Branch. By Uncle Monty.

No Olive Branch. By Uncle Monty.
No olive branch has been offered to me
by Peter & John Bird of The Big Issue at
this Christmastide, 2010. Not a thing
from them, although I shouldn't expect
anything from them knowing how cold
and callous the Bird characters truly are.
Thus my empty Big Issue pitch is still
empty after those sods destroyed my pitch
by suspending me on their pretext of
"bringing The Big Issue into disrepute."
What they have done to me is still fest-
ering like mad and yet they haven't
the slightest goodwill to try to resolve
our problem at this special time of the
year that is also called "yuletide."
Here I am at my pitch today with my new badge
No. 0001 for legal display and my new green Xmas
hat in the shape of a Xmas Tree!! The folkz on Long
Acre just loved what they saw ... As I sat, however,
I still seethed at the vile Bird Brothers.
Essentially an utterly godless pair, peewee Peter
Bird and his big bloated brother John Bird don't
give a damn anyway, since they're now rolling
in big money at their exploitation of the
homeless, year in and year out, in the UK.
But that will come to end sooner or later.
Their corporate and charity game will
then be up and finished once and for all.
In the meantime, the latest issue No. 926
has jumped to two quid a copy from £1.70
with the Big Issue street vendors now forced
to pay a quid at wholesale price per copy. It's
again the shabby case of the Big Issue operators
squeezing every last penny out of the homeless
in order for it to make-up for sagging sales
on the streets. With the snow and ice of the
past week and the impending arctic freeze set
for the next couple of weeks inside the UK,
many vendors are going to be stuck between
a rock and hard place since it will be too
bitterly cold for vendors to stand out on the
streets for any long periods of time. While back at
Vauxhall - The Big Issue London HQ - I suspect
stacks of unsold magazines will be evident and
at which the vile Bird Brothers will demand
their vendors sell unsold copies into the
next week like they did at last Christmas.
Squeezing Every Last Penny From Out
of The Big Issue Vendors. 7/28/2009.
With The Big Issue new price increase comes
also an increase in pages after pages of adverts,
appeals, promotions, vouchers, and free down-
loads, that clutters the magazine from cover-to-
cover. Of the 54 pages in issue No. 926, more
than 25 pages - almost half of the rag - is taken
up with commercialism that does nothing to help
the homeless except make more corporate
profits for the greedy movers and shakers
behind The Big Issue. While they revel in
the warmth, the Big Issue vendor must
freeze out on the wintery streets in order to
try and make a buck or two for himself or
herself. Many vendors will simply quit
this Christmas due to the arctic conditions
and/or the every increasing task of deal-
ing with the almost mafioso Vauxhall.
As we sat at Cafe Nero - that is Jill and I -
in came a friend of the known street
thief called Curley trying to flog the Big
Issue to the packed coffee customers.
Most didn't even look up, but just waved
away the unbadged and wretched-looking
guy or shook their heads in disapproval.
He came penniless and left penniless
after he made no sales inside Cafe Nero.
I repeat for all - "Peter & John Bird Stole My
Christmas Tree," like the sods that they are ...
Spitting out his usual leftist garbage and
his known twaddle, old A. J. Bird grandly
editorializes in his No. 926 issue with his
"Letter to ... A Protester."
Of course, he didn't dare mention that I
have been, and continue to be, a protester
against him and his peewee brother Peter
Bird. He doesn't say if he himself has been
a protester as a guy who was an active
Trotskyist until he hit the good times with
the capitalist mongrels of Gordon and
Anita Roddick. So much then for his views
on ridding beggers and homeless tea runs
that would fit more with the Nazi agenda
than with his champagne socialist
credentials of today.
One of my favourite Big Issue pictures taken
of me during the pouring rain at my pitch at
London's Covent Garden in 2oo9. Now my
pitch has been made CHRISTMAS DEAD!!
And so, no olive branch from Peter and John
Bird of The Big Issue to me at this special time
of Christmastide. But like I stated earlier, I
shouldn't expect such from such vile characters
like them. I guess the only consolation for me
this year is that I could not sit or stand outside
in the arctic freeze even if I still rightly had my
Big Issue pitch that the bastard Bird Brothers
threw away just to be mean to me. Luckily
and already, Christmas cash and gifts from
my many friends have started to roll in as if
I am still at my Long Acre pitch. Bravo!
And, I happily thank the Good Lord,
always ... with or without an olive branch
from those Bird sods!!
Yep, I was running late but now I have
made up for that by completing my latest
story on The Big Issue. Doing has I do
with so many other things I do makes
me sometimes late. And, after spending
sometime earlier today to have my story
photographs herein taken at my old pitch
that has been thrown away by the bastard
Bird Brothers! "No Olive Branch" is
written for you and my blog readership
that appears to be growing slowly
but surely. Bravo!
Have a lovely "warm" day, Uncle Monty.
+Second Sunday in Advent, 2010.
Yep, They've Deliberately Stole My Xmas Tree.
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Anonymous said...

Let me make a gentle suggestion
that you offer an olive branch
to The Big Issue rather than the
other way around. It might just
work for the better. TRY IT.