More of Grace.

More of Grace.
By Grace Robertson.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Re the ghastly horrible Mrs. DAME Shirley Porter.
She and Mrs. Margaret Thatcher are a right pair. I met
 her fairly soon after I returned to UK so that was 24 years
ago. It was a meeting about an organisation which appears
 to have disappeared. She was of extremely strong Jewish
 appearance. The dreadful bit.............I was heavily involved
 in raising money re War on Want because it was about a
cause extremely dear to my  heart......homelessness. As
 far as I remember she spoke really quite movingly
about her involvement in helping this group.
 It was some time before I discovered............it became
public knowledge........that was in fact SELLING houses
destined for the homeless. Needless to say she fled to
Israel and, if she has returned here which I didn't know,
it's no gain to UK although with all this current hideous
criminal behaviour being exposed re hacking maybe she
 should feel right at home. I have always felt such strong
 faith in the Police......I am saddened beyond belief to
 hear that they're so easily bought. This country is truly
becoming more and more of a pit.....it has definitely
deteriorated since I came here 24 years ago. The
downslide appears to be gaining momentum, too.
Shameless Lady Shirley Porter.
Grace Without A Title Is Still A Real Lady!!
I never read the Big Issue although I always give the people
 begging £1. It's easy to try to decide if they really need it
or not but one has simply no way of knowing....... I regret
never even having the time to read a newspaper and it is
so many years I sat down and actually read a book that
I fear I may be semi literate by now.
I've come to the conclusion that there are comparatively
few genuine organisations "helping" either the handicapped
or the homeless. All too many seem to be in it for themselves
and one could go round the bend just trying to fathom it all.
Another thing I realised shortly after coming to UK was
that if I made my objections/criticisms too vocal, I'd suffer
 as a result. Oh yes we are certainly in a Police state.
I'm grieved to read what your opinion of John Bird and
brother is and I am sure you represent others who feel
the same about them. The more I hear of charities here
re both homeless and handicapped the more amazed
 and sick I become.
Grace The Nice and Witty Scottish Lady Listening
To Uncle Monty's Public Condemnation of the Bird
Bothers At Lunch Gathering of St. Andrew's.
I've only been in here where I am five years and from the
 minute i arrived here I've been trying to move to Grove Park
where I lived for 12 years about 1988 to 2000 more or less.
Try as i might I could not manage to move back there and
 really only in the very recent past have realised Our
Lord means I should remain here.
(Living in) an extremely wealthy borough is also extremely mean
on compassion and care for such people who are homeless or
 mentally hadicapped. Wealth and meanness go together I think.
The saddest thing in my entire life is the fact that I am
stuck till death in this pit (at where I live.) I learnt to hate
Britain way back when I was 20 and living in Germany
as part of the Army of the Occupation. I had been brain-
washed all my childhood about Britain being so utterly
wonderful. I nearly flipped when I saw the Council
housing in Germany. All of us women were billeted in
blocks of one bedroom flat in places never bombed.
I could not believe my eyes........cavity wall insulation,
double glazing, central heating, under sink waste
disposal..........All this had been built in the 30s. To
this day we have no equivalent socially affordable
 housing of such standards, 70 years after those
flats were built.
Anyway, this has meant I am only very recently settling myself
in here.....almost as though i had just moved here recently. I've
been doing blitzing on my mountain of paper work and other
 things in my home. I was totally blessed quite recently in man-
aging AT LAST to find a suitable handyman for the pile of
odd jobs which had piled up. I am hugely pleased with him.
My friend in Grove Park has had the same problem.....both
of us literally running ourselves into the ground trying to find
a decent guy for odd jobs. We're equally disadvantaged in
 not knowing one single man between us. Or find someone
who talks about news.......blessings....... It's absolutely nuts
but that we are almost forbidden to talk with the men in our
respective churches. Talk about boneheads. At our age could
we conceivably be looking for romantic attachments???????
We're only in our 80's ...
Are U So Sure? Homelessness Is Not A Crime!
You know housing has always been used as a weapon
here. As a generation before (most of you) I can assure
you of this. I was even aware of it in Scotland when I
was a child living in a tenement building, sharing a
toilet with four other families. The English, and it is
mainly the English rather than British, put out the
 idea that if one does not own property it makes one
socially low class. This is the cleverest idea ever
invented since the pathetic English are so appal-
lingly concerned with this "class" business.
Apparently Britain holds more people living in
property they own or are buying than any other
country in the civilised world. It's all
about this "class" eyewash.
I wrote to the Prime Minister (David Cameron) but
the Murdoch thing was still blazing across the news so
 perhaps my complaints loom rather small in comparison.
It is very obvious that his judgement in engaging Andy
Coulson was sadly at fault don't you think ? Cameron
is a man of minute experience.........Too young to have
so much power. I was continuously amused or rather
BEmused by the constant reiteration from the two
Murdochs (Rupert & James) as to how little they
 knew about ANYTHING. They painted themselves
so underinformed that I began to wonder what was
the point of all the back door visiting by them to
various politicians of various shades and hues. One
began to think they must have been arranging all these
 oh so secret meetings to discuss the latest moves in
Scrabble. It did not take long for both Murdochs to
 melt off into the bright blue yonder did it. It is being
 said they will be back to answer whatever however
I am very sure this will depend heavily on the amount
of the backhander involved. One can only be thankful
 to God for the privilege we have of being small and
insignificant in the world. That fact is precious as
rubies and long may it continue for me at least.
Anonymity is marvellous.
But Always Give To Street Vendor ...
I think it was a week ago yesterday or was it a fortnight
 ago yesterday. A week passes like five minutes. Fell off my
 steps while pushing an electrical plug into a high point on the
wall. It's for charging batteries (for my four-wheel mobility).
 No idea why previous tenant made it so high or maybe it was
 the tenant before that. I like it because it lights up while char-
ging and, being high, I can see when the batteries are cooked.
 It was a Sat I fell off and I discovered something I didn't know,
namely that one cannot get a doctor from surgery on Sats.
Through a circuitous route I found the District Nurse. When
I fell, I fell onto the metal rim between kitchen and passage
and had a very deep cut which was simply spurting blood.
 She came to me some four times, and I enjoyed her hugely.
Irish. She is going to drop in when in the area which
I will welcome. I really took to her.
I think this is how one feels when one is "stoned".
All in all, I managed about one hour of sleep.
 Not to worry. Bye for now,
Grace Robertson.
Caption Image: The Big Issue's Very Own Prick
Peter Bird. Graphic By Alex Albion.
So Where's Your Phantom  Investigation?
By Uncle Monty.
Peanut Peter Bird of The Big Issue, Like His Pigface
Brother Anthony John Bird, Thinks He's A Law Unto
Himself! He's The Same Sod Who Deliberately Des-
troyed Everything I Had Produced at My 5-Year
Big Issue Pitch, At London's Covent Garden, When
 He Suddenly & Capriciously Suspended Me In
 Cahoots With His Pigface Brother & The Vile Big 
Issue Minions At Their London HQ.  I'll Never
 Ever Forgive Such BI Bastards For What They
 Did To Me. NEVER!! My Memory Is Always
Long & Deep ... Oh, And They Gave Me Nothing
In Writing & Therefore The Prick's So-Called
"Suspension" Carries No Just Weight or Legality 
In British Law. I'm Still Waiting, Mind You, For
The Prick Peter Bird To Show Me The Results of
His "Investigation" Against Me After More Than
A Year Now Since He Illegally Did What He Did
To Me. So, Tell Me Where's Your "Phantom
Investigation," Peter Prick?
I am also informally informed from inside "The
Belly of the Beast," that the useless 20th birthday
of The Big Issue will result in it publishing a
bumper edition for September 19-25, 2011.
Be sure NOT TO BUY IT!!
Truly, Uncle Monty. +Lammastide, 2011.
Lammas + Ramadan. By Uncle Monty.
Pay To Pray.
The Greed of Westminster Council Is Almost Criminal!
No Doubt The Dipstick Atheists, Sickening Secularists
& Hideous Humanists Will All Be Delighted.
Surprise Summer Gift From
Dear Contessa Maria To Me!
Click on image to read text.
Photo By Gary Day.
"How Can The Woman Say She's Proud To Be British
When She's Not Even Bloody British, But Probably Yet
Another African Immigrant, or Muslima, or Fake Asylum
Seeker, Just Milking The UK Benefit System For All It's
Worth? So, They Also Gave Her an EU-Issued Passport!
 So What? Having Such An Iffy Passport Doesn't Make
 Her Really  British No Matter What She Says or Thinks.
British or Not, For Godsake Get Us Out of The
Wicked Socialist Tyranny of The Evil EU!!"
Alex Albion.
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Try An Amnesty. said...

