Death Log. By Uncle Monty.

Homeless Death Log.
By Uncle Monty at Geneva.
Photo & Graphics By Alex Albion.
More than 150 homeless persons passed away
at the British capital of London during 2010.
Not only are their names listed herein for the
homeless death log of mine and for the public
record, but also to memorialize them like
they should be.
I am most grateful to my good friend Alastair
Murray for giving me access to all of this year’s
names that had earlier been publicly marked at
the 18th Annual Commemoration Service to the
Homeless Dead at London’s famed St. Martin-in-
the-Fields, which I, among some other 250 to 300
persons, attended on Remembrance Day, 2010.
The names listed are in alphabetical order. I so
wished I had more information about their age,
where they were born, the cause of their death,
their birth dates, and where they are buried today.
Such information may help those who seek to find
out about the homeless person’s life and circum-
stances for personal reasons of being family
or friends of these listed herein.
:: A ::
Anthony Adez ~ Chris Adsett ~ Steven Ahmed
Abu Ali ~ Andrew Allen ~ Christian Allen
Christopher Armstrong ~ Gary Arthy ~ Jackie
Ashton ~ Dean Audain ~ Dominic Azzopardi
:: B ::
Gary Bailey ~ Raymond Barber ~ Derek Belcher
David Binger ~ Jeff Black ~ Susan Blofeld
Mark Buller ~ Glen Burkett ~ Mark Burney
:: C ::
Paul Cairns ~ Patrick Campion ~ Emily Carter
Phillip Cavin ~ Peter Chamant ~ Norma Clements
Brenda Cox ~ Caroline Coyle ~ Mark Curtis
Ian Curtis
:: D ::
Tom Dale ~ Billy Defraine ~ John Derrane
Mark Dixon ~ Wlliam Donaldson
Chrissy Donovan ~ George Doyle
:: E ::
Derek Eames ~ Mark Edwards
William Edwards (aka Dodger)
:: F ::
Graham Fagan ~ Kenneth Fagen ~ Kevin
Fallon ~ Vincent Fearon ~ Tony Fiasia
Matthew Folan ~ Michael Fuller
:: G ::
Kimberley Gale ~ Alan Gardner
Sinead Garvey ~ Leon Gibbons
David Gibson ~ Paul Gilbert
Joseph (Joey) Greaney
Joan Greenaway ~ Mark Greenfield
Theresa Grimes
:: H ::
David Hannington ~ Alan Harris ~ John
Hay ~ Thomas Herman ~ Michael Hickey
Derek Hiscock ~ Jeffrey Hobman
Adriana Hubert ~ Thariq Huniashi
Craig Hunter ( aka Chuckie)
:: I ::
Clifford Ingleton
:: J ::
Nigel Jabri ~ Ballor Jallah ~ Colin Jarrett
Margaret Jones ~ Bernie Jordan
:: K ::
Michael John Kelly ~ James Kennedy
Patrick Kiely ~ Dacosta Kindonga
Alan King ~ Zadzislaw Kusnierz
Fuaad Kuulle
:: L ::
Ken Ladinde ~ Mark Laverty
Jake Levine ~ Grayzna Lewandowska
:: M ::
Jose Macedo ~ Michael Malone ~ Joan
Manuel ~ Edward Marshall ~ David
Martindale ~ Anthony Mathis ~ Neil
Matthews ~ Sherry Amanda May
Gavin Mayers ~ Harry McCafferty
John McConville ~ Michael McDaid
John McLaughlin ~ Ricardo Medina
Terry Meggatt ~ Margaret Meikle
Sarah Morgan ~ Stuart Murphy
:: N ::
Sachida Narayan ~ Paul Neve
George Noskov
:: O ::
Laura O’Connor ~ Patrick O’Connor
Cornelius O’Reagan ~ Michael (Noel)
O’Sullivan ~ Ola Odulaja ~ Chinyere Ogu
Christine O'Mahoney ~ Sonia Orfin
Stephen Orr
:: P ::
Cheryl Parker ~ Brian Parker ~ Dilip
Patel ~ Dean Peat ~ Robert Piatek
Margaret Piggott ~ Paula Pirrie
Danny Pitcher ~ Volidia Popadinets
Glen Porrett ~ Darren Portwood
:: Q ::
John Quinlan
:: R ::
Stephen Reeves ~ Patrick Roe
Andrew (Lou) Russell ~ Tony Ryder
:: S ::
Robert Scott ~ Alan Searle
Robert Shipman ~ Leanne Shirton
Ian Simpson ~ Courtney Smith
Dorothy Smith ~ Jack Sparrow
Patricia Stone
:: T ::
Nigel Taylor ~ Lionel Thompson
