Tick Box Charities. By Uncle Monty.
Graphics By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.

For the most part, they're basically "Tick Box Charities"
that tick all the right boxes to first get approved by
The Charity Commisssion for England and Wales.
Once they're granted their UK legal charitiable status,
it is oftentimes just a "cash cow" for such charities that
frequently offer little more than tokenism to those they
help under their otherwise so-called charity work
 that in many cases are of little or no value to the
individual in need or to the society at large.
Thus, more and more charities proliferate and spawn
with the uncontrollable growth of the British charity
industry now standing at a staggering 160,000+
registered charities seeking, of course, your gifts
 and cash donations in the name of  their "good
cause." They'll bleed you dry for all they care!
Such "good causes," we are told to believe, are em-
bodied in Pigface Anthony John Bird's The Big  Issue
 Co. Ltd., and in iffy Francois Greeff's GOOD 4
YOU. Both of them are good at ticking the right
 legal boxes, but oftentimes provide only semantics
rather than serious and concrete help to those they
claim to be helping! Their prime motive seems to be
 to keep milking the cash cow for all its worth and,
of course, to be sure to always tick the right boxes
 as charities that are concerned with their own
survival at all costs. All too many charities have
become a law unto themselves with their con
games and publicity gimmicks to get the public
to support their useless charity aims.
From high street Charity Shops to Charity
Chugger - otherwise "legalized street muggers" -
 to Charity Runs to Charity Appeals they invade
our life like blood suckers out to drain us of our
 last penny while they laugh all the way to the bank
at our expense. Yet, the British folkz still seem
 to be suckers for charities that exploit the emotion
and goodness of those who give. We are gluttons
 for sob stories, too. And charities are demonically
good at manufacturing sob stories to fit their greedy
need to make more money from the gullible
public who give a whooping 54 billion quid to
UK Charities per annum. Plus, like The Big Issue's 
 pigface John Bird, many charities have literally 
squandered millions of quids over the years either 
on their stupid and smug ideas or for some useless
and grandiose pet projects of their's.
Many Charity Shops have now become nothing more than
commercial businesses that clutter all too many UK high
streets. They compete against for profit businesses while
manipulating their non-profit status. Thus, regular businesses
are handicapped against such charity outfits that have been
transformed in recent years from old fashioned used clothes
 and what have you to shops now selling an array of brand
new commercial goods like they're John Lewis or Harrods.
 There's nothing at all "charity" about them except their names.
 Plus, the exhorbitant prices that charity shops sometimes
 charge for donated items are nothing more than rip-off
 prices in the name of "helping" such charities.
One of the worst offenders is Oxfam, which made 5 million
quid alone the other year thru their shops by just selling
 donated old books and LPs.  SCOPE is another offender
that seem to have turned their shops into mini-antiques
marts and charge exhorbitant selling prices for vintage
furniture and decorative artifacts that are more expen-
sive in some cases than regular antiques shops, etc.
Another thing, if I see another tea cup and saucer with
the Charles & Diana Wedding for sale in some
rubblish of a charity shop I think I'll scream bloody
 blue murder!!! Every other shop seems to have
 the same useless and unwanted stuff.
And don't get me going on the British Heart Foundation
(BHF) charity shops with their bedding, household
furniture and electrical goods that price their stuff
again at rip-off prices. I had to pay 40 quid for a small
foldup bed that I later saw else where for 15 quid, but
at the time I was forced to buy a bed while moving into
my elderly and unfunished sheltered accommodation. I
no longer step inside any BHF charity shops after they
ripped me off. Worse still, I later found the matteress
was full of bed bugz and had to get rid of the bed
after all and, of course, buy another one. But luckily
not at 40 quid! Charity shops also "cream off" their
best donated items that never get to the shevles as
 they sell beforehand such items to their connected
friends. Charities are also picky, but if they don't
want your donations tell them to stuff it up their you
know what! But above and beyond that, they're
 all what I call "Tick Box Charities" that tick all
the right boxes to stay in business to legally
rip us all off  year in and year out ...
UK Charity Chuggers ~ "Legalized Street Muggers."
Multinational companies fallover for charities by offering
gimmicks thru them to the consumer like Kellogg's
latest one "Give A Child A Breakfast." The company
and the charity clean up thru such gimmicks that are
 also used to make them "look good" when they
 necessarily are not good like Kellogg's.
And why do British charities want lovely Kate, the Duchess
of Cambridge, and her charming husband Prince William, to
 be their patron? Well, it's all to do with big money! Having
such royal folkz on their letterhead brings not only social
status, but above all tons of money to mad charities. I also
hate the thought that William himself wrote for the
rotten Big Issue, which only helped the Big Issue fat
 catz and hardly the homeless Big Issue vendors on the
streets. I pray Kate will not pick, come this New Year,
The Big Issue Foundation as one of her favourite
charities. She will, no doubt, support an obligatory
 charity for Africa somewhere on her list just like
 the idiotic UK newspaper that declares on its web
frontpage - "Give A Day's Pay To Africa." Isn't it
time Africa stood on its own bloody two feet instead
of swooning allover UK whites to constantly give to
them? A good start for Africa would be to stop having
millions of babies flooding the world to feed!! Colonial
guilt, white compensation and pro-African charity and
 foreign aid all need to be curtailed drastically and
 even better still to be stopped dead in their tracks.
The more the British give to Africans, at home or
abroad, the more they think they're entitled to
more "White Money." It needs to be stopped!!
Some Local Councils Are Removing These Receptacles.
A Greedy & Godless Bad John Bird!!
Here's something you should know about "charity" Pig-
face Anthony John Bird and his nine dissolved companies:
