No Xmas.

And No Big Issue Xmas For David, Either!
By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics
 By Alex Albion.
And while ex-Big Issue boss pigface John Bird shacks
 up warmly over Christmas with his newest wife -
 ex-Sikh TV producer Parveen Sodhi-Bird - and his
mixed race kidz, one of the many vendors he's personally
suspended will spend this Christmas sleeping on the cold
bare concrete floor of a empty council estate garage all
because of Bird's highhandedness and cruel streak
that is so typically and callously him.
David, 48, told me his story just days ago on my
return to London from Paris via Eurostar. He is the
underbelly of the real callousness and uncaring
attitude of The Big Issue toward many of its
own street vendors at year in and at year out.
And while The Big Issue Foundation makes its fancy
and dubious Christmas Appeal with its fake cocodile
 tears to raise funds to so-call "help Big Issue vendors,"
David is yet another victim, much like me, of The Big
Issue's raw attitude of "Hand Up, Then A Kick
Down" to whoever vendor they want! And
there is no appeal or due process of law against
the ilk of pigface and his scum brother Peter-Bird-
The-Prick, who had the gall and nerve to "de-badge"
 me for bringing the Big Issue into disrepute. It's
The Big Issue's favourite catch-all phrase to inflict
punishment in its arbitrary and capricious way on
 any vendor or staff person they see fit to get rid
of for one reason or another that is best
 known to the vile Bird Brothers.
Before The Bastard Bird Brothers Unjustly Took
 Away My Big Issue Xmas Pitch. Uncle Monty Is
Seen With Russian TV News Reporter at Xmas, 2009.
There was David living from hand to mouth on the
conctete floor while John & Peter Bird prune
their rich Anglo-Irish feathers without a damn for
David's awful situation now that he cannot make
a few bucks due to such bastards. And what will
 the Bird Borthers do this Christmas for the home-
less like David? Guess what? NOT A DAMN
 THING, except for making more Christmas money
 off the backs of their Big Issue vendors and the
hapless homeless who are at their cold mercy. I
pray every day that the Bird Brothers will be
 put to rot for their evil and wicked
and godless ways ...
Christmas Bird or Turkey?
I was more than glad to help David alittle and to make
 sure he is not forgotten at this Christmastide, 2011,
 despite what The Big Issue ex-boss did to him. David
 and I spoke at length and he said that even though
 pigface's scum brother tried to help get him re-
instated as a Big Issue vendor, John Bird himself
arrogantly refused to let David back. Thus, David 
now sleeps on the bare concrete floor while bad
Bird flies around his comfy Cambridge abode
at this Christmastide. At one time, I would go
and help abit some of the UK homeless at The
Archbishop's Park of Lambeth Palace. But in the
past couple of years, a number of foreign-born
Big Issue vendors and immigrant rough sleepers
have twigged on to the park and now dominate
there replacing the local UK homeless, I'm afraid.
So I rarely go there thesedays anymore. Like David
 and me, the UK-born vendors will not see much of
 a Christmas from The Big Issue's tight-fisted Bird
 Brothers or their nasty lackies at Vauxhall for sure.
So David will still sleep on the bare concrete garage
 floor, while the godless pigface acts like he's god. 
This is the same jerk who "gave up on Jesus to embrace
 Karl Marx!!" What sods they both are - Marx to the
cold Christmas Bird. Pigface has no shame and never
 will, I'm afraid. Whatever, much like David and me, most
 Big Issue vendors will not see much of a Christmas as
The Rotten Big Issue continues to rot in the public eye.
Let it rot, I say!
Do U Remember Denise from 2005?
She & Her Hubby Reg Were Regular
Big Issue Vendors. Do U Know What
May Have Happened To Them?
And so Christmas is almost on our doorstep that
will bring little or no joy for thousands of Big Issue
vendors and for a great swathe of the world's
homeless. David is a symbol of all that's wrong
with the vile Bird Brothers and their lawless
treatment of their vendors that results in
people like him having no Xmas to speak of.
And, thus no Big Issue Xmas for David, either.
Fearful for Christmas, Uncle Monty.
+Fifth Day of Advent, 2011.
Feedback & Comments
Emma West, The Druggies & The Nuns.
By Uncle Monty.
Mugshotz of the Looterz. By Uncle Monty.
Much to my surprise and delight I have now received
my first formal invitation of 2012 to the Windsor Castle
Gardens in which Her Majesty The Queen will attend
as part of her worthy Diamond Jubilee. Bravo!!
The Big Issue Has Hijacked Xmas For Its Own Self
And Not For Its Street Vendors, Despite What It Says.
More Gypsies At The Big Issue London HQ.
He's Laying The Law Down To Her ...
SCARY!! 25,000 Foreign Muslims Gather At Birmingham, UK.
Medieval Joust At Eltham Palace.
By Uncle Monty.
If U Know Who She Is,
 Please Make Urgent Contact.
That's Right Oscar, "No Sodomy, Please!"
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