Greasy Gypsies & Rotten Big Issue.
By James O'Fee.
Edited By Uncle Monty At Paris.
 We see Rumanian gypsies on our streets practically every
 day, apparently selling the 'Big Issue'? I've never yet seen
a passer-by buy a copy of that magazine from the gypsies.
The recent Daily Telegraph report was enlightening for me
about those street gypsies we'd seen:
Romanian immigrants 'sell Big Issue to gain benefits'
Romanian immigrants are becoming Big Issue sellers in
order to gain state benefits through a tax loophole, it has
 been disclosed. By Martin Beckford.
People from the former Communist country cannot claim the full
 rights of other European Union citizens in Britain, as it only joined
the bloc recently.  However they are able to claim welfare payments
such as Housing Benefit and Working Tax Credit if they register as
 vendors of the Big Issue - the magazine set up to help homeless
people - and then declare themselves self-employed.
There are now fears that some Romanian immigrants, many
of whom are Roma gipsies, are selling just a few copies of The
 Big Issue each week in order to claim more valuable benefits.
Simon Ashley, a councillor in Manchester where the problem is
 said to be particularly bad, has said: “I believe The Big Issue in the
North is allowing itself to be used as a gateway to benefits depend-
 ency. Read what the rotten Big Issue in the North declares:
“Fundamentally, these people aren’t homeless – they are all in houses.
 But because they’ve found a loophole which gives them access to
benefits, selling the magazine is now an end in itself and not
about genuine self-employment,” stated Simon Ashley.
The Big Issue, launched 20 years ago, is a weekly magazine sold
on the street across Britain by homeless people. Its vendors, who
 buy bundles of the magazine and keep the profits when they
sell them, are required to declare themselves self-employed
with HMRC.
This status also entitles them to a National Insurance number and the
 right to start claiming welfare payments such as Working Tax Credit
and Housing Benefit, although they are supposed to tell social security
 officers when they sign up to sell The Big Issue. Self-employed
 status is particularly valuable to Romanian immigrants, as it entitles
 them to start claiming benefits they would not otherwise receive
since the eastern European country only joined the EU in 2007.
Amid fears that some Romanian Big Issue sellers are exploiting the
system, Manchester City Council is said to have cut the benefits of
some it does not believe are “genuinely or effectively self-employed”.
HMRC is also said to be looking closely at the income of
self-employed Romanians.
Crooked Criminal Gypsy Campaigner Lavinia Olmazu.
Last year a woman who set herself up as a consultant to help Roma
who wanted to sell the (Big Issue) magazine, Lavinia Olmazu (shown
 above), was jailed for helping 172 of her countrymen illegally claim
 a total of £2.9 million in benefits with the help of false documents.
John Bird, the founder of The Big Issue, said that the magazine
actively works with the authorities to weed out any vendors
 who exploit the system. “If we ever find out that people are
doing that, then we shop them,” he said.  NOTE: Yet John
 Bird's own scum brother Peter-Bird-The-Prick actively travels
around Greater London and beyond signing up Romanian gypies
or Roma as "free labour" for The Big Issue. He even signs
their Big Issue vendor badges, he does! Ed. UM.
(Pigface John Bird) claimed that selling The Big Issue is often the
only legitimate work Roma can find, as the Romanian government
and even some charities will not help them. “Some schools say if
 people aren’t selling The Big Issue, they put their children out doing
other things. It gives the parents a chance to earn a legitimate income.”
The allegations against Romanian Big Issue sellers were made
in a BBC Radio 4 programme, The Truth About Roma.
Outrage at economic migrants selling the ‘Big Issue’
 to beat benefits ban.  By Giuseppe De Santis.
Yet Another Bad Romanian Greasy Gypsy As A
Benefit Scam Artist & Cheat Inside The UK.
Picturing ‘Gypsies.' By Dina Iordanova.

