Scrooges. By Uncle Monty,

Coming in 2011, the first story of the New Year will
be about the ugly Peter & John Bird of The Big Issue.
The story “Forget His Life: It’s Not Worth The Toilet
Paper That It’s Written On” will be applied to each
of the loathsome and scrooge brothers, who have not
only failed to offer me an olive branch but have now
also stolen my Christmas by their refusal to give
me back my rightful Big Issue pitch at
London’s Covent Garden.
In their callousness and meanness, peewee Peter
Bird and his big bloated brother John Bird have
also thrown away all my Christmas customers and
my Christnas sales in order to assert their patent
injustice and scrooge-attitude against me as
a five-year badged Big Issue vendor.
I shall never forgive or forget the lousey Bird
Brothers for what they have now deliberately
done against me and against some of their
other dismissed vendors. But unlike those other
vendors badly treated by the vile Bird Brothers,
I for one will NOT go away and be silent against
them. No sir, I intend to expose them for
what they really are – cold and mean
and godless that they are.
That’s why you’ll see them pictured here with
the upside down cross painted on their wicked
foreheads as we say to others regarding each
one of them – "Forget His Life." More then
in the New Year, 2011, about the Big Issue
scrooges Peter and John Bird.
Text By Uncle Monty ~ Graphics By Alex Albion.
+Third Sunday of Advent, 2010.
:: Message To Neil Morrissey, The British Actor ::
Yes, use your fame and name to help the homeless,
but please NOT The Big Issue as reported in The
Times yesterday from Derby with street vendor
Gavin Mason. You can help, for example, CRISIS
At Christmas, 2010. Unlike The Big Issue, CRISIS
feeds and shelters thousands of needy homeless
during yuletide without any concern to profit off
the backs of the homeless like The Big Issue does
year in, year out. I urge you Neil to help CRISIS
above and beyond the greedy Bird Brothers ... Or
help any other homeless charity that you see fit to
use your fame and name to truly help those who
are homeless. Centre Point and The Connections
at St. Martin-in-the-Fields are truly worthy, too.
http://www.crisis.org.uk/ ~ or 08000 38 48 38.
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Big Issue Scrooge A. John Bird, M.B.E.
More Power To WikiLeaks. By Uncle Monty.
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