Having. By Uncle Monty.

Having Breakfast.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Having breakast the other morning at Covent
Garden with some visiting Yankee friends, they
couldn't help but notice that my old Big Issue
pitch stood forlorn and empty yet again. The
next day - Saturday at around mid-day – I
met up with another old friend just feet away
from that old pitch of mine that the sods Peter
and John Bird have now destroyed and put
a new vendor parked a little away up at 90
Long Acre with his street stuff of bags sat on
the sidewalk or pavement with a copy of his
Big Issue displayed atop all of his stuff
(shown above at lead picture).
Don't Buy The Big Issue,
But Give To Vendor.
The vendor at 90 came inside Cafe Nero’s
to use the loo a couple of times. An oldish and
stubby bloke was he who I’d never seen
before until yesterday morning.
What The Big Issue distributors at Covent Garden
have also now done is to totally change the friendly
environment and good feeling at where I once was
at Long Arce and to purposely obliterate any
mention or presence of me being once there to all
of my regular people and old customers I know
on the busy street. I doubt 90 Long Acre – a major
international business centre owned and operated
by the Bank of Chicago – will be happy to see the
new vendor now standing right outside its front
entrance trying to flog The Big Issue under the
noses of its rich business clientele and of
many that I also personal know.
Yesterday, one lawyer friend of mine I bumped
into with law offices inside 90 said he and his
law partners avoided anything to do with The
Big Issue and no longer buy such since I was
arbitrarily and capriciously suspended for
allegedly “bringing the Big Issue into disrepute,”
so declared little peanut Peter Bird right to my
face. He was acting like a cocky little fucker was
he that day. He is the hideous younger brother
of big honcho John Bird.
All I hope now is that I can really bring The Big Issue
into bigger disrepute for all to see and read. Certainly,
if my email is any guage, then so far so good since I am
acheiveing, it seems, my purpose more than I expected
I would. One less sale of The Big Issue, is one more
nail in its big coffin. BRAVO!!!
Don't Buy!!
Yep, the 19th Anniversary Big Issue edition appeared
on the streets with the mugshot of the big pet of The
Big Issue who is the one and only loud mouth Lesbian
and reformed female criminal Billie Bickley plastered
all over the front cover. Is that the best they can do?
Sure, because it’s cheap to do and costs the Bird
Brothers little or nothing to use her mugshot and
prop ... How unimaginative they are, those Bird
sons of a bitch ... that they truly are. And, who
really gives a damn anyway if it's the 19th or
umpteenth birthday of Bird’s rag? I for one,
sure don’t ... along with most folkz I know.
Betty, 56, Knows When Something Stinks.
I decided not to include here my street inter-
views from Cambridge, since I was there for other
purposes regarding The Big Issue’s big honcho
John Bird. He struts around there now in all
his big ego and with his big head. What I discov-
ered at Cambridge was quite revealing and such
will be useful for my future stories on Bird himself.
But otherwise, expect my full “Street Interviews”
relatively soon ... I've also added Bath to the list
of places where I have held my street interviews
to find out what folkz really think about
The Big Issue ...
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+17th Sunday after Trinity, 2010.
Feedback & Comments
:: An Awesome Message To Me ::
Hello You Uncle -
"There is no love lost between you and
Messrs. Pete and Johnny Bird, obviously. You
have a serious grievance against them. By ignoring
you they have allowed it to fester. It will not get any
better for them or you until the matter is resolved
between you. I have read your blogs regularly.
Big Issue thinks it is so "big" it can ignore the
reality of its injustice to you. The spot you had
should be returned to you by Messrs. Birds.
You have the option to take them to court. Get
a judge to issue an injunction against Big Issue
to restore your spot. The sick man in the states
who has caused all the trouble should be ignored.
Messrs. Birds are now to blame no matter what
you have done wrong. You're free to keep
exposing them. "Don't Buy The Big Issue"
should hit home for Pete and Johnny, even if
they pretend it doesn't. You are Uncle Monty
a master of communications. That's why you are
dangerous to those who cross your path. Messrs.
Birds should know by now. I back you fully. If you
need funds in the future give me a buzz. I am
there for you. I stand opposed to Big Issue".
Cordially, Stu Andrews.
(Retired paralegal) 1 Oct - 2010.
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