That's Right! Another Roma At Big Issue London
 HQ Signing Herself Up As A Badged Vendor.
History Check: Long Before The Rotten EU
& Rotten Big Issue, British Bobbies Are
Seen Arresting Roma in 1909 ...
~ Ex-Big Issue Worker ~
Big Issue Indeed! Who is supposed to sell these papers?
The newspaper called Big Issue was invented to give the
 homeless/drugs addicted /alcoholics ETC; a chance to legally
earn a few pounds and lesson the risk that they would have to
beg and steal in order to pay for their habits, but that seems to
 have drastically changed the last two years because in my town
you only see very annoying and right in your face Romanian
 women selling the paper. When I asked one of the former sellers
 why he wasn't selling the big issue anymore he replied "you must
be joking, If I want to get beaten up I would be, I used to enjoy
selling it and meeting people but I got the big warning from three
big Romanian blokes who made it very clear that if I carried on I
would regret it," I checked this out with a couple of other homeless
 people and they had similar stories. To add insult to injury I spotted
 one of these women being set off in front of Tesco by a smart looking
mercedes, I shadowed her and was able to see that her bill (which
was payed cash) was well above the 100 pounds. In her shopping
 basket was also a lot of alcohol such as whisky/gin/rum and beer
 (all good makes and not the cheap stuff. My question is simple:
Who actually controls that the Big Issue is being sold on the streets
 by homeless people or is it also a question of being scared off
 by this Romanian/Mafia type organisation.
~ Irrelevant Informer ~
I'm not sure of where they are from, but they all look the same and
appear to know one another, they sell the big issue and beg usually
 outside Marks and Spenser's thats the females, the gangs of males all
sell the Belfast Telegraph at major road junctions in Belfast as well
 as bottles of drink which i believe is illegal without the proper food
and safety papers. The women who beg and sell the big issue also
beg outside 6pm daily mass. Normally i mind my own business
 but that is unacceptable behavior and the cops turn a blind eye
to them. No matter what "legal" means they use to procure money
 they are all doing something illegal in the background. But hey ho!
 as a native Irishman i have to travel 7 miles across town bust my
 hump for 10 hours a day, pay tax, national insurance rent rates and
bus fares which leaves me short for lunch money to be accosted
 by the beggars on my return back through the town and everyone
 of them has new trainers and warm coats and a big mac, and I've
 seen them go into M&S and come out with bags of shopping.
 They can all fuc'k off back where they came from. What sickens
 me most is knowing if i so much as spat on the street
 i would get lifted for it!
~ Lady Moon ~
Well it makes a change from them shoplifting, pickpocketting
and stealing I guess.
~ greatwhitehope88 ~
Re: Big Issue sellers in Belfast
It's the same here in Dublin, I often see the roma selling the
big issue where there was always an irishman/woman selling
it. I thought big issues had a ststament "help the homeless help
themselves" stress the word Homeless. As far as I am aware
there are NO immigrants sleeping on the streets in any of our
major cities/towns, oh no,, the streets are not good enough for
them, just suitable enough for the Irish people who have fallen
on bad times. I wonder what system the big issue have in place,
like can one just walk in off the street and ask for a bundle??
BTW WHo the fck would buy a big issue off the roma, its
obvious someone does or they wouldn't stand in the same spot
all day every day selling then, they are a lot of things but insane
is not one of them. And whats with all the coons walking around
in bright orange space suits in the blistering sun selling the herald??
A little tip to the bleeding heart liberals, "STOP BUYING
~ Ginger Tom ~
The Big Issue was intended to help British homeless people to
help themselves and I do not think any foreign vendor should be
 allowed to sell it, certainly no Romanian Gypsy begging rings!!!
 I won't buy it from them and neither should anyone else. I
personally will not buy the big issue from foreign vendors.
~ Pete London ~
I'd keep your groundless infantile racist jibes to yourself pal.
 There's nothing racist about criticising any group who earn a
living from begging, shoplifting, and frauds, people trafficking,
benefit scams (by selling The Big Issue, of course).
~ stanthemansmum ~
All our original Big Issue sellers have gone and it is now
 Romanians selling the magazine. I refuse to buy it from them.
It was set up to help our homeless people. If the only job the
romanians can get over here is selling the Big Issue, they
 should go back to Romania.
~ Uncle Monty, The De-Badged Ex-Big Issue Vendor  ~
"John & Peter Bird - the vile Bird Brothers - are to be
squarely blamed, and thus held legally culpable, for aiding
and abetting Romanian gypsies all over the UK to become
 official Big  Issue vendors. Such fits nicely into the rabid
socialist hangover of the hideous Bird Brothers. And this
 despite the widespread and rightful hostility and condem-
nation toward the Roma scum and their whole shebang
of criminal gypsies to the UK from all of Eastern Europe.
Such has been brought about by the mindless rules and
political tyranny of the foul EU.  F.U.E.U! As for The Big
 Issue itself, it has become little more than a free weigh
station for foreigners and gypsies of every shade and
 assortment to instantly sign up to join the street gangs
 of their compatriots selling The Big Issue all across 
