Debadged. By Uncle Monty.

Debadged or Not! By Uncle Monty.
Story Photos By Jill Ferguson, Wilfred
Wong, Miles I'Anson, & Alex Albion.
Sure, it was lovely to be back again at my old
Big Issue pitch on London's Long Acre after my
five-year pitch was closed down by the vile decision
of Peter and John Bird to suspend me for "bringing
The Big Issue into disrepute." Such is the catch-all
rule used against vendors at the whim and will of
The Big Issue Bird Brothers. Their "suspension" of
me is illegal and has no legal validity against me
until a court of law rules whatever which way for
me or The Big Issue. Thus, legal counsel informs
me of such and on that basis I have now freely
acted accordingly as seen today by the use my
pitch to once again sell The Big Issue that I
most certainly see no reason why I shouldn't.
Or whether I am a vendor who is "debadged or
not!" by the nasty ilk of The Bird Brothers.
But for now, back at my pitch I was today and so
enjoyed every minute of it as old friends and good
customers were surprised to see me again. In fact,
I spent two extra hours beyond my planned time
to set-up and sell my wholesale supply of the
latest edition of The Big Issue, No. 906.
Two of my good friends held the banners high.
Aside from the fact that the front cover of No.
906 was one of the worst Big Issue covers I've
seen in a good while, I still finally sold out with
some good profit for me, too, after being deprived
of making an honest dime for the past 8 weeks
since the callous Bird Brothers conspired to get rid
of me all because of some notorious sham bishop
and unconvicted international criminal cyber
stalker at America's State of Colorado who has
gleefully and viciously told them tales of
every horror supposedly about me!!
Another good friend did the honours, too, for me!
One of the last things that Big Issue's distributor
Sam Woolock asked of me was whether I was
then "debadged or not?" I told her, before she
then called the police on me behind my back,
that as far as I knew I was merely suspended
but for how long I wasn't told by ruthless Peter
Bird since he said he needed to conduct "an in-
vestigation" of me to which I would then be told
further matters regarding his suspenion of me.
Needless to say, I've not heard a dickey bird
back from either little honcho Peter Bird
or from his big honcho brother John Bird.
I consider at this point that whatever period
of suspension I have had, I have now served
that after 8 long weeks for whatever reason (s)
The Big Issue saw fit to do what it has already
done to me. Perhaps all they want to do is like
the sham bishop and who has literally tried to
throw away my life and Christ-being all to
satisfy whatever fits his own brand of hatred
toward me ... I am long ago immuned to
whatever the bastard says about me.
I simply don't care anymore ...
Yet another good friend also came and did
public honour for me right next to my pitch.
I am sure that I am the first Big Issue vendor
who decided to go back to his or her pitch whe-
ther he or she is "debadged or not." The term
"debadged" is based on The Big Issue taking
away a vendor's badge that he or she must
wear while selling on the street or at an
assigned pitch. The badge has a crude mug-
shot of the vendor with a badge number and
Big Issue seal. Every six-months the badge
number of the vendor is updated and a new
colour one is issued for the new badge. Non-
Big Issue badges are bogusly printed by rogue
sellors across the country. Genuine badges are
sometimes lost or stolen or sold and then used
by street people who have themselves either
been unjustly suspended or refused a badge for
whatever reasons or who don't want to go to the
hassle of signing-up to become a badged vendor.
My badge is No. 115 and I started out five years
ago with the No. 2669. Always remember, too, it
doesn't matter how long you've been with The
Big Issue, they'll shaft you on the spot and have
no sense of loyalty even though they demand
the vendor give loyalty to The Big Issue ...
Today was a very good day for me. Even though
I still see no light at the end of The Big Issue
tunnel for me, I will continue to do further public
protests against the unjust Peter and John Bird.
I have other surprises instore for them and I
don't care if they get even more mad against me.
Once they take some positive steps to rightfully
restore me to my Long Acre pitch, then I will not
let up on writing all I can about them and their
Big Issue. I've lost what I had at The Big Issue,
so until I gain it back again then in my loss I
can only contain my deep anger against Peter
and John Bird by my pen that is mightier than
the sword. I cry, while my enemies rejoice!
But one day, I shall rejoice against The Bird
Brothers and most especially against that
sham bishop of Yankee hate. Mark my
words, my dear ones!! And that will come
whether I am "debadged or not!"
Over 1,000 people have now sign my
petition either "live" or online to have my
Big Issue pitch rightfully restored to me:
In the subject line write your name only.
Your e-mail address will not be disclosed.
I fight the good fight with
all my might, Uncle Monty.
+St. Gregory, 2010.
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Monty here at allaboutthebigissue.blogspot.com
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Most Reverend +Timothy. said...

I am of the opinion, sir, that you
should not waste any more time with
the low life at The Big Issue. The
sham bishop (name hidden)is a troll and nothing more. His aim is to do whatever he can to make himself look good at
your expense, sir. I very much hope you'll do an expose on him sooner rather than later. I have
myself, sir, also a friend who was
severely hurt by the fake bishop of
Colorado. I stand for you. Pity the
low life at The Big Issue has fallen for his hatred and treachery. He is an absolutely Godless creature, sir.
His father passed away at 93 earlier this year. He then left his 60 year old evil offspring to continue his wicked life unabatedly. You are in my prayers, sir. Most Reverend +Timothy.

WeAllSignedYourOnlinePetition. said...

Hi Monty! We all chuckled at the office when we saw the photos of you at your old popular pitch. It
demonstrated to us the stupidity
of Big Issue to deny your place there to you. Come and stay again, soon. The office no longer buys Big Issue at all since they forced you out. We miss you so much!!!!!
Hugs and kisses from Annie, Pam,
Kyle, Trish, Margo, Sivvy, Ross,
AJ, Lulu, Monte, and Dana.
Yes, we have also all signed your
online petition. We hope it helps.

Ex-con, Ph.D., No. 213-703-9118A. said...

Dear Uncle Monty, Where on earth did the word "DEBADGED" come from? Never heard of such a word before.
It's a strange use of the English language. Look, I have also been following the big issue saga re - you. And, that bogus bishop and "Kook of the Year, 1996" in Loveland, Colorado, who set in motion all your troubles with big issue. I am so disappointed with John Bird being an ex-criminal himself for bending his knee to
that kook. None of us are angels including myself who served time
in prison like John Bird did. Reading the things you are alleged to have done in the States should have no impact on what you do (or did) at your patch. The kook is wallowing in your misfortune as ususual. I don't believe big issue
has done you right. Be sure Uncle Monty to stand up for your rights(which you seem capable of doing) while it seems John Bird, the whole of big issue, and the kook in Colorado, have contemptuosly violated. I am sure you have a good law case to sue the socks of them. The more I have read about your 'suspension', the more I am convince you're been blackened by their gross conspiracy to destroy you. Hang in there; you might overcome them one way or another. I shall be watching carefully the outcome of your case against John Bird and that kook. Ex-con, with Ph.D., Prison Badge
No. 213-703-9118A.

Anonymous said...

monty mate its me again
so theyre still skrewing u mate
the pic of billie such a lez
bitch is a pett in vaulhall in
big issue in birds mind.
sorry to miss u mate in your
pitch again
su the barstards big time
your new blog here i like
keep puting more stuff up on
the real, shitty, big issue.
kooooooooooool mate monty

May O'Shea. said...

Good Luck Dear .... You deserve
it more than the slime at
TBI .... LOL XXXXX May O'Shea.