Now For.

Now For My Holidayz.
By Uncle Monty at Paris.
Graphics By Alex Albion.
I'm taking a summer break from my blogz, which includes
this one at allaboutthebigissue. I'll be away for a couple
or so weekz unless something dramatically happens. For
instance, if Pigface John Bird should suddenly drop dead or
there's a rowdy staff walkout against The Big Issue or prick
Peter Bird gets in a bad brawl with some vendors, then if
 I know I will then be back at my laptop to report such at
wherever in the world I might happen to be during my 
much needed summer holidayz. Such couldn't have
come at a better time after all of that vile black scum
and white foreign trash went rioting and looting in
London, and elsewhere in Bloody Sick Britain,
for four days of hell and mayhem and beyond ...
Some 3,000 of them, from different parts of  Britain,
 have so far been charged before the courts. For many
of them it will be a "Badge of Honour" to have done
 what they have done. So expect more trouble from
 their violent type in the coming future inside the UK.
At London's Pentonville Prison, of the more than
1,200 inmates there almost 80% are black, mixed
race and foreigners, reports Martin Bentham of ES.
But for the time being, however, I am at least far
away enough from such a bloody mess, thankfully.
Mugshotz of the Looterz.
By Uncle Monty.
 Here at Paris I have now greeted Contessa Maria on
 her arrival from Scottsdale, AZwith her new nurse in
tow to ensure she's taken care of healthwise. Otherwise,
 dear Maria is her usual self and is rearing to go although
abit more frail than the last time we got together at Tripoli
 and Tunis at the start of the New Year, 2011.  So
 together, we now go on our latest holidayz to one
of the world's greatest treasures - The Senegeti.
At The Magical & Wonderful Serengeti.
Holidayz. By Uncle Monty.
To be soon standing in the middle of The Serengeti is by
far alot more fascinating and exciting than standing in the
middle of some drab and boring English seaside town
like crummy Southend-on-Sea. And to also say to be
standing in the middle of Paris at Champ de Mars -
right in the shadow of The Eiffel Tower - watching and
recording homeless footballers from 63 countries com-
peting at the upcoming 2011 World Homeless Cup, is
 by far more interesting and fulfilling than watching an
exploited bunch of poor Big Issue vendors flogging the
same tiresome Bird mag in the middle of London's
cold Holborn.
Outside of Holborn Sainbury's - An
Official Vendor, Woooooooooooooow!
The refrain this year is that going outside of England
to holiday is much too expensive during the present
national economic crunch  in the UK. As I've said
elsewhere, I've yet to find reasonably priced hotel
accommodation and holiday packages inside
England. Rip-off prices are everywhere at Blighty,
even when we're told they're discounted!! For,
myself, I have alwayz found much cheaper prices
when travelling and holidaying abroad compared to
 the British Isles.  Not that I need worry, one way or
 the other, with Contessa Maria usually and kindly
 taking care of most of my travel expenses when
travelling with her. By the way, she's delighted
I'm no longer a Big Issue vendor since she didn't
like me selling out on the streets. Plus, she thinks
the Bird Brothers are absolute cads. "You can do
without those dreadful creatures in your life, Monty
 dear," says Maria so pointedly about John &
Peter Bird. She saw John Bird once and took an in-
stant dislike toward him and has done so ever since.
The Senegeti: A World Treasure of Incredible Wildlife
Let me leave you at that and let me indulge in some needed rest.
Hoping You Are All Having A
Nice Holiday, Uncle Monty.
+2011 World Youth Day With Pope Benedict
 XVI at España's Capital of Madid.
Feedback & Comments
Grace: How Amazing She Is.  By Uncle Monty.
I have been amazed at the number of e-mails I've
gotten for dear Grace Robertson after her two articles
were posted on this blog herein. I have promptly passed
 on to her all such messages received for her.  I hope I
can get Grace to write more for us all to read and enjoy.
 She's a great lady and an imaginative writer with strong
opinions that she doesn't hesitate to state. Folkz with
strong views, even if I disagree with them, are usually
 welcome in my book. And Grace Robertson is cer-
tainly one person I always welcome with open arms.
 We'll get together again after my summer holidayz
 for another of our in-depth chitchats and at our
first class lunch set next for early October.
Toodaloo for now, Uncle Monty..
THE BIG ISSUE - NEVER BUY - But Give To Vendor!
Four UK Immigrant Muslims Leaving Barclay's
Acton Bank Branch After Mosque Prayers
on 1st Firday of Ramadan, 2011.
When England Was England. Now Forever
Destroyed By Odious Tony Blair's Vile New Labour.
When I return from the end of my magical holidayz at
America's Labor Day, 2011 - Sept 5th - I will then have
among my new stories for the Fall one that is entitled
all about  -- "Anthony John Bird: How He Pigs Off
The Homeless." And as such, he's done that for years
 now and gotten away with it along with his prick brother
Peter Bird and The Big Issue Foul Gang at their
UK London Vauxhall HQ.
"Talk of damaged race relations in the UK due to
 the rioting and looting by violent blacks and white
 foreign trash, means absolutely nothing to them. Race
 relations is a white upper middle class concept with
 bleeding heart Church leaders and career politicians of
 the same stripe all wanting NOT to be publicly labelled
 as "racist" by the Godless leftist press. The best race
relations is having no carousing blacks and menacing
Muslims and frigid foreigners stealing, house breaking,
raping and acting out inside our once 
All-English neighbourhoods."
Alex Albion.
Pick Your Paint & Painter! What Colour Do U Want?
Photo By Alex Albion.
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Goth said...

Have a great hols Mont. I envy
the thought of you and Lady Maria
going off together to the Serengeti. Sent to you by Goth.
Who you know who.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Uncle M and can I say what a poor prick you've made of Peter Bird???? He picked on the wrong guy like you didn't he???? I have picked my paint and painter from the picture of the black and white painters - I've picked white, white, and more white. No black, if you don't mind for me. Chill out
P. Hang in there M. Love you Uncle to bits.

mont me your mate said...

mont its me your mate in convent gardin. bird aint good . never been, ne ver will be . get on
with your trip away . have a
ni ce
1. things aint the same any
more now bird mov ed you out
of the pitch mate. dont now
the pric pete r bird . dont
want to eithe r . see you when
we see you mont .
be good mate

Kitty Holman. said...

Well Monty just got your lovely postcard from Africa. Thanks very
much. I was wondering when your
next story would appear. My guess
is you're still somewhere in the Serengeti. Be very careful not to
get too close to those wild things.
They'll eat you up alive just to look at you Monty. Thanks again for the card, just love it.
Fondly, Kitty Holman.

j and e said...

hi monty. we received the card from you in tanzania. we were so
happy to hear from you afar. we
hope to see you again soon. all
our best wishes to you. we're
your friends jon and emma.