82,000 Quid.

Greeff's 82,000 Quid!
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Certified by his 2010/11 public accounts to The
Charity Commission of England and Wales,
Francois Greeff donated in kind some 82,000
quid to his own disabled homeless charity, called
GOOD 4 YOU, that stands out like a sore thumb
to say the least. Is Greeff's £82,000 some kind of
accounting trick or what? Or am I too dumb or
stupid to understand the real meaning behind such
certified accounts from GOOD 4 YOU?
So ok, I'm stupid!
But then along with Francois Greeff's "generous donation,"
David Devine does the same thing by donating £18,000
in kind. Followed by Goeff Turner and Andrew Wastall
donating in kind £12,000 each to GOOD 4 YOU.
The grand total by the four of them stands at £124,000.
Yet in almost the next breath, directors Devine, Turner,
and Wastall are promptly replaced by Binyamin Kahn who,
 along with Nicole de Leur, certified the GOOD 4 YOU
accounts to the UK Charity Commission for 2010/11.
Have I missed something again or what? What kind
of charity would replace its directors after they'd
donated thousands of pounds or dollars to GOOD
4 YOU? It makes no sense. Perhaps it's another ac-
counting trick all shrouded behind Greeff's directors?
I don't know, but it sounds very strange to me!!
It also sets alarm bells ringing, I do believe ...
Among the other names listed online of those involved
with Greeff are: Bill Giles, Helen Searle, Chris Dean,
David Jackson, Kathleen Trigg, Lois Acton, along
with Steve & Toni Hazell. Some of them also
carry fancy academic titles, too.
Perhaps they are aware like me that based on Part
1 of my GOOD 4 YOU critical story of last week,
 scources now tell me that a written complaint has
been formally filed with the UK Charity Commission
regarding Francois Greeff and his iffy charity. What-
ever transpires from such, if anything, I will update my
readership in future of any legal or administrative action
 (s) taken by the commission to determine - either  for or
against - the situation regarding Greeff and his GOOD
 4 YOU charity for the London disabled homeless. So
before that point, let me now continue to present
for you my Part 2 of 2 - Greeff's 82,000 Quid!
GOOD 4 YOU w/Wide Open Door When
I First Arrived To Quiz Francois Greeff.
This then is the front door of GOOD 4 YOU after it
was rudely slammed shut in my face by Greef himself.
So now we go with this from a GOOD 4 YOU ex-
volunteer that arrived suddenly and unsolicited at
my mid-summer inbox, 2011:
"Good4you (is) run by Francois Greeff, who you once
wrote about a few years ago. I quickly left after I heard
from those who worked there about what the charity
actually did. It didn't much help homeless and disabled
people. They said Francois Greeff uses the charity to pay
 the whole of his rent, and gets all volunteers to raise
money for the rent. As managing director, his other main
concern is with raising enough money through the charity to
give himself a huge salary. Its just one big selfish enterprise.
 Apparently because he's mentally ill and was once homeless,
everything that the charity does for him is apparently fine in
his books." GOOD 4 YOU 2011 Ex-volunteer, whose
name and email address has been with held.
But despite the ex-volunteer's alarming statement, no
end of UK foundations and trusts have given handsomely
to GOOD 4 YOU in the name of helping the disabled
 homeless based solely, I suspect, on Francois Greeff's
own and elaborate claims. The givers include: The
Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Channel 4 Television,
The Charities Advisory Trust, Anglican St Mungo's,
The Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund, The
Odin Charitable Trust, R S Brownless Charitable Trust,
The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust, Charlotte Marshall
Charitable Trust, and Marsh Christian Trust, et al.
To top off the grand list of givers to Greeff is The
National Lottery that has awarded 10,000 quid
 to GOOD 4 YOU, too!
Mugshot of Francois Greeff, 52, Taken in Oct.
2011, at his own GOOD 4 YOU HQ front door.
Do any of these foundations and trusts actually go and
inspect and visit GOOD 4 YOU HQ before  they then
 handover their generous money to its founder and
so-called managing director Francois Greeff or what?
 One thing is certain -- as founder and so-called man-
aging director he is cunningly-skilled at filing grant
applications and opportune proposals that are there
for his so-called charity GOOD 4 YOU. One might
even say that such is only GOOD 4 GREEFF and his
 ablitiy to get such UK foundatiions and trusts to give
 to him with almost no questions asked.  Have they
 actually visited his HQ on Aston Road like I did?
And also get the door slammed in their face like I did
 from Greeff? Do they undertake any investigative steps
 to ensure such money they give is really helping the
disabled homeless or do they just blindly give based
on superfluous impressions?
What I also find curious is that little or nothing is shown
 of the actual people or work that GOOD 4 YOU claims
as its own at its online output. True, there are mainly
 images of others not involved with Greef like a couple
of disabled Big Issue vendors shown and photographed 
on the streets and some pictures of a disabled guy being
pushed in his wheelchair up to the peak of Scafell Pike.
 But online I saw no interior images of the disabled home-
less at his HQ or the faces of such people Greeff alleges
 to have helped. Sure he can offer free speakers - with
Greeff himself sprouting off about "his" disabled homeless 
charity, but I, too, can offer myself as a free speaker on
homelessness even though I have no charity other than
 being a known trustee of the US private Robert Graham
Chase Episcopal Trust, which I have been involved with
 since 1985. Does that make me look good? Of course,
not! I also noticed that google itself  blocks all search
 results from Greeff's GOOD 4 YOU and his
 self-serving online output ...
Online at the UK Charity Commission website,
 we are told the following by GOOD 4 YOU:
Francois Greeff even has some non-paying job offers:
"We have a number of 9 to 5 full time volunteer opportunities.
Flexitime is available. They are: One position for an event
co-ordinator. Several positions for a trainee fundraiser or
 fundraiser. One position for a media and communications
officer, including web site management, and creating You
Tube videos. One personal assistant to a disabled person."
So is GOOD 4 YOU a "Paper Charity" more than anything
 else? Some have also called it a "bogus charity" run primarily
 for the sole financial benefit of Francois Greeff!  My own
impressions of what I saw, or rather what I didn't see, at
GOOD 4 YOU raised alarm bells to me. Especially, after
Greeff slammed shut the door in my face. If you've got
nothing to hide why would someone do that? Now that
The Charity Commission of England and Wales has
gotten an official complaint perhaps they'll start a full
 investigation of Greef and his GOOD 4 YOU. We'll
see. My own hope is that they can come up with some
 satisfactory answers to many questions swirlling around
the GOOD 4 YOU disabled homeless charity.
Such is one of over 160,000 mind-boggling charities
 inside the UK. Way too many, I must say. Whatever,
with such a huge number of UK charities - the highest
number in Europe - there are bound to be a few rotten
apples among the lot. All I hope against hope is that
GOOD 4 YOU is as good as it states or claims.
Though, I personally doubt it!! It's perhaps all
smoke and mirrors after all. But again, we'll see.
Charities should accept their game is up. By Dave Clements.
GOOD 4 YOU HQ at SW London.
Photograb of Francois Greeff In This Rather Pitiful
 Picture (shown below) of him when he was homeless in
 London and upon his destitute arrival from South Africa
to the UK. The image is rather pathetic, I think. All of this
 was long before he then "cottoned on" to starting his own
GOOD 4 YOU charity for the London disabled homeless
which has been GOOD 4 HIM from all appearances ...
So my last question for now is simply this: How in
the hell did Francois Greeff have 82,000 quid to
give or in kind to his own little charity? Beats me!!
Very truly, Uncle Monty.
+Day After The Commemoration of
 the Faithful Departed (bcp), 2011.
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Out of Business From The Big Issue Foundation to
 GOOD 4 YOU. The problem with the UK Charity
Commission is that it seems more prone to protecting
charities instead of  probing  them for allegations of
wrong doing or other chicanery that so many charities
 now get away with. The UK charity industry is a multi-
billion quid annual rip-off from high street charity shops
 to so-called non-profit homeless advocacy outfits.
So more on this vital subject coming soon ...
By Uncle Monty.
Award Me Not!
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Cheerz, UM.
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Anonymous said...

