Far From.

Jerusalem Far From Golden For The Homeless.
By Uncle Monty.
Jerusalem Photos
 By Alex Albion.
Take a short tram ride from Damascus Gate, via City
 Hall, to Jaffa Road (also known simply as "YAFO")
and there you'll find some of the homeless of the
Eternal City of Jerusalem. And, for such homeless
 Jerusalem is obviously far from golden.
While such renowned English hymns as Rev'd Johh Mason
Neale's "Jerusalem The Golden" and Sir Hubert Parry's
1916 English patriotic anthem "Jerusalem" gives high praise 
to Religious Jerusalem in its hymnology and Anglican voice,
 the modern day homeless of Jerusalem can find there is little
 golden at the Eternal City, especially for those stuck
 on Jaffa Road or at YAFO.
Yet over 2,000 miles away at London from Jerusalem , those
on Jaffa Road could well be seen on say Fulham Road with
only a change of scenery. Otherwise, they'd be exactly the
 same as in many cases of UK homelessness due to the
similar circumstances that first made them become 
homeless. So sad, yet so true!
A Jerusalem Jew Found Homeless On Jaffa Road. A
Rare Sight Among The Homeless of The Eternal City.
Luckily for me, a young 23 year old college fella called
"Harley," who worked  part-time at my Jerusalem B&B,
agreed to come with me to act as my street interpreter
among the Jaffa Road homeless. Harley was great!
Taking my questions in English, he then spoke in Arabic
and/or Hebrew to the homeless and their answers he gave
 me back in English. I was in luck! We approached the
 first Jaffa Road homeless man of about age forty or so
as he lay on his makeshift bed on the cold pavement or
sidewalk to ask him some questions about himself and his
 condition of homelessness at Jerusalem The Golden.
When asked how he become homeless, he said he didn't
know! Asked how long he'd been homeless, he said he
didn't know! Asked if he was a rough sleeper, he said he
 didn't know! Asked what he did before he became homeless,
 he said he didn't know. Asked if he was single or married or
divorced he said he didn't know. Asked how old he was, he
said he didn't know. Asked if he'd had a job at sometime in
 the past, he said he didn't know!! Oh, boy!  How long have
you been homeless at Jaffa Road. You guessed it! He said he
didn't know .... For a moment I thought perhaps the young
college kid Harley wasn't interpreting my questions correctly
 into Arabic, but he assured me that he was and that the man's
 answers were exactly the same - he said he "didn't know" to
 every question asked of him. In frustation, we moved on to
 the next homeless Arabic man (shown at the above caption
image) just yards away. He spoke broken English and he
tried his best to explain his personal predicament
 to Harley and I.
In his mid-30's, he said he was forced on the streets after
 losing his day job for being in a row with one of his fellow
 workers at the local marketplace. He said he has been un-
able to find another job and didn't have any money now to
 pay for rent. Homeless for just under a year, he has never
married and is estranged with his parents and siblings for
reasons he didn't explain. He survives by begging daily on
Jaffa Road at where in 1917 British Troops marched down
the same road to declare "The British Mandate" of Palestine
and long before the present State of Israel come into exist-
ence in 1948. He said he'd like to go to England since he
 was told the homeless there were treated real good. I
assured him that such wasn't particularly true, but for the
 English homeless there is at least some mechanism in place
to help them while such is not true at Jerusalem The Golden.
A Muslim, he also said he wasn't into Islam and doesn't find
 the Mosques or Imans that helpful to him. They look
down him, he said. When we gave him a donation, he
stood up and hugged me and Harley graciously.
Homeless "Jack" Begs All & Every Day.
With his bed and crutch, the Muslim homeless man has
been in fights on Jaffa Road or YAFO with other home-
less people (see his bandaged hand) who have tried to
 dislodge him from his favourite spot to beg and sleep
for the last four years at Jerusalem The Golden.
Another Jaffa Road homeless Arab resident.
Ironically, the college kid Harley, said he'd like to work with
the homeless but that the local Jerusalem Municipal government
refuses to acknowledge or help those on the streets. He says
that he's seen more homeless of the last few years on Jaffa
Road and that they are mostly Muslims. Few Christians are
 seen on the street, he says, and almost invaribly no Jews
are among the homeless since Jewish families take care of
their own. I did see, however, one Jewish man at Jaffa
Road who was homeless with his skullcap on his head.
I pointed him out to Harley who said the man "wasn't
a real Jew!" Really? Well, he looked real to me!!
Jerusalem's Jaffa Road or YAFO.
Jerusalem is far from golden then for the homeless just
from what I saw on Jaffa Road or YAFO. It took me
almost a week to discover the homeless since at the
Old City the Israeli police and military quickly move
 on any so-called "undesirable characters" like the
 homeless and street beggers. They then usually land
up at Jaffa Road or YAFO, it seems. Jaffa Road is
where the ordinary folkz live and although only a
 few miles away from the tourist hub one would hardly
 know one was at Jerusalem the Golden.  Few foreign 
tourists and religious pilgrims venture to Jaffa Road
 like I did. They can see Jaffa Road from the safety of
their tram windows, but they mostly go on to visit the
World Zionist Cemetery Jerusalem and/or Israel's Jad
Vashem Holocaust Memorial at Mount Herzel. But
 for me,  I visited both the cemetery and Jaffa Road.
So, I visited both the half-living and the full dead!!
I only wish Jerusalem was the golden for the homeless.
That would mean, having no homelessness there at all.
But reality always replaces idealism and fantasy when
it comes to social questions and solutions about the