the UK. As this goes on, local British homeless ven-
dors are either pushed out or threatened by such foreign
gypsy gangs that the greasy Bird Brothers have allowed
 to happen in their quest for more free labour from the
 foreign 'homeless' over the local British ones. The Bird
 Brothers have now created a mini-UN outpost of the
world's unwanted foreign and gypsy scum.
"John and Peter Bird of The Big Issue should both be
arrested, remanded in custody, criminally-tried, and im-
 prisoned, if they're ever charged and convicted of con-
spiracy to violate UK immigration laws in regard to their 
recruitment of gypsies as Big Issue vendors and free
 labour for the odious Bird Brothers. Plus, the same if 
they are found to be guilty of knowingly violating British
tax and benefit laws on behalf of the roaming
and wretched Roma inside the UK.
"There is also more and more hard chatter being found among
 the far right against the "Gypsy Programme" of The Big Issue.
One far righter even went as far as to say she believed (the)
"Big Issue is a front for the International Red Brigade," which
I personally doubt myself if such even exists today. Although
 few things wouldn't surprise me any more about the socialist
drivel of the crude Bird Brothers other than their incessent need
to make more money off the backs of the UK homeless and
 the down trodden. However, on the far left one member of
the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Great Britain told
 me he thought Bird & Co were "CAPITALIST PIGS!".
Woooow! Pigface Anthony John Bird himself was at
 one time an ardent supporter of the far left Trotskyite
party, but since he's now stinking rich as the "Homeless
Guru of the UK" his political belief system is wobbly
 at best among those Trotskyites. Although he's still
adamantly godless for a fact. And living the good life
off the homeless continues to offer him free economic
 fodder at his Cambridge retirement of his nearly age
 66 and, of course, again at the expense of the poor
 and marginalized that he claims to care so such about!
 What bullshit Bird pulls! The Eastern European gypsies
and Roma inside the UK are now his newest and latest
 fodder. Money speaks no matter the border.
"And, the greedy greed of The Bird Brothers is almost
 bottomless and without any moral or spiritual compunction
by either of them. They are but empty vessels as they
 yet live but are dead. But they still don't know it!!!
And, probably never will until they reach
their own physical and mental deathbeds.
British Police Inspector Damian O’Reilly declared:
“I believe The Big Issue in the North is allowing itself to be used as
a gateway to benefits dependency,” he says. “Fundamentally, these
people aren’t homeless – they are all in houses. But because they’ve
 found a loophole which gives them access to benefits, selling the mag-
azine is now an end in itself and not about genuine self-employment.”
The Big Life group, which owns The Big Issue in the North, has
come under sustained pressure to take action and some Roma
vendors have had their benefits cut in cases where the council does
not consider them to be “genuinely or effectively self-employed”.
A promising land?
Curb on Romanian and Bulgarian migrants will be
 lifted in two years ... when Europe insists we have to.
Feedback & Comments
He/She Is Not Roma! The Big Issue vendor (shown below)
is a foreign Hermaphrodite From Italy. She/He Would 
Sell At London's Strand. Talk About Freaks &
Weirdos in UK, It Seems The Big Issue Attracts Them
 Big Time Like All of Those Greasy Gypsies, Too.
By Gilad Atzmon & Kourosh Ziabari.
Edited By Uncle Monty At Paris.
"The rule of thumb is do you want these people as your
next door neighbour like asylum seekers, illegal immigrants,
ugly gypies, menacing Muslims, black street gangzterz, etc?
If the answer is "yes," then end of story! Yet those who
are so pro-roma, so pro-muslim, so pro-asylum seeker,
and/or so pro-immigrant, rarely live right next door to
such nasty buggers themselves that they seem to so love
 from behind the safety of their own high walls and security-
alarmed swanky homes!! If they lived next door to them,
they might quickly change their bleeding hearts along
with all of their own politically-correct bullshit."
Alex Albion.
At Paris Again. By Uncle Monty.
I'm at Paris until next Sunday after being here now for a
 few days. As I've said before, I'm really beginning to like 
Paris alot more than over-crowded, over-rude and over-
foreignized London.  I'm here with good friend Gary Day,
who is also learning French like me. Gary & I are
going to spend the whole day tomorrow photographing
 the Paris off beat and see what we come up with.  We
 both love photography and always hope we can come up
with some kind of rare and exciting photoshots that will
 make our day, both personally and photographically-
speaking. In the meantime, we're in no hurry to quickly
return to the depressing and dark UK via Eurostar.
So each of you have a very nice day, today!
Uncle Monty. +America's Thanksgiving Day, 2011.
Rip-Off British Heart Foundation.
Give Us A Break, Oxfam!
Oxford is rated as the most giving and generous city in
 the UK. It's where Oxfam was founded, too. Cambridge
is then listed as the No. 2 city. Perhaps that's why Old 
 Bird himself  moved there to suck up more free charity
 money in his retirement from all those stupid suckers
 there! If not, he could always up shop and move to
 more generous Oxford, yep? Not that they'd
want him there for sure!!
"Life Is A Lie."
Alex Albion.
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Your Sally. said...
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Your Sallly. said...