mont mate aint he a snake. glad you told about him. i dont like
a creep like him
where you been mate. no see you
in big isse no more. still hate
them like me. peace mont mate.

Your's Tim Dawson. said...

Dear Mr. Blogger, I'm not quite sure what to make of Mr. Greeff other than you've committed him to purgatory. The idea of his charity for homeless persons who are disabled is fine. But the problem seems to be that he can deliver very little to prove he's a "legit" charity. Money for himself seems to be the main aim behind his one man band. An individual like Mr. Greeff, with his problems of mental illness and bipolar disorder, seems to be at odds with running a business properly let alone a sham charity. Well done, Mr. Blogger, for bringing us the "goods" on Mr. Greeff. Thanks very much, Tim Dawson.

Anonymous said...

MONTY - Guess what I want for christmas? I want my very own charity since I am left handed!!
I canNOT use my right hand, so I
have a serious disability right?
Then I can sit and wait for the money to roll in while I twiddle my
thumbs - sorry only the one on my left hand - and claim I run a charity for those others who are
left handed only. Great scam, yes?
And guess what? It is GOOD-4-ME.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Monty,
I respect and admire you for the way in which you tell the truth about charities while everybody else gets suckered by their lies. The bloke at good 4 you was in my bedroom and found him in MY bed with his gaylord boyfriend. You won't believe the scamming system that they had going because one of their directors was collecting cash in London and sending it to the other two who were not even in the UK. They moved alot of money out of the country through charity bank accounts. If you do some more investigative journalism you will soon see where the money went. You might know how he got paid out £480,000 from Kingston University for his clever little disability scam against them. He used the money to buy the house that he now runs good for you from. All the so called rent that the "charity" pays goes straight into his own pocket. Greeff is a BASTARD.