"Demolition Homeless"
Inside Palestine.
By Uncle Monty At Jericho.
West Bank Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Child abandonment and orphaned kidz are among the
pressing social problems inside Palestine today. Along with
 the situation of homelessness which has not only been created
 by the economic and societal climate and internal conditions
here, but also by the political and military actions against the
 Palestinians under the paranoid police State of Israel that so
cruelly and cynically demolishes peoples homes and thus mak-
ing them instantly homeless. Those Palestinians bulldozed out
of their own homes by the Israeli military and police apparatus
are called "Demolition Homeless." Such brutal tactics by the
 vicious Israelis borders on a kind of Fascism in my mind and
to which they as Jews themselves should know better about
 the evils of Fascism as past victims of the Nazi Holocaust.
As an English Anglican, I abhor such modern-day Israeli
 tactics as much as I do of raw Fascism from the past
along with vile anti-Semitism. With that said, I see no
reason why Israel shouldn't be severely criticized for
its injustice and ill-treatment of the Palestinians.
At Hebron, young disabled homeless sells or begs what
he can from passing motorists on the city's "High Street."
I spent some time at Bethlehem, Jericho, Ramallah, and
Hebron during my present intensive five-day stay at
Palestine. Ironically, there was very little visual evidence
of street homelessness at first.  And, the "Industry of 
Homelessness" was clearly absent unlike what we find
in the UK and USA in which a myriad of homeless
charities exist solely for the purported purpose of helping
the homeless. Nor does Palestine have any kind of home-
less publications for the homeless and poor to sell unlike
 that which is published in the UK under the heading of
The Big Issue England, which has made the Anglo-Irish
skunks John and Peter Bird stinking rich off the backs of
their ever exploited homeless. Nobody is going to get
rich off the backs of the homeless inside Palestine
 that's for sure!
He Doesn't Go To School, He Sells Hot Tea on the
Hebron street corner to support his parents, brothers
 and sisters. His parents were made "Demolition
Homeless" By The Israeli Malicious Milita.
Walking the garbage-filled streets of Palestine showed
almost no sights or sounds of the homeless or rough
sleepers that seemed to be invisible to the public eye from
what I could first see up front. I did bump into the occasional
street begger or small-time peddler but no hardcore
street people. Other than that, Palestinian high school
and college kidz would happily greet me and shake my
hand on the streets while asking me if I was an American!
When I told them I was British they reacted with glee.
And, they spoke English well with most of them being
Muslims rather than Christians, who are a given minority
inside Palestine as the Muslim population is growing
at an explosive rate.
Typical Palestine police car which displays PLO
Chairman & Palestinian National Authority President  
Mahmoud Abbas, who succeeded Yasser Arafat upon
his death in 2004.  There's little or no money for new
 infrastructure, but plenty for new police cars and goon
squads! While I saw UN Relief Agencies and the EU
providing road sweepers and garbage trucks to help
clean-up the streets of Palestine that still looked filthy.
I also visited the SOS Mobile Clinic for abandonend
and orphaned kids at Hebron to see what they perhaps
could tell me more about local homelessness. The
Christian staff lady at the clinic was rather vague about the
subject and said she thought the real problem of homelessness
 was in Bethlehem and Ramallah on the West Bank, which I
had already visitied. Speaking in halting English, she seemed
 to want to avoid making any comments that could be construed
as criticism of Israel's deliberate policy of creating
 "Demolition Homeless" - since the clinic is a non-political and
 non-sectarian charity that also runs several hundreds of Childrens'
 Villages around the world. The mobile clinic moves every 3
 or 4 months to a different location inside Palestine to primarily
help abandoned and orphaned kids. I did notice, however, that
 has I left the clinic an Islamic child agency right next door was
 packed with Muslim families getting free medical treatment and
free food for their children! While, the SOS clinic then looked
 rather dead ...
An Israeli 30ft High Concrete Barricade At Bethlehem.
One hardly sees any Israeli Orthodox Jews visiting Palestine.
The yellow car plates are those of the Jews, while the green
and white car plates are those of Palestinian Muslims
and Christians. They are not allowed to drive outside
of Palestine with such green and white car plates. If they
try, it is likely they'll be shot dead at any Israeli checkpoint
 at sight on seeing ... The life of a Palestinian seems worthless
 compared to the life of an Israeli. And under Israel's rule
of its ever growing  ironfist , the people of Palestine are
moving closer each day to living in conditions of
 concentration camps created by the paranoia of the Jews.
In the meantime, Palestinian homelessness is growing
more and more behind Israel's wanton barricades and
armed checkpoints. So does the vexing problem of child
 abandonment and orphaned kidz inside Palestine.
Welcome To Palestine & Bethlehem.
All Over Palestine, The Israeli Defense Forces (ISF)
Operate Guntowers, 30ft-High Concrete Barricades,
Massive Security Checkpoints, and Thousands of Armed
Soliders To Control The Movement of Palestinians. The
 Israeli Seizure Mentality is Literally Everywhere.
Christian Wedding Shop At Depressed Hebron.
While Journeying Across the Middle East, I Stopped To Record
 This Scene of Rurality To Be Found in Parts of Palestine.
In part 2, I will show you some of the evidence of homeless-
ness at Israel's disputed capital of Jerusalem. I spent only a
little time at Tel Aviv, which alot of folkz still think is the
capital.  Whatever, I am told Tel Aviv is where the problem
of homelessness exists more than anywhere else among the
 8 million population of Israel, especially among the African
refugees - many of them being Black Jews - that have hit
 the Jewish State as part of the worldwide 85 million African
  Diaspora that is flooding all too many countries of late in-
 cluding the UK and Europe.  Unwanted and scrounging
Africans now swamp, blight, and propagate, the four
corners of the world!!
Part 2 is entitled: "Jerusalem Is Far From Golden For
The Homeless." It is also where the despised Tony
 Blair hopz, skipz and jumpz around as the so-called
 'Peace Envoy,' who the Palestinians utterly detest and
who was in Jerusalem while I myself was there ...
Truly, Uncle Monty At Jericho.
+2nd Sunday After The Epiphany, 2012.
By Uncle Monty.
At Jericho 10,000 Inside Palestine.
Israeli high court upholds law limiting
Palestinians living with Israeli spouses.
EU on verge of abandoning hope for a viable Palestinian
state. Israel's foreign ministry denied that Israeli settlers
were taking water resources from the West Bank.
By Donald Macintyre at Jerusalem.
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