Stuck With Stinking Rich Wench Trudie Styler.
By Uncle Monty.
Graphics & Writeovers
By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
As The Big Issue prepares for Sting's wife Trudie
Styler to be guest editor next month, there is no sign
yet that she will step down due to the media uproar 
behind her to be shamelessly editing John Bird's rotten 
rag for the homeless. So there she is so stinking rich,
while she panders to the UK homeless and the
poorest of the poor. She's pitiful like pigface Bird.
In this part 2 of my STING story, we'll now take
a closer look from where I left off at last week's
 part 1. So here we go ...
Of the media critics against The Big Issue's bad selection
of Trudie Styler to be guest editor, I could only find one
who supports her and that was Sarah Sands of the
London Evening News (ES) in her short piece
 entitled "Let Trudie help the homeless."
"Trudie Styler is berated in the press for accepting an invitation
to guest-edit The Big Issue. Her offence is to own six homes.
The premise of The Big Issue is that it competes as a jour-
nalistic enterprise. I am often torn by the etiquette of this,
whether it is cheating to buy more than one or just handing
over money without taking the magazine. Why on earth
should Styler be homeless to edit it? The presenters
of Crimewatch are not required to be murderers. The
 sneering at the altruistic rich is hopelessly self-defeating."
Here's The Real Styler, Not Trudie ...
Other than Sarah Sands, the only other Trudie supporter was
 the pigface himself - Anthony John Bird, who could hardly be
objective since he was the bugger who asked her to guest-edit.
Here's partially what the son of bitch wrote on his wordpress
 blog:  "(The) Daily Mail has a story about Trudie Styler
 becoming guest editor of The Big Issue. It seems to have
rattled this particular journalists cage, causing some sourness.
The 6 times homed Trudie, with her husband Sting seem to
be worth going on for nearly £200 million. We asked Trudie
 to be guest editor because we know she is well connected
and will bring some big names to The Big Issue. Bringing
 big names means bigger sales, so therefore more income
 for homeless people."
Pigface goes on to tell us how The Roddicks gave him piles
of money to co-found The Big Issue with now estranged
Gordon Roddick. And, how the media made no fuss about
super rich Prince William and Tory PM David Cameron
being past guest editors. Also, how he'd lunched with
 Lord Rothermere in his exclusive dining room to help
 pigface try to become the mayor of London.  Who cares
who he had lunch with? By the way, Bird's London 
mayoral bid was an absolute and unadulterated flop
 from beginning to end and much like many of his other
failed personal projects that has seen him waste hundreds
of thousands of dollars from the charity coffers and
generous donors of the specious Big Issue Foundation. 
His mayoral gimmick was yet another publicity stunt 
of his like his latest one with Trudie Styler. He is so
conceited and bloated is John Bird he'd "outpester
any pest. Drive a hornet from its nest," as noted
 in the Maria lyrics in The Sound of Music.  He's
welcomed, however, at Anchor House at where
 he's a pitiful patron for the East London charity
 for single homeless people.
"I Forget My Styler ..." She Says. "I Am
Trudie. Didn't U Guess?" Get Her That Hair
Styler ... Fast! "I aM yOUR bIG iSSUE
Let me now line up one or two more media critics
against The Big Issue's selection of Styler:
Trudie, the big issue is that you have six homes.
"Trudie Styler is to guest-edit the Big Issue. Bad choice.
The tragedy is that it would have been so easy to avoid
this Marie Antoinette-level farce. Just a modicum of self-
awareness from Styler, enough grace to accept that, given
 her circumstances, she was probably not the greatest of
fits for this particular endeavour; perhaps more suited to
canapés and generous donations? Now that would have
been truly giving." By Barbara Ellen.
The Complete Antithesis of Homelessness.
With 800 Acres & 7M Quid Home Among 6 Other
Homes Owned By Trudie Styler & Her Hubby STING!
Now Try This On For Size, Trudie Styler ...
The Real Reality of UK Homelessness, 2011.
Six-home Trudie to guest edit Big Issue (Yes,
that's the magazine that helps the homeless). "It is
 a magazine sold by the homeless and which champions
the homeless. "So some may feel that choosing an editor
with six homes –  and lavish ones at that – would be
something of a cruel irony. Yet the Mail has learnt that
