Bad Star.

The Sting of The Bad Star. By Uncle Monty.
Photos & Graphics By Alex Albion.
Part 1 of 2.
Her guest editorship of this week's 56-page Bumper Edition
of The Big Issue England (No. 978) amounts to nothing but
the sting of a bad star! And so its come to pass that Trudie
Styler or "Mrs. Sting," the stinking rich wife of STING, shows
 how starless and styleless she really is to facetiously edit the
homeless magazine that sees the UK street homeless with
 little or no Christmas for themselves. While she, of course,
now mops up for her upcoming very rich Christmas planned
back in England after she returns from her New York digs.
The homeless will be no better off with her or the big rotten
 Big Issue at this Christmastide. Indeed, the social and eco-
nomic contrast between guest editor and bad star Trudie
Styler and the homeless couldn't be any sharper than
 it already is, especially at this time of the year.
Trudie Styler or Mrs. Sting.
Trudie Styler: 'I don't live by people's approval. I never have'
Sting's wife is the latest high-profile figure to edit 'The Big Issue'.
But the philanthropist seems to be getting much more criticism
than her predecessors. Lena Corner meets Trudie Styler.
Shane: London Big Issue Vendor No. 1870.
At age 40, Shane has been, on and off, a Big Issue vendor for
 16 years so he says.  Holding badge No. 1870, I encountered
 him selling the 2011 Bumper Issue  at London's Kingsway at
just a stone's throw from Holborn Tube Station. With nicotine
stained teeth and many of them missing, Shane told me he
was still rough sleeping after many up and downs in his per-
sonal life. He wore no rings on his white fingers, neither of
silver nor gold. But for a vendor he was a rather friendly
chap and easy to chat with. He also readily consented to
 be photographed and to have his image used online. His
only concern was that such was not going to be used
for something bad against him. No, I told him I usually
only write stuff that is bad against John & Peter Bird
and their Big Issue paid minions that I have encountered 
over the past five years as then a Big Issue vendor myself.
Plus, writing about the sting of the bad star Trudie Styler!
As we talked on the street, Shane refused to knock
The Big Issue saying it had helped him out whenever he'd
come unstuck again. He also sells outside of Tesco at
Angel, where he says he was forced to vacate his pitch to
make room for two Romanian women vendors. So great
now is the Romanian gypsy presence at The Big Issue
that even in the Bumper Issue it advertized for Romanian
 speaking volunteers to do interpreting and translating
at Birmingham and Bristol. Next, we'll see a bloody
East European gypsy edition of The Big Issue! Hell no!!
At Kingsway, Shane himself said he was doing okay
selling the Bumper Issue in which he declared he'd made
 22 quid within the first hour or so on the streets. Good for
 him! But of course, such is still mere peanuts compared
 to the rich movers and socialist shakers behind The Old
Big Issue which has taken in millions of quids over its 20
rotten years in the name of helping the UK homeless with
so little of the millions of quids actually spent on the UK
homeless.  It's a legal scam some would say. Indeed! 
With his 10 or so copies he'd purchased as a badged
vendor, Shane sells each copy for three quid after buy-
ing such at a quid and half each. Christmas is about the
 only time most Big Issue vendors can make any real
money with extra "drops" or donations given by their
customers or by passers. He said he wasn't sure how
this Christmas would workout for him since he'd
only just started selling the Bumper Issue for a few
 hours before I'd encountered Shane for the first time.
Usually at Xmas, alot more vendors appear who
otherwise don't show their faces during the rest of
 the year. The attraction for them is they can make
more money over Christmas than they can at other
 times of the year as a street vendor.
 However, I suspect the past few Christmases have not
been that good for many of the vendors I know, or once 
knew, since the ecomony has nosedived for many of their
customers, too. Plus, the public appeal of The Big Issue
has also nosedived in the past few years and public sup-
port continues to go down the drain as the circulation
 numbers have also gone down, sharply. Since being
bought out by Felix Dennis, The Big Issue hopes to re-
gain much that has been lost under the gruff manage-
ment of the vile John & Peter Bird.
As for Shane, he said he'd not decided yet if he would
go to CRISIS, like so many homeless do each year, to
 be served and housed over Christmastide until the
New Year. While it's tough for CRISIS to raise funds
 this year due to the economic demise inside Broken
Down Britain, it is even tougher for the homeless to
survive under the present dire circumstances. Yet the
Trudie Stylers of this world still bask in riches galore 
as they preach their socialistic drivel to the have nots.
After seeing Shane, I bumped into a Waterloo vendor
who I knew from my Big Issue days. He made my day
when I asked him what he thought of Trudie Styler guest
editing The Big Issue. He looked at me funny and then
 burst out with "WHO???" Trudie Styler, you know!
 "So is she a bitch?," he asked me. Yes, yes, she is!
In the mean time, The New Big Issue itself seems to
have fled North of the English Border to Scotland's
Glasgow at where my own dad was born 100 years ago
 next year!! The new Big Issue editor is Paul McNamee.
He's now a paid apologist for Trudie Styler and her clique
 of like-minded champagne socialists who have latched
themselves on to the issue of homelessness as a safe
