Blog Libel, Sir?
Text By Geoff Turner.
Edited By Uncle Monty.
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By Alex Albion.
Good evening sir,
I am writing to you regarding your blog that is located here: http://allaboutthebigissue.blogspot.com/2011/11/82000-quid.html
You make several comments in that blog that relate to myself, Mr
(David John) Devine and Mr (Andrew) Wastell
that are blatantly false.
Let me start by assuring you that we never made any donations
 in kind to Good4You. While we were Directors it was discussed as
 a possibility but rejected on the grounds that, since it was impractical
to attribute a value to the time we gave freely, it was considered un-
ethical and not in accordance with good Corporate Governance. No
donations of the kind you mentioned were ever authorised or accepted
by the Board of Directors at any time up to and including
 30th November 2010.
Of course a Charity would not replace such generous Directors.
What actually happened is that Mr Devine, Mr Wastell and myself
RESIGNED as Directors of Good4You with effect from 30th
November 2010. The reasons for our resignation will remain be-
tween us but I can assure you that it was our decision and not
that of Mr (Francois Andre) Greeff or any other person.
Since we only became aware of your blog over the week-
end we have not had the opportunity to discuss an appropriate
course of action other than to write this email to you requesting
that you remove all references to donations in kind on the
 part of myself, Mr Devine and Mr Wastell.
Should you decide not to do this then you will leave us no
 alternative but to take legal advice regarding the possibility of
 a claim for libel. We do not want to do this and wish all dialogue
 between us to be amicable but, as I'm sure you will understand,
 we cannot allow unfounded and potentially damaging blogs to
continue to be read. Please do let me know
what you decide to do.
And, by the way, you need to be very, very careful about
comments logged on your blog, especially anonymous ones.
 The latest, logged on 16th November at 08:01 contains
 statements that are also libellous.
 It is certainly true that Mr Devine and myself reside overseas
 these days. And, yes, we continued in our role of Directors of
 Good4You until 30th November 2010 being signatories on the
company bank account held with the Co-operative Bank branch
 in Kingston, Surrey. At no time were any Good4You funds
moved out of the United Kingdom. I make no comment on the
other issues raised by the poster but I would appreciate
 the offending and inaccurate comments removed.
I thank you for reading my email and look forward
 to seeing appropriate changes to your blog.
Kind regards, Prof. Geoff Turner BA, MBA, PhD, CMA.
Nicosia, Cyprus. Dec. 12, 2011.
Dr. Geoff Turner's Own Summary From His Web Presence:
"I have been teaching, researching and advising in, accounting,
finance and financial management in Australia, Cyprus, Greece,
Hong Kong, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United
 Kingdom for more than two decades. I have also supervised a
number of PhD and DBA students in both Switzerland and
the United Kingdom. My own doctoral thesis examined the
need for accounting for human resources in the context
of intellectual capital management.
"Under the auspices of the University of Nicosia Research Foundation
 I have set up the European Centre of Knowledge Management
Research (ECOKMR). The objective of this centre is to promote
the idea that knowledge management is the process through which
organisations generate value from their intellectual and knowledge
based assets. This requires managing and leveraging explicit and
tacit knowledge resources. However, to manage something you
have to know what you want and what you have. With regard to
intellectual and knowledge based assets this is a rarity in most
 organisations. The work of the Centre will focus on how it is
possible to convert this rarity into something that is commonplace
through the idea of “Knowledge DNA”. The Centre welcomes
new members interested in working on this project.
"Also, I have just created a new Centre dedicated to research
into, and advising in, business processes including, but not limited
 to the topics of change management, intellectual capital accounting,
 transfer pricing and risk assessment and the provision
of educational tools for these fields.
Professor Turner also holds the following positions:
a) Executive Director at Mindscrossing Knowledge Centre Ltd.
b) Editor at Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management.
c) Treasurer and Director at Cyprus Cricket Association.
d) Associate Professor of Accounting at University of Nicosia.
e) Executive Director at ECOKMR.
Feedback & Comments
Francois Andre Greeff
At GOOD4YOU's Front Door.
NOT GOOD. By Uncle Monty.
82,000 Quid. By Uncle Monty.
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Our Christmas Message ... said...

Zizzy, JJ, Beattie, Sammy, Bryan, Sue, Cliff, Davy, Shawn, Ben, Mary-Anne, Josh H, Jan, Nick, Magic Ace, Solo, Brett, & Sharon.
Please don't get sued we say. That
should be quite a story if you do.
No doubt you'll stand your ground
like you always do. Love from us all, of course. We'll stand by you
that you can be sure of.

Anonymous said...

listen up 'unkel'!!!!
just hoping you're sued
big time you little