Considering. By Uncle Monty.

Considering The Big Issue.
By Uncle Monty.
Graphics By Alex Albion.
Their silence is deafening at The Big Issue
since pathetic Peter Bird and joyless John Bird
illegally suspended me for “bringing the Big Issue
into disrepute.” Whatever, let’s go head so that I
can now raise more questions considering
The Big Issue. So, here we go ....

Considering The Big Issue is owned and operated
by a self-confessed, ex-criminal. Considering one of
The Big Iusse’s favourite pets is a lass with almost
100 criminal convictions to her name and who has
publicly met then Prime Minister Gordon Brown at
No. 10 with John Bird and his picked fancy fans; she
met David Cameron, too, who is now the British Prime
Minister, and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.
Considering The Big Issue is known to have 3,000
London street vendors of which some third of them,
or around a 1000 of them, have allegedly either
criminal records or have been in prison or on
probation or have had ASBOs or were imposed
with community service sentences by
the British courts.
So I wonder why on earth Peter and John
Bird are now acting all so "Holy & Thou"
towards me? And, whose past American sins
were callously revealed by America's "Kook of
The Year." Why have they signaled and singled
me out considering The Big Issue isn't full of
sinless folkz from the top to the bottom of the
Bird street publication that is sold weekly on
the open and cold streets the UK.
The answer is they decided to victimize me
with the aid and abetting of the Colorado cunt
and his intent to destroy my life. All that the
Bird Brothers have now done is to try to de-
stroy my English life like the Colorado kook
did by viciously hounding and stalking my
then American life since 1996. As of last count,
the same "cleric" cunt sent over 3,000, yes
3,000, menacing e-mails to me. Now, he's
started on my English life with the help of the
Bird Brothers! "A gift from a bad man, brings no
good," and that's exactly what the unconvicted
criminal cyber stalker of Loveland, Colorado,
has brought for Peter and John Bird and The
Big Issue. Beware, too, that the same Loveland
bogus bishop calls himself a "Press Officer" by
sending out threatening e-mails on behalf of
his empty and paper "Episcopal" Church. He
is no more a real Press Officer, than I am a
one-legged Muslim ... Oh, and before I forget,
the kook also hates the English at every step.
The So-Called "Guru" of UK Homelessness.
Considering The Big Issue has already lost £25,000
for what it has done to me. And, my full story about
that will go online in couple of weeks or so, if I en-
counter no further legal hitch to reveal such. I am
hoping, too, that I can also stop another major gift
from coming The Big Issue way.
Considering The Big Issue has ignored over 1,000
people in their support of my public petition to be
restored to my rightful pitch of five years at
London's Long Acre outside of Cafe Nero. The
Big Issue believes it is legally immuned thanks
to the free legal advice from Charles Russell and
Doughty Street Chambers. But the Bird Brothers
may in the end be in for a rude legal shock sooner
or later, if they continue to ignore the obvious.
Considering The Big Issue has violated my human
and legal rights with utter contempt. Considering
The Big Issue's vile brothers Peter and John Bird
have also dismissed my civil and protected rights
under both European Union and British laws.
Considering The Big Issue has thrown alway all
of my good and many customers with utter im-
punity by its unjust and disgusting “suspension”
of me as a Big Issue vendor even though I com-
mitted no crime or offences on or off my pitch!
Considering Peter and John Bird have thrown
away my pitch of five years standing to satisfy
their own sense of bloated self-importance and
naked lawlessness.
Considering The Big Issue has acted in a totally
arbitrary and capricious manner against me.
Considering The Big Issue has discarded my
vendor life and vunerable status as sheltered-
house pensioner at their utter whim.
Considering The Big Issue is continuing
purposely ignore my public protests has
if I don’t even humanly exist.
Considering Peter and John Bird have dismissed
absolutely the pleas of my friends and good
customers for The Big Issue to simply lift
my suspension and give me back my pitch.
Considering The Big Issue provides no
in-house process for vendors like me to appeal
the Bird Brothers' unjust and revengeful decision
to take away our pitches at the drop of a hat!
Pathetic Peter Bird!
Please continue to sign my online petition.
All you need do is simply write your name
in the subject line and then send. Your
e-mail address will not be disclosed.
Thankz for your support!!
Considering The Big Issue goes on and on. I
will suffice for now on many other comments
in considering what The Big Issue has done
not only to me but to other vendors over the
years ... Some of what I have been told
amount to pure horror stories from some
vendors who have contacted me since
the start of this my new blog that is
all about The (REAL) Big Issue.
Your Feedback or To Post A Blog Message:
Here's The "Guru" Himself!
"Dear Uncle Monty, Where on earth did the word
"DEBADGED" come from? Never heard of such a word
before. It's a strange use of the English language.
Look, I have also been following the big issue saga
re - you. And, that bogus bishop and "Kook of the
Year, 1996" in Loveland, Colorado, who set in motion
all your troubles with big issue. I am so disappointed
with John Bird being an ex-criminal himself for bending
his knee to that kook. None of us are angels including
myself who served time in prison like John Bird did.
Reading the things you are alleged to have done in the
States should have no impact on what you do (or did) at
your patch. The kook is wallowing in your misfortune
as usual. I don't believe big issue has done you right.
Be sure Uncle Monty to stand up for your rights (which
you seem capable of doing) while it seems John Bird,
the whole of big issue, and the kook in Colorado, have
contemptuously violated. I am sure you have a good
law case to sue the socks of them. The more I have
read about your 'suspension', the more I am convinced
you've been blackened by their gross conspiracy to
destroy you. Hang in there; you might overcome them
one way or another. I shall be watching carefully the
outcome of your case against John Bird and that kook".
Ex-con, with Ph.D., Prison Badge
No. 213-703-9118A.
Following this latest story, I have now almost
completed my next one about the murdered
Big Issue vendor Ralph Millward entitled:
"Crocodile Tears." By Uncle Monty.
Alive and angry, Uncle Monty.
+Eighth Sunday after Trinity, 2010.
White Funeral Day - The Full Story.
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Anonymous said...

Listen up Mr. Graham the
"Bigissueman". Tell Monty to
get his rich contessa to give
Mr. Bird's charity a few
thousand. See then how fast
he gets his pitch up and
running again.
Mr. Bird would fly to help
Monty to be restored. Graham
also tell Monty the key is to
give money. Taking it away
doesn't help his cause. Money talks. I'm on the beat, so I
know what's what. Stay good.

kevin said...

mont i wondered what was up not seeing you any more down covent garden. some sellor gave me your blog. then i saw all this about
pete bird and you. i don't like
him myself. never have or that nazi duffy who thought he was
king shit. don't get me going on sam. she's a cold witch. she would not let me have books on credit when i was skint. no big issue i don't do anything with them anymore. mont give up your pitch. don't expect them to help you out like sam was to me. i was told a load of shit about you. take it
as a compliment. i don't give a fuck what they say. you always helped me out when others would not like sam. mont i hope we bump into each other again soon. we will i am sure. whatever happens you know i am another friend to you. i will always be even if big issue wants only to shit on you
badly. best for now, mont. i'm
your old mate kevin. remember
me? i know you do. you have a fantastic memory for people and places you always do. cheers. //////// guess what?
got my first kid since i saw you last. could have named him mont
now i think about it ///// sorry
about that mate.