Speech of Thankz

For Once In Awhile, I Did Something Right.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Gray Day & Alex Albion.
All too often, many of the homeless either fail or forget to
thank those who have freely and kindly fed them at soup
 runs or at day care centres or at church-run food programs.
 London Soho's St. Patrick's, for example, has for years
fed the homeless yet I have rarely heard a homeless person
there say "thank u" to the voluntary kitchen staff or to
 Father Alexander Shelbrooke, who runs the program that
 he started with only a handful  of hungry street people 8
or 9 years ago to now some 175 or more every week.
I oftentimes went to St. Patrick's myself to be fed and
 I always made sure that I thanked the St. Patrick's folkz
for feeding me. It costs nothing to give thankz, so why
 not give such?
So when I was invited to speak last week about the church
 feeding the homeless, I immediately set about expressing the
 thankz of the countless homeless folkz who have been fed,
year in and year out, at St. Patrick's without as much as a
"thank u" or "please" to those who have fed them. And
 also to those who have paid for the food!!
So in my little speech of thankz, I felt for once in awhile, I
did something right by speaking on behalf of those home-
less who have been so freely fed at St. Patrick's, and
elsewhere, yet have all too often overlooked the need
and good manners to say "thankz."
In my little speech of thankz, which I gave to several
hundreds of St. Patrick's benefactors with such distin-
guished persons as Archbishop Vincent Nichols of
Westminster and Bishop James D. Conley of Denver,
 Colorado, I remarked that the newly-excuvated and
 spacious basement centre at Soho will help feed even
 more of the homeless in the future thankz to such gener-
ous and steadfast benefactors who have given unceasing
support to feeding the London homeless under the 
spirited direction of the good Father Alexander.
In the presence of His Grace, who is the presiding head
of the Holy Catholic Church in all of England &
Wales, I stood up and declared in my simple speech what
I felt was needed to be said to publicly thank those who
 have fed us without as much as a "thunk u" or "please"
from all too many UK homeless of the streets.  Much to
 my surprise and relief, my little speech of five pages
 long was apparently overwhelmingly and positively 
received by the invited guests from all over the world.
And even though I say it, the speech was received
with almost a standing ovation. My goodness me!!
ALAN - The Homeless Street Artist At Covent
Garden Who Refuses To Sell The Big Issue Saying
"(John) Bird Doesn't Care a F**K about the home-
less only the profits he makes for himself." ALAN
would oftentimes come and visit me at my own Big
Issue Covent Garden pitch, until the bloody bastards
 Peter & Anthony John Bird destroyed it
 all out of their known hatred and spitefulness ...
Here Then Is My Little Speech of Thankz:
The St. Patrick's Script.
I'm Monty.
"I am delighted to be back at wonderful St. Patrick's where
I first came as a homeless person some 6 years ago to eat
dinner among the many other homeless that St. Patrick's has
 freely fed under the priestly guidance of the good Father
Alexander Shelbrooke and his voluntary kitchen staff.
"The newly-excavated and spacious basement centre beneath
 this historic parish church is a crowning achievement of the
extraordinary and marvellous restoration made possible only
by the generous and steadfast benefactors of St. Patrick's.
"The new centre will help serve even more of the homeless in
the future thanks to those of you who responded overwhelm-
ingly to the parish's £4 Million Appeal in this 21st century.
"As a result of that, we now also see the gracious presence of
 His Grace, Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster along
with the visiting American auxiliary Bishop James D. Conley
 of Denver, Colorado.
"Along with such priestly servants, I want on behalf of the
 many homeless to recognise and to thank deeply the St.
Patrick's benefactors who have given unceasing support
 to feeding the homeless and the hungry like me, and who
happens to be yet a sinful Anglican, seeking not just food
 per se, but also spiritual comfort and warmth that the good
Father Alexander has so freely and so kindly given to me
 and to those many homeless of various faiths and creeds
from around the world.
"St. Patrick's is a welcoming haven open to all homeless men
 and women no matter their skin colour, their nationality, their
 belief, their nature, their ideology and/or their personal situation.
"It is therefore just and proper to give deep thanks to those
God-fearing benefactors that have made it possible for me
and many other homeless to partake in the whole spiritual
 body of St. Patrick's.
"And above and beyond just being fed good and wholesome
food, we have also been consistently fed with spiritual and
godly abundance to nurture our being and our worth despite
 our given plight.
"Therefore, I then say, BRAVO to all the kind and thoughtful
St. Patrick's benefactors as I stand here humbly and happily
before you all at what I call 'The New St. Patrick's.'
"Bravo, again say I. And thank you one and all for what
you have done in the good name of Father Alexander
and the Archdiocese of Westminster.
"I'm Monty, the sinful and once homeless Anglican.
Thank you all again!
( F I N I S )
Homeless Vendor & Homeless Dog Rush Inside
 The Big Issue Headquaters at London's Vauxhall.
Irish Television Cameraman Who Interviewed Me.
