Not Good.

Not Good 4 U.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Jill Ferguson
& Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Making my unannounced visit to London's disabled
 homeless charity called "GOOD 4 YOU," its man-
aging director Francois Greeff, 52, seemed nervous
and confused by my unexpected and sudden presence
right at his "charity" door to quiz him upfront about
what some have called his "bogus charity."
Bogus or not, Francois Greeff is a White Afrikaaner
from South Africa. His surname Greeff is pronounced
like the word "grief." But no pun, intended! He suffers,
so he says, from mental illness and bipolar disorder.
He was homeless on the streets of London when he
returned to the UK from South Africa's Stellenbosch
University and was without any kind of job or
 means of support. 
Now standing in front of me at his home-cum-charity,
he'd seen me taking photos outside and he swiftly came
 to his already wide open door to find out what was
 going on. As soon as he stepped in the doorway, I
fired three or four photoshots of him before he could
even blink an eye. One of those shots is seen in the
above caption image of him with his smiling face that
soon turned grim. Along with him quickly becoming
 nervious and confused has I said, when he found out
why I had come to his SW London Aston Road door.
Francois Greeff, who was a Big Issue vendor himself
like me, and who was still homeless back then, soon
became very disgruntled with John Bird's rotten rag.
Then at some point later Greeff took steps to start
his own "GOOD 4 YOU" homeless disabled charity
 that he started a number of years ago and seems
incapable now of establishing any public credentials
as a legitimate spokesperson for the UK diabled 
homeless. His "charity" at best is merely minuscule
and at worst a meaningless bunch of
 bullshit to excuse my French.
Crude, Handwritten Sign About Front Door
At Good 4 You:  Please come and volunteer ...
It fiitted well with the overall dilapidated condition
of Greeff's cheap property at Merton's Aston Road.
I was not invited inside to see what his charity was all
about, but I soon had the glass door slammed in my
open Anglican face without any further ado by Greeff.
He said that whatever information he might give me
would probably be used by me against him. However,
he said that if I showed him letters, etc., complaining
about him and his charity - GOOD 4 YOU - he'd
be willing to give me details to explain all about 
what his charity was doing. Suffice say, that Francois
 Greeff soon slammed the door in my face out of fear,
I do believe, of me digging beyond the surface of his
probable calculating and evasive responses to my
queries and questions of him. What I saw of him
was not good 4 u or for me. If you ask me,
Greeff is just a crock of bullshit!!
When I told him I was from thebiggerissue.org  he
 kept insisting I was from The Big Issue. I keep tell-
ing him that I was NOT. I'd prefer to be seen dead
before I'd be seen as any kind of representative of
 the rotten Big Issue - period.
As I observed, I didn't see a single disabled person or
 even a homeless person of any kind there during my brief
visit with the so-called managing director of GOOD 4
YOU. Indeed, I didn't see or hear a single soul there!
Greeff seemed to be all alone sitting in his front room
tinkering on his PC when I first saw him before
he'd even seen me.
"GOOD 4 YOU" Charity's SW London HQ.
And odd as it seems, there wasn't even a disabled ramp
 or any railings for the disabled homeless to be helped to
get inside the front door with their manual wheel chairs
 or electronic mobility shoppers unless they just had plain
 old crutches to support them. I found it odd and curious
 that a so-called disabled homeless charity didn't even have
 a ramp or railing for its disabled clients, even though such
 is required and mandated by UK disability laws requiring
disabled access at GOOD 4 YOU. Such is obviously not
good for the disabled and is not good 4 u or me. And aside
 from such possible illegality for failing to provide disabled
 access, GOOD 4 YOU is located in a SW London
 residential neighbourhood at where the disabled
could hardly find it to be conveniently or easily
 located.  It seemed to me that Francois Greeff's
 "charity" was almost deliberately housed to
 discourage the disabled from visiting it
or to find him in the first place ...
 He proudly states he has no paid staff.  It also
