Magical Xmas. By Uncle Monty.

Wishing One & All A Magical
and Blessed Christmas, 2010.
By Uncle Monty.
I didn’t miss my annual carol singing at London’s
Charing Cross Station to raise Xmas Funds for the
homeless at The Connections, which is located at the
worthy and world famous St. Martin-in-the-Fields.
The good ladies, both very young and the not so young
(as shown below), sang traditional English Christmas
carols as the railway passengers were either arriving
or departiing the British capital en masse.
I noticed a sharp decline in Xmas giving by my charity
bucket that was only half full compared to previous
years where my red bucket would be almost full of
change amd plenty of banknotes. I saw not one
banknote in the bucket this year, I’m afraid. Alot
of loose change was evident, but also alot fewer
folkz stopped to give or even fewer stopped to
listen to the 30 or so St. Martin's carol singers or
respond to their Xmas Appeal. Yet, I didn’t see,
however, a lack of Xmas shopping bags by
many of those same folkz who neither
stopped to give nor to listen.
Also what was missing this year at Charing Cross was
the large Xmas Tree that is seen annually inside the
station. A couple of people complained about it, while
one of the station’s employers explained that due to
"health and safety laws" the tree had not been put up
this year since the corner where it usually stood had
now been turned into another small commercial
shop called “Paul.” Welcome to Christless Britain!
Doing Good Deeds: St. Martin's Carol Singers
Raising Xmas Funds To Help The Homeless.
Arriving early at Charing Cross, I noticed Big Issue
vendor No. 5541 standing at The Strand entrance
almost oblivious to any customers he might have
had as he stood tinkering with his cellphone and his
young head completely down as he dangled, almost
forlorn, a couple of copies of the latest Big
Issue rag in his one hand. He didn’t sell a
copy, of course, while I observed him.
As a Big Issue vendor, the key is to always pay
attention to all customers coming your way. If you’re
only interested is your stupid mobile, then don’t expect
to sell or get a surprise Christmas donation or "drop"
from a kind member of the public. If a vendor can
afford an expensive cellphone, then I suspect he’s
not that skint or in need of an urgent helping
hands or even worse his mobile could
be stolen property.
This is my first Christmas without my Big Issue
pitch due entirely to the scrooges Peter & John
Bird having taken away my Long Acre pitch back in
May. Private e-mails and conversations to me this
week have ranged from saying "screw the scrooges"
to observing that if the Bird Brothers aren't moved
at this time of the year - which they are not - then
they'll never be moved to restore my five year
pitch to me. That's exactly what they've done
no matter if it's Xmas or not in deChristianized
England. They symbolize the deChristianization
of Britain do the scrooges peewee Peter Bird &
his jack ass brother John Bird of The Big Issue.
Come 2011, I'll write more about them individ-
ually called "Forget His Life" - It's Not Worth
The Toilet Paper That It's Written.
On a more Christmasy note for those
who are homeless and marginalizd:
The Quaker Christmas Shelter at Union
Chapel, Compton Ave., Islington, London N1.
It will be open at 3:00pm, from Thursday,
Dec. 23rd, 2010, to 10:00am, Thur. Dec. 30th.
Dinner at 6:00pm. Breakfast at 8:00am.
Packed lunches are also available.
Various services held in the evenings.
Self-referrals are availabe, too,
for overnight beds:
Referral line open 22nd December:
07833 123 155
Merry Christmas, Uncle Monty.
+O Sapientia (BCP), 2010.
Don't give to beggars, they'll only buy drugs,
Activists call for end to France's homeless crisis.
By Louisa Long in Paris.

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Missed The Xmas Do. By Uncle Monty.

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Jamie said...

Monty let me send my Christmas
Wishes to you. You deserve all
the best for the New year I think
too. Have a great time. Jamie.

letshope said...

lets hope mate the brothers choke
on their xmas pudding real good.
they dont deserve a thing do they
mate? lets hope you have a decent
xmas uncle monty even if the birds
have treated you like shit.
you call them scrooges, we call
them big shits mate. good luck.
letshope ////

HJ. said...

Hello there Monty,
Good tidings of comfort and
joy this Christmas –
remembering that even in the bleakest of mid winters there
is hope for the future –
With best wishes for 2011
from your many friends
at HJ.

Carla Jayasurya. said...

Hi Uncle Monty,
Carla Jayasurya wants to be friends with you on Facebook.
She wants to send along her Christmas greeting to you.
Have a nice day. Facebook.