After my little speech of thanks, I was interviewed by
Irish TV and almost feted by the huge crowds both
 inside and outside St. Patrick's last week. I was
especially touched by the guy who was homeless
among the crowd and told me that he will make sure
to give thankz in future to those who feed him!!!
Bravo! Then a lady from Glasgow also stopped me
and said she felt my speech spoke to her heart since
 she volunteers each week to feed the local Glasgow
 homeless. Then a London socialite also spoke with
me and wanted to know what she could do to help
the homeless even more. I told her to talk with
the good Father Alexander since he always needs
even more helping handz to fed the growing num-
bers of hungry homeless coming in waves at St.
 Patrick's. "I thought I might help The Big Issue,"
THE STREETZ," I told the well to do lady,
almost emphatically. She looked at me with open
 eyes and I told her what The Big Issue had done
so nastily to me and other vendors under the vile
 Bird Brothers, who she said she'd never met her-
self. "Well, you haven't missed much ...," I told the
jewellery-encrusted lady in perhaps her mid-30's
 but with lots of "big dough" from what I could see
of her and who spoke with lovely charm to me.
Another quite young gentlemen appeared who was
himself a former Anglican and now a new Catholic
priest, said he was overjoyed to hear my little speech
 of thankz. He said he's been afraid to work with the
homeless since he believed many were violent and
unstable as people on the streetz. I told him the
homeless are like most folkz - they range from the
good, bad and indifferent of all humanity. I encour-
aged him to consider getting involved and we
 promptly exchanged e-mail addresses and I was
delighted to hear from him just the next day and he
 then invited me to attend a garden party next month
that will now also endeavour to raise funds for the
 homeless in his parish. Bravo! I wrote back to him
by accepting his kind invitation. But I also told the
young priest not to ever give any money raised at
 the upcoming garden party to The Big Issue. "Give
to The Passage or St. Patrick's or St. Martin's
Connexions, but never ever to The Big Issue sodz.
Never, ever ...," when I replied to him. Then an
elderly and a rather plump Swiss investment banker
 made a B-line toward me. "Monty, if i may call you
by your first name, that was a terrific speech by you."
With his gorgeous and sun-kissed looking wife hang-
ing tightly onto his thick right arm, the bespectacled
man said he was once a parishioner at St. Patrick's
before migrating to Geneva as an international banker.
"I know nothing about people who are homeless,"
he declared with stunning forthrightness. "What
should my wife and I know about them?, he asked
me like he was seeking a crash 101 course on
homelessness. "All you need to know," I told him,
"is to ask yourself what you can do to help those
who aren't as fortunate as you and your wife." He
looked at my like daggers and was dumfounded
and confounded by what I had said. I quickly added,
 "Have you ever thought about befriending a homeless
 person and perhaps arranging a place for him or her
 off the streets?," as he looked even more dumfounded
at me and he reacted by saying: "My wife would never
allow a stranger in the house. Someone homeless
would compromise our security, wouldn't they?"
It was like talking to a brick wall and I simply had
no intention of wasting any further time with such
 social idiotz. So off the wealthy couple went, only
 to be greeted next by my old friends Maria and Tim
Church, who are devout Catholics and tremendous
 supporters of St. Patrick's and especially of Father
Alexander. They were invited, of course, to the fan-
tastic dinner with His Eminence the eminent cardinal.
 Maria & Tim have long served and supported the
 homeless at every twist and turn. To me, they are
special people in their own right after knowing
 them personally for over six years now.
My little speech of thankz was for me a memorable
evening. Topped off by a maginficent invitation two
 dayz later for me to join His Eminence, Cardinal George
 Pell of Australia, for the five-course dinner held in his
honour. What an evening that was for me, too, and
 those selected ladies and gentlemen who supped with
the eminent cardinal and who I enjoyed having an on
 and off conversation both before and during the two
 and half hour dinner and along with the wonderful
repartee among the other delightful dinner guests.
The husband who murdered his wife to cover up the fact that he
was a SHE and other haunting police mugshots from 1920s Australia.
By Wil Longbotton.
So For Once In Awhile, I Did Something Right, Uncle Monty.
+Ephrem, Teacher of the Faith, 2011.
The Above Lead Photo Caption of Grace Robertson,
89, with me - that was taken just yesterday - is a story
 of how as a Scots-born lady went out to Rhodesia and
had her white farm seized by the avenging black criminal
Robert Mugabe and his criminal thugz of Zimbebwe
some 25 years ago. She lost everything and returned
 homeless and penniless to England only to find herself 
put in dirty hostels with drug addicts and petty street 
criminals. It took Grace Robertson over 5 years to be
given a small flat to stay in with her only daughter, who
was also robbed (and luckily not to have been also
raped) by those same criminal thugz of Mugabe. "To
be homeless was like being insane," Grace told me and
 at where we regularly get together at the St. George's
 Monthly Lunch. Grace is a pure inspiration to me.
 "Look dear, don't fret at all about Big Issue. It's just
another one of those so-called charities making pots
of money while the homeless beg and starve."
What words of wisdoms from Grace Robertson
and she's so right, of course!!
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By Uncle Monty. Photos By Gary Day & Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
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