appears he has no payroll of any sort nor any
qualified disablity personnel to help the disabled
 homeless in any practical or meaningful way.
He relies entirely on volunteers, who in part 2 of
 this report will highlight some known grievances
 from at least one of them about Greeff and his
close to specious GOOD 4 YOU.
At Where GOOD 4 YOU Disabled Charity Is Located.
After being so rudely treated by Francois Greeff, I
stopped a couple of his nearby neighbours randomly
on Aston Road to ask them if they had seen any
 disabled folkz at GOOD 4 YOU. The lady almost
 opposite No. 36, at where Greeff permanently
resides, said she really knew nothing about the
charity and couldn't recall seeing the diabled there.
Next I stopped a retired bloke and he apologized to
 me saying he too knew nothing about GOOD 4 YOU
after living for years on the same Aston Road and
was sorry he couldn't help me further. Another lady
blankly refused to comment one way or another when
I asked her the same questions. What was amazing to
me was that it seemed clear the local neighbours didn't
 even know the existence of GOOD 4 YOU and/or
Francois Greef himself right on their own doorstep. I
 find that rather puzzling for a charity to say the least ...
At best it would appear that GOOD 4 YOU is
 hopeless and amateurish and incapable and a kind
of duping entity hiding behind its UK charity status
or at worst a one-man-band with Francois Greeff
as its sole charity clown.
In part 2 of Not Good 4 U, we'll take a peek at the board
of directors along with an ex-volunteer complaining bitterly
about Francois Greeff and further enqueries at the UK
Charity Commission regarding GOOD 4 YOU.
It should be quite a dandy part 2, I think.
Do Good Works, Uncle Monty.
+Vigil of Apostles Simon & Jude, 2011.
Feedback & Comments
PS. I first met Francois Greeff three years ago
at the CRISIS Conference with London Mayor
 Boris Johnson presenting his "Zero Rough Sleeping
 Plan," at London's Westminster Central Hall. There
he gave me his business card with the letters ACIS 
and an MA degree after his name. It was the first
time that I'd heard of his UK registered charity 
called "GOOD 4 YOU" for disabled people
who are homeless.
According to the public records of The
 Charity Commission for England &
 Wales, GOOD 4 YOU carries the
charity registration number:
~ End Part 1 ~
My dear friend Jill Ferguson's great caption picture of
me, proudly shown at the top of the page, was taken
 by her last Saturday of me at the European Union
Congress. Jill and I had a good time listening to all
the pros and cons of demanding a EU Referendum
without any further ado for the British People. Sadly,
 Tory PM David Cameron tried to pull a fast one,
but even then more than 80 of his own MPs told
him more or less to go to hell!! Good 4 Them!!
Jill, by the way, is an excellent photographer in
her own right. The pictures she took inside Cuba,
for instance, were superb and quite professional.
I was abit jealous, I must say ... especially since
I am an avid photographer who has taken some
5,000 images alone this year of all kinds
of people and events and things!
Homeless Commemoration Service Is To Be Held
At St. Martin-in-the-Fields at London's Trafalger
Square, November 10th, 2011 at 11.00AM. All
Are Most Welcome. Refreshments Offered
After Annual Service.
Totally Oblivious To The "Occupy London"
Protests Just Yards Away From His Big Issue
 Pitch, Long-Time Vendor Terry (Shown Below)
Stands & Carries on Regardless ...
The Big Issue Foundation:
EU Congress w/Zac Goldsmith.
By Uncle Monty.
"Will Blog 4 Food!"
Surely This Is A New One For The Homeless?


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piAXA ////// said...

looks uncle monty like you've got the scam artist by the balls. you
should be given a prize for your
investigative story that hits home
right between the guy's cockeyes.
piAXA //////

Big TinTin said...

Dear Monty ---- I refuse to give to
any charity besides Salvation Army,
British Legion and my own local C of E parish. I would never consider
giving to the charity you've written about and certainly not
The Big Issue with all the millionaires it surrounds itself
with. I have long ago given up
on supporting homeless charities
knowing how they use the money for
themselves and give only so little
to the cause they claim to work
for. Keep reporting young fellow
since you're very good at it. I
enjoy your blog. Take care then
---- Big TinTin