and popular bet for them while doing actually little or
 nothing to concretely change the negative dynamics of
those broken by the scourge of homelessness. But Paul
 McNamme makes no mention of that, of course, other
than to tell us he sees pigface John Bird as a "compass."
A compass? Yes, a bad one indeed! Bird is a compass of
big greed and utter self-centredness that make such home-
less advocates like the late American Mitch Synder look
like a real archangel while he now turns in his grave at the
ilk of John Bird as the self-promoting "Homeless Guru
of the UK" and with his Bird arms always ready to em-
brace all the stinking rich like TS and her hubby STING.
I'll have more next week to say about Paul McNamee
 and his Big Issue editorship in my next Part 2 of
The Sting of The Bad Star.  Coupled with some of
my comments about the world-famous and respected
Anglican Archbishop-Emeritus Desmond Tutu (who I
missed by just minutes at Capetown) of South Africa
and his special "Letter to my younger self" that is
 featured in a two-page spread of the Bumper
Issue on pages 10 & 11.
As for the late Mitch Synder, he went on a protracted 
 hunger strike to help the Washington, DC., homeless and
he succeed in getting for them what they were first denied. 
 ~ Mitch Snyder ~
Mitch Snyder (1946 – July 6, 1990) was an American
advocate for the homeless. He was the subject of a
 made-for-television 1986 biopic, Samaritan.
Can you imagine pigface Bird and his scum and scurvy
 brother Peter Bird, or even swanky Styler herself, going
on hunger strike to help the UK homeless? Well, of course
 not! It's beneath them! And, it's out of their rich comfort
zone and cosy lifestyle!  The only thing Bird has achieved,
and who'll be age 66 next month, is to pig off the home-
less for years and to stuff his own big belly to prove what
a great champagne socialist he really is! Yet ironically,
Anthony John Bird actually hates the homeless, if the
 honest truth be spoken of him. What a sod he is!!
 As for Trudie Styler, 59, her only real claim to fame is her
hubby STING and appearing at celebrity events and in
glossy magazines and now her greatest achievement to
date seems to be the lacklustre claim to have been the
 guest editor of the rotten Big Issue ... Rather poor rat-
ings, don't you think my deary rich woman? I think so!
So remember the sting of the bad star Trudie Styler as
 she wallows in her multi-million dollars and her six fancy
homes while thousands of UK homeless won't even have
a little bed to lay on let alone any kind of home to call their
own at this Christmastide. The sheer condescension and
gall of her guest editing of The Big Issue is enough to make
 one want to spew all over her and all her knee-bending
backers who are mesmerized by her money and her STING
status. No wonder The Big Issue is becoming more and
 more  like The Little Issue  for pop stars, wannabes, and
have beens, using the big issue of homelessness to promote
 their own brand of  hollow philanthropy and phoney good-
ness that makes one want to cringe at their condescension
and gall toward the people living on the streets with little
or nothing to call their very own. Even their own home-
less lives they barely own ...
Christmas Greetings, Uncle Monty.
+The Conception of the BVM, 2011.
Feedback & Comments
Like His Pigface Brother, Peter Bird-The-Prick Is Scum.
The Pair of Them Have Now Unjustly Deprived Me of
Two Big Issue Christmases at My London Covent
Garden Pitch Outside of Caffe Nero at Long Acre. In
Part 2, I will present the names of at least 100 of my
Big Issue customers that the vile Bird Brothers have
 deliberately and callously prevented me from see-
 ing yet again at this new Christmastide, 2011.
Vile Scum Peter Bird-The-Prick.
His Pigface Brother Anthony John Bird Doing His Paid Bullshit ...
The Bird Brothers Favourite Pet - Big Gob Billie Bickley.
She's All Dressed Up For Her Christmas Big Issue Pitch.
She Also Proudly Confesses to having almost 100 previous
 criminal convictions to her stupid name, does The Big Gob!
The Big Issue's Big Gob Billie Bickley.
A Rare 1900 Image of Old Covent Garden At King Street.
It's Just A Stone's Throw from Where The Notorious London
Big Issue Distribution Spot Now Stands w/Its Nasty Servers.
Film on homelessness aims for runaway success. A
short film raising funds for homelessness charities aims
to tell the real story of people living on the streets.
By Rachel Williams.
Pledge to end 'Dickensian scourge' of homelessness.
By Craig Woodhouse.
Rat-infested squalor: Nash House in north-west London, a disused office
block which became a squat. It has now been cleared for demolition.
Young, broke and homeless: the British property scandal.
As a new Channel 4 documentary reveals the shocking extent
of Britain's homelessness crisis, an innovative charity
 could provide a solution. Anna Tyzack reports ...
By Uncle Monty.
By Uncle Monty.  Blog Photos By Gary Day.
Story Graphics By Alex Albion.
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1 comment:

Ted Mann. said...

Hi Uncle Monty, Unlike you, I
find nothing sinster or wrong
with Mrs. Trudie Styler Sting editing TBI. I've just read
the same copy as you. Your conclusion is totally at odds
with what I have read. Your problem is that you're always
hell and damnation against
anybody or anything that
you consider to be too liberal
or leftwing. I think that
clouds your otherwise astute
judgement to the detriment of
your better self. TBI has been
a lifesaver for the homeless whether you want to admit it
or not. Mrs. Sting only helps
that cause. She is a GOOD STAR, not a bad star that you claim.
The sting is you and not her.
G'Day, Ted Mann.