Homeless Everywhere Inside Paris. By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Gary Day & Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
One of the first things to hit you about the homeless
inside Paris, is the scheming sham called "The
International Homeless Association for Children
and Orphans" (IHACO) with Romanian and
French gypies women working in groups of 8 to
10 at time at Nord Paris railway station at where
the Eurostar arrives from London. Another group
of gypsy women also work the IHACO scam at
The Eiffel Tower and among other crowded spots
at where many tourists and visitors are prime targets
for gathering donations from the unsuspecting like me.
I'd just got off the Eurostar and was walking away from
 Nord Paris when I was appraoched by a young woman
 for a donation for the Paris homeless. I was asked to sign
their appeal, which I did not.  However, I immediately
 gave three euro only to be told that my donation was
NOT enough! There was, I was informed in their
leftlet, a minimum of a 5 Euro donation (give
or take 5 quid). What gall!!
I promptly told the begging woman that if she wasn't
 satisfied with what I had given, then she was welcome
to give me my money back, which of course she did
 not. She then showed me a list of names with sizable
donations next to the names of those who had allegedly
 given at least 20 Euro to IHACO. The con then became
obvious to me only after seeing the list and being told I
needed to give a minimum of 5 Euro. When unsuspec-
ting travelling folks do give and then sign the IHACO
 donation list, the scam artists then add later an
 inflated amount next to the name to convince the
 next victim to give the same amount or more.
 I saw the same homeless scam going on each day in
Paris with different sets of gypsy women while I was
 in the French capital. The same con artists combine
their other racket called "Association of Deaf-Mute
People" (ADMP). Thus, many of those women act
as deaf-mutes when working the streets. I suspect
 few if any are truly deaf-mute and worse still the
money or donations they collect for the homeless
and deaf-mutes is probably for the big crime bosses
of some international criminal syndicate operating
from out of Romania or some where else in Eastern
or Western Europe. I saw no effort by the police to
 round up and arrest such gypies or to put the
 IHACO and ADMP out of business.
In any event, just walking to the nearest underground
 Metro station was enough to see the grim reality of the
 Paris homeless as I first saw a young black homeless
guy curled up at the entrance steps with a small blue
cover and an empty can of beer next to him (see him
 in the above lead caption image). The more you
get inside Paris, the more you'll see scores
more of the homeless everywhere.
Homeless for about 10 years, but he says
he is "happy" to stay that way at Paris!!
Really messed-up was she with her boyfriend at the
corner of Avenue du Franklin D. Roosevelt. Both are
 Paris homeless and both looked to stay that way.
Homeless Players Playing Board Games at Paris
2011 Homeless World Cup (HWC) that was held at
 Champ de Mars  in the shadow of The Eiffel Tower.
Moments After Their French Magazine Photoshots,
Three Homeless Players from 2011 Paris HWC.
On & Off Homeless Cleaning Car Windshields
with their squeegees at major Paris Intersection.

Paris Poor, Homeless & French-Speaking Immigrants
 Visiting Free HIV/Aids Clinic Near Nord Paris.
This scene of a homeless man could be in
any major city of the world today, although it
was actually taken inside The Heart of Paris.
There is no such thing as The Big Issue in Paris for the
 homeless and unemployed to sell.  In fact, under French
 law it is ban from existence and the commandeering of
public street spots to sell something like The Big Issue
is outlawed. Nor would Bird & Co. be allowed to
exploit the homeless to make huge corporate profits
off the back of such French homeless. If anything,
 the homeless would have to be paid a living wage
 unlike in England at where The Big Issue has for years
gotten away with not being made to provide a weekly
wage, insurance coverage and pension benefits for
 their street vendors by using British laws to evade
their corporate and moral responsibility. Instead,
Bird & Co has been allowed in the UK to use
and pig off the homeless - ad infinitum. Makng pig-
face Anthony John Bird a millionaire out of the home-
less and where he has brazenly exploited them for the
 past 20 rotten years of which would not be entertained
or lawful, I am told, under French law. That is not to say,
 that there isn't an urgent need for the Paris homeless
 to have some venue whereby they can make money
rightfully and lawfully for themselves but without the
curse and exploitation of some French-type John
Bird and his greedy fat catz living and pigging off them.
Perhaps some French charity could find a way to
employ the homeless to help themselves? Whatever,
The Big Issue business concept and sheer manipulation
of the homeless is out of the window in France,
so I am told.
Anglican Rev'd Philip Mounstephen of St. Michael's:
Helping The Paris Homeless with 70 volunteers!!
Just a stone's throw from the ornate British
Embassy in Paris, I chose to go to Anglican St.
Michael's, at rue d'Aguesseau, because of its close 
commitment and involvement with helping the Paris
 homeless in cooperation with the L'Armée du Salut
or the French Salvation Army. The Rev'd Philip
Mounstephen, 47, (shown above) has been the 
driving force to recruit some 70 volunteers from 
his British expats parish congregation to work
 hands on with the homeless of Paris. He told me:
"It would be silly of me to try to re-invent the
wheel to help the homeless when the L'Armée du
Salut  has years of expertise and knowledge in deal-
ing with the issue and seriousness of the homeless."
Right on, Rev'd!! I first received Holy Eucharist at St.
 Michael's as part of my visit there and to share my
Anglican faith with my fellow ex-pats worshippers.
That's why I so enjoyed visiting the parish coupled
with my intense interest and concern about every
aspect of homelessness be it inside Paris or else-
where in the world. "Homeless Everywhere Inside
Paris" is something I will not quickly forget ...
G'Day, Uncle Monty.
+Holy Cross Day, 2011.
For Uncle Monty From Rudolf:
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are
looking at the stars," Oscar Wilde. This is my
greeting for you from me. You are a man who
 is looking at the stars. I reverentially remember
you at Mother Teresa's Homeless Men's Hostel.
Your insight and outspoken views excited me.
You are always welcome to visit my Slovak
country and my family. Bless You,
Rudolf Bartosik, Kremnica.
Okay guyz, she's NOT homeless
Inside Paris!  I doubt she will ever be ...
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 At The Big Issue? By Tom Yomogi
 Yuri. Edited By Uncle Monty.
"I’ve been out…outwith it for about eight months now
so I couldn’t really say. Err, the (Big Issue) CEO,
 Stephen (Robertson), has a big say and Mr James
Caan, I believe, has a huge amount of influence, but
John Bird now just does all the sort of mad media
work. He is supposedly still the Editor-in-Chief but I
believe he has actually relinquished that position."
Middle classes are Britain's new homeless: State safety
 nets are gone. As the downturn bites, the numbers turn-
ing to local authorities for housing are rising.  But
there is little help to be found. By Kunal Dutta.
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