Stinks. By Uncle Monty.

The Big Issue Stinks.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Part 2 of 2.
Unlike Part 1 of this anti-Big Issue story,
no foreigners or immigrants or homeless
are seen in this final Part 2 of my latest
online story.
Only British and/or Anglo-Irish born and
non-homeless folkz are featured in my
latest story against The Big Issue. Also,
the majority of such folkz shown are retirees
that I personally know either at my sheltered
housing unit - being an old-age pensioner that
I am - or those I know from elsewhere like
Therse, 74, and Shaun, 70, (shown above at
story caption picture) and who are truly a
good Anglo-Irish couple who are the salt of
the earth. Every time I see them I feel joy!
I count them among my many neighbour-
hood friends ... In any event, many of the
old folkz agree in one way or another
that The Big Issue STINKS!!
Carl, 28, Who Is Training To Work In A Homeless Hostel.
What a dear is Cathy at age 92 and who always
brought me her homemade Christmas mince
pies to me pitch before the sod called Peanut
Peter Bird callously and coldly suspended me
for "bringing The Big Issue into disrepute! To
see dear Cathy cry when I told her what he'd
done to me was such a shame. But bastards
like Peter and John Bird don't give a damn
since they are so full of themselves and
their bullshit ways ...
Cathy At Age 92. Bess Her, Good Lord!!
Big Punk, 17, asked not to be identified. So
the photo of him was made into a colourful
graphic as shown below. He was sitting on
a small wall right next to the soon-to-be
demolished real foul and rough Heygate
Council Estate that has been the backdrop
to a number of major movies that has also
included Clint Eastwood. If by chance I see
him, I will ask him to display the STINKS
banner. Other than that, on the very edge or
far right of the graphic, you can see a little bit
of the Heygate Estate that is mostly boarded-
up now with only a few tenants left before the
whole estate is blown up this fall or autumn
by controlled dynamite. I shall be there to
hopefully photograph such when it occurs.
Big Punk, 17, At Heygate Estate.
Anglo-Irish Joe, 88.
Joe is one of my favourite people. When he
learned what The Big Issue had done to me,
he was right angry. He said they should be
"tarred and feathered." Right on, Joe!! At 88,
he goes every few days to his local gym to
workout with guyz and galz 60 years younger
than him! Anglo-Irish thru and thru, every-
body knows kind and respected Joe in the
community. I believe he has 12 grand children
and 4 great grand children, who dearly love
him. When he was photographed with the
banner "The Big Issue STINKS," Joe
said he was so happy to do so ...
Hated was John Duffy (shown below) for one
reason or another by many a Big Issue vendor.
He also wrote a number of bullshit stories for
his then buddies big honcho John Bird and
little peanut Peter Bird. He always claimed
The Big Issue was there for him, but since he
left the Bird outfit his story isn't the same.
Whatever, most vendors were glad to see his
big arse out of there and to say "good riddance"
to Duffy, who has been through a number of
jobs that he seemed unable to hold down in
the past except the one he had with The Big
Issue. They even sent him upto grim Glasgow
to work with Scotland Big Issue that was
founded by Edinburgh's Mel Young and who
now heads the Homeless World Cup as founder
and president. When Duffy fails again, which
he probably will in his latest service job
outside the stinking Big Issue, he will not
be welcome back at the Vauxhall HQ
from what I'm told! So all his past bullshit
about how The Big Issue has always been
there for him will just stink like Duffy's big
arse! In other words, he can gladly swim
and drown in his own big bowl of home-
made shit ... I feel so glad all over for
him, I really do! Don't U?
Ex-Homeless, Ex-Big Issue Vendor, Ex-BI Staffer,
and Ex-BI Franchiser, John Duffy, who is Anglican.
Sweet Little Peanut Peter! How Are U?
Bumper Sticker In Window at Big Issue HQ.
Truly your's, Uncle Monty.
+St. Peter Claver, 2010.
What A FREAK!!!

Soon: By Uncle Monty.
"Street Interviews: What The Public
Really Thinks About The Big Issue."
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Thankz, guyz and galz ...
:: So Lovely To Hear From Jean!! ::
Dear, dear Monty
How lovely to hear from you - I lost your contact
details a while back but I have often thought about
you. I was in Covent Garden early one morning a
few weeks back and looked for you outside Cafe
Nero but of course you weren't there. So you're
still travelling with the Countess I take it?
I'm just back from two weeks in wonderful
fantastic Venice - have she taken you there yet?
If not, she must! It's like another world, I just
adore it and would love to be able to live there
but of course its just a dream!
I'm still following my countertenors and was at the
RAH last night for a late night Prom with my beaut-
iful Philippe Jaroussky singing Vivaldi - bliss!
Enjoy the rest of your travels and hope to
perhaps see you when you eventually return.
With love, Jean McCarthy. - 09082010.
PS I've signed your petition, they'd better give
it back to you - you're an institution!
(Jean, this is Monty. I expect nothing from such
bastards like Peter & John Bird. NOTHING -
BID TO JAIL NICK. By Uncle Monty.
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Dear Monty,
First of all many apologies for not having been in touch earlier. I am just back from France. I had a really good time. It was real summer, with real warm temperatures, rather than the london weather. The first week was in the Vendée with some friends. We had a lovey time - a lot of cycling on the island and a bit of sunbathing, but not too much as the weather was rather cool. The sea was at 14 degrees, far too cold to have a dip! The rest of the time, we ate (!)... and sampled the local "wines"!. The second week, I was at home in the south of France. Perfect weather (hot, one day temperatures soared to 89 degrees), beach, markets and walking around. It was lovely to spend some time with my sister. But now, it is back to work!

How have you been? You have been travelling all over I see. Every morning when going into Cafe Nero, I think of you. I hope things are getting sorted. If you are around your old patch, let me know. We could have a quick coffee

Take care. Cheers

Anonymous said...

howdy monty mate i.m back
the pix on big issue stinks
say it all mate
u are the only 1 giving the
u are right about duffy
i knew him hate his guts
mate u sttill with no pitch
u are right they are bastaRds
are p + j bird
aint seen u for a long time
i look to see u in covent gardin
but u aint never there
the bastaRds took it all away
from u
see u when i see u mont mate
best to u ////