homeless. There is no golden answer or magical wad
 for the homeless even at Jerusalem The Golden.
Fraternally, Uncle Monty.
+4th Sunday After Epiphany, 2012.
Feedback & Comments
Homeless Big Issue Vendor
Found Dead Inside UK Police Cell.
By Alex Albion.
We have dead Polish Epileptic Big Issue vendor Andrzej
Rymarzak, 43, and UK police doctor Egyptian Muslim
 Hisham El-Baroudy, 56, who was cleared of criminal man-
slaughter last week in the 2009 police cell death of Rymar-
zak. But, what did they have in common? Send in your
own answers to: allaboutthebigissue@gmx.co.uk
The correct answer will be given shortly in my upcoming
article: "Tale of Two Foreigners Inside Broken
Down Britain."
Great Image Discovered Behind Demolished
 Building At London's Camberwell Road.
John Magumba: Unfit To Ever Be Called An Anglican
 Priest. He Should Never Have Been Allowed In The
Ministry for Starters. Next, He Should Be Promptly
Deported Back To Africa From Where He Came From
In Uganda Upon Finishing His UK Prison Sentence.
Only In England Do We Have Such Black
Criminals Like Magumba.
 Ugandian John Mugumba, now a criminal ex-Anglican
cleric (shown above), advised the Church of England on
 how to handle sham marriages has been jailed for two and
 a half years for conducting sham marriages of his own!!!
UK Murder Victims of Reverse Racism.
Black Death For Whites. By Alex Albion.
They talk about the Stephen Lawrence Murder inside
the UK. But they never talk about the death victims of
black-on-white crime nor of teenage black-on-black
 murder and street stabbings that never occurred until the
mass onslaught of millions of Africans came to the UK
 under despised and cunning socialist Tony Blair. For Eng-
lish whites, it's little more than mindless 'reverse racism'
by such blacks that ends in the deadly murder of white
folkz with some of them shown above. Yet, little or
nothing is being done or said about it ... In the meantime,
 more whites can expect to be murdered inside the UK by
such criminal and dangerous blacks, lawless immigrants,
violent Muslims, and/or heartless foreigners of every sort.
Such is the deadly cost and savage reality of the imposed
 multiculturalism and multiracialism inside Broken Down
Britain  by those bleeding heart liberals and hideous
 New Labour lefties that have turned the country upside-
down. With them, they've brought constant crude crime
waves of black and ethnic violence and mayhem as seen
only last year on the streets of London and elsewhere.
Yet, they still talk about the Stephen Lawrence Murder
as if such was the only UK murder or major crime
ever worth mentioning! It is NOT!!"
 And, Screams of Racism by new blacks
 are monotonously heard almost daily against whites
 inside the UK as the British news media constantly
back blacks while demonizing their own white folkz.
What's so special about such black troublemakers?
Why give them a public platform to scream racism
to always get their way at our expense? John Terry
 doesn't stand a chance nor does Emma West
nor did the defendents in the Stephen Lawrence
Murder case. They're convicted almost sight on
 seeing in the anti-white culture of the pro-black
news media and the leftist-made anti-racism laws
under New Labour that has criminalized white
people in the UK. It's time to repeal such laws
which were politically-instigated by Blair and his
communistic henchmen to create havoc against whites
who didn't agree with their  racial agenda to destroy
all things good and English before our very eyes. 
We're all now branded racists for speaking our
white minds!  But, speak it nevertheless!!
Savage Criminal Breast Tyree Lincoln Smith, 35.
He Ate The Human Brains & Eye of
Homeless Man He Had Axed & Killed.
By Uncle Monty.
Don't become homeless in America. For you might
just run into such a savage beast like 35 year old
Afro-American criminal Tyree Lincoln Smith of
Connecticut who not only axed to death a homeless
man, but he also decided he'd eat the dead man's
 brains and eye! Sure Smith is crazy, but that doesn't
excuse his savagery and criminality of what he did to
such a homeless and defenseless person. In any event,
it's truly scary! What next can we expect inside
murderous America?
Axe murderer 'killed a homeless man
with a hatchet and ate his brains and eye'
 ~ It's Now The 5,000th Hit ~
Just got my 5,000th hit at this my little blog that's
allaboutthebigissue! By commercial web standards, 5,000 
hits is absolutely nothing. But for a little blog like mine,
5,000 hits is quite amazing in such a short time of being
on the web against everything that the vile and greedy
sods John and Peter Bird of The Big Issue stand for and
their now dying enterprise that they've sucked dry and who
 have unashamedly exploited the homeless for the past 20
years to make The Bird Brothers stinking rich off the
 backs of the UK homeless.  I hope by the end of  2012, 
my hits will have reached at least twice the present
 numbers to hit 10,000 hits or more. Thankz to you all
 for your continuing support since my anti-Bird and anti-
Big Issue Issue blog hit the web. Please continue to
 visit as more and more stories are posted to expose the
 truth over the smoke and mirrors of the Big Issue con
 artists and their fat catz at the expense of the homeless
at each and every day inside the UK. Although The Big
Issue is now under the new ownership of Felix Dennis,
it is still treating the homeless vendors not much better
than the old Bird Brothers have ... Also, the question of
the mag's future survival is pretty shaky to say the least.
I hope I can write the LAST story of the complete and
utter demise of The Big Issue and its rotten and ruthless
Bird Brothers. We'll see!!!  But, please pray with me ...
Your's, Uncle Monty. January 30th, 2012. 
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Brother Dick. said...
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Brother Dick. said...