Hi Monty: As a customer of your's while you had your spot at Long
Acre, I feel that what has happened since is that while Big Issue seems to have won the war
it looks like now the Birds have lost their battle against you. Reading your blog has shown you have taken the battle to them.
I propose some kind of "general amnesty," if I should call it that, by the Birds for the 20th Annivesary of Big Issue by letting you back to resume your well known spot at Long Acre. I am not sure if the Birds have such magnanimity in them. What is important is to close this war and battle between you three. I don't know the individual Birds, but I do know you. What I was told about you
by the staff at Covent Garden really doesn't matter when the Big Issue owner is himself a self-confessed criminal. So why punish you when he isn't a saint himself?
Guys take a deep breath. Now start working out your problem together. As you know, I also signed your petition awhile back. I think there was over 1,600 others who had signed it. Perhaps the Birds should not ignore that in my proposal for them to take that into consideration to offer you a general amnesty for its 20th Anniverary. Best wishes to the three of you. Pip.
PS, Once you are back, I will start
again to buy Big Issue from you.
I don't now since they forced you out. I still miss seeing you.

Cameron McGregor of Oban. said...

Grace, you do look as good as you
write for an 89 year old lady. That's my compliment to a lady like you from this young bloke at
40 and who is almost 50 years younger than you. I read Monty's blogs regularly. The best he's done is to have published your straight forward thoughts and the photos of you. I think if you ever met that Porter woman again, you'd give her a piece of your sharp mind. I hope you will write more for us. Please take great care. Sincerely, Cameron McGregor of Oban, Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Grace Robertson all the very best
from all of us at Renfrew. You're a
Bonnie Lass .......

Broadsword XXIX. said...

Ah! Me as a big issue seller says u
dont come back only over my dead body. Do u get me mate? hope u do.
u are just a rotton old bastard making trouble by what u do or say. The way its going u could get
u're fucking head kicked in if u come back as I see it now. Tread with dread. Me is Broadsword XXIX.

Zane Zane - ZZ said...

Broadsword stop threatening. It only gives all sellors a bad name.
They don't need that. Nor does Monty need anymore grief from people associated with Vauxhall.
We know who to come to if any harm
befalls him. Broadsword 29 will
be known as the obvious perpetrator unless her dead body
is discovered next to Vauxhall
for Monty to jump to photograph.
Go then jump in front of a red bus to rid the world of Broadsword
before doing us any further harm.
Let us meet before we find that dead person under that red bus. It sounds good to us. How about Miss Broadsword??????????? Zane Zane
is my name. ZZ.