I assume they're other trusts and companies on John Bird's
whooping charity and entrepreneural list. Thankz "Ms. Info"
for sending me the above list of his dissolved Big Issue
 "empire." Hopefully, The Big Issue itself will be next ...
"John Bird, although providing the original drive behind The Big
 Issue, was also seen as the magazine’s biggest liability. Financial
woes and consequent restructuring of the organisation have been
blamed on his reckless approach and his tendency to spend sub-
stantial resources on schemes for which he rapidly loses enthusiasm.
His combative management style often alienated staff. As a former
staff journalist stated, "John could be a complete nightmare - he
would walk in ten minutes before press time and demand that
the cover be changed. He can also be a bit of a bully, though
he is immensely charismatic. He preferred us to be in a state
 of crisis, as he thought we'd be more cutting edge."
What a "charismatic" pigface?
(Below) Pigface's Scum Brother Peter Bird.
Are these the type of people you'd want to give your
 money to for their charity called The Big Issue Co. Ltd?
 I don't think so!! Watch out then this Christmas for
their appeal for money! They'll have already robbed
me, will the vile Bird Brothers, of my two Xmases
at my Big Issue pitch come this Yuletide, 2011.
I pray every day that they'll be cursed forever.
The Tin Can Charities.
They use to be made of tin, but thesedays they're
 mostly plastic collection cans or boxes or buckets.
Again, like those hideous charity street muggers,
those with such cans or buckets are seen outside
food stores and busy shopping malls or inside major
conventions or conferences to get you to give by
dropping in your spare change. All that loose
change soon adds up and I suspect many just
pocket the change for themselves in the name of
whatever "charity" they allegedly represent. Rule
of the thumb, and in your mind, should be to never
give unless you are very satisfied they're not a
 bogus or a sham outfit. Those who collect no
more than 5,000 quid per year, do not need
 to be a registered charity inside the UK. This
allows all kinds of scam artists to legally collect
money on the streets without any kind of check
or account of what they may be upto. It's a legal
 loophole that should be closed - period.
Islamic followers, too, can be seen in London collecting 
on the streets for their mosque or islamic centre. They
are usually in their Muslim garb and presumably vol-
unteer to collect the money. But be leery of them
for the money could also be used by jihadists and
islamicists to spread their venom against all who are
not Muslim! In part 2 of 2, I will tell you alot more
 about what such Muslims are upto and the widespead
 growth of their charities inside the UK and around the
 world within the past decade or two with serious
questions of what happens to all the money
they get at where ever they beg ...
Plus, I'll take at look at the UK Charity Commission
that seems to have become a toothless watchdog more
than anything else. It also seems to be more interested
in protecting charities rather then prosecuting them for
questionable uses and misdeeds of their coveted
charity status. Indeed, the charity commission seems to
behave much like the notorious Equalities & Human
Rights Commission (EHRC) like under its present
ilk and foul and ugly Trevor Phillips' tenure.
Next By Uncle Monty: Muslim Charities Mushroom Inside UK.
~ Use of Charities and Non-Profit Organisations ~
"Charities are attractive to terrorist networks as a means to move
 funds. Many thousands of legitimate charitable organisations exist
 all over the world that serve the interests of all societies, and often
transmit funds to and from highly distressed parts of the globe.
Terrorist abuses of the charitable sector have included using legitimate
 transactions to disguise terrorist cash travelling to the same destination;
and broad exploitation of the charitable sector by charities affiliated
with terrorist organisations. The sheer volume of funds and other
assets held by the charitable sector means that the diversion of
even a very small percentage of these funds to support terrorism
constitutes a grave problem." Scource: Salaam, US & UK.
The Big Issue Foundation Xmas Appeal, 2011:
Don't Give Them An Xmas Gift! It's All Another
Sob Story That You Can Be Sure From Them. They
Claim To Help Hundreds of Big Issue Vendors, But
In The 5 Years I Myself  Was A Vendor, I Never
Got A Dime From The Foundation or The Big Issue.
The Big Issue Foundation Is Chaired By The Muslim James Caan.
This is the same multimillionaire Caan, who was accused by the
British media of trying to offer to buy a baby on one of his
ancestral and business visits back in Pakistan. Because
 he's Muslim and stinking rich, they didn't do anything
about it, of course! Plus, being a B-rated TV
celebrity like he is ...
As always, Uncle Monty.
+Leo The Great, 2011.
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I'm running terribly late due to other engagements and
being away again at Brussells for the past few days
and also attending the Anglican Order of Archbishop
Robert Leighton (1611-1684) with Lord Leonard Carr.
So I will attempt to complete part 1 of 2 - Tick Box
Charities - sometime within the next 24 hours or so
now that I am back at homebase. In the meantime,
please find other items I've already included or
added herein as shown above.
All is well now, since I am back and have now
completed part 1 of 2 of my latest piece:
Tick Box Charities. Your's, UM.
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Mandy .... said...

Monty dear ....
How brave and good of you to take on the national charities that I
have suspected of betraying the
real cause of charity for a long time ....
They've become a cancer on society
in my opinion. I don't shop in charity shops anymore or if I do they're the local ones at out of town ....
Nor do I buy Big Issue since it's
another charity I don't like ....
Loving you .... Mandy ....

Anonymous said...

Isn't there anything you like, Monty? Your latest indiscriminate
attack against charities misses the point of the vital work
that many of them do. Most charities are above board.
Many are unsung heroes in the charity work they do.
I bet you have benefited from
some charity when you
were homelsss or a Big Issue sellor. Please stop
bad mouthing Oxfam. It's one
of the best charities
in the world. Instead of
finding fault, why don't
you just shut up or offer
to help? Just think about
it, Monty.

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