guess, her marr-
ied surname as the London Covent Garden's Big 
Issue distributor for the past 12 years. It is such
a pity she's the Bird |Boyz' "Hatchet Woman,"
 (shown above) instead of a great writer that she
 could possibly be in her own right. Sam or
Samantha can, however, be like a prison guard 
when she behaves as cold as ice. Or she can
show her nice side when she's around the
callous and manipulating Bird Boyz.  No,
 I didn't see her at my 1AP since she hardly
shows her stern face at HQ thesedays. What-
ever, she's also one of the "YES WOMEN" to
 the "big fake impresario" Anthony John Bird
just like his stiff granny staffer Linda Driver,
 who is almost as bad as that dead colonic jerk
John Branagan once was. See him below.
Dead Colonic Jerk John Branagan, Once
Big Issue Vendor No. 296. Nasty Cad!
While The Big Issue's Calvin Driver, on the other
hand, is the kind of great guy most folkz can and do
get along with. He treats the vendors right, unlike
 those shyster distributors at Covent Garden who
oftentimes treat vendors like "SHIT." Pardon my
French! Just watch Sam Woodlock and her "pretty
 face" hubby Tom, along with weirdo Steve Farrell,
all of them ex-homeless, treating other homeless
folkz today again like SHIT!! Excuse my French,
again! Thank God for Calvin ...
The Postman Cometh With Snail Mail for The
 Big Issue HQ as seen below. Of the 25 or so
 folkz I counted going thru the same door, like
 the postie, as either workers or volunteers -
who operate a begging phone bank at HQ - as
they looked like a motley group of oddballs to
 say the least and many were college kid-types
who are undoubtedly imbued with either a
condescending or naive attitude toward "helping
the homeless." While at the same time, making
 the hideous Bird Boyz even richer by the day
and always making them such off the backs of
their exploited Big Issue vendors all across the
 UK. John Bird tried also to do that once in
America and fell flat on his pigface and who
squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars
 from Big Issue donors in his asinine bighead-
edness in USA with his business pal Nigel
Kershaw in tow. The same has now happened 
for Bird  inside India at where it seems he has
 also been "bombed," so to speak, at Bombay!
 John Bird is really for the birds, literally. He
should have been sacked years ago, but he's
 the big bad boss of his own making. To hell
with him, I say, and his little prickhead brother
Peter Bird, too. There is nothing good
about them - period!
Thru the filthy and dirty HQ windows, the tacky
 sign below was stuck by sticky tape telling the
 disinterested world all about "This Week's ISSUE."
 Who gives a damn about such a tacky and sticky sign!
By mid-afternoon things had quietened down quite
 abit at The Big Issue HQ. My First Anniversary
 Protest (1AP) against The Big Issue was a quiet
affair, too. Nevertheless, I was pleased with the
public and vendor response to my protest which
was an eye opener for some folkz.  To encounter
Tim Hethrington again was perhaps the most
enjoyable experience of my protest coupled
with his kind gift to me.  I shall hold again next
year my 2nd Anniversary Protest and hopefully
 continue doing so on an annual basis or until
The Bird Brothers themselves have finally flown
their greedy nest at The Big Issue. In the mean-
time, look out for them to make yet another
 big money killing out of their upcoming 20th
Anniversary Celebration: 1991-2011. I shall
 be watching very closely and duly do my re-
porting of what I find about its twenty years
of using the homeless and the marginalized
to make huge profits for the conceited and
callous Anthony John  Bird and his paid
 minions over the dark years 
of The Big Issue. 
Let me leave the final word about my 1AP
 to my friend Sally Mitchell, who wrote her e-
mail regarding me after an earlier anonymous
 message was posted in the letter section
of allaboutthebigissue.
This Is What Sally Said:
"My Answer To Anonymous = I bet you're
a paid mouthpiece? I don't agree with alot what
Monty writes. Nevertheless, I think he is very
good at getting his message across in his blog
 attacks against Messrs John and Peter Bird.
They have handled their suspension of
Monty so badly they are now paying the price
for their blunders. Yes, I was told the same thing
more or less that Monty was a "criminal" overseas.
 But what does that have to do with taking his pitch
away even though he has committed no crimes
 there or anywhere else.
= I think the real reason why they got rid of him was
 because of his anti-leftist views that John Bird was a
known adherent and card carrying radical socialist
 member from his days at the Heinz Soup factory
where he worked before he guessed he could
make plenty of money by using the homeless.
= Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous you need to watch what
you say about Monty. He is the best that Big Issue
 ever had. They were also jealous of him!
Whatever damage has been done to the Birds is
of their own making. All that Monty has done is
to show their true colours to the wider public.
 = My view is the problem is not Monty it is John and
Peter Bird who have brought their own disrepute
 on their own con game. Sally Mitchell, a good
long and loyal friend of old dearest Monty.
Sally Mitchell. May 30th, 2011.
Oh, and this story "Came Then" is now the
50th story to be posted so far on this blog of
allaboutthebigissue within a year of starting
it to highlight and to expose all that's wrong
with The Big Issue and its vile Bird Boyz ...
And before I forget, thankz Gary Day, a new
friend of mine, for recording and taking
pictures of my 1st Anniversary Protest.
Thankz again, Gary ...
All Isn't Well, When
Things Don't End Well, Uncle Monty.
+The ASCENSION, 2011.
Feedback & Comments
Now the first anniversay next week of the OD
death of the well-known English eccentric Sebastian
 Horsley, sadly at age 47, who I show below from
one of  my images I took of him when he visited 
my Big Issue pitch from time to time. Sebastian
 was one of my most unusual customers, I must say.
 I liked him alot. But, The Bird Brothers also threw
Sebastain away as the hateful and spiteful pair
 of sods that they are when they destroyed my
 Covent Garden pitch at London, in the same
year as Sebastian Horsley's untimely and
unneeded death ... RIP, my friend!
Dames of Old. By Uncle Monty.
New stories coming soon by Uncle Monty:
Steep Decline & Fall of The  Big
Issue's Weekly Circulation.
"For Once In Awhile, I Got Something Right,"
is another upcoming story by Uncle Monty
on his speech two days ago, as an invited
 keynote speaker, about feeding the homeless
 and hungry inside Britain's capital city with the
gracious presence of the Archbishop of
Westminster himself and several hundreds
 of other invited and distinquished guests at
Soho Square. Along with a recorded tele-
vsion interview after his resounding speech.
The two real ladies (shown in the above lead
caption photo with me) are two old friends
of mine attending the same invited event.
They, along with many others present,
were most supportive of what I said.
Thankz again dear ladies!!
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