Sir, Could it be that the police doctor and the dead sellor held
in common their own male homosexuality? Just a guess
you know. Br. Dick.

Anonymous said...

What a daft comment to make besides
being obscene and abusive???? Don't take another guess "bro."

Sussie. said...
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Simply Sussie. said...

Dear, dear, Monty = The snow is falling and I am enjoying catching up on your "fighting" blog. I am so
happy you're back from the Middle East. Your stories from there have been a credit to you and your blog.

In the tiny village where I live
and where you have been to visit and stay overnight for two or three times for nice weekends, we have just seen two black Muslim families move in just two streets away from me. Monty, I am petrified as a single mother
with them moving in. I cannot understand why they would come to a tiny village like mine. If I say something, you can bet I will be
labelled a racist right from the start. I moved to the village, as you know, to escape all crowds and the huddles of migrants in London where we cannot move for them. Now it seems they're moving out of London to move to small towns to congregate. They don't work with benefits given to them for their five small children. I fear next they'll demand a Mosque or an Islam centre right in the village.

Reading your blog only proves my worst fears that England is being deliberately invaded to take our country away from us. Dear, please keep stating your views against what is happening to us in our own country. I shall keep reading your reports and firm comments with my 100% support. Luv, Simply Sussie.

PS, Hope you'll come again and stay for the weekend at Easter. Let me know. Luv you! Oh, the snow is now falling thicker and faster here at the village ... Ah, do get some skies, too. Then come rescue me and my little ones, Monty dear.