CONDEMN. By Uncle Monty.

Condemn The Pair, Holy Father.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion
& Press Agencies.
I'm off later to lunch and concert with friends
today, but I will be back early tomorrow
morning to complete herein my latest story
in my public condemnation of cold little
peanut Peter Bird and his giddy dickhead
brother John Bird of The Big Issue.
Plus, along with more scatheing comments of
mine against their ever evil and diobolical
friend known as "America's No. 1 Creep of
Loveland, Colorado," who also continues,
like he has for years, to send his malicious
viruses or infected files to those on his Hate
List. It appears allaboutthebigissue blogspot
is now on his mindless list in his cunning to
try to create computer damage from
America to England to satisfy his craving
for self-happiness in his warped and
sick Colorado mind. More later, then ...
Truly, Uncle Monty.
+Cyprian Martyr (BCP), 2010.
Today Is A New Day. By Uncle Monty.
I'm now back today after last night's fine
English Baroque Concert with three friends
of mine. This morning I have mulled over
in my Anglican mind whether I should go
ahead with my full "Condemn" story against
the nasty Bird Brothers or just leave alone
what I have already presented from
yesterday in my own words and pictures.
I think the pictures tell the story and speak
perhaps more powerfully than just adding
more words beyond what has been stated.
So, that's what I will do for now - leave what
is now presented below and above. If for some
reason I feel compelled to change my open
mind again, then I shall be free to do so by
writing more to tell my story of condemnation
against the rabid Peter & John Bird - who are
nominal Anglo-Irish Catholics - and that truly
evil specimen called "The Colorado Cunt," who
is a deeply disgruntled and disturbing 60 year-
old American protestant, or rejecting US
Episcopalian, carrying on every day of his evil
life as a bogus cleric in his long and wicked
campaign of hate across the pond.
Beware, too, of the creep's many underhanded
e-mails calling himself a "Press Officer" from
the bogus "church" of his. I have recently re-
ceived a pile of revealing e-mails sent by him
to various others and organisations. I can now
also see the same creep landing in jail one day!
Quicker the better ... I say!
Peace Be Unto You, Uncle Monty.
+The Arrival of His Holiness At UK,
"Holy Father: Condemn Peter & John Bird of
The Big Issue," states the large banner displayed
below by Gareth Carpenter in his disgust at them.
The Wonderful JPII & Her Majesty in 1982.
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