New Year 2012.

Happy New Year 2012 From
Uncle Monty At Tel Aviv.
Having happily brought in the New Year 2012 here
at Tel Aviv,  I now leave for Amman, Jordan. Then
onto Beirut, Lebanon, as I explore more of the Middle
East and try to understand better what is really going
on in this part of the world. The political and religious
 complexity of it all is almost boggles the mind, but this
is not the place or time for such discussions here on
this Happy New Year's Day, 2012.
On my journey back to homebase, I shall make
a three-day stopover at Rome and stay with the
same religious sisters I stayed with on my last
visit to Rome and The Vatican. Only if the weather
is truly foul, will I forfeit my stay and re-schedule
it for Springtide or early Summertide, 2012.
So beside all that, I will, however, later write about
homelessness here in the Middle East and specifically
 inside Israel. But for now, all I want to say, of
course, is to simply wish you all a Very Happy
& Blessed New Year, 2012.
So Cheerz, Everybody, Uncle Monty.
+New Years Day, 2012, At Tel Aviv.
Have A Good One ...
The Big Issue's True Motto: "Hand Up, Then A Kick Down!!"
And, Damn The Bird Brothers For All of 2012!! Yes, Siree!
 ~ Bad Images Peter & John Bird ~


lea. said...

monty dear have a great new year.
you're globetrotting again i see.
so hope you check your email
sometime soon. see you when you
return i hope. lea with my love.

Xx Marie. said...

Dear Monty, happy new year to you. We were away and on our return found
your lovely postcard from Jerusalem. My priest brother was there too, what a pity, you could have met up.
We're so glad you are keeping well. See you mid-January for you to have
dinner with us on your safe return
from the Middle East. Xx Marie.

Marie Benton, Choir With No Name (CWNN) said...

Dear Monty
A very Happy New Year to you. Please forgive the delay in my reply, everything was a little hectic before Christmas!
We absolutely love your blog entry, thank you so much! The photos are beautiful too. Is there any chance you could send a few photos over? I could pass them on to the members concerned.
With our best wishes
Marie and all at the Choir
with No Name (CWNN)

tfckbxetk said...

Hello $email$.
Jerusalem The Golden!!!

J&M said...

Firstly Monty we wish you the happiest new year possible. We
just got your card from the middle
east. thank you so much. You are
always full of surprises aren't you? Secondly, you say you are returning to israel after visiting
lebanon and jordan. We assume you'll be back sometime to your blog to continue to write about the big issue. We hope so.
Your inboxes appear to be full up
so we're trying your blog comments
to let you know it's us = joe and marvin = contacting you. We hope
you're back again soon. Please let us know when you're back from your trips abroad. Best to you, Monty.
Our Kudos, J&M.