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Now A Few More Quids In The Fat Bank
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John Bird: Fashion has become a weapon on the streets
of London. What you wear can be a matter of life and
death – as last week's riots demonstrated.
Aug. 15, 2011.
Big Changes At The Big Issue.
By Garnet Roach.
Comments By Uncle Monty.
Graphics & Photos By Alex Albion.
The Big Issue has revealed a raft of changes at the magazine
 including outsourcing services to Dennis Publishing and
creating a new, nationwide edition.
The new partnership deal will see Dennis - publishers of magazines
including MacUser, Viz, Auto Express and Bizarre - take over a
 number of services for the magazine such as subbing, design and
 production. This marks a big change for the magazine, which
has always functioned as a not-for-profit organisation, though
 it stressed that plans would “only serve to benefit vendors”.
Lara McCullagh, spokeswoman for the magazine, said: “Our ability
 to support our vendors will only be enhanced via this partnership”.
But as well as a number of editorial duties, Dennis Publishing will
also be taking over responsibility for generating advertising for
the magazine, previously a source of finance for The Big Issue.
The magazine wouldn’t reveal details of the deal, or of how any
 advertising revenue might be divided up between the companies.
With a falling readership and a recession in full swing, it would be
interesting to see how the magazine could improve profits by
taking up with Dennis - owned by Felix Dennis, worth £500
million and ranked 134th in the Sunday Times Rich List.
“The specifics of the contractual arrangement are not available,”
said Ms McCullagh, “However, we would assure all interested
parties that The Big Issue aims to increase its profitability,
thereby protecting its ability to support vendors.” She added
that the move would result in only “minimal” job cuts - but
any affected staff will be transferred to Dennis, which will
then carry out a “review of its requirements”.
“It is expected that the vast majority of staff will find a role
and all possible measures are being taken to minimise job
 losses,” said Ms McCullagh.
The Big Issue will also start publishing a new-look national
edition, rather than five separate regional magazines, with a
 combined push to take the magazine online. The new UK
edition will be run from Glasgow with Paul McNamee, the
 existing Scotland editor, in charge. The regional issues had
 lacked consistency in the past, McNamee told the Press
Gazette. “It’s unhelpful for our readers and it doesn’t
help our vendors.
“We always shared some copy, but with the bigger features
there’s been a huge variation in the tone and content,” he said.
“It makes sense to have a coherent, unified, single magazine.”
The Big Issue launched 20 years ago in a bid to offer homeless
 people “a hand up not a hand out”, with today’s 3,000 vendors
 buying the magazine for £1, and selling it for £2 to make a profit.
But circulation and readership numbers have dropped in recent
 years, falling from just under 250,000 a decade ago to a weekly
circulation of 136, 018 in 2009.
It also lost more than £400,000 in the year ending March 2010
 and over £386,000 the previous year. However, Ms McCullagh 
said:  “Even when the company has run at a loss, it has still
succeeded in its primary aim of putting millions of pounds
annually into the pockets of homeless people.”
According to the magazine, it helped homeless people earn
  £8 million last year. This comes at a time of change for the
company, including a digital drive and a plan to equip vendors
 with iPhones in order to help them become “local reporters”
 and learn new skills. But with vendors making their money by
selling the magazine on the streets, how would the digitalisation
of the Big Issue affect their profits - and their ability to earn
cash? “As a social enterprise, The Big Issue’s primary
focus is to provide homeless people with the means to earn
an income,” concluded Ms McCullagh. “We won’t go online
and cut vendors out. We would not contemplate any
 development which sidelines vendors or
 threatens streets sales.”
Co-founder John Bird said in a statement: “The decision to
amalmate the regional editions of the magazine and to create
one unified UK edition was taken to enable greater efficiency
and the best use of our skill set. “The move will also free up
resources, allowing us to focus of new ventures, including
development of a digital platform.”
Changes To Benefit The Greedy Bird Gang,
 Not The Big Issue Vendors You Can Bet.
Comments By Uncle Monty.
The above piece is posted here at
allaboutthebigissue for those many of you who
 may have missed the rather informative and revealing 
July article by Garnet Roach at The Pavement  magazine
on the big changes at The Big Issue. Whatever has or
has not happened there you can bet your bottom dollar
that pigface Anthony John Bird and his Big Issue hench-
men have cleaned up on any business deal that was made
 most probably without staff consultation before hand
and certainly not with any kind of vendor representative
to have any kind of input regarding the future of Bird's
selfish enterprise. Essentially, pigface Bird holds no
loyalty to anybody, including his staff, when it comes
 to him walking over anybody in his wake. He's done
that to other Big Issue editorial staff before without
a care in world for those he threw out. Bird is a
bastard at best. He's now moving into full retire-
ment while cleaning up on perks, bonuses, and
 pension set for him to live cosily forever after
 and to feed his 5 kidz from 3 marriages, I guess.
So while we're talking about pigface, some folkz have
been asking me of late why I call him "Pigface Anthony
John Bird." Well, my answer is plain and simple:
And that he's been doing for the past 20 years with
the start of Anita & Gordon Roddick giving him
bags of money to co-found The Big Issue in 1991
 to the present time of him, pigface Bird, still  banking
 big bucks as he still freely pigs of the homeless as the
UK's so-called "Homeless Guru." A lost monkey
 knows more about real homelessness today
than Bird will ever know ...
Images of Pigface Bird & Peter Prick.
As for the future of The Big Issue, it looks rather
dicey I must say no matter how they serve it up to
the public and their vendors with its usual bullshit
PR. Next, I can see The Big Issue HQ building
being sold, too. I'm told it's worth 4.8 million quid.
While impending staff cuts go ahead with deliber-
ate acts of concealment going on as to the true
 rot of what is really going on inside The Big Issue 
under Bird, who has also wasted untold amounts
of charity money and valuable resources due to his
 psychotic greed and avarice and skillless gross mis-
mangement, too, over many years. No doubt the 
pigface's little prick brother Peter Bird has also
helped in the rot by being vastly out of his depth for
 quite sometime as the inept gatekeeper at The Big
 Issue London HQ during the regular absence of his
pigface brother now living it up near Cambridge
 like a disreputable editorial jerk!
If the claim that The Big Issue has put millions of quids
 in the pocket of its homeless vendors, then how many
more millions has The Big Issue made off them under
the greedy eye of Anthony John Bird?  Along with
the backing of his rich pals like Nigel Kershaw and
James Caan, and other fat catz, standing in the wings?
"I wonder as I wander," as the Yankee Christmas 
carol says. As for Lara McCullagh's statement
that vendors will NOT be cut out in the future, I
think there is little doubt that they will eventually
be cut out by one way or another - period!
So, so much for The Big Issue right now and I'll be
reporting more as the days get nearer to its unless 20th
Anniversary that makes me and others want to puke
and spew all over both the pigface and the prick.
Cherrio then for now, Uncle Monty.
+St. Lawrence, 2011.
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Donald. said...