John Tipping ~ David Titcombe
Nathaniel Titus-Glover
Glenn Travers ~ Michael Tubb
:: U ::
Jacek Urban
:: V ::
:: W ::
Sam Ward ~ Stephen Weir
Ray Weston
:: Y ::
Dinah Youzel
:: X ::
:: Z ::
Iga Zubkow ~ George Zulu
Robert Bernard Stevenson,
Homeless Supporter ~ Barney
Bonner, Homeless Volunteer
I welcome all other names not included here
of those you know or someone who died this
year as a homeless person at anywhere in the
UK. I will add the person’s name to an new
and updated deathlog I will present later. Dur-
ing the upcoming year of 2011, I would also
wish the names of those who pass away during
the year. Such persons do not have to be Big Issue
vendors to be listed. Any homeless person who has
died will be listed no matter the circumstances of
their death. If the cause of death is known, the age
of the person, and where they are from, then please
include such information. Contact:
Just back from Geneva!! But thingz are still
running abit late ... Now back at homebase,
I'll add more names in the homeless death
log once new names become available to me.
I will also have some thoughts about Francis
Ngwenya (shown above) at a later date. He
was one of my fellow Big Issue vendors until
odious Peter and John Bird of The Big Issue
suspended me for "bringing The Big Issue
into disrepute." Utter Bird garbage, of course!
It's now 6 months almost to the day that pee-
wee Peter Bird did what he did to me at The Big
Issue HQ at London's Vauxhall in May. I also
note the sad death of Sherry Amanda May
- listed at the death log under "M" names -
who I quizzed after The Big Issue did a centre
page spread on her street friend Anne Marie
Hodgson, who stopped by at my Long Arce
pitch quite frequently as a rough sleeper that
she is and not exactly a young woman to
beat the outdoor weather conditions that
she's endured for years at 7/24. She told
me the article in The Big Issue about her
didn't help her one bit. So Anne Marie is
still homeless, so I gather, on the cold streets
of London even after two years since they
wrote that big spread all about her!! Hope-
fully, she will not die on the streets, too.
As for me, I'm still seething then
at the bastard Bird Brothers,
Uncle Monty. + St. Cecilla, 2010.
2011 Royal Wedding. By Uncle Monty.
From Brian & Veronica Molley.
"Bloody shame what Big Issue has seen fit to do.
You were the best vendor of them all. We miss
you Monty. Veronica and me will NEVER again
buy any Big Issue now we know what has happ-
ened to you. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again will
we give Big Issue any of our money. We are sorry
for you even with the bitter tittle-tattle about
you from Big Issue servants in Covent Garden.
They speak from the devil’s mouth. Veronica
and me refuse to speak to the vendors we now
see near your old patch in Long Acre. You have
character and class, they don’t. Crude they
are in our minds."
"Come around to visit us soon Monty. You’re
always welcome you know that. We’ll have
your Christmas present ready quite soon.
Veronica and me say God Bless YOU, our old
friend. Big Issue is no friend of us or you. We
pray for you Monty for your safe keeping and
good health. We hope to see you very soon.
God damn Big Issue today tomorrow and until
the day it falls away. We think it is bound to
fall or at least we hope it will soon."
Respectfully, B & V. 21/11/2010.
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