Dear Monty! We've had the muslims,
now we have the gypsies. Qestion:
Whose next on your world Hit List??? Could it be new gays, lonesome squatters, old jews,
ethnic footballers, rich porno
stars, hiv/aids patients, cancer victims, grave robbers, or cute justin bieber? I was just wondering, luvee. Love ya,
Your Sally.

Your Mate Jon York. said...

Hello there "Your Sally." Your list is clear but perhaps you should have added mixed race couples, sham marriage partners, fake foreign students, and even
"belly dancers" for Uncle Monty to
castigate. Quite seriously, however, I agree with his strong position against Muslim charities and the vexing influx of gypsy Big Issue sellors. His condemnation of what The Big Issue has been doing for years is ripe for public criticism and even governmental investigation into its charity farce. Although I know Uncle Monty is a ferocious foe of those Bird men, he has nevertheless shown them to be almost some kind of law unto themselves. Their arrogrance and their twisting of the system for their own benefit is as clear as a whistle. It's time they should be stopped. Giving more power to our Uncle Monty is the way to go. Three cheers. I still buy the magazine. Should it be that my regular sellor is suddenly replaced by a "greasy gypsy" or a foreigner I shall cease forever from buying it in the future. To be honest, I am getting more disheartened with everything to do with The Big Issue. So any time I see my regular gone, then I am no longer a Big Issue buyer of more than 10 years now. (Take care, my Uncle Monty. You are rare ... You have my contact details if you care to contact me. I would be happy to send you a drop to support your blog. So 3 cheers, again to you. Hope your latest trip to Paris doesn't end by seeing you move there.)
Your Mate Jon York.

Gotcha said...

Gotcha Monte. The gypsy population has increased by only 400 in the past year. So what's the pressing problem? None really. Yet our Muslim population has increaed by 400,000 in the same period throughout England. The choice is clear to any sane thinking person
between more gypsies or more Muslims? The gypsy I will take more of any day over more Muslims.

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