 the Big Issue is to be guest-edited by Trudie Styler, wife
of Sting, who is renowned for her extravagant tastes.
(The) magazine faced criticism over its decision."
By Ben Todd.
Some Caustic Comments From
The Daily Mail Readership:
I've bought my last Big Issue!
- Kate, Yorkshire, 6/10/2011 23:03.
SHe is so gross.
- Hersher, hampshire, 06/10/2011 23:44.
Last time I checked, was'nt the Big Issue sold in BULK
 (to those that could pay more like slave traders) and then
 RE-SOLD from these gangs to certain people. Not really
 helping the British homeless anymore which is a real
shame. - Gigi, London, 07/10/2011 00:01.
I hate rich socialists.
- Scabbard, Wellington, New Zealand, 7/10/2011 1:15.
A woman of exquisite taste, is she going to publish details
on how to decorate their (homeless) park bench or artist-
ically arrange their cardboard boxes down the subway.
- crunchie rocks,, grand canyon., 6/10/2011 23:34.
So we're now "stuck with stinking rich wench Trudie
 Styler" to guest edit John Bird's rag that helps more the
 rich over the UK poor and homeless like never before
due to Pigface John Bird and his Fat Cat Gang that
 now rule the roost at the rotten 20 year-old Big Issue.
There is, however, still time for Trudie to do some-
thing really big and really good and that is to step
 down from her upcoming role that has caused so
much disgust among the public and media elite and
 no doubt among the homeless who are aware that
once again they're being used so that rich parasites
 like Styler and the hideous Bird Brothers can continue
to live in their lifestyles of shafting the poor and the
economic underclass just for the hell of it. What
we're also seeing is the shameless and utter moral
 and ethical bankruptcy among the movers and
shakers of The Big Issue. The rot becomes even
more rotten while the vile Bird Brothers sing their
crude birdsongs of greed and self-centredness
for all it's worth to them. God damn them is
what I say ... they're rotten to the core from the
 top of their big heads to the bottom of their
 godless and stinking feet. That goes much the
 same for Trudie Styler and her hubby
STING, if you dare to ask me!
Do Good Works, Uncle Monty.
+St. Irene, 2011..
Feedback & Comments
~ Caption Image By Gary Day of Uncle Monty
Posing In Front of Classic Lamborghini  parked on
London's Famous Drury Lane and just a block or so
from where he once had his Big Issue pitch that was
rudely snatched and thrown away from him by the 
spiteful scum Peter-Bird-The-Big Issue-Prick ~
The Somewhat Specious Big Issue Foundation:
"A Hand Up, Then A Kick Down."
Email of the Year From VOX:
Hello! I'm a new follower (No. 9). Just
read the STING story. So let me share
 the national scoreboard with you --
>TRUDIE STYLER 3 out of 10.
>THE BIG ISSUE 2 out of 10.
>JOHN BIRD 1 out of 10.
>UNCLE MONTY 9 out of 10.
0 out of 10.
That's just how I also feel. VOX.
Annual Commemoration Service To The
 Homeless Dead At St. Martin-in-the-Fields,
Trafalger Square, London, Nov. 10th, 2011 at
11:00AM. If you are aware of any homeless
 person who has passed away this year, please
contact Sally Leigh at info@housingjustice.org.uk
with the name of  the person (s) in question.
Thank you! UM.
Skills Talk, Trash Walks.
By Uncle Monty.
Images By Gary Day
 & Alex Albion.
Thank The Good Lord For Finally
Getting Rid of The Dale Farm Scum ...
But 91% Said In The Daily Mail Poll That It Was
 WRONG To Forcibly Remove The Dale Farm Scum!
 How Come? After millions of quids spent and 10 years
of  their litigation tactics, it was time to enforce the law
against them for, among other things, their illegality against
local planning laws. Would you want those same hideous
 travellors and glaring gypies living right next door to you
with all their personal filth and obvious criminality
making your life like hell because of them? I certainly
wouldn't. Ship them back to wherever they came from
and never allow another situation like Dale Farm to
ever develop again inside the UK. Truly, UM.
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Ex-Sellor said...

Mr. Blogger Monty.
Nice job but stop flogging a
dead horse. Who cares who edits
TBI? They're all the same to me.
Chio, Roberto. (Ex-Sellor)

Barry* said...

Hi Monti* The two reports of your's
show a strong arguement against Trudie Styler, the Bird man, and the Big Issue* Will they ever learn, is now the question? I don't
think so* They're too set in their
money grabbing ways* The images you
also posted are terrific with the stories so what I think* Cheers, mate* Barry*