Wills. By Uncle Monty.

My Public Word To Wills.
By Uncle Monty.
For you the good Prince William to use The Big
Issue as a public platform to highlight your
“fight against growing homelessness blight” of
young Britons and rough sleepers, I'm afraid
you've simply boosted the greedy profits of
The Big Issue scrooges Peter and John Bird
more than anything else at this Christmastide.
With dismal and plummeting 2010 Xmas sales
for all The Big Issue vendors due, among
other factors, to the recent arctic weather in
the UK, your “Xmas gift” in the form of your
article only helps The Big Issue and not the
lowly homeless per se. Many of them will
land-up at CRISIS or The Quaker Christmas
Shelter as usual while the Bird Brothers them-
selves gleefully gather to munch on tender
turkey and Christmas pudding to
their selfish hearts content.
The Bird sods will also count the extra money
they’ve now gotten because of you after using
The Big Issue as a platform that benefits the
scrooges first and not those out on the cold,
bleak winter, streets of the UK.
Wills or Wales or Whatever Princely Name He Wants!
You see, Wills, while I much admire your
endeavours to help the homeless and your personal
inspiration stemming from your dear mum - the
late Diana, Princess of Wales – I ask that you NOT
give The Big Issue scrooges any unwarranted boost
to make more profits off the backs of the homeless
and of their Dickensian exploitation of them.
The Big Issue is a corporate entity, not a home-
less agency that seeks to put the homeless first
above and beyond the Bird Brothers’ big
business profits at the expense of the homeless
in the UK. My public word to you Wills is to
always do your good deeds, but please don't do
so by boosting The Big Issue at the expense and
exploitation of the street vendors by such a rag!
So thank you, your Royal Highness ...
Good luck, too, Wills at Centrepoint!!
William spearheads fight against
growing homelessness 'blight.'
It's Christmas Eve and Those Buggers
The Bird Brothers Stole My Christmas
Tree! God Damn Them!!
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Christmas Eve, 2010.
:: A Few Christmas Greetings From
Some of My Old Friends! ::
Lovely to get your Christmas message,
Monty. I am in Melbourne where I will pray
for you at Midnight Mass. Many prayers,
Father Alexander. Sent from my iPad.
Dear Monty
It is my turn to wish you a very merry Christmas
and a very happy and healthy 2011. I hope you
are well. Kind regards Agnès.
We go only by the grace of god. Remember it’s
Christmas from us to you. All cheers to u for
2011. We miss u Old Monty. No more Big
Issues do we buy since u left. Chris, Davy,
Helen, Batty, Cyrena, and Jeff.
Dearest U. Monty - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
LOL, Jane Wiltshire.
Monty dear, wishing you a Happy Xmas.
All the best for 2011. I hope to find you
well. I miss you at Cafe Nero. Love,
Ida Negri xxx.
:: Feedback & Comments ::
Homeless in New York or The Big Apple ...
Redneck John Bird of The Big Issue. Does
He Not Also Know How To Dress? He walks
and talks like a stuffed pig, he does. Beyond
that, he's a fake friend of the homeless!
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ghg1977 said...

if eveybody knew the truth about you they'd be even more against
you than they are now. what are
you hiding then mr. pete bird?
tell us the truth about you. you
can lay off monty at the same
time. ghg1977

KAREN. said...

Hi Monty - Just back from France.
Sorry to read all your bad stories
regarding Big Issue. Just want to
wish a you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Hope you had a nice Christmas.
Sorry to miss seeing you at your
pitch during this festive time.
Perhaps next year you will be back
like old times. I hope so. KAREN