Sir - Who ever did the picture
of the Bird man with pig ears deserves my congratulations for
it says it all about his filthy hands on homeless people. I have
never been able to put in words
my antipathy to him until I read
how 'he pigs off the homeless'.
In those few words I finally
found the words that I have
always wanted to say about him. Thanks. This is Donald. I am
not with Big Issue any more.

Pat Sinclair said...

Monty the scathing criticism of
the Bird bosses, John-Peter, is much needed. Moreover, much deserved of their own making.
Never buy big issue, right?
Never do now. Have a nice
holiday. Pat.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Who Ever - Thinking you
have been hard done by The Big
Issue is not a license for you
to attack them with no restraint.
John is a decent family man. Due to him the issue of homelessness has been a front page issue for many years. You belittle him for earning a living by representing the cause of the homeless. When
you belittle him you only belittle yourself. It sickens someone like me to read your nasty and vicious
statements about John. I know the
reasons why John had you removed.
Will you tell your readers the same truth that I was told about you? The more I read about you
I certainly become more disgusted
at your blog that isn't worth
the space it takes up. Disgusted,
fed-up with your crap. I admit I
was once a professional colleague when I was working with John. I have no shame in saying so. Do
you hear me Uncle who ever?

bob d said...

hi there monty |
bird is among others who have lived well by attaching themselves to the perils of the poor
and homeless. the difference between him and most others is that he has fine tuned his ways
into making the maximum amount of money for himself as a self-made spokesperson in the name of homeless people. but the homeless problem is a still a problem with no thanks to him. his only major
'qualification' is running his rude mouth. pay no heed to him.
he is finished or should be.
the problem with bird is that he is the problem